Bali UN Climate Conference Is World Governance Construction

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         World Governance: The role of the UN must be strengthened“

In the Period from Dec. 3-14, 2007,  a giant Global Climate Conference is held in Bali.
About 10.000[1] extra 110.000 tons of  CO2 , which proves that the participants don´t believe in their own scientifically invalid propaganda of man-made climate change!! They demand a behaviour from others which they wouldn´t even dream of imposing on themselves. The great guru on Bali is Al Gore, whose house consumes 20 times more energy than those of ordinary citizens!  What examples!

Climate-terror [2] propaganda intensifies in an ideologically well-known manner
Now The European Commission´s Joint Research Centre has invented a new programme in 21 European languages for your mobile phone: On a daily, weekly or monthly basis you can consult a secure homepage , register your cooking, travelling, transport, lighting, electronic appliance activities – and be told how your CO2 emissions are, compare them to national and international averages and see, how you contribute to the Kyoto Protocol target. Thereby, you can follow the impact of your life style on the climate! “It is important that people are aware of the implications of their choices”. Of course, this is only true of the mob – not of the semi-gods in Bali! 

 This reminds me of Hitler, who also liked to impose on people to observe imaginary dangers – like the Jews. Thereby, you make the people enthusiastic, mobilise them, make them feel important, engaged - and you make them stupid in the service of the “great, common cause” 

The real background of the Bali Climate Conference is probably not the climate                                                                                             
As [3] previously stated on this blog  real climatologists do not see a global warming beyond the natural movement after a Little glacial age from 1500 – end of 19. century. Everything is in favour of sunspot activity ,which is stated to have reached an 8.000 years maximun at the end of the 20th century, as the explanation for the climate change.
And I suspect our politicians are fully aware of this, too.

 Now there are even serious scientists fearing that because of failing sunspots after the above maximum  we are on our way towards a [4] new  Little Ice Age[4] with at drop in temperature of 1.5 centigrades by 2020. In fact, the global temperature is stated to have been falling over the latest decade.

At the Bali Conference the outraged Island states demanded greater efforts from the industrialised countries, because the Nobel Prize winner, the ICCP,  postulates their islands will disappear in 30 years time because of rising sea level! According to one of the most competent sea level experts of thr world the truth is that the
ICCP make computer models according to political order. And so they achieve imaginary results refuted with contempt by observing scientists: [5] For the observers see no rise in sea level at all!!! In contradistinction from Al Gore, who maintains the sea  level is rising a disastrous 7 metres!  The government of the Maldives prevented such measurements from being brought on their TV!

As shown, the CO2 trade at the  European Carbon Climate Exchange Market (ECX) is [6] big business for the EU and the involved bankers of the New World Order. And this business is expected to increase!
”Besides it is part of a dangerous [7] new ideology against freedom”  (Vaclav Klaus). These 2 aspects must be consolidated!

The [8] Bali Conference seems to be a welcome opportunity for the globalists to weave the threads of their one-world state together 
“The UN climate change conference in Bali, Indonesia, must agree to launch negotiations on a comprehensive and ambitious global climate change agreement for the period after 2012, when the Kyoto Protocol’s first commitment period ends.
Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas will participate in the high-level segment of the Bali conference from 12 to 14 December. This will be preceded on 8-9 December by a meeting of trade ministers on trade-related climate issues and on 10-11 December by a meeting of finance ministers on funding for low-carbon technologies”.

A global approach is a prerequisite for ” combating the greenhouse effect”
“We will limit global warming to 2ºC above the pre-industrial temperature. Respecting this limit will require global emissions to stop rising within the next 10 to 15 years and then be reduced to at least 50% below 1990 levels by 2050. Therefore:

