Prison Planet 11 Nov. Serbia has declared a state of emergency due to the swine flu.  Assistant Minister of Health Ruzica Nikolic said that some 40 million people worldwide have been vaccinated so far without side effects!?
On 12 Nov. the Danish Statens Serum Institut used the same argument against my worries as for squalene side effects. What really worries me is 1. That the vaccine producers nevertheless would not take responsibility for their vaccines - and the German elite and here wants Cevalpan without squalene and thimerosal at the same time as squalene is forbidden in the US. 2. That these involved firms are to make the follow-up controls after 21 and 45 days - well before autoimmune diseases develop. Thereafter autoimmune disease will just be seen as destiny. 3.The statement by the EMEA  that grave side effects can only be stated during and after the vaccination campaign. 4. After a report of 190 reported (+ X unreported) complications and 5 deaths (on 11 Oct. inofficially at least 12 deaths), all information on side effects in the Swedish vaccination campaign was suddenly hermeticalley broken off from  25 Okt. Just now
the Läkemedelsverket reports 600 reported vaccination-related side effects after 2.1 Mio. doses as well as 8 deaths. 5. The European Endocrinological Congress 2008 wrote: "Western countries are being confronted with a disturbing increase in the incidence of most immune disorders, including autoimmune and allergic diseases." This could be due to irresponsible use of the autoimmune trigger squalene. 6. In 2006 the WHO wrote that 22 mio doses of squalene vaccine (Fluad) had been administered to old (less reactive) people - and that the effect on younger age groups was unknown. No follow-up investigations mentioned.

Summary: In the middle of history's biggest vaccination experiment in which side effects are being suppressed by the media, information pops up that the Canadian government has stopped swine influenza vaccination of all under the age of 65 years because of an article, which is still in peer review, but which allegedly shows that 2008-seasonal influenza vaccinated persons are twice as likely as non-vaccinated ones to contract swine flu! The very swine flu seems to have been combined in a laboratory and then escaped. It gives food for thought that a former consultant to the WHO tells the Council on Foreign Relations : "Swine flu has not disappointed us at all!" Whereupon he proudly highlights its rapid spread and says it is not good that the vaccine does not have an adjuvant (squalene banned in America because of suspected Gulf War Syndrome association - is being used in Europe in huge doses). The WHO now claims that certain countries have up to 70% swine flu virus in the flu-like illnesses - while Statens Serum Institut, Denmark, beats them all by claiming nearly 100% - ie. no seasonal flu! Viral Diagnosis  is made bya few  random samples - but otherwise the diagnosis is based on symptoms after the WHO as of 16th July urged governments to give up lab verification. Consequently all flu-like diseases and colds are declared to be swine flu - although the CBS as of 24  October showed that only 2-17% of influenza-like illness were swine flu! Besides for scaremongering, this is now being used for political purposes: Obama has declared the U.S. in a state of emergency, which gives him dictatorial powers. In the Ukraine, the population has little resistance - and 1.1 millions are now infected  - with exceptionally low death toll. This is being used by the presidential campaign-combatants who have beaten a hysterical frenzy mood up. This may make it possible to postpone the presidential election for 4 months - to the benefit of the incumbent losing president. It is argued that so many get the flu there because vaccinations were stopped in Sept. after a series of child deaths. 

Swine flu vaccination is experimental which is even admitted directly by the EMEA . Also indirectly by the vaccine producers who have made a disclaimer for the vaccines as for damages. Now a big Canadian study shows that flu vaccinated persons are twice as prone to have the swine flu than non-vaccinated persons. Now someting points to a connection between vaccination without squalene and miscarriage. Here is a hilarious video on swine flu vaccine – without squalene in the US – so far.

But what about swine flu itself. Where does it come from? Consisting of humam, avian and 3– swine genetic components from South East Asia, Europe and North America, it probably comes from a laboratory – although of course, this was at first refused by the CDC.  But The Independent on 30 June, 2009, has an interview with an author of an article in the renowned New England Journal of Medicine, concluding the virus must have escaped form a laboratory by accident.  Well, this is the question: Accident or intention? Let´s hear what the self-declared World Government, the CRF, has to say.

