New World Order And Home Grown Terrorism: They Are Going for Us

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As for the definition of terrorism, there seems to be a shift away from radical Islam  to seeing terrorism in any attempt to oppose the New World Order - every one of us being a potential terrorist.
Now the phrase [1] climate terrorists, even climate racists is being used about opponents to the postulated man-made New World Order Global Warming religion!

What is homgrown terrorism in the EU? [2]
EU-Council´s Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia of Apr. 19, 2007

Among other things: "Pending the lifting of some Parliamentary reservations, the Council reached a general approach on this Framework Decision.

The text establishes that the following intentional conduct will be punishable in all EU Member States (by 1-3 years of imprisonment):

– Publicly inciting to violence or hatred , even by dissemination or distribution of tracts, pictures or other material, directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin."

 Now, it is possible that nationalists won´t accept such dictatorship. They might rebel - which is punishable by [3] death penalty according to the Lisbon Treaty! So in Sweden they have had civil war games, where EU´s  rapid task force, EUFOR, invades Sweden to fight  the "Nordic  Nationalist League" (Swedish [4] Home Guard!) for the good guys, the Southeners.  In another war game the Nordic Nationalist League is being fought by an[5] invasion army of the good Southern Liberation Army alongside with Swedish regular troops around Malmö!

[6] [6] [6] Italy, too, is preparing for civil war-like situations, occupying its large cities with 3.000 soldiers and declaring a [7] state of emergency - an excellent situation for the dictatorship of the New World Order.

"The US [8] Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, in its effort to flush out “terrorists,” including those opposed to the sort of globalism supported by Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie foundations, does not have to abide by the Constitution in their attempts to prevent so called homegrown terrorism.This bill is completely insane. It literally allows the government to [9] define any and all crimes including thought crime as violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism."

”The United States should avoid the use of the term, "war on terror," and replace it with the term "[10] counterterrorism."

Where does this insanity come from?
It comes from the [11] illuminism (expanatory statement), to which the EU has declared to belong

The lady behind the Homegrown Terrorism Act is Rep. Ms. Jane Harman.

According to [12] Jessica Lee of Indypendent and Kamau Karl Franklin of the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act was penned with plenty of help from the RAND Corporation.

[13] "RAND RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION [14] (RAND)  is  closely connected with the Tavistock Institutes and its main activity is  BRAINWASHING. And it is the most potent propagator of the globalisation ideology.

And take a look at p.6 of this pdf- publication by Rand: A Fighter plane photo from an angle to make it a [15] perfect Seal of Baphomet/Lucifer , the [14] inverted pentagram - the sign of the god of the New World Order. And every chapter ends with this sign as a logo[15]

“Rep. Jane Harman, Democrat from California, has had a lengthy relationship with the Rand Corporation,” Lee tells Democracy Now, although she was unable to determine if RAND wrote the bill.

Not surprisingly, RAND is intimately connected to the global elite and the military-industrial-intelligence complex: “The interlocks between the trustees at Rand, and the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie foundations were so numerous that the Reece Committee listed them in its report ([16] Source Watch). Ford gave one million dollars to Rand in 1952 alone, at a time when the chairman of Rand was simultaneously the president of Ford Foundation,” notes SourceWatch

The Rand Corporation is a new World Order Institution, Presided over by James Thomson ([17] CFR-member) , among its administrators are Ann McLaughlin Korologos (former president of the Aspen Institute - CFR) and Frank Carlucci (former secretary of defence, president of the [18] Carlyle Group- CFR).

Right: Donald Rumsfeld  - former [19] Chairman of the Rand  Board of Trustees and former US Secretary of Defence

Left:  RAND named [20] CARL BILDT,  as its first trustee outside the USA on  Febr. 28, 2002.   Bildt was also businessman with interests in Russian gas giant [21] Gazprom . He was Swedens´ prime minister 1991-94 – and since 2006 Sweden´s foreign minister.

