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The world is in an elite-made crisis[1]
Der Spiegel Online 16. Juli, 2008
: Europe, which held the world’s economic storms at bay for the last year, has finally succumbed.
Spain, Ireland and Denmark are either in a recession or on the brink. Italy is stagnating. France is weakening fast. And Germany, is suddenly faltering — dashing most residual hopes that Europe could escape the upheaval in the United States. The subprime mortgage crisis of the USA is rapidly spreading to Europe, too.

The Times Online July 11, 2008: “It is the speed with which the economy seems to be unravelling that is so unnerving. According to Halifax, house prices have fallen 4.5 per cent in only two months, which economists say is the steepest fall in 50 years (in the UK).”

" [2] New York Times 15 July, 2008: Nervous customers outside an IndyMac Bank, USA. More and more bank crashes are to follow. In Denmark 2 small banks have collapsed - and small shareholders  weep because they have lost an essential part of their old-age savings.

On [3] 12 July, 2008, The Times Online reported increasingly disastrous conditions on the US mortgage market - now mobilizing President Bush and the US government besides the FED to save  2 of the biggest  US credit institutions, Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae from bankruptcy. [4] 300 banks are said to be at risk of bankruptcy in the near future - which would be worse than in 1929. The value of the credits decrease day by day. [2] Bank shares are nosediving.
The housing industry of the USA is badly off. As compared with former days more and more drop out of the US-middle class, having to leave their homes and live at
[5] parking areas in mobile homes

And [6] furthermore:"Fears of a fresh spate of hedge fund collapses grew today as it emerged that the $2 trillion industry had put in its worst investment performance during the first half of the year since most credible records began.

At the same time, the prices of foods are increasing  due to skyrocketing oil prices, [7] speculation by Rothschild´s hedge funds and pension companies trying to regain what they have lost on oil speculation. These forces are now creating a very high inflation – further empoverishing people, as does the ever increasing pumping of Muslims into Europe by the EU.

In this situation, in Germany many out of work have to live on 345 euro a month + money for a very modest flat.

To this comes the New World Order bogus [8] climate  ideology and and the therewith associated very profitable speculation – highly enhanced by the EU´s ETS- [9] ECX speculation-trading system - see [10] here, too -by Rothschild- Rockefeller and Al Gore firms.

In spite of increasing atmospheric CO2 [11] here  (due to release from the oceans) global atmospheric temperature is constant through the latest 11 years. It seems that the Earth has ceased its passage out of the minor glacial age from 1500-about 1870.

[12] EUObserver 16 July, 2008: The German Economy Ministry has attacked EU proposals to tackle climate change as "pointless" if other major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions are not also committed to significant reductions.

If climate polluters such as China, India and the United States are not also on board, the EU's climate package (Reduction by 21% of 2005  CO2 by 2020) would end up harming German businesses.

Furthermore, the other key element in the ETS - the commission proposal to begin auctioning pollution permits rather than giving them away - would undermine corporations' investment plans.

[13] As proof of the postulate of global warming the North Pole ice is incessantly stated to be melting and that it will soon be possible to sail above the Pole! The truth is,that the extension of the Pole ice always was subject to natural variations. Thus, [13] within the latest year its extension has increased by 700.000 square km!!

Auctioning could even cause the German paper and glass industries to go bankrupt, says the press release summing up the tone of the conference.

The [14] Royal Bank of Scotland predicts  a crash of financial markets in 3 months´time.

In the meantime the US FED Reserve Bank tries to keep the sinking ship afloat: [15] Der Spiegel Online Wirtschaft July 8, 2008: “The world wide credit crisis is returning with full weight  - in Europe building business is collapsing, world wide financial shares plummet. The US FED is now launching an emergency plan: It will provide Wall Street banks with fresh money for longer than foreseen" – as usual created out of nothing  with inflation as its certain companion.