Council on Foreign Relations 15 Sept. 2009: David Fedson, an expert in influenza vaccines and a former consultant to the World Health Organization: H1N1, or so-called swine flu virus, has not Obama-i-council-on-foreign-relationsdisappointed us at all. It's now in virtually every country of the world and managed to make that move in just a matter of a couple of months. After six weeks or so, it became quite evident that overall, the effects of infection in populations were rather mild, and in general no more severe than a seasonal [flu]. What we've seen is a mild illness overall that's infecting a very large number ( not with swine flu – see below) of people and communities in a rather short period of time. What is not good news is that the vaccine that has been tested and that people have been enthusiastic about is a preparation that does not have an adjuvant (squalene – true of the US only). One dose is sufficient.

Comment: This is a remarkable enthusiasm: The swine flu has not been disappointing!!!! This is a de facto admission, that the WHO is behind it. Besides, Fedson seems to like squalene -  the probably deadly and disabling adjuvant of  flu vaccine behind the Gulf War syndrome – in order to produce more vaccine, as he says. He even tells us that people are enthusiastic about it! Something is not in order here – or if it is it is in the New World Order lies department. But why produce any vaccine at all against this mild cold.

In July, the WHO called for governments to stop verifying swine flu cases – and as of 1 Sept., the EU stopped publishing EU them. Since then the WHO conveniently denotes any flu-like illness as swine flu. This has this bizarre consequence: Here's the Method of the Danish Serum Institute for diagnosis of swine influenza. The disease incidence is measured by approximately 120 GPs, who each week send data throughout the influenza season, ie. from week 40 in the autumn to week 20 in the spring. Doctors report the number of patients with influenza-like illness….. The diagnosis is made alone by the symptoms of the patient without lab tests.…. and also reported to the WHO.This means only 2-17% have swine influenza since the SSI indicates the graph as an expression of influenza activity in Denmark. THIS IS HOW THE SWINE FLU SCAM IS FOUNDED. 

Svineinfluenza-smittede-dk-uge-449 Nov. 2009: Graph from Danish Statens Seumintitut, the last column is for  week 45 - its peak indicates 180 Influenza A(H1N1)v, ie. published "swine flu" cases. The total of  infected Danes in 2009 is 1158  out of a total population of 5.511.800.

In its latest graph, Statens Serum Institute has retroactively increased  the number of infected Danes in week no. 44 from 100 to 150!!! Hopefully, this is only due to technical manouvres!
Above graph from 4 Nov (week 44 right). Below: graph from 11. Nov. (week 45 right). While in the upper graph the columns for the weeks 43 SSI-uge-45and 44 are equally tall - below the column of week 44 is now 33% taller than that of week 43. A couple of days ago, I read the figure 100 for week 44  - now 150!!

This is, of course, part of a scaremonger strategy. For swine flu is a political hype, not a medically alarming disease. On 25 Oct., Reuters reported that Pres. Obama declared the US in a state of emergency because of swine flu – a situation with sinister implications: Prison Planet 24 Oct. 2009: The H1N1 “crisis” is a manufactured crisis. In 2007, the declaration was strengthened with the issuance of National Security Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD-51) which gave the president the authority to do whatever he deems necessary in a vaguely defined “catastrophic emergency” including everything from canceling elections to suspending the Constitution. Such an emergency is construed as “any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions.” In other words, it is a martial law directive. The John Warner National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2007 states that the military may be used during a “national emergency.” Sec 1076 is extremely explicit, notes Michel Chossudovsky, and “virtually creates a Pinochet style environment for the mass arrest of political dissidents without trial, the storming of public rallies, etc.”

Another example of political swine flu is the Ukraine. 

