New World Order´s CIA-Control of Us “Terrorists”

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[1] The Independent , Aug. 7, 2008 : The Government is drawing up plans to use unmanned "drone" aircraft currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan to counter terrorism and aid police operations in Britain.

The Ministry of Defence is carrying out research and development to enable the spy planes, which are equipped with highly sophisticated monitoring equipment that allows them to secretly track and photograph suspects without their knowledge, to be deployed within three years.

The plans have been backed by the House of Commons Defence Committee - but attracted criticism from civil liberties campaigners concerned about the implications of covert surveillance of civilians.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can obtain clear images while flying at up to 50,000ft. If ministers give the scheme the go-ahead the UK will be among the first countries to use UAVs to monitor its own citizens.
Gareth Crossman, director of policy at the civil rights watchdog Liberty, said: "With UAVs you have much greater ability to gather material in private spaces ."He added: "If they are used to simply hover to gain random information then that would obviously be a matter of worry and a civil liberty issue."

UAVs are to be be used in disaster relief, crowd control, anti-terror surveillance, maritime searches and support for the Coastguard, police, fire and intelligence services.The UAVs will give law enforcement agencies huge scope for surveillance.

Robert Emerson, a security analyst who specialises in deciphering aerial images, said: "Satellite images can be affected by clouds and lack of light, with UAVs you can avoid that by choosing the height at which you fly.

[2] EUObserver, Aug. 7, 2008:  “A secret report prepared by experts from six European Union member states suggests creating an anti-terrorist pact with Washington which would include sharing intelligence across the 27-strong bloc."

this blog has [3] previously described the secret negotiations between the EU and  the USA on this topic – as well as the [4] Europol being made an EU-Parliament agency and the [5] ECHELON, the worldwide satellite based spying system. See [6] this, too.

"The 53-page report drafted by the interior and justice ministers from Germany, France, Sweden, Portugal, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic - recent, current and future EU presidency countries - argues that the stronger link with the US is needed to boost the fight against terrorism, UK daily [7] The Guardian reported to develop over the next five years. It also wrote:"US privacy laws are weak. They offer little protection to citizens and virtually none to non-citizens."

The new initiative is dubbed as "Euro-Atlantic area of cooperation" and it should involve the transfer of huge amounts of information on EU citizens and travellers to the US.

Among other proposals, the document suggests setting up "networks of anti-terrorist centres" as well as boosting powers of security-related European agencies and institutions, such as Europol [police body], Frontex [external frontiers body], and [8] SitCen [joint intelligence centre].

The plans are to beef SitCen up to a [9] European CIA. However, this is already causing concern in the US and the UK, because the SitCen is as leaky as a sieve!

The document puts together ideas on how the EU's security policy should develop over the next five years.
Its preparation was launched by Germany last year.

[10] Bruno Waterfield Aug. 7, 2008:
A new era of intrusion, monitoring and demands from officialdom is born.
"This text - particularly through via the creation of a EU-US common security area by 2014 and "convergence" on surveillance and data gathering - redefines "home affairs" as a matter of EU internal security.

Security is becoming the EU's most important and ideological policy area.

[10] The convergence principle is a very big step forward to a European state.
The security agenda is a technocrat's dream. It is based on assumptions of threat or risk premised by an unconstrained mistrust of people and daily activity such as travel. In practice, it is about checks and surveillance.

This security agenda has already sparked a bidding war for who can get the most information on the movements of Europe's citizens.

Now in the latest buzzword we have is "convergence". This concept heralds a new era by standardising European police surveillance techniques and creating "tool-pools" of common data gathering systems to be operated at the EU level.

Agencies and "public security organisations" would be extended from the sharing of existing DNA and fingerprint databases to include CCTV video footage and material gathered by "spy drones".

[11] EU d. 8. aug. 2008: As regards the implementation of this [12] Frame Work Decision of 2007, the Council is currently discussing the establishment of an European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS). The proposed Council decision would define the elements of a standardised format allowing information to be exchanged in a uniform, electronic manner.

Comment Isn´t this wonderful?
They import Muslim immigrants in enormous numbers and threaten [13] imprisonment for 3 years to those warning against the dangers of this immigration.
They educate the terrorists of 9/11 and the 7/7 bombers in London as well as the Madrid bombers 2004.
They accuse the Muslims of the [14] anthrax terror in the US - now disclosed to come from the US military´s own laboratories.

And now they turn their attention on - whom? The supporters of the "religion of peace", whom they protect in every manner?
Or on us who warn against the irresponsible islamification of Europe - and whom they now consider potential criminal terrorists, because we are opposed to their New World Order?

 Again: [3] Who is profiting from 9/11 and abusing the "War on Terror", which we are now told to call "[15] counterterrorism", implying that this war is no longer against Islamic terrorism - but against all of us.

Andt our Media? They are nearly every one of them silent!

Big Brother really is watching us. What will he do to those of us who disobey his world state religion?

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