British Election Campaign: We are Inept Over Immigration. Help Us Create Total Chaos

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Summary: Having decided to change society radically by means of multiculturalism, the British socialists suddenly demonstrate feigned qualms of conscience before the parliamentary elections. Gordon Brown declares to very well understand the fears of the British to lose their jobs to immigrants. That´s why he will cut the part of immigration away that Great Britain cannot do without: Doctors, engineers, etc. But he says nothing about limiting Muslim illegal and legal non-labor mass immigration, which creates no-go zones for non Muslims, increases violence in society and impoverishes the native Britons. And - as Nigel Farage says - he cannot, because the UK does not have its own borders any more in a multicultural EU without external boundaries, a Europe which by 2050 will further fetch 56 million African Muslims + their families to replace us. The Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, has declared the government "inept" in immigration policy - and it would be so again  were it to win the elections. [1] Tories are well in with the brains behind this immigration madness, Rothschild, and will certainly continue in the same track. Immigration will account for 2 / 3 of population increase by 10 million over the next 25 years. Every year 425,000 more will live in the UK. Brown'sfeigned qualms of conscience are due to the British National Party being in for 22% of the votes. As Brown sees himself as the New World Order´s world saviour, it must be hard for him to reduce the bulk of immigration - which he consequently does not want. Bedlam with or without voters´ support is in store. 

As [2] previously described on this blog, the Danish Social-democrats and and the British Labour party have declared among themselves to radically change the old society by making it multicultural. This is a decision to commit cultural suicide. Of course, this was a secret agreement – although its disastrous consequences are obvious to every one: increasingly violent parallel societies.

[3] Gordon_brown_deputy_prime_minister[4] The Telegraph 12 Nov. 2009: Gordon Brown said there are "significant" variations in how [5] immigration has been felt around the country and accepted people's fears that it has undermined wages, affected job prospects for people's children and even whether they can live near their parents.

In his first speech on the issue since becoming Prime Minister, Mr Brown also announced a review of student visas to clamp down on those abusing the system and bogus colleges that allow migrants to slip in to the UK.  And he pledged to create thousands more jobs  for British workers by reducing the number of occupations that are fully open to foreign workers.

Mr Brown's comments come a week after Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, admitted the Government had been inept over immigration and that it has impacted on communities. Speaking to an audience in West London, Mr Brown acknowledged that the impact of immigration is felt differently depending on where you are. He said some employers would welcome a more diverse workforce but "if you work in a sector where wages are falling or an area where jobs are scarce, immigration will feel very different".

Equally those needed a plumber or doctor may think immigration has a benefit, but "if you're living in a town which hasn't seen much inward migration before, you may worry about whether immigration will undermine wages and the job prospects of your children – and whether they will be able to get housing anywhere near you", he said. In an attempt to assure voters that he understands their concerns over immigration, he insisted: "If people ask me, do I get it? Yes. I get it."

The review on student visas, reporting next month, will examine what level of the NVQ (national vocational qualification) merited a visa for a foreign student. It will also examine the case for mandatory English language testing for all student visas and cutting the number of hours of part-time work foreign students are allowed to do to see whether temporary students are taking jobs that could be filled by young British workers.
[6] Free-mason-hand-signsTheir concerns are that thousands of migrants are in the UK illegally after coming in under student visas to attend bogus courses or overstaying.

See this [7] video: Gordon Brown is giving the freemason [8] master´s handshake.

Mr Brown also announced plans for a reduction of thousands in the number of posts on the Government's shortage occupation list, for which foreign workers can gain access to the UK because of a lack of local people with the skills to do the jobs. Hospital consultants, civil engineers, aircraft engineers and ship's officers are being removed from the list of in-demand occupations which Britain needs to recruit from abroad.

And he said that during next year, the list would be narrowed further, with the Migration Advisory Committee considering the case for removing more engineering roles, skilled chefs and care workers.

Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary, said: "Gordon Brown's speech had a completely hollow ring to it.
"This is the Government that tried to cover up a deliberate policy of increasing immigration and the Prime Minister's comments show that he has no idea about how to deal with the whole question of immigration now." Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think tank said: "The Prime Minister is still in deep denial about [9] Ordo-ab-chaothe population crisis which we now face. His government have brought three million immigrants to Britain and they will add another seven million to our population in the next 25 years. "In this context the measures, largely re-announced, in his speech are trivial. This is totally unacceptable."

