On 19 Sept., 2001, an article appeared in the British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph showing declassified US government papers with information that already in 1950 the leader of the CIA forerunner, the OSS (Office for Strategic Services), William Donovan,   tried to create an operable Europan Parliament. Alongside with the European Coudenhove Kalergi, who foresaw the end of the European race in a coming racial mixing, and with financial support from the Rockefeller and Ford  Foundations, both inextricably associated to the US Council on Foreign Relations – the real rulers of the world - he had  previously  founded The American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE), and the CIA, OSS´s successor, whose leaders, Bedell Smith and Allen Dulles (brother of the famous Secretary of State John) took over the ACUE and financed the European Movement, which received in 1958 53,8% of its funding from  Washington.

Left: Spy Chief, Maj. Gen. William Donovan - OSS . Right: Richard Coudenhove Kalergi

The European Coal and Steel Union was dubbed the Monnet-plan by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) . And from 1955-1975 Monnet was the leader of ACUSE (Action Committee for the United States of Europe!!!)

On June 11, 1965, a memorandum from ACUE´s European Department called  on EEC Vice President, Robert Marjolie, to secretly making endeavors for a European currency union. He was recommended to suppress debate on the topic until such proposals would inevitably be passed!

Left: Joseph Retinger    Right: EEC´s founding  father,Jean Monnet 1946

The initiator of the EU was also the initiator of the Bilderberg Group: Joseph Retinger

In 2004, William Jasper wrote:
"Joseph Retinger, one of the major architects of the Common Market/EU: "In November 1946, I found in America a unanimous approval for our ideas among financiers, businessmen and politicians. Mr. Leffingwell, senior partner in J.P. Morgan's (Rothschild-agent), Nelson and David Rockefeller, Alfred Sloan, Chairman of the Dodge Motor Company … George Franklin, and especially my old friend, Adolf Berle Jr., were all in favor. John Foster Dulles …. helped us most."allen_w_dulles.jpg

All of the individuals mentioned above were leading CFR Insiders.
They and their CFR colleagues and European counterparts were the real movers behind the "movement" , much of its money illegally funneled through CIA fronts"

        Right: CIA Spy Chief, CFR-member Allen W. Dulles financed the unification of Europe and is said to have been a bilderberger.

As for the Bilderberg Club the cbc.ca. news, june 13, 2006, ascribes the Bilderberg Club´s coming into existence entirely to Joseph Retinger´s energy, a fact confirmed by Andreas von Rétyi (Kopp Verlag, Rottenburg, 2006) - and the Bilderberg group as a focus of war-planning and ousting of leaders unfriendly to them - as well as the men behind the dramatic oil price increase!

Co-founding members were in 1954 (Andreas von Rétyi 2006) CIA-chief Bedell Smith, David Rockefeller (who has been present at every Bilderberg meeting since then), former SS-officer, Prince Bernhard of Holland, whose daughter, Queen Beatrix, is also a bilderberger,  Unilever chief Rykens. Henry Kissinger has participated every year for manyyears
Practically every European politician and journalist and industrialist and banker of significance has participated in these annual secretive meetingswith the so-called "high-priests  of globalism"- the latest being held in Virginia in June 2008. An official list of participants is issued every year - excluding some inofficial participants - like e.g. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

As David Rockefeller expressed it in 1991 (Bilderberg meeting - also quoted in a comment in the Washington Post on Jan 24, 2008): "We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years…It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

In his book former French intelligence officer, Pierre de Villemarest, writes that The EU, the Bilderberg and Monnet´s ACUSE have a common origin rooted in Fabian Socialism: "It is standard practice in Fabian Socialism not really to fall out with anyone, to make it known to the opponent that one is only wanting to be on good terms with him, so that negotiation takes precedence over confrontation. ‘One’ does not want to know that across the table there exists possibly a dictatorship, the Soviet Gulag or the Chinese Gulag. The most important thing is to come to an agreement. Even if this is on the back of whole populations."

