Ansamed July 14, 2008: So far only the ancient Romans have made it - and now Sarkozy:  "We will turn the Mediterranean into an area of peace and we will build what we have built with the European Union''.

Olmert: "Never have we been so close to peace!" Jer. 6:14 on the destruction of Israel (King James):"They have healed also the hurt [of the daughter] of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when [there is] no peace"

EU Observer: Sarkozy:" We have dreamt of this.
If it is possible during four hours, if we could agree on all these projects, we will continue, we will go further."
Carl Bildt, Swedish Foreign Minister (EUObserver): " The entire region will, hopefully, be changed over time by this particular approach."

Der Spiegel Online July 14, 2008: Present were also UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon and EU Commission President Manuel Barroso. Plus representatives of the World Bank and European Investment Bank, the Arab League, the Islamic Conference and the Maghreb Union — a top-level forum. The political will is strong.
The result is an unwieldly beast. Ideally,
the EU, World Bank and Gulf States will take care of the funding, and there may be private funds willing to support particularly lucrative projects.

Controversies like human rights and the Middle East conflict have been semantically soft-pedaled or sidestepped. And despite Sarkozy's fancy talk of the "inseparable Mediterranean and European dream" the VIPs in Paris never came together for the obligatory summit group photo. A picture with the Israeli Prime Minister would still be seen as politically volatile for many of the Arab leaders present.

The joint declaration commits the heads of government and state to a common future in a multilateral partnership on an equal governance footing with a view to increasing the potential for regional integration and cohesion. They reaffirm the Barcelona Deklaration and the Euromediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (EMPA) as the Parliament of the Union, a very muslim-friendly assembly (see Final Declaration)- and the Anna Lindh Foundation to manage the cultural dimension (propaganda) together with the UN Alliance of Civilzations (constructed by Turkey´Erdogan, Spain´s Zapatero and UN´s Kofi Annan for the submission of the Euromediterranean under Islam). They also reiterate the complete rejection of attempts to associate any religion or culture with terrorism! And they will rid the Middle East of Nucclear weapons - the most certain way to isolate Israel!

This is true EU democratorship: No one asks the Europeans!

This is what the Lisbon treaty is meant for

Our politicians and the eurocrats speak of democracy - and practice dictatorship, and here as well as here - not forgetting the Lisbon Treaty - as reminded of by MEP Nigel Farage on this video .
They speak of multicultural enrichment - and create witless, violent anarchy. 
They speak of justice - and do injustice (Kosovo), making victims racists and let racist immigrant assailants go free time and again.
They preach tolerance - and procreate intolerance (e.g. Muhammad cartoons).
They promise prosperity - but do anything they can to create economic crash (CO2 taxes, providing for enormous and ever increasing masses of Muslim immigrants).
They talk of respect for human rights - and despise us and leave us to the everyday terror on the streets.
They speak of peace - and wage wars (Iraq, Afghanistan) in stead of keeping the immigration of a terrorist ideology away from our countries.
They speak of equality - and arrogantly consider themselves to be the elite.
They speak of secularism - but favour Islam.
They speak of morals - and are revealed by their Court of Auditors as fraudsters and here.
They speak of transparency - and keep their Euromediterrranean Project and Union secret from us!
They speak of confidence - and betray us (Lisbon Treaty).
They speak of freedom - and convict employers who employ the people they need - in stead of unqualified immigrants -
and threaten 3 years of imprisonment for publicly disliking horrific Koran statements!

For they declare themselves to be illuminists (explanatory statement). 2.000 years ago the members of this same movement called themselves "Pharisees" - ill famed even today for their double standards - and called "snakes and broods of vipers" by Christ (Matth. 23:33).

What do they have in mind with us?

The Danish newspaper, Politiken today writes on the summit: "The gloomy reality is that both France and the EU in particular, are motivated by a fear of refugees, immigrants, conflict and terrorism from North Africa and the Middle East. And the Arab world's leaders who have come to Paris,are partly occupied by an access to the European market, which the EU would not like to give, partly to avoid European demands for political reforms that Arab leaders dislike to accept.

The Union for the Mediterranean has no greater chance of success than the sad Barcelona Process, which in the 1990s was launched with similar big words to quickly become a fig leaf for the resignating heads of government in the North and South.

Then there is Israel that the Arab side would not like to be 'in union with,' and that Europeans would not like to palm off on the Arabs. Also, therefore, the Union's chances are small. If the Union for the mediterranean should still be wished good luck, the design will be modest: No one has a better and more realistic idea. On the other hand, this is rather depressing."

At first glance, this is right. Apart from the statement that no one has a better idea.
In all modesty: I have a better idea: Keep the Muslims and the infidel monkeys and pigs (Koransure 2:62-65, 5:59-60, and 7:166) separated for ever in the name of peace and justice!

But the question will still linger: What then is the purpose of the Union?

Fear of immigration, refugees and terror could be eliminated much better by banning Islam in our countries. In addition, the EU would not have a "Fortress Europe" - as proposed by Sarkozy.
The Common Euromediterranean Market  will come anyway by 2010 with or without the union according to the Barcelona Declaration. More than 50 conferences at government level took place on this topic in the past year!

What makes me so skeptical, however, is the fact that Politiken´s editor in chief, Tøger Seidenfaden, is a longstanding  Bilderberger and Trilateral Commission (TC) member - and thus the voice of David Rockefeller and the New World Order.
In addition, the Union for the Mediterranean is exactly a step in the direction of the world state  programmed by the TC.

The motive of the newspaper might be to reassure us, to pull wool over our eyes  - as they have always done with the New World Order / globalisation and the 13-year old Euromediterranean Project, which they never mentioned before. So, is the paper trying to conceal the real forces and intention  behind the Union, as I  fear - and which we immediately must suspect?

Similarly, the Rockefeller newspaper, The New York Times, writes: "The summit is a nice event. But will the Union will be able to find an independent life?" asked a senior diplomat from a southern country. "Sarkozy's original idea was bold, but there is not much left of it.