What is the latest on the Ukrainian Swine Flu?
Hysterical reports have been emerging from the Ukraine about amutation of the swine flu virus.
Recombinomics 9 Nov. 2009: In the days post shipment, cases in Ukraine have quadrupled to over 1 million and the reported fatalities have grown from 30 to 174. The clinical presentation of 90 of the fatalities was classical H1N1 linked hemorrhagic pneumonia, which led to the "total destruction" of both lungs. Although politicians and media reports continue to downplay the significance by citing a small number of  lab confirmed cases or more traditional pneumonia deaths, the number of fatal hemorrhagic cases was unusually large. Most deaths were 19-40 years of age. 
Recombinomics 11.11.09: Some 1.1 million people were infected with the flu on Wednesday, according to the ministry's estimates, down from a Tuesday high of 1.3 million.

Yulia_TymoshenkoFirst a short video: The Prime Minister of Ukraine says: “And I know that when each of you goes home, you will take part of this good, wonderful infektion of the struggle for freedom into every village and every town. Will you be able to do that?”

WHO 3 Nov. 2009  Regions in western Ukraine continue to show the highest rates of acute respiratory illness/influenza-like illness. The level of activity in the Kyiv area is also increasing rapidly.  Laboratory testing in Ukraine has confirmed pandemic H1N1 influenza virus in samples taken from patients in two of the most affected regions. As the pandemic virus has rapidly become the dominant influenza strain worldwide (see CBS above), it can be assumed that most cases of influenza in Ukraine are caused by the H1N1 virus. WHO continues to recommend no closing of borders and no restrictions on international travel, including to Ukraine. Experience shows that such measures will not stop further spread of the virus. Comment: No restrictions in the beginning of the pandemic either, when it could have when limited to Mexico. But then subsequently restrictive legislation is being introduced – as in

What is actually going on in the Ukraine? See this updating video. There have been wild rumors of lung plague, because in a few cases people have died with hemorrhagic pneumonia. But this is not the plague as it was known in medieval times, when people died like flies. In the Ukraine as of 8 Nov. 969.247 people were affected by a flu-like disease, a doubling since Nov. 4. But only 155 had died, corresponding to 0.016 percent. This death rate is even amazingly small. A “normal” flu epidemic takes about 500.000 on a global basis. As for swine flu,  Dr Marc Lipsitch fra Harvard University stated the death rate of swine flu o be 0.045 to 0.007 percent, a normal seasonal flu having a death rate of less than 0.1% – i.e considerably higher.
The Ukraine seems to experience a spread of a pretty mild disease in a population with low resistance, maybe due to malnutrition and poverty. Does Chernobyl play a role?  So far few lab tests have verified swine flu.

Be this as it may. The flu in the Ukraine seem to be very welcome to the government (Reuters 6 Nov. KIEV)  - Ukraine could delay a January presidential election until May next year if the government fails to control an outbreak of H1N1 flu. The election is due to take place on January 17, 2010. With public support at 5 percent or lower, Yushchenko is unlikely to win re-election.

Yulia-tymoschenkp-maskedOn Monday, the Ukrainian government closed schools, shut down parliament for a week and banned public gatherings including election rallies, and restricted travel after confirming its first H1N1 death.WHO: Since the spring, at least 6,071 people worldwide have died as a result of H1N1, the UN health agency said.

m&c 6 Nov. 2009: World Health Organization (WHO) officials praised the response by the government to the flu outbreak, according to the Interfax news agency.  Ukraine's Ministry of Health put a moratorium on flu vaccinations in September after a series of deaths, mostly of children, who had received flu vaccine at government health clinics.

Time 6 Nov. Ukraine is in the midst of what some might call swine-flu hysteria. The country is in virtual lockdown mode, with the government closing schools, universities and movie theaters and banning all public gatherings until the end of November. Pharmacies have run out of protective masks; those who missed the rush are improvising with scarves or homemade facsimiles. And rumors are running rampant, much as they did during Soviet times when the authorities tried to cover up disasters like the Chernobyl nuclear-plant meltdown. "We are worried that the swine flu has mutated and is killing scores of people," says Nina Sokolovska as she stands in line at a pharmacy.
To be sure, flu is spreading in Ukraine. The World Health Organization says it's safe to assume the H1N1 virus is widespread.
Given the persistent rumors and the country's volatile political situation, however, some Ukrainians have suggested that the gravity of the situation is being exaggerated by Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko for political gain ahead of the January presidential elections. "What has happened is hysteria and panic, which is being provoked," says Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a presidential candidate currently running third in the polls. He accused Tymoshenko of whipping up a frenzy to distract people from the government's failings.

