Summary: The Climate Summit in Copenhagen ended in 1o centigrades below zero outside and an almost equally cold air between the parties inside. The elephant gave birth to a mouse in the form of a declaration of intent  - but without specifying  the CO2 cut targets of each country and the dates for them. Furthermore, it was decided to donate 30 billion dollars over the next 3 years and from 2020  around 100 billion dollars a year for measures to combate CO2 emissions in developing countries. But since there are no agreed control measures or emission targets it can be assumed that this money will disappear into the pockets of corrupt politicians. David Mayer de Rothschild says time to talk about the introduction of his family´s world governance through global climate management  is over now. What he and his followers, like Ban Ki-moon, Jacques Chirac, EU President van Rompuy, Gorbachev - in addition to Barroso, Gordon Brown, Sarkozy, etc., who all have linked their life's dream of world Communist government to the Copenhagen Conference, will do  is now to be seen - but it will probably be very uncomfortable for us. They have not succeeded in getting us to shout for world government as Kissinger believes we will do, when adversities become big enough. And that although they have tried with a pandemic, the financial crisis, terrorism and climate lies. A former Minnesotan governor has conducted a series of video interviews and comes up with Maurice Strong as Edmund de Rothschild´s stooge for the CO2 canard and warming scam, bringing Gore and Rothschild so much money and power - and in spite of Copenhagen they will impose more and more CO2 taxes upon us. Despite of the the Climategate scandal - being hushed up here -  Britain's Met Office continues to preach climate doomsday now on the basis of CRUs falsified figures - at the Copenhagen Conference they even thereby made the latest decade the warmest on record - despite the fact that now even the IPCC says temperatures have not increased during that time. But not even China could spare us a regular world communist fleecing.For, as Chancellor Merkel says: "Copenhagen was just the first step towards a New World Climate Order"


"Nothing escapes this tidal wave of the new order that carries all before it" (Club of Rome Declaration).

Earth Times 9 Nov. 2009 Berlin:  Merkel gave the upcoming UN climate summit in Copenhagen as an example of where nation states must put their narrow interests behind the greater good.

"The most important thing, when attempting to overcome barriers, is: Are the nation states ready and willing to give competencies over to multilateral organizations, no matter what it costs?" Merkel said. The Answer is: Yes – with just a few exceptions, China, e.g.!
Lord Monckton thinks, they have achieved the purpose of the conference: Establishing the framework for the mechanism, the structure, and the funding of a world government.  In that case most likely China´s New World Order!

Lars-løkke-grædefærdigBy the way: Lord Monckton having a licence to the conference was manacled, knocked in the back and flung to the grund by a Danish police officer so that he lost coscience – because, as Lord Monckton kindly says – the Danish police is under heavy UN pressure. Well, in the New World Order riots the Danish police has adopted pretty hard methods fighting immigrant and rocker rioters.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen on the verge of tears. Berlingske 19 Dec. 2009.

What was the outcome of the farce in Copenhagen?

This morning, 5o km away from Copenhagen, we had minus 10 centigrades – and the climate summit also brought an end to the political global warming. Here is the largely empty document.
The Telegraph 19 Dec. 2009: Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping, the Sudanese negotiator, said the draft text asked “Africa to sign a suicide pact”.

The Times 19 Dec. 2009:The agreement is simply a repetition of a desire to keep the global temperature increase below 2 degrees C without explaining how it was achieved. The final text also fails to mention any deadline to make the agreement to a binding treaty. The one positive outcome for developing countries was a commitment by rich countries to provide $30 billion of climate aid over the next three years and $100 billion a year from 2020. As he commented on the draft Copenhagen agreement, Greenpeace climate campaigner Joss Garman  said tonight:" The latest draft is so weak that it is meaningless. "
Comment: All this taxpayer money to corrupt developing countries without controls or reduction targets is a pure communist wealth redistribution to corrupt dictators´ private consumption. Which it would be in any case, since the CO2 fiction is history's greatest lie. How much would China have? So, Lord Monckton seems to be right.

