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Summary: After Abdul Abdulmutallabs failed attempt to detonate a bomb on an airplane on Christmas Day, 2009, apparently an "operation under false flag," the leaders of the New World Order are eying the possibility to further tighten control of us in the Big Brother state. To the increasing number of innovations in the monitoring industry belong full-body scanners "stripping people naked" - first in airports, then they make them mobile so as to be deployed anywhere. Both X-ray ionizing and non-ionizing Teraherz radiation  carry the risk of DNA damage and thus cancer on repeated exposures. Experts even say that none of these scanners would be able to detect Abdulmutallab as a terrorist, because they miss plastics, chemicals or liquids! With terrorism (inside 9/11) as a pretext, Big Brother is introducing a  network of cameras and sensors (SAMURAI), their finds being analyzed by INDECT, for suspicious behavior, and it can react quickly by the police. Another such system is ADABTS using radar monitoring of suspicious behavior in crowded spaces - and determining what is suspicious behavior. The latest is that they now combine these 3 methods with behavioural psychology: On the the airport screen suddenly images flash up that a terrorist (which we are all more or less considered to be) will automatically respond to weakly by multiple heartbeats, a glance, etc. which is then recorded. Big Brother is now recruiting - just like the STASI - citizens to spy on each other, setting up cameras in people's homes to spy on their neighbors on the street. INDECT can monitor every computer click. All with big EU subsidies. Furthermore, in 2006 the EU decreed all telephone conversations to be recorded and stored for 6-24 months.
Monitoring and tracking via cell phones is very common. In Britain, 380 pounds are spent every minute for spying and snooping. Every day 1381 interventions from police and public authorities take place in the UK  to spy on citizens. Now Big Brother gets a novelty: plastic robots that creep through through the smallest crevices and spy by
changing shape. In Britain, the police is recording all participants in legitimate political meetings or demonstrations. A man protesting against the shooting of ducks and pheasant was stopped 25 times over 3 years. This trend is due to "our" New World Order politicians knowing their citizens do not want their Luciferian fascist-communist world state. But through scaremongering with homemade crises (false flag terror, climate of terrorism, Muslim immigration, financial crisis, swine flu) politicians mobilize citizens to wanting to be controlled: 67% of Germans and now 92% of the British (only 72% before Abdulmutallab) want the health-hazardous nude scanners.

After Abdul Abdulmutallab´s [1] failed airline terror attempt on Christmas Day 2009, authorities are tightening their control of us - not only at the airports. Many think the terror attempt was allowed in order to have this pretext. 

[2] The au 16 Oct. 2009Manchester Airport began a year-long trial of the full-body scanner, which can instantly detect any hidden weapons or explosives without passengers having to remove any of their clothing - such as shoes and belts - for a search. The cost of that is passengers are starkly naked in front of security staff. Genital outlines are clearly visible on the screen.
[3] Scanner-420x0[4] Prison Planet 9 Jan. 2009 Now Dutch police have announced that they are developing a mobile scanner that will “see through people’s clothing and look for concealed weapons”. The device would also be used from a distance  on groups of people  

A: X-ray-scanners  [5] The New York Times 8 Jan. 2010   The  scanning machines, called “backscatter scanners,” deliver a dose of ionizing radiation equivalent to 1 percent or less of the radiation in a dental X-ray. The X-rays are a form of ionizing radiation, that is, radiation powerful enough to strip molecules in the body of their electrons, creating charged particles that cause cell damage and are thought to be the mechanism through which radiation causes cancer. The amount is so small that the risk to an individual is negligible, according to radiation experts.

But collectively, the radiation doses from the scanners incrementally increase the risk of fatal cancers among the thousands or millions of travelers who will be exposed, some radiation experts believe.  The plan for broad use of X-ray body scanners to detect bombs or weapons under airline passengers’ clothes has rekindled a debate about the safety of delivering small doses of radiation to millions of people — a process some experts say is certain to result in a few additional cancer deaths.
B: Full-body scanners that are already in place in some airports around the country and abroad use a different type of imaging technology, called millimeter wave, that uses less powerful, non-ionizing radiation that does not pose the same risk. But those machines also produce images that are less clear.