[22] The RAND Think Tank was set up in 1946 by the United States Army Air Forces as Project RAND, under contract to the Douglas Aircraft Company, and in May 1948, Project RAND was separated from Douglas and became an independent non-profit organization.

Initial capital for the split came from the Ford Foundation -  inextricably associated with the CFR .
With an annual budget of $160 million, the Rand Corporation is the most important private research center for military strategy and organization in the world. It is the prestigious voice of the American military-industrial lobby.

RAND is THE think tank most beholden to [14] Tavistock Institute and certainly the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs´  (Chatham House´s) most prestigious vehicle for control of United States policies at every level.

[14] Its Founder was also the Founder of the [23] Hudson Institute - both inextricably associated with the Councuil on Foreign Relations (CFR).

[9] [14] Specific RAND policies that became operative include our ICBM program, prime analyses for U.S. foreign policy making, instigator of space programs, U.S. nuclear policies, corporate analyses, hundreds of projects for the military, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in relation to the use of mind altering drugs like peyote, LSD (the covert MK-ULTRA operation which lasted for 20 years). RAND's clients include: American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), Rockefeller´s (now Rothschild agent J.P. Morgan´s) Chase Manhattan Bank

[24] "RAND work helps members of Congress and their staffs make better-informed decisions on the nation's pressing challenges. The Office of Congressional Relations offers a number of products and services to educate, inform, and facilitate congressional policymakers' access to RAND work, including coordinating
[25] congressional testimony by RAND experts, organizing [26] briefings and meetings, synthesizing RAND work into [27] topical e-newsletters and providing [28] reports and publications to congressional offices.

Right: Condoleeza Rice, US Secretary of State, Council on Foreign Relations and Rand Corp.

A [10] RAND study recommends the United States should adopt a two-front strategy: rely on policing and intelligence work to root out the terrorist leaders in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, and involve military force — though not necessarily the U.S. military — when insurgencies are involved. .[14]

On July 29 [24] Seth Jones of the Rand Corporation briefed the US Congress on how to deal with terrorism.
He has focused on counterinsurgency and counterterrorism missions, including U.S. operations in Afghanistan, for the U.S. Department of Defense

Left: Former US Secretary of defence, Frank Carlucci. Carlyle and Rand and Council on Foreign Relations.
Met with Shafiq bin laden on sept. 11. 2001 - as did george Bush Sr - also Carlyle.

The [10] RAND study analyzes 648 terrorist groups that existed between 1968 and 2006, The most common way that terrorist groups end — 43 percent — was via a transition to the political process.
However, the possibility of a political solution is more likely if the group has narrow goals, rather than a broad, sweeping agenda like al Qaida possesses. 40 percent ended  through police and intelligence services
either apprehending or killing the key leaders of these groups. Military force was effective in only 7 percent of the cases examined - although it can be useful for quelling insurgencies in which the terrorist groups are large, well-armed and well-organized.

Terrorist groups achieved victory in only 10 percent of the cases studied.
Since al Qaida's goal is the establishment of a pan-Islamic caliphate, a political solution or negotiated settlement with governments in the Middle East is highly unlikely.

Religious terrorist groups take longer to eliminate than other groups. Since 1968, approximately 62 percent of all terrorist groups have ended, while only 32 percent of religious terrorist groups have done so.

On Sept. 11. 2001 Osama bin Laden´s brother, [29] Shafiq bin Laden, was meeting with Rand and Carlyle boss, Frank Carlucci over a weapon deal.       

Terrorist groups that become involved in an insurgency do not end easily. Nearly 50 percent of the time they end with a negotiated settlement with the government, 25 percent of the time they achieved victory and 19 percent of the time, military groups defeated them.       

Terrorist groups from upper-income countries are much more likely to be left-wing or nationalistic, and much less likely to be motivated by religion.

The report was prepared by the RAND National Defense Research Institute, a federally funded research and development center that does research for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the unified commands and other defense agencies.

9/11 really did bring a huge step forwards for the New World Order´s "[30] Global Mind Control[30] " programme.
Who has the benefit of the crime? 



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