[9] The Institution of Civil Engineers warned that limiting employers' access to skilled workers from outside the EU could delay progress on major projects like the Government's planned new generation of nuclear power stations. And the chief executive of the Immigration Advisory Service, Keith Best, said he was "very worried" that any clampdown on student visas could harm the UK's lucrative English-language teaching sector. 
The Daily Mail 21 Oct. 2009  Immigration will account for two thirds of population growth in the UK over the next quarter of a century, according to official figures released today.
Around 180,000 immigrants will arrive in this country every year, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) said. Every year 425,000 more people will be living in the UK, the equivalent of a city the size of Bristol. The surge in immigration will mean that in less than 25 years the UK's population will increase by 10 million to more than 71 million in 2033 - the fastest rise since the post-war baby boom.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage said: 'The ONS's figures are a damning indictment of decades of failed immigration policies. 'The suggested rises will have a devastating impact both on our infrastructure, and also our culture. 'Britain urgently needs proper borders and immigration checks, both from within and without the EU. 'Until we control our own borders, we will be able to do nothing to halt these rises.”

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas pointed to this slight slowdown as evidence the Government's points-based system was starting to bite. 'Today's projections show that population growth is starting to slow down, the impacts of the radical reforms we have made to the immigration system over the last two years are working,' he said. 'Last year saw a 44 per cent fall in net [9] [9] [9] [9] Kissinger-order-chaosmigration and we expect that fall to be sustained and reflected in future projections.

[10] Bloomberg 12 Nov. 2009   BNP leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on a British Broadcasting Corp. television panel last month sparked violent demonstrations and political leaders condemned the BBC’s decision to invite him.  A YouGov Plc poll taken after the show aired showed 22 percent of Britons would “seriously consider” voting for the party in a future local, national or European election. The BNP, which opposes immigration and wants to withdraw from the EU and cut foreign aid, bars all except “Indigenous Caucasian” people as members.

[9] Comment
Gordon Brown understands people´s fears . He has understood the message – and gives it a damn, as he will only make small cosmetic changes and continue the disastrous well-known pattern of immigration. For he does not see his role as the servant of his people – but of the New World Order of which he so often speaks. He sees himself as the saviour of the world – video.  Perhaps that is the reason why his regime stands for unlimited tolerance to immigrants:  [11] The UK is furious, because an immigrant child-batterer and - murderer returned to Thailand after just 2 1/2 years in prison. Besides, she was given 4.500 pounds to leave the country voluntarily!!  This is Gordon Brown´s New World Order.

[12] Gordon Brown´s speech is that of an accomplice to the subversive Labour policy – trying to win votes before the elections next year, whereupon he will go on “changing his society radically” through multiculturalism – if reelected. Mr. Brown will reduce immigration from the top instead from the bottom: He wants less immigration of doctors, ebgineers,  nurses etc. apparently thereby creating a shortage of such skilled personnel, which is hardly the reason for “Immigration has cost some parts of Britain”, the headline of the above article – in the sense of “[13] no go zones for non-muslims” in the UK.

However, Mr Brown does not mention the big [14] illegal and legal immigration, family reunifications, EU´s common sharing of illegal and legal refugees – by far most of which are unskilled – and no labour [9] at all. Due to the existing immigrants of that type, Britain can foresee an increase in its population. As seen from the above, the immigration is going to have a devastating influence on the Britisk society – a radical change through multiculturalism as wanted by Tony Blair.
But what Brown does not mention is that the EU before 2050 will bring 56 million Muslim Africans + their families to Europe remedy our decreasing birth rate due to  free abortion which was introduced by the governments as well.

But the UK is [15] not the only country in that situation. Every European country is. What is amazing is that politicians totally ignore the worries of their populations which have to live with consequences of immigration: Decreasing social wellfare, increasing violence, shooting, knife stabbing, rapes.  In Denmark, [16] Hisb´ut Tahrir even threatens Muslim politicians, saying you cannot be a democrat and a Muslim at the same time. For Allah has given all laws – and further legislation consequently comes from the Devil. So, this is the “radical change” to multiculturalism. This is what the government of Tony Blair´s and Danish Social-democrats declared as their aim: An Islamic society. Or perhaps rather the [17] illuminist chaos out of which the order of the New World Order is to be created on the ruins of the old order. Gordom Brown is a missionary in the service of the [18] New World Order. See videos on right margin of this blog.


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