Summary: UNICEF and the entire UN system is working hard to pave the way for UN world government through the climate cock-and-bull story. Therefore, UNICEF had collected 164 children from 44 countries for a Children's Climate Forum in Copenhagen in cooperation with the Municipality of Copenhagen. For, as Denmark's new Minister of Environment, Rockefeller's Trilateral Commissionist, Lykke Friis, says, "In the New World Order everybody is to be included in the agreements." The children were carefully selected from the already brain-washed individuals with the right attitude. During the meeting, from 30th November - 4th December, the children were told that if global warming, "continued, they would come to live in a world where "they could not enjoy life fully" because of different climatic disasters. A selected boy received a standing ovation from among others the Danish prime minister when he said that he was about to cry  thinking of a non-existent future for the world's children because of global warming; they would probably not be happy to survive this dying Earth! The Danish climate-EU Commissioner, Bilderberger Connie Hedegaard, praised the children for showing politicians the way to declare war on climate - and was given a statement written by UNICEF-adults. "We will change our lives, we are ready to give everything, as long as there is a possibility to save the planet! We expect the same courage from you. We will work with governments and make what governments impose on us, if only it happens in the name of climate." It's brainwashing at the level of what the Hitler youth was exposed to. The young people were appointed climate ambassadors / missionaries to spread the joyful message at home that they are not alone, but that the countries of the West are willing to pay for the exponentially increasing birth surplus in developing countries to have clean drinking water, education, food and safe migration to us - as well as hedging against "climate-change-related" cyclones, which have been pestering them for millennia - as well as against "climate-change-related" desertification in Africa because Africans have felled forests to cook. In short, pay for all the things that their own corrupt governments cannot figure out how to do. And then we shall hear about neo-colonialism from them for not giving them all the money they want. This is the New World Order.

Andre Illarianov, senior advisor to Russian Primeminister, Putin, calls Kyoto-ism "one of the most agressive, intrusive, destructive ideologies since the collapse of communism and fascism" 

Something very uncanny is going on in Copenhagen and the world. The UN Climate Change Conference is running – based on the biggest scientific lie in history. Its purpose is not what it pretends to be, climate, but corporate secret world government. The UN is very eager to win our hearts and minds for this scam. Like Hitler and Stalin they know that if you are to corrupt the world you will have to start by corrupting the children. The UN, too, starts by brainwashing children! See this video where Lord Monckton interviews a Greenpeace activist: She exclusively acting on indoctrinated myths - knows absolutely nothing on cliate facts.
The Unicef Børneklimakonference2
UNICEF’s mission is to advocate for the protection of children’s rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.

Green-school/Municipality of Copenhagen. With the Children´s Climate Forum from 24th to 28 November 2009, UNICEF and the Municipality of Copenhagen will ensure that children are being heard in the climate debate. UN Children's Convention is every child's constitution.  Its Article 12 stipulates that children have the right to be heard in decisions affecting them, and one of UNICEF's task is to ensure that every child has this right met. In addition, UNICEF protects children, and the task is increasingly difficult as that there are more disasters caused by climate change.

Børnekonf.3UNICEF COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 4 December 2009 - After a week of intensive work and debate, about 160 young people from all over the globe finalized a Declaration today in Copenhagen, committing to personal changes in their own lives and demanding that governments worldwide take actions to protect our planet from the impacts of climate change.

Here is what Mohamed Axam from the Maldives said:
Unicef 9 Dec.: Mohamed Axam spoke during a discussion with prominent adult co-panellists, including Danish Prime Minister and COP15 host Lars Lokke Rasmussen and Concordia 21 CEO and former Costa Rican President Jose Maria Figueres. "The voices, the concerns and the pain of all the children of the world ring true in my heart," he said. "My eyes go moist, not when I see a movie, not when I lose a football game, certainly not when I give away my toys, but because I understand how it feels to see my future and be forced to let it go,"

Axam is one of eight Climate Ambassadors selected after last week's Children's Climate Forum to represent youth at the COP15. Axam added: "Those with more than enough are damaging our world blindly in the common cause of development, while those with nothing suffer to the point at which we just cannot see the end of it."Since the future is for our children, you must first think about this: How old will your children be in 2050? Or will they be lucky to survive this dying earth? We are late, but not too late," he continued. "Trust me, the best time to act is now."
The panel discussion concluded with a standing ovation after Axam's speech.