KlimaklubbenThe New World Order: What this communist/fascist (Mussolini´s def.) gang behind the climate lie, the financial crisis and the war on terror mean to your wallet
The Times 20 Dec. 2009   The highly respected climate economist Professor Richard Tol, a senior member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has said that the CO2 tax required to bring emissions down to the levels demanded by the IPCC would reduce global GDP by an amount that would equate — in 2100 — to $40 trillion (£25 trillion) a year. It’s pretty obvious, really: just as cheap energy has transformed the lives of millions for the better, it follows that reversing the process would have an opposite effect. Carbon cap and trade, recommended by the EU as an alternative to tax, has its own malign effect. Just ask the 1,700 employees being made redundant at Corus’s steel plant in Redcar. The owners of Corus could receive up to $375m (£230m) in carbon credits for laying off those British workers. Then, if they switch production to a so-called clean Indian steel plant, Corus could also receive millions of dollars annually from the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism fund. The net effect of all that on the environment could be safely estimated as zero. And so it will be. For as Chancellor Merkel said: "Copenhagen is just the first step towards a New Climate World Order"

David-mayer-derothschildOn Copenhagen David Mayer de Rothschild, has this to say: “It’s past the point of talking. We know historically that the global governance sort of agenda to these issues is very hard to… with all the best intentions it’s very hard to actually activate.” Rothschild noted.

Christmas is a season where some of you will have time to reflect – ia. on the “climate change” farce, this political project without any scientific basis whatsoever, just statements from bought “climatologists”. The following videos give the background for Copenhagen. I found them on Alex Jones´Prison Planet.

Video 1 (8:22 min), video 2 (7:28), video 3  (1:0 min.), video 4 (5:45 min), Video 5 (6:48min), video 6 (5:20 min), video 7 (9.03 min. – the most important of them).

For those of you that do not have the time: The former Minnesotan governor (1999–2003), Jesse Ventura, and his team are trying to find the truth behind global  warming. Being a personal friend of Al Gore´s, he interviews several specialists and others on climate – just to find out that man-made global warming is scaremongering by people who are going after big money which we are to pay, and that these people are not trying to save the world  – they want to run it. The spider in the web is illuminist Maurice Strong, the first  Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme. He was a co-author of the  Earth Charter alongside with Michael Gorbachev and Steven Rockefeller. In fact he was the leader of the 4. Wilderness Conference, where he introduced Edmund de Rothschild and his combination of CO2 and money – see this video from 28:45 minutes by George Hunt, whom Jesse Ventura also interviews, and who sas known these insiders and their plot personally. Maurice Strong is inseperable from David Rockefeller  – as is Henry Kissinger, too. So, indeed, Prof. Ventura is right: The forces behind Maurice Strong and the global warming scam are after our money and Pachaurithe power to rule us underlings.


Railway engineer and economist, Rajendra Pachauri ,is the Chairman of the Nobel Prize winning IPCC, a member on the Board of the Rockefeller Foundation , and he decides by himself what “scientific”  material is to be presented to politicians and the public. Among his 2.500 “specialists” are just about 20% who have worked somewhat with climate. The remainder are people like peanut grower Jimmy Carter. Pachauri is promoting the global warming scam which has now been exposed as regular scientific fraud – but an imperishable political religion/ideology– the springboard for communist New World Order government/governance.

Now let us take a look at the expectations attached by the illuminists to the global warming lie – and so how big the flop in Copenhagen is.

Interview with UN Secretary general Ban Ki-moon.
The Los Angeles Times 16 Dec. 2009: There has been talk of reducing the U.N.'s role in future climate change policy and allowing Western-led institutions to oversee how the developing world spends any money it receives from developed countries. Can there be a deal that excludes the U.N.?

BKM: How can you scrap the role of the United Nations? The United Nations has global reach. The United Nations will be there and should be involved in this implementation process. We will establish a global governance structure to monitor and manage the implementation of this. Experts from both worlds should participate.


French Pres. Jacques Chirac 20 Nov. 2000: To The VIth Conference of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.   For the first time, humanity is instituting a genuine instrument of global governance, one that should find a place within the World Environmental Organisation which France and the European Union would like to see established…By acting together, by building this unprecedented instrument, the first component of an authentic global governance, we are working for dialogue and peace. We are demonstrating our capacity to assert control over our fate in a spirit of solidarity, to organise our collective sovereignty over this planet, our common heritage.

Ban ki-moon

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, The New York Times 25. Oct : A deal must include an equitable global governance structure. All countries must have a voice in how resources are deployed and managed. That is how trust will be built.

In 2009, Al Gore demanded global governance via the Congressional Waxman Markey Climate Bill.

During an appearance on the Alex Jones show in 2007, David de Mayer Rothschild denied that there was any agenda to push for a global carbon tax, now the central issue at the Copenhagen summit. Rothschild’s denial of any such plan just two years ago shows how incrementalism is being used to forward the “global governance” climate agenda he now speaks of.
General Lord Guthrie, director of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, also recently called for the elite to, “Address the global climate crisis with a single voice, and impose rules that apply worldwide”.
David De Mayer Rothschild’s recent book, 77 Essential Skills to Stop Climate Changes, calls for ordinary people to limit outward behavior and even work at home. The book was used as part of the PR blitz to accompany the Live Earth project in 2007.