Ukraine_1105Yet Tymoshenko has not forcefully advocated for people to get vaccinated against the virus. "I am not vaccinated," she said in a television.  Yushchenko, meanwhile, has urged people to get vaccinated immediately.  "A vodka a day keeps swine flu away," one elderly woman told masked passersby on the street 

Metronews 6 Nov. 2009  WARSAW, Poland - Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Friday that his government won't buy vaccines for swine flu that have not been properly tested or from producers who won't take responsibility for possible side effects. Tusk told reporters that vaccine producers were pressuring governments to buy, but were also demanding that all responsibility and compensation for possible negative side effects fall upon government shoulders.  He stressed that the few dozen swine cases in Poland have been mild and no deaths have been reported.

Ukraine swine flu Associated Press 6 Nov. 2009   LONDON — The World Health Organization's flu chief said the swine flu virus has now become the predominant flu strain worldwide. Strange – for 14 days previously it only made up 2-17% in the USA !! In some countries, swine flu accounts for up to 70 percent of the flu viruses being sampled, said Dr. Keiji Fukuda, WHO's top flu official. While most people recover from the illness without needing medical treatment, officials are also continuing to see severe cases in people under 65 — people who are not usually at risk during regular flu seasons.

"We remain quite concerned about the patterns that we're seeing," Fukuda said during a press briefing Thursday. He said the swine flu virus appeared to be fairly stable, and that samples from around the world remained very similar to when the virus was first identified in April. Regarding the recent surge of cases in the Ukraine — which has reported more than 250,000 cases and 70 deaths of people with flu-like illness in recent weeks — Fukuda said the virus appeared no different there than anywhere else. "Patterns can be quite different from country to country."
Fukuda said the agency was also monitoring the impact of the virus on particularly susceptible populations. On Wednesday, Venezuelan officials reported that swine flu had hit the Yanomami Indians, killing seven people in a population of 28,000. "It is better to provide one dose to as many children as possible rather than two doses to fewer children," Fukuda said. Fukuda said WHO had been surprised that the vaccine appeared to work after just one dose.

Comment: How will he know at this early stage of the vaccination campaign?
Now, the swine flu in itself is a rather harmless thing in most cases with very few deaths – in the low-resistant Ukraine, too. But there is political dynamite in it, it is the wishful dream of any one with aspirations to become a dictator, because it can be used for declaring a state of national emergency.
Furthermore, as shown by the Times on 24. May 2009, top illuminists held a closed meeting in order to discuss curbing overpopulation. They have been declaring this intention time and again.
Therefore, many have become sceptical and see the ongoing “ swine flu pandemic” as an attempt on mankind, to reduce its number. However, they will not succeed doing this by means of swine flu alone.

But swine flu vaccination has opportunities in that regard. 1. Baxter had – wilfully according to The CNN – added live, deadly bird flu virus to seasonal flu vaccine last winter and sent it to 4 countries/16 labs. It was discovered by accident in Chechia. 2. We know from the vaccination of Asian Poultry that during mass vaccinations the originally benign virus may mutate into an intractable, much more deadly strain. 3. The following is based on speculation: In 1975 the WHO edited an article describing how viruses work by setting proteins– cytokines – free, which combine with antibodies to kill normal cells and organs! Now, this does not prove that this is what the ongoing 2 vaccinations are going to effect: First a squalene induced overstimulation of the immune system (which is plainly declared by GlaxoSmithKline) – and then again by the next jab, possibly triggering the so-called “cytokine storm”. This is an organ destructive reaction seen in e.g. the 1918 Spanish flu, leading to acute respiratory distress,i.a., and death. The CDC does not think “cytokine storm” is involved in swine flu. But will 2 flu-squalene vaccinations be able to trigger it? Nobody knows – least of all the politicians and the vaccine producers.