  • Deeper mandatory absolute emissions reductions by developed countries. The EU has made an independent commitment to reduce its own emissions by at least 20% by 2020.
  • Fair and effective contributions by other countries, especially the rapidly emerging economies, that limit the emissions intensity of their economic growth;
  • Strengthening and extending the global carbon market, including through innovative and enhanced flexible mechanisms.
  • Increasing cooperation on research, development and deployment of the clean technologies needed to reduce emissions;
  • Enhancing efforts to address adaptation to climate change. Cooperation to tackle the unavoidable impacts of climate change, particularly to help the poorest and most vulnerable countries.
  • Addressing emissions from international aviation and shipping. The EU is already discussing the inclusion of aviation in the EU ETS.
  • Reducing emissions (should be failing CO2 assimilation) from deforestation, which is responsible for up to 20% of global CO2 emissions”

Discussing this in all aspects necessitates further development of the UN foundations of the one-world state. This is what they are doing in Bali in my opinion

 "One 'track' of these discussions has been an informal dialogue on long-term cooperative action among the 192 Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This dialogue will formally end in Bali and the EU wants to see this followed up by a formal negotiating process covering all the building blocks of a future agreement. On a second, parallel track the 176 Parties to the Kyoto Protocol are discussing new emission reduction targets for industrialised countries to succeed the 2008-2012 targets.

The EU is committed to doing more to mobilise the necessary finance, including through the expansion of the global carbon market and instruments such as the Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund (GEEREF).

The Commission will also be promoting its initiative to build a Global Climate Change Alliance with the poorest developing countries, who will be the most affected by climate change but have the least capacity to cope with it” .

[9] The Global Marshall Plan 
The ideology the Climate politicians and “experts” are working for is the [10] “soft” New World Order, alias neoliberalism, alias “soft Marxism” now given a new name:  Eco-social Market Economy , which sees its way to the dictatorial one-world state via distribution of wealth in stead of poverty as in the “hard Marxism”.                                                                                     
This ideology was started by Al Gore in 1990  as  one way to make the huge markets in the 3. world richer and able to buy the products of the rich countries. As well as an attempt to gain allies against e.g. China. Joschka Fischer, German Foreign Minister, added the ecologic aspect. Fischer only sees the rich countries talking about the ecologic aspect – [11] while doing nothing 

On May 16, 2003,  16 NGOs adopted Gores plan as  „The Global Marshall Plan“, a movement for world peace, sustainabilty, development, partnership, mutual respect and dialogue between cultures and religions, empathy, patience and justice . It is  supported by the illuminist Club of Rome .

Which is the safest way to dismantle Western culture and give us away to Islam!

Thereby, a new era of global cooperation should arise. At the same time a Planetary Contract should be made to secure strong global economical growth with environmental protection, combating of poverty and the establishment of democratic societies.

Hereby, these always Utopian ideologists expect a Paradise on Earth is to grow up. And so it has been widely accepted by governments, NGOs and of course the insatiable business world, i.e. the non-democratic „[12] civil society“. [13]
The EU-African Summit in Lisbon on Dec. 8-9 was a manifestation of this ideology: Interdependence. Backward Africa was declared equal to Europe – which desperately needs its natural resources! Only the wording is different from colonial times, which we always have to extend our apologies for. Although considering the Dutch-Indonesian relationship the colony stagnated and Holland flourished economically after the Indonesian indpendendence.

5 bricks in the Global Marshal plan:
1. Fulfilment of UNs millennium development goal: a better World Order by means of globalization.
2. Raising  100 billion dollars a year, which means the donor countries will have to raise their contributions for the poorest countries of the world from 0,25 % of their GDP on an average to 0,6%. This, however , has turned out to be the obstacle to the project! 
3. New sources of financing via the World Bank – or a UN tax on energy or CO2!
4. Remission of debt for the poorest countries
5. World Governance: central coordination and control of the plan by the UN. The role of the UN must be strengthened.
So, all international political efforts point to the comimg multicultural dictatorial world state, the EU being the model, and the UN and the bankers behind it being the head .


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The EU-African Summit in Lisbon on Dec. 8-9 was a manifestation of this ideology: Interdependence. Backward Africa was declared equal to Europe – which desperately needs its natural resources! Only the wording is different from colonial times, which we always have to extend our apologies for. Although considering the Dutch-Indonesian relationship:
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