[6] Wikipedia Teraherz refers to electromagnetic waves at the far end of infrared. Terahertz radiation is non-ionizing submillimeter microwave radiation and shares with microwaves the capability to penetrate a wide variety of non-conducting materials. Terahertz radiation can pass through clothing, paper, cardboard, wood, masonry, plastic and ceramics. It can also [7] CCTVpenetrate fog and clouds, but cannot penetrate metal or water.[citation needed]. "Some studies reported significant genetic damage while others, although similar, showed none," Alexandrov and co have created a theoretical  model. They say that although the forces generated are tiny, resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication. This has not been verified experimentally.

Comment: [8] The Independent 3 Jan. 2009 :  Officials at the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Home Office have already tested the scanners and were not persuaded that they would work comprehensively against terrorist threats to aviation.  The explosive device smuggled in the clothing of the Detroit bomb suspect would not have been detected by body-scanners set to be introduced in British airports, an expert on the technology warned last night.Tests by scientists in the team at Qinetiq showed the millimetre-wave scanners picked up shrapnel and heavy wax and metal, but plastic, chemicals and liquids were missed. It was added that X-ray scanners were also unlikely to have detected the Christmas Day bomb.
Eurofacts 16 Oct. 2009
:  “eurofacts” has gone to the source to discover how the Eurocracy intends to control our lives. One project, on which the EU is spending €2.5 million, will take the use of CCTV cameras to a new level, allowing “prevention and rapid response to events as they unfold.” This is [10] SAMURAI, Suspicious and abnormal behaviour monitoring using a network of cameras & sensors for situation awareness enhancement. The Commission says: “The aim of SAMURAI is to develop and integrate an innovative intelligence surveillance system for monitoring people and vehicle activities. …”

[11] Indect-LogoAnd what are our European masters going to do with the results of this constant monitoring? That is where [12] INDECT comes in, Intelligent information system supporting observation, searching and detection for security of citizens in urban environment. Funded by €10.9 million of Euro-cash, INDECT aims to develop “the registration and exchange of operational data, acquisition of multimedia content, intelligent processing of all information and automatic detection of threats and recognition of abnormal behaviour or violence…supporting the operational activities of police officers…” INDECT will also construct “agents assigned to continuous and automatic monitoring of…web sites, discussion forums, UseNet groups, file servers, p2p networks, individual computer systems.” Source: Security Research Projects (European Commission).

[13] The Daily mail 19 nov. 2009: CCTV cameras are being fitted inside family homes by council 'snoopers' to spy on neighbours in the street outside, it was revealed today. A council spokesman said the cameras would allow the authorities to respond quickly to anti-social behaviour. Critics say the scheme has echoes of the East German Stasi secret police, which recruited members of the public as spies.
Charles Farrier, of No-CTV, said that the move was ‘a step further in our Big Brother society’.
iWatch: Everybody spies on everynody – [14] video

[15] EurekAlert   SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 12, 2009 – Radio tomography: University of Utah engineers showed that a wireless network of radio transmitters can track people moving behind solid walls . The system could help police, firefighters and others nab intruders, and rescue hostages, fire victims and elderly people who fall in their homes."  The system successfully tracked a walking person´s location to within 3 feet.

[16] The Sun 16 Oct. 2009 THIS is no ordinary shapeless blob - it is in fact the [17] latest in robot technology.
Looking more like a sinister alien life-form, the ChemBot oozes and pulsates across the floor.  It has been developed by technology company iRobot and has the ability to squeeze through all manner of cracks and crevices.
[18] Blob-Robot1_682_909953aThe company were in fact given military funding to build the blob.  Its secret is a process called "jamming" which sees material changing between a semi-liquid and solid state by increasing and decreasing its density. The ChemBot, short for chemical robot, features compartments filled with air and loosely packed particles within its flexible silicon skin. When the air is removed, the decrease in pressure constricts the skin and the particles shift slightly to fill the void left by the air, resulting in the solidification of the compartment.  Beneath the skin is an incompressible fluid and an actuator that can vary its volume. 

