Muslim Interfaith: A Globalist Campaign Against Our Identity

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[1] Associated Press, July 17, 2008:  King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was kicking off an interfaith conference in Madrid on Wednesday, an effort to bring Muslims, Christians and Jews closer together amid a world that often puts the three faiths at odds.
He met with Pope Benedict XVI late last year, the first meeting ever between a pope and a reigning Saudi king.

To the left the king is reaching out to a Talmud-Jewish rabbi - [2] a pharisee -  showing a[3] cabalistic hand sign, which means - according to Texe Marr - commitment to the adversary of Jahweh.

Abdullah rejected extremism, saying that Muslims must present Islam's "good message" to the world.

Spanish King Juan Carlos and Prime Minister Zapatero were also addressing the gathering, which the Saudis have billed as a strictly religious affair. There's to be no mention of hot-button issues like the war in Iraq, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iranian nuclear ambitions or rising oil prices.

Detractors counter that the Saudis are the last people who should be hosting a meeting on religious tolerance.

Wahhabism , the strain of Sunni Islam that is practiced in Saudi Arabia , is considered one of the religion's most conservative. Observers say the conference was being held in Spain partly because it would be politically unpalatable for Abdullah to allow Jewish and Christian leaders on Saudi soil.

Left: London July 7, 2007: These bombs had nothing to do with Islam? according to King Abdullah and The [4] Declaration of the Union for the Mediterranean - and in spite of a British Court [5] verdict. Right: Madrid bombs 2004 - had nothing to do with Islam? Not according to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and The Declaration of the Union for the Mediterranean. And now[6] the Spanish Supreme Court has acquitted 4 of the main suspects due to procedure errors[6] - but many Muslims remain in prison.                                            
In the Saudi foreword: "[7] About the Conference" the following is stated
The world today is unfortunately witnessing painful phenomena that make sleepless the sagacious people of all religions, sects and creeds.

The whole world looks forward to the followers and leaders of religions and cultures to make substantial contribution in the salvation of mankind from the dangers that surround  it
and threaten its future as well as presentation of effective solutions.

[1] In fact, religions and considerable cultures possess a joint viewpoint in detecting the danger of contemporary challenges.
In consideration of the keenness for cooperation in whatever makes man happy, the Heavenly revealed Message  was sent to achieve a great objective represented in the Hadith  (Prophets are like brothers belonging to one father but to different mothers; their Lord is one but their particular legislatures are different )!!!

Sept. 11. had nothing to do with Islam according to the Declaration of the Union for the Mediterranean and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. And maybe they are right. See this very convincing - and unfortunately long [8] video.

Samuel Rothschild showing the sign of the hidden hand

Of course [9] islam is presented as the religion of peace loving the infidels!!

The [10] list of participants shows mostly Muslims – but also several so-called "Christian" clergymen – and of course  -the head of the Anglican Church,  Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and Tony Blair - as well as the Evangelical Bishop of Berlin-Brandenburg, Wolfgang Huber.

[11] The concerence takes place at the Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid

[12] Right: King Abdullah of Jordan showing the masonic Rothschild/Napoleon sign of the hidden hand:[12] the sign of [13] Jahbulon.
What this Centre stands for
can be seen here. The following is an excerpt

Centre Objectives:  Acquaint the Spanish community  with the tolerance of Islamic religion ….. as well as making active and constructive media contribution at Spanish newspapers, radio and TV channels with a view to rectifying the distorted image of Islam.

Center’s Activities
1. Educational Activities: The Saudi School: It is an official educational institution recognized by the government of Spain
2. Cultural Activities: They include: Deliverance of special classes to Spanish Muslims for elevating their level of knowing Islamic religion and refuting allegations and suspicions.
3. Giving Juma Khotba (Friday Congregation ceremony) and ceremonies of the two Eids  in Spanish.
4. Fostering close cooperation with the Spanish universities for provision of researchers and students with correct information about Islam
and Muslims.
5. Distributing Islamic literature and publications as well as copies of the Holy Qur’an in Arabic and Spanish language
6. Attending and participating at symposiums, lectures and conferences that serve the objectives of the center.
7.Among the first duties of the center are the regular observance of the five prescribed daily prayers as well as celebrating religious rituals, memorization of the Holy Qur’an and teaching Muslim children and adult principles of Islam.

Social Activities
Sports Activities: The Center organizes training courses on Karate and taikundo under the supervision of highly qualified trainees.

Media Activities
The Center makes regular contacts with both Spanish and international media apparatus for clarification of the correct image of Islam and Muslims.

[14] Turkish Daily News, July 18, 2008: French President Nicolas Sarkozy praised Islam at a ceremony with Saudi Prince Al Walid bin Talal to lay the first stone for a new Islamic art section of the Louvre museum.

Gaddhafi showing the masonic sign of the clenched fist - meaning [15] rebellion against Jahweh according to Texe Marr- besides a masonic handshake.

"This will be an opportunity for the French and all visitors to the Louvre to see that Islam is progress, science, finesse, modernity, and that fanatism in the name of Islam is a corruption of Islam," Sarkozy said at the ceremony.

"France is a friend of Arab countries," said Sarkozy. "France wants peace. France does not want a clash of civilizations between the West and the East," which he said "would spell catastrophe for the world."

"It is in the Mediterranean that everything will be won or lost," said Sarkozy. "France is committed to ensure that all will be won."
This bootlicking to Islam by our politicians is intolerable: Tony Blair participates in a Saudi religious meeting in Madrid - although he now is a Catholic. Of course, he is engaged in the Rockefeller [16] Interfaith Religion. In 2006 he expressed his[17] wish to see a Muslim British prime minister and his children married to Muslims - and he praised [18] the Koran as way ahead of its time as for governance, women and marriage!!! In Madrid also the Spanish king - whose wife is an [19] honorary member of Rockefeller´s[20] Club of Rome (unfortunately, quite recently the official membership list, so familiar to me,  has disappeared from the website of the Club!!!)  and the Spanish prime minister  spoke at the Islamic religious  meeting!

Now Sarkozy is praising Islam for being progress, science, finesse, modernity and void of fanaticism - all the things which are exactly the opposite of the message of the Hadith, the Muslim attitude and way of life, and the Koran. And no Muslim has given up the Koran!!!

Why are they lying in so obviously misleading manner? They do so in order to promote their blasphemic religion: The New World Order. In order to obtain their dictatorial world state they have to win Islam!

What is more wondrous: The people of the [21] New World Order/globalisation have succeeded in convincing the so-called "Christian" clergy in maintaining that Allah - who will kill any one maintaining he has a son (koransura 9:5) - and the Father of Christ is the same God - in spite of Koransure 9:29-31 and Gospel acc. to St. John 14:6 !!! Which proves that both Islam and the present day clergy have nothing to do with religion - they are just politicians. Which was always the nature of Islam - and unfortunately of "Christianity", too, after Bishop Cornelius of Rome 250-51.


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