Now, I have so often distanced myself from globalization as an evil ideology designed to deprive us of our democracy, morals, Christianity, our cultures and our identities – giving us what in return? Have I missed the light of globalization?

The globalist future, the New World Order (it is the same thing according to among others Gordon Brown - video), is, as I - and Gordon Brown- have seen it, exclusively about money. Its gift for our souls is a brainwashed carefree, animal existence without a deeper meaning or influence by means of drugs, alcohol pop and free sex. Peace is always being emphasized, the means to obtain the globalist peace apparently being greater and greater wars – unless everybody lets the UN, the NATO and the Corporations have the say and surrenders. 

The globalist world is the world of the CIA, the Council on Foreign Relations´and Rockefeller´s spy apparatus behind the creation of the European Community , and which controls our media  - see this probably genuine CIA-strategy paper from:"A. Media 1) a. "CIA has relationships with every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly and television network in the nation. This has helped us turn some “intelligence failures “ into “intelligence successes”. In many cases we have succeeded in persuading  reporters to postpone, hold, change or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected the nation´s security interests."

Comment: This might explain why we have never heard in our media about the New World Order institutions - nor about the Europmediterranean Project.

On Dec. 15, 1987, according to the Congress Record, US Senator Jesse Helms, who died just a few days ago, said something so far unheard of from the floor of the US Senate (Below on the page):

"The policies of the industrial sectors, primarily the multinational corporations, are influenced by the money centers through debt financing and through the large blocks of stock controlled by the trust departments of the money center banks.

Left: Senator Jesse Helms             Right: Former Rockefeller Foundation logo speaks for itself

 The viewpoint of the establishment today is called globalism. Not so long ago, this viewpoint was called the "one-world" view by its critics. The phrase is no longer fashionable among sophisticates; yet, the phrase "one-world" is still apt because nothing has changed in the minds and actions of those promoting policies consistent with its fundamental tenets.

Mr. President, in the globalist point of view, nation-states and national boundaries do not count for anything.
Indeed, even constitutions are irrelevant to the exercise of power. Liberty and tyranny are viewed as neither necessarily good nor evil, and certainly not a component of policy. In this point of view, the activities of international financial and industrial forces should be oriented at bringing this one-world design into being…..

And Jesse Helms added: "The world views of these insiders are characterised by atheism and materialism. All that matters to them is to maximise their profits, by wielding the twin-weapons of debt and monopoly. It is not surprising if the insiders of these clubs are also plotting together to join forces with Kremlin leaders, whose vision of the world is also that of atheistic, materialistic profiteers.

He denounced “the State Department, the Trade Department, certain banking and financial groups, multinationals and tax-exempt foundations [saying that they were effectively controlled by] organisations such as the CFR, the RIIA, the Trilateral Commission, the Dartmouth and Bilderberg Meetings, the Aspen Institute and the Atlantic Insititute”, which are, he said, “using them to spread and coordinate plans for a so-called New World Order, serving the business and
financial channels of the political world…”                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                  Logo of the Trilateral Commission                                                                                      

I recently received a globalist creed on this blog – a comment from a person hailing globalism

At first I was surprised. Then I began to realize that there really are honest people who seriously believe in the New World Order propaganda.

“I support globalisation because I think that good government protects most citizens from private interests destroying their lives. As corporations are already global, I honestly believe that the only way to stop exploitation of third world labour, and war, and famine, is to have an effective global govenment that governs for all people. This will stop countries for competing with each massive task.”

Here is a fundamental misunderstanding. The commentator believes in the good will of politicians – and thinks the world government politicians can protect us against the greedy corporations. Well, they cannot, because they are not meant to.

He cannot see that the globalist New World Order movement has its origin in big business: The goal of globalism is to let King Mammon in the pockets of a small clique of ruthless, extremely intelligent business  people rule the world.

These corporations are owned by the illuminist banks and Oil Princes of the New World Order/the world government, which has just 2 purposes: Money and power. 

For the interested here is an extensive survey of what World government/governance is.
This book is full of New World Order quotations. Here are but a few appetizers from Chapter 5: "interdependence" ,  "the world state is inevitable - and will born in one of 2 ways: integration into the UN or enslavement imposed by the victor of world war III". Nelson Rockefeller: "The national state is anachronistic. I hope for a world federation." And  Council on Foreign Relations member Richard Gardner 1974: "The House of World Order: an end run around national sovereignty , eroding it piece by piece with treaties and arrangements within the UN". A world religion even making the UN divine (Chapter 12) and the environmental "threat" are appropriate tools to drive the peoples of the world towards a world state.

Since not even our “democratically” elected politicians at the national level – not to mention the EU level – are of good will and keen on anyone´s interests but their own – how then can good will to care for our needs and interests be expected at UN/global corporate level? So far, the UN/corporations have not shown us any positive interest.

Looking at the political systems of the world we see the spectre of corruption everywhere, the EU being a sad example. Not to mention the the 3. world politicians.
How can those people suddenly begin to care for the global populations, when they cannot even care for their own peoples?

History shows that empires built on this foundation ended in wars, “birds of a feather seeking together”. No great empire existed for more than a few hundred years at most: Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Rome, Spain, the British Empire, Hitler´s Germany, the Soviet Union .

This New World Order is a continuation of the Communist system which has so miserably failed, because it subdued freedom, it despised and robbed people considering them like senseless animals.

The world state  - even the strivings for it-  is the certain way to chaos and misery. 

In The Telegraph on July 13, 2008, the following was to be read
Last week, Goldman Sachs published a paper showing an unprecedented rise around the world of those on incomes between $6,000 and $30,000. (Well, I am sceptic, when this Rotschild daughter praises the achievements of the New World Order).

Indeed, the number of people entering this income category is around 70 million a year, and we estimate it will rise to around 90 million a year by 2030. By then, an astonishing two billion new "middle class" people will have been created.

At the heart of all of this is the expansion of the so-called BRIC economies. The emergence of Brazil, Russia, India and particularly China, closely followed by another group of emerging economies with large populations that we have dubbed the "Next 11", will drive our future.

They will want and need education. The scope for our best schools and universities to participate in meeting this need is tremendous, both within the UK's education system but also perhaps as a new form of "export".

The way to respond to and benefit from the world's challenges is to keep our borders open, take advantage of the enormous business opportunities that are on offer. The future is bright."

This is a merely financial consideration leaving important questions like culture, religion, identity, cohesion of the world “community  out. That is exactly why the future is not bright – but very gloomy.

Even more so, because the new global middle class will develop at our cost, as now seen in the USA, where many drop out of the middle class.

E.g. it seems indifferent to this author if the Sharia or British legislation will prevail in Britain and the world. To most people this is not indifferent. Maybe the naïve conception of Islam being transformed by means of money is behind?

Have I really missed the blessings of globalization?