Bilderberger, President of COP 15 Connie Hedegaard speaking at the closing of the Children's Climate  Forum.

Other speakers on the panel included Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director, Greenpeace International; Wang Guangtao, Chairman, Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee, National People's Congress of China; David Blood, Senior Partner, Generation Investment Management (Al Gore´s corporation); and Katherine Richardson, Vice Dean, University of Copenhagen (sworn warmist)

The document was presented to the President of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15), Connie Hedegaard, during the closing ceremony of the Children’s Climate Forum, at Copenhagen’s City Hall. Ms. Hedegaard is now expected to take the Declaration to world leaders at the COP15, starting next Monday, 7 December.
“It’s so good that young people from the whole world are telling us – the politicians – that the time for action is now,” Ms. Hedegaard said.
Ms. Hedergaard also addressed the young delegates, emphatically supporting the children’s statement that the time for talk is over: “You must tell the politicians that they cannot leave Copenhagen empty-handed two weeks from now. Because you, the citizens – the new generation – demand us to take action now,” she said.

BørneklimamødeThe youth delegates´ Declaration outlines the main concerns and recommendations shared by all climate ambassadors, stressing how climate change has threatened their lives and that of their families.
“We, the youth delegates from 44 countries, attending the Children’s Climate Forum 2009, will not sit back and watch. We already face the effects of climate change. Our communities are deprived of clean drinking water, denied access to education and vulnerable to disease every time it floods. Our future is at risk and we demand that something be done. The time for talk is over. Now, we hold you accountable for your commitments,” the Declaration states in its first paragraph.

The Declaration was finalized after a long week of consultations between the delegations, study, and training focusing on local activities that climate ambassadors can take back to their home countries. The main recommendations are that industrialized countries ramp up spending on adaptation; that cities be well planned and sustainable; that safety standards, regulations and emergency protocols be established to prepare for climate induced disasters; that better water conservation be practised; that education on sea level rise and flooding and biodiversity-related projects be provided. 

Loekke-axamA youth participant puts her own message about climate change on display during the closing ceremony of the Children’s Climate Forum.  “We have finalized this declaration and have also finished a Youth Action Plan, which we will take to our homes and start implementing,” said 16-year-old Bripra Biswambhara Nil, from India. “This is just the first step. The beginning of something that will change all of our lives in a near future.
Comment: This is disgusting manipulation, indoctrination an brainwashing of innocent children to work for the New World Order´s communist world government. This is not the language of children – but of skilled manipulatores. 
The Maldives rise just about 1.5 meter above sea level. According to Maldives Scuba Tours: The Maldives is sometimes affected by cyclones passing through the Bay of Bengal; the most likely times for these are April/May and again in October/November. Would they cause natural flooding?
The floodings in Bangla Desh were always there. Nevertheless, the UNICEF is now for ideological telling these children that their calamities is due to a non-existent global warming, not to their own failing states, not to the fact that they have settled in a land at sea level, hit annually by cyclone, eg. one in 1991 killing 136.000 people in Bangla Desh – long before the “global warming” was made a problem by the fraudulent CRU and and Michael Mann! The desertification  of regions in Africa is due to Africans felling the existing woods to cook their food, because they have been unable to adopt and use oil energy. What about Tsunamis or the cyclones always prevailing there? Now all is probably due to “global warming”. Just like any flu like disease was appointed swine flu – although the latter only made up 2–17% of flu like diseases.  It is the task of these failing states to do something to prevent flooding – not my task to pay them for doing nothing due to their Sluterklæring-fra-børneklimatopmødetcorruption. This is another example of the big lie on which the New World Order is based.

A battle declared on climate
The final paragraph of the Declaration is a perfect summary of what happened in the last seven days in Copenhagen: “The battle against climate change is upon all of us. We are ready to act and we invite you to join us. Climate change is affecting our lives, our families and our future,” the document states. “We must act immediately and we are ready to fulfil our commitments. We are prepared to give all we have as long as there is the possibility of saving our planet.” “We expect the same courage from you,” the declaration concludes.
Chief, command – we follow – for you have brainwashed us to believe your lies”

A commitment to action
“After this week together, I learned that we are not alone,” said 15-year-old Mohamed Axam Maumoon, a climate ambassador from the Maldives. “Countries and places as far away from each other and as different as the Maldives, India and the UK got together to share the same concerns and the same intention to change things.”  Later in the evening, the young delegates were officially named Climate Ambassadors, formalizing a one-year commitment embodied in their Declaration. To better implement their promises, the young people have formed a social network so they can share their experiences and difficulties as they take forward what they have learned in Copenhagen.