As though this were not already enough, the EU is now about to introduce tolls on transport by lorries and aircraft. – to make life more intolerable for all of us.
First and foremost in the name of combating totally harmless CO2 and chimerical global warming.
[16] [16] Lorries in the European Union are to be charged a toll for their production of air and noise pollution, according to "greener transport" proposals unveiled by the European Commission on 8 July, 2008.

Currently, truckers are only charged for the wear and tear of roads and motorways.

Road haulage is responsible for 28 percent of EU CO2 emissions

The proposal permits measures similar to toll systems that have been in place in Switzerland - which is not a member of the EU - since 2001.

The specific tolls, to be calculated by an electronic system, will affect only vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. A  standard truck is on average likely to pay an extra four to five cents a kilometre.
"These external costs currently fall on the shoulders of citizens," said a commission official explaining the proposals to reporters.

In Switzerland, the only European country where road user charges that internalise external costs of transport are applied, the number of kilometres travelled by heavy goods traffic decreased by 6.4 percent while amount of goods transported increased by 16.4 percent between 2001 and 2005. At the same time, there was a 10 percent reduction in air pollution, and a six percent reduction in CO2 emissions.

[17] EUObserver: MEPs on Tuesday (8 July) approved a plan to include airlines into a pollution-reducing Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) from 2012.

TAirlines will now have to cut their CO2 emissions by 3 percent in 2012, and by 5 percent from 2013 onwards.

Additionally, they will have to pay for permits covering 15 percent of their allowances to emit CO2 – the remaining 85 percent will be allocated for free.

"It will be crippling for many airlines especially in today's era of high fuel price and weakening demand," she added.

To this misery comes the looming conflict between Israel/USA and Iran - a conflict which by the CNN is held [18] 50% probable - but which has much likelihood to become an armed reality, as all [19] leading Israeli leaders seem bent upon this solution before Pres Bush resigns.

The EU has claimed the credit for our prosperity - and even this prosperity to be protected from global financial turmoil. Has even used this to persuade us to accept the arrogant, self-righteous eurocratic system - an obviously false claim.

I find it excellent that polluting lorries are equipped with diesel filters - but useless and economically damaging to let them, i.e. us, pay for combating CO2 - which is totally [11] harmless in relation to climate change, which is not man-  but a sun-made natural cycle.

However, this is the tactics and the trump card of the New World Order to create chaos so as to have us cry for world governance – since we are made to believe the disasters they are creating are inevitable consequences of the national states – even the EU – being too small units for coping with the many global problems the globalists are deliberately creating! Their solution is the corporate, dictatorial world state.

Finally I shall quote [20] The Telegraph from July 12, 2008 about our politicians:"Today, we have in George W. Bush a president who has literally and metaphorically used up his country's credit in the world. Angela Merkel runs Germany with decency but impotence. Mr Sarkozy is a walking dictionary definition of the word "mountebank". And then there is Mr Brown.

What do these leaders want? What do they believe? Where are they taking us? Do they understand what is happening?

Today, our leaders do not even tell us what is wrong, let alone how to put it right. In the past nine months, the Western world has experienced a crisis in the banking system that threatens our prosperity.

In America, the Fed has had to invoke emergency clauses about "unusual and exigent circumstances", dating from the Great Depression, It would be nice if our leaders told us how we got here. Did Alan Greenspan's ([21] member of the Rockefeller [22] Council on Foreign Relations) policy of holding interest rates below their natural level drive asset prices beyond sanity? Is Mr Greenspan still Mr Brown's informal adviser on these matters, by the way?

It would be even nicer to know where they think we are going. It is our political leaders who will have to react to the fact that we have become indebted consumers in a world in which power now rests with producers.

Saudi Arabia is in a position to get what it wants. Iran is in a position to threaten, unpunished. Islamists can carry a scimitar in one hand and a petrol pump in the other.
Study this week's G8 photo-call, and you realise you are looking at a group of people with little power, no answers and no will to come up with any. That is frightening


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