[19] Mind readers
The aim of one company that blends high technology and behavioral psychology is hinted at in its name, WeCU - as in "We See You." The system projects images onto airport screens, such as symbols associated with a certain terrorist group or some other image only a would-be terrorist would recognize, said company CEO Ehud Givon. The logic is that people can't help reacting, even if only subtly, to familiar images that suddenly appear in unfamiliar places. If you strolled through an airport and saw a picture of your mother, Givon explained, you couldn't help but respond. The reaction could be a darting of the eyes, an increased heartbeat, a nervous twitch or faster breathing, he said. The WeCU system would use humans to do some of the observing but would rely mostly on hidden cameras or sensors that can detect a slight rise in body temperature and heart rate. Far more sensitive devices under development that can [20] Adabtstake such measurements from a distance would be incorporated later.  "One by one, you can screen out from the flow of people those with specific malicious intent," Givon said. Some critics have expressed horror at the approach, calling it Orwellian and akin to "brain fingerprinting." This is targeting “precrimes”.

Left: [21] Airline passengers examinated at the Airport of Sofia for swine flu. Do they have a fever?

[9] Eurofacts 16 Oct. 2009: If some camera-watcher decides that what you are doing is “abnormal” or “suspicious”, you could be liable to “rapid-response and prevention”.
Even more chilling is the €3.2 million EU project to standardise concepts of abnormality. This is called Automatic detection of abnormal behaviour and threats in crowded spaces, or ADABTS, which “aims to develop models for abnormal and threat behaviours and algorithms for automatic detection of such behaviours as well as deviations from normal behaviour in surveillance data…” It will monitor such things as voice pitches and body movements and interpret them according to a preset determination of what is considered normal and what is regarded as suspicious or threatening.

[22] Der Spiegel 21 Oct. 2009: A European Union-funded project called [23] ADABTS (Automatic Detection of Abnormal Behavior and Threats in Crowded Spaces) is using radar to detect suspicious behavior. . ADABTS is also geared towards crime and riots. [24] ListenerThermal cameras can discover if someone has a cold nose, another sign of nervousness. "The beauty is that terrorists can't hide these kind of characteristics," Kooi says.

[25] The Daily Mail 21 Oct. 2009:  An astonishing £380 a minute will be spent on surveillance in a massive expansion of the Big Brother state. The £200million-a-year sum will give officials access to details of every internet click made by every citizen - on top of the email and telephone records already available.  State bodies including councils are already making one request every minute to spy on the phone records and email accounts of members of the public. The number of snooping missions carried out by police, town halls and other government departments has rocketed by 44 per cent in two years to a rate of 1,381 new cases every day.

All three units divide their work into four categories of domestic extremism: animal rights campaigns; far-right groups such as the English Defence League; “extreme leftwing” protest groups, including anti-war campaigners; and “environmental extremism” such as Climate Camp and Plane Stupid campaigns. Comment: [26] Muslims, too, are being closely watched.

[27] Surveillance-cam-21[28] Heise online 6. 11. 09: Monitoring of daily life is growing more and more small-meshed from year to year according to the observations of Lower Saxony´s Supervisor. Since the espionage affair against the employees in the discounter Lidl more and more similar cases are fluttering on to the table of the data protectors. "Every two days we have a new scandal," said Supervisor Joachim Wahlbrink in Hanover on Friday when he presented his annual report.

A significant rise of inquiries under his  authority by concerned citizens about cell phone tracking takes place. More and more companies are offering it, so that children or loved ones can secretly be kept under surveillance over the phone.