 Information on UNICEF´s Children´s Conference

The Moral Liberal, Pat Carlson 9 Dec. 2009  “The ball is now the new climate change treaty known as the Copenhagen Protocol meant to replace the Kyoto Protocol due to expire in 2012. UNICEF got the ball rolling a week before the actual Conference of the Parties (COP 15) begins by holding the Children’s Climate Forum. From November 30-December 5th, 164 young Climate Ambassadorschildren ages 14-17 from 44 countries — were brought to Copenhagen to discuss or in actuality, be told, what their rights are related to climate change and how they must commit to change. They were told if they are forced to live in an environmentally compromised planet, they won’t be able to enjoy their lives fully, since threats to their health and wellbeing will increase.


I attended the special ceremony Friday night, December 4, 2009. The celebration was held in Copenhagen’s majestic City Hall and the large hall was filled with young people, some looking as young 10 yrs. old. Posters were exhibited all around the room expressing the supposed problems climate change has caused in each country represented.

At the end of the week, the Climate Ambassadors had prepared a “Children’s Forum Declaration” which was presented in a special Friday night ceremony to the President of COP 15, Ms. Connie Hedegaard. The Declaration states  “We commit to engage and actively cooperate with . . . governments in combating climate change;”
The backdrop on the stage was a large tree made of construction paper. The Climate Ambassadors were asked to make a one-year commitment to take action against climate change. Each ambassador wrote their commitment on a paper leaf which was then pasted on the tree.

I spoke with a 16-year-old young man from Florida in the U.S. named Pulkit Agrawal. Pulkit explained to me he was worried South Florida would soon be under water if the glaciers continue to melt. He was one of four young people chosen out of 75 from the U.S. to be a Climate Ambassador. He first attended a Junior 8 Summit held in conjunction with the G8 Summit last July in Italy. At the J8 Summit young people discussed their rights as related to the global financial crisis, again ending with a Declaration to be presented to the Alien-beat-clubleaders of the G8 Summit. Pulkit along with the others from the U.S. met with Obama in Italy.

In order to be considered for the Climate Forum, Pulkit submitted four essays explaining what he was doing to combat climate change. He attends the North Miami Senior High School in Florida where he has started a UNICEF club. It is easy to understand why these young people have an automatic allegiance to an organization that flies them all over the world not only to meet with world leaders but to demand their rights from these leaders. Talk about building an unrealistic image of one’s own importance.

The closing ceremony was followed by the Danish band Alien Beat Club performing the Children’s Climate Forum anthem ‘It’s My World’. The song was written especially for the Forum by Danish hit-maker Remee.  Some of the verses of the song are:
Everyday when I get home, I can see what I did wrong
    And the back of my mind says, that I should know better
    And I would give it all up, if I could turn back the clock
    Would’ve treated you better, now I see it clearer.

    I do believe there’s a time to change
    And I’m not caught up in yesterday

    ‘Cause the world will keep on turning
    And the light will keep on burning
    For the fact that I’ll be learning
    Every minute of the journey
    But if we don’t stop pretendin’
    There will be consequences
    For the rivers that are flowing
    When the fire’s on the fire’s on

    It’s my world, it’s my world, it’s my world
    (repeated two more times)

    Somebody made it all up, the beauty of a raindrop
    Just like a work of art, mountains and rivers
    I wanna see where it ends up, if I give it all my love
    Every thought I give her will come back forever

    I know that we’ve got a right to change
    And there’s no reason to place the blame

    I’ve got a choice to make, before it fades away
    It’s now or never, can’t be like “hey, whatever”
    Whatever motivates, I’ve gotta make a change
    Make a change, make a change
    We’re in this together.

                      The “Danish” alien Beat Club

UNICEF is an evil organization intent on controlling the hearts and minds of our children.” I could add: What the children are mendaciously being indoctrinated with is the creed of the New World order: communists sustainability.