So what does the twin of the EU, i.e. the Bilderberg Club, stand for?
There are myths about these secretive meetings, although it does seem certain that these most influential people of the globe do not waste their precious time on small talk.
In 2005, in Rottach Egern, Germany,  journalist Daniel Estulin succeeded in sneaking in. He writes (excerpt)
"The club is meeting under its usual secrecy that makes freemasonry look like a playgroup. From porters to senior managers, the employees are warned (under the threat of never working in the country again) about the consequences of revealing any details of the guests to the press.

International and national media are said to be welcome only when an oath of silence has been taken, news editors are held responsible if any of their journalists 'inadvertently' report on what takes place.

The consensus they reach, will influence the course of Western civilization and the future of the entire planet.
Bilderbergers have reaffirmed and remain united in their long-term goal to strengthen the role the UN plays in regulating global conflicts and relations.

A much-discussed subject in 2005 at Rottach-Egern was the concept of imposing a direct UN tax on people worldwide through a direct tax on oil at the wellhead. This, in fact, sets a precedent. If enacted, it will be the first time, when a non-governmental agency, read the United Nations, directly benefits from a tax on citizens of free and enslaved nations.

Bilderberger proposal calls for a tiny UN levy at the outset which the consumer would hardly notice.
It is another giant step toward world government.

The Bilderbergers have been vigorously debating to have, for the first time, unelected, self-appointed, environmental activists be given a position of governmental authority on
the governing board of the agency which controls the use of atmosphere, outer space, the oceans, and, for all practical purposes, biodiversity. This invitation for (unelected) "civil society" to participate in global governance is described as expanding democracy.

The United Nations Environment Programme, along with all the environmental treaties under its jurisdiction, would ultimately be governed by a special body of environmental activists, chosen only from accredited NGOs appointed by delegates to the General Assembly who are themselves appointed by the President of the United States, who is controlled by the Rockefeller-CFR-Bilderberg interlocking leadership

Expect a severe downturn in the world's economy over the next two years as Bilderbergers try to safeguard the remaining oil supply by taking money out of people's hands."

This statement by Estulin is nearly prophetic: The "tax-solution" turned out to be the CO2-tax  called the ETS-ECX system - bringing enormous sums into the pockets of national states, the EU - and Rothschild, Rockefeller and Al Gore money institutions!

The communist New World Order´s role in the development of the EU
Vladimir Bukovsky
USSR dissident Vladimir Bukovsky was exiled to England. In 1992 Boris Yeltsin recalled him as a witness in Yeltsin´s  trial against the Soviet Union. Bukovsky had access to classified Soviet papers, which show: In 1985, Gorbachev had to lend an ear to Italian and German socialist complaints that the EU had overtaken Marxism. Whereupon Gorbie decided to hijack the EU project and have it changed into a socialist federation - as the impetus for a world government. Then Europe´s socialist parties ceased being opposed to the EU!

In 1989 a Trilateral Commission-deputation came to visit Gorbachev. It consisted of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, former French President, Valery Giscard d `Estaing, and former Japanese Prime Minister Nakazone. They called on Gorbachev and Russia to join "The G7", IMF, World Bank, GATT. Besides, they asked for a pan-European state - and d'Estaing asked Gorbachev find out which Soviet states were to join in. "For there will be a single European state in about 15 years," said d'Estaing, who later wrote the treaty, which the French and Dutch rejected in 2005. "What do you think of a single European state from the Atlantic to the Urals?" Said Kissinger. "

Later  EU Commission President Jacques Delors also pressurized for a European state with Russia. 

 Do I have to mention that Jacques Delors iis s both an honoray member of the
Club of Rome and a member of Gorbachev´s leninist World Political Forum?

Do I have to say that people have a habit of seeking partners from their familiar environment? That a dictatorial father and mother predispose the child, in this case the EU, to seek an undemocratic partner - in this case Islam for an unholy marriage: the Union for the Mediterranean?

Now, who can be amazed at the children of the "biggests collection of scoundrels in the world", the EU: Dictatorship , here and Corruption?