As before, the data protectionists are trying to find out completely the whereabouts of installed surveillance cameras anywhere in public places in Lower Saxony. "These are certainly by the thousands," said Wahlbrink. According to Wahlbrink, in Hanover solely on the few meters from the railway station to the central square Kroepcke, there are 500 surveillance cameras placed by shops and banks, but also by the police. Many of them are illegal, said Wahlbrink. This enables doctors' offices or private dwellings theoretically to be spied on.

What does the police do?
[29] Die Presse 5.11. 2009: Austria will continue to monitor the telephone and Internet connections for all citizens. The Republic of Austria will no later than November 24 send a law under review, concerning  everyone who uses the fixed network, cell phone or the Internet without exception.
[30] Indect-eu-pigtrådThe initial request comes from the European Union and was adopted as a policy already in February 2006 to all member states. Against the background of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 2001, Commission and Parliament called on States to fully monitor the electronic communications and store the resulting data for at least six, but no more than 24 months. Excepted are only the contents of a conversation or the text of an e-mail or a short message.

The bill contains the following access details: The police can use the data only with judicial approval. Each person whose data are being raised must be informed afterwards. Basically, the access to the data is only allowed if there is suspicion of "serious crime" . 2 exceptions: danger to the life of a person who could be saved by a cell phone location. Second: The police states it can preempt a crime by means of these data..

[31] Jorden-overvåges[32] The Guardian 25 Oct. 2009  Police are gathering the personal details of thousands of activists who attend political meetings and protests, and storing their data on a network of nationwide intelligence databases, even if they have not committed a crime. The hidden apparatus has been constructed to monitor "domestic extremists. Protesters are being tracked via a nationwide system of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras. One man, who has no criminal record, was stopped more than 25 times in less than three years after a “protest” marker was placed against his car after he attended a small protest against duck and pheasant shooting.

Police surveillance units, known as Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT) and Evidence Gatherers, record footage and take photographs of campaigners as they enter [30] Awareness-informationand leave openly advertised public meetings. The information is added to the central NPOIU.

[30] EurActiv 13 Jan. 2010: Viviane Reding, the EU's commissioner-designate for justice, fundamental rights and citizenship. Notably, the Luxembourg commissioner-designate said she was opposed to the compulsory introduction of body scanners at EU airports. "Our need for security cannot justify every invasion of privacy. It should be optional for airports to install such measures.You can be sure that fundamental rights, including data protection, will be top of my list. There will be a "zero tolerance policy" on any violations of the EU Charter of Fundamental [33] IntelbrainRights, which entered into law with the Lisbon Treaty. We must work towards a system of EU civil justice," she stressed.

No doubt that Big Brother is working hard to monitor all of our movements. This is due to the fact that the EU politicians are pursuing the policy of the [34] New World Order, knowing that their citizens are against it. The Big Brother State is an indication that they know they have to be dictators in order to carry out their corrupt, [35] corporative, fascist (Mussolini) [36] world communist dictatorial [37] One World State for the few to make the rest [38] slaves and dairy cows.

See more details on these methods of citizen control and the SitCen – the [39] EU´s CIA. Here are [40] more methods to spy on you – besides the [41] ECHELON, the system to intercept global communication. The good thing about [42] implanted chips to control you is that so far you can choose not to have them. But some day you will have no chance of making a living without such a [43] brain chip to increase your mental capacity enormously – and to enable you to be remote controlled by Big Brother. Here is an [44] NBC broadcast on youtube – showing how the Verichip can be injected – and how this Radio Frequency Identification (RFID – chip)  method can be used to affect the behaviour of animals (and people, of course). 
The above attitude by Commissioner Reding is gratis. She makes full-body scanners optional for the airports – but which airport dares not set up full-body scanners? Especially since a majority of populations want them. Thus [45] 67% of Germans want these full-body scanners – not being told about the incremental risk thereby. In Great Britain,  the liking for full-body scanning has increased [46] from 72 to 92 % , since Christmas. The scaremongering for the control of  Big Brother of us is very efficient, whether the tool is [47] climate, [48] swine flu, [49] financial crisis or [50] terror under false flag or [51] immigration.

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