New EU President Herman Van Rompuy said earlier this month that the Copenhagen conference was, “The first step towards the global management of our planet.” Further he said that 2009 is the first year of global governance.

Gorbachev´s World Political Forum was a participant at the COP15. See its mission: to analyse the issue of interdependence, but above all to suggest solutions for the problems of the governance of globalisation and the crucial problems that affect humankind today. The co-operation between states and the new world order hoped for at the end of the Cold War has failed to transpire.The World Political Forum seeks to examine how to arrange the best possible co-ordination of international institutions and what models for future order are desirable.

The World Political Forum seeks to become a meeting point and crossroads for cultures, religions, and leaders, an open forum for the whole world that, through analysis and discussion will give guidance and provide new solutions to global problems and strive toward a New World Civilisation and a framework for a democratic international order."

Nonscientist1The scientific magazines were/are supportive of the climate fraud

What happens to the money for the never developing countries?
DR-News 18 Dec, 2009: A considerable part of the “climate” money to will disappear into the pockets of corrupt politicians. 

What about the CO2 footprint left by the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference?
AP 16 Dec. 2009: Organizers from the Danish government said they were doing everything they could to minimize the conference's carbon footprint.They are offsetting the rest of the emissions by investing in a program to upgrade antiquated brick kilns in Bangladesh with the help of the World Bank.
Comment: "We do a lot of CO2-production - but we have taxpayers to foot the bill!!!"

Now what do the warmists of the criminal CRU accomplice, the UK Met Office Hadley Centre, tell us will happen?
Spiegel 24 Nov. 2009: “Kirsty Lewis of the Met Office Hadley Centre, a leading climate research group, introduces a new Flash map which shows what might happen should temperatures rise by 4 degrees Celsius.

Tyske_aktivister_kl_405039yFrustrated German climate fanatics sacrificing their hair in the despair of ignorance – because  no “ambitious climate deal” was reached. 

Frightening Impacts
Agricultural yields are expected to decr
ease for all major cereal crops in all major regions of production. The availability of water will be affected by melting of glaciers, particularly in areas such as the Indus basin and western China, where much of the river flow comes from melt water. Population increases, combined with changes in river run off as a result of changes in rainfall patterns and increased temperatures, could mean that by 2080 significantly less water is available to approximately 1 billion people already living under water stress. For many areas of the world sea level rise, combined with the effect of storms, will threaten low lying coastal communities. There are often very dense populations living along coasts, as well as important infrastructure and high value agricultural land, which makes the impact of coastal flooding particularly severe. The intrusion of salt water on farming land, and the risk to lives of flooding events could affect millions of people worldwide every year.

By taking strong and effective action to curb greenhouse gases emissions, it may be possible to limit this temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius (4 degrees Fahrenheit). Although this would still bring some adverse impacts, the risk of the very severest impacts, as shown in the Met Office Hadley Centre map, is significantly reduced.”

Babel-tower-europe-many-tongues-one-voice-150 Comment
The Met Office is unlikely unabashed. 4 days after the Climategate fraud was published, the Met Office published such a home-made fantasy-horror scenario - based on cooked CRU temperatures! On Dec 8, the MET office then declared the latest decade the hottest decade on record– while de facto temperatures even according to IPCC member Mojib Latif declined! The Met made the Conference in Copenhagen believe this cock-and-bull tale, which is why many today mourn the flop in Copenhagen and are afraid of a coming hell of heat. The Met has been able to do this here, because our media have concealed the Climategate scandal - in contrast to the British media.

This is symbolic of the situation today. The flop in Copenhagen was a fluke. Although it will not spare us increasingly high CO2 taxes, rising sales at the climate exchanges and increasing rates of poverty due to the redistribution of our money to the developing countries which nevertheless will never develop – just sink ever deepe rinto poverty because of their unlimited production of children. However, we shall be spared the formal world government with official control structures for a short time. However, the G20, a literal Rothschild's world government, will take up the thread. They already are governing us without our consent and without informing us. Now the only question is: Which means do the globalists now deem necessary in order to accelerate their Global Governance? As Kissinger said, they want to put us in a situation where we beg the illuminists to redeem us from a worldwide evil through their fascist / communist world government! “Global problens need global solutions!” That is why they create the global problems.