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In the [1] Joint Declaration of the heads of government and state at the launch of the Union for the Mediterranean in Paris on July 13-14, 2008 article 18 states: "The [2] Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures as a Euro- Mediterranean institution will contribute in an effective manner to the cultural dimension of the initiative in cooperation with the UN Alliance of Civilizations."
This means that these 2 organisations have been entrusted with the shaping of the global identity of our children!
Therefore, there is any reason to take a closer look at the Alliance of Civilizations.

The Alliance of Civilizations (AoC)  today is a project of the Secretary General of the UN - in order to reconcile The West and the Muslim World. It [3] Media Fund is [4] sponsored by Rockefeller.

[5] Turkish Daily News , June 30, 2007:Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Spanish counterpart Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero launched the “Alliance of Civilizations” initiative in November of 2005, in order to deepen the dialogue between Islamic and Western societies – (during the orchestrated Muhammad Cartoon Crisis) - backed by the U.N. and 20 countries, and so the initiative was launched.

Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Spanish Jose Rodriguez Zapatero starting the Alliance of Civilizations Nov. 2005

A “High Level Group” was formedTurkish State Minister Mehmet Aydın  (made [6] head of the AoC on July 7, 2008),  former Iranian President Mohammed Khatemi, UNESCO Director General Frederico Mayor, The Nobel Peace Prize Winner South African Patrick Desmond Tutu and former French Foreign Minister Hubert Verdine - ([7] the latter 3 are members of leninisten Gorbachev´s World Political Forum) -  were among the members of the group.

 In the end, [8] the “High Level Group” presented a report to the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in late 2006 and finished its task.
Todays head of the Anna Lindh Foundation, André Azoulay, has a contribution on the Middle East Conflict in this report!

The report contains nothing new – is just a concoction of the General Conclusions of the [9] European Conference against Racism of Oct. 16, 2000, the programme of the [10] Danish Centre for Cultural Development 2005, the Anna Lindh Foundation´s programme and activities – as well as of the [11] UNESCO Cultural Convention of Oct. 20, 2005:
Intercultural dialogue, multicultural enrichment under the supervision of the Organisation of Islamic Conference, combating racism and discrimination , media self regulation and working for multicultural understanding, media surveillance as for racism, rewarding brave, multicultural journalists, staking on re-education us globally, revision of  history books, and exchange programmes so as to promote  globalism and destroy national identity, interfaith to remove the points of the Christian religion in the name of tolerance while respecting Islam - because the Muslims are so inflexible!! - and the multicultural world state which is the political agenda and blasphemic religion today.

Left: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Spain´s Zapatero at the [12] Muslim Interfaith meeting in Madrid in July 2008.

Last April (2007), Ki-moon appointed former Portugal President Jorge Sampaio to the office of High Representative of the Alliance of Civilizations.  
Sampaio described the High Representative as a kind of coordinator orchestrating relations among governments, NGOs, universities and institutions such as the European Council.

The Alliance of Civilizations will concentrate on four fields: “education,” “youth,” “media” and “immigrants”, he said.  For situations like the “Cartoon Crisis,” which unfolded in Denmark in 2005, an Emergency Intervention Mechanism will be in force, that is another point Sampaio dwells upon.
This mechanism suggests ambassadors of the Alliance of Civilizations to pen down articles or to shuttle among media organs such as radio and television in crises and act in a way to extinguish the fire.   In other words, they will try to prevent and stop the crisis before it goes out of control as it did in the Cartoon Crisis.

Comment: This "crisis" was very well under control - except for a panic in industry which feared to lose 2 billion kr. a year - but in stead it was compensated for by larger sales elsewhere out of sympathy with the cartoon-initiative! And it really was an invaluable eye- opener for Europeans.Unfortunately it did not keep the Muslims back for going on coming here as "refugees" bringing the cause of their calamity to us.

On Jan 15-16, 2008 the Spanish government hosted the [13] 1. Alliance of Civilzation´s Forum in Madrid.
Author Paulo Coelho, Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, Queen Noor of Jordan, Al Jazeera anchor Riz Khan, Secretary-General of the Arab League Amr Moussa, and former President of Ireland Mary Robinson are among the public figures coming to Madrid  to find new ways to bridge the growing divide between nations and cultures worldwide, and to establish new partnerships to promote global understanding.
Hosted by the government of Spain, the Alliance of Civilizations Forum will convene political leaders, media heads, grassroots and civil society leaders, corporate and film industry executives, and religious figures.

Managing coexistence between cultures, both inside and outside of our borders, is going to be a challenge at the top of the international agenda in the coming decades.

With this aim, the Alliance of Civilizations was born
Of course, there was a [14] massive corporate paparticipation

Right: UN Secretary General opening the first Forum of the Alliance of civilizations in Madrid, Jan. 2008.

Here is the [15] outcome of the conference
In this context, the so-called “Religions for Peace” forwarded a beautiful [16] statement:  “We also welcome other initiatives that promote genuine dialogue and cooperation among all religions and cultures, and note as a helpful example the “A Common Word” letter to Christian leaders from 138 Muslim scholars in 2007 that called for a joint examination of the principles of love of God and love of neighbor “.

However, these fine words are worth nothing, as long as the Koran is involved, which demands the infidels to be deceived and killed (e.g. sure 9:1-5).
The fine intention of the common statement is only possible in an ancient  Christian – non-political context – a context the [17] “Christian” signatories are willing to abandon for the intolerant followers of the Koran. And remember Tayyip Erdogan´s, the founder of the Alliance of Civilization´s words: "[18] Our minarets are our spearheads, our mosques our barracks, their domes our helmets and the faithful our soldiers."
On Aug. 21, 2007, Erdogan said about the often used term  "[19] Moderate Islam":"These descriptions are offensive and violate our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam. And that´s it!"

And Islam is the contents of the Koran – every comma of it (Sure  3:19, 21:10).

One cannot help asking: Since the globalists ignore this fact – are they stupid? Are they naïve? Or don´t they care? I suspect the latter option – which makes them evil in stead of stupid.  Calculating in stead of naïve.  And ruthless. Thus, the Alliance of Civilizations is nothing but a new disguise of the well-known New World Order/Globalism programme to kill our European national and Christian identities  - masterminded by the UN and its sponsor, the Rockefeller Dynasty.

The role of the Muhammad Cartoons
and especially their publication in the newspaper “Jyllands-Postenwas the direct cause of the reinforcement of the propaganda effort by the New World Order leading to reinforcing the role of the UN.

One wondered if the publication was really due to  an inconsiderate sensationalist who wanted to sell more of his newspapers.

The responsible editor, Flemming Rose, was not inconsiderate, in all reasonable probability. He wanted to protest against self regulation, as he says. A fine and necessary thing.
Now he has [20] admitted to have been a participant at the latest Bilderberg meeting in 2008 in Virginia – and of course [21] he is on the official list of participants. This places him in a somewhat different light as a servant of Rockefeller´s New World Order

Had he just been a fool acting on his own – he would not have been rewarded by the participation at this David Rockefeller/Henry Kissinger meeting.
This Bilderberg-participation was a reward for a well done job: The fury of the Muslims caused the Alliance of Civilizations to come into being to step up the fight against our national and Christian identies. And it justified the New World Order´s  “War on Terror” – i.e. a fight for control of oil fieldsand of us!!

Now I do understand, why Flemming Rose would not publish anything about the New World Order Project -  the Euromediterranean Project – although I personally gave him very relevant (DCCD´s programme and EU home page copies) material about it into his hands  - and later mailed him more material about it. I even wrote on his blog abouut the Euromediterranean Project.


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