Do you remember 9/11? I do not mean the implosion of the twin Towers and the surrounding Buildings of the Rockefeller World Trade Center, which should rather have been spread all around.. No, I think of the picture of President Bush Jr. sitting in a school class in Florida (video): "Then, at 9:04 a.m., while Bush met with second-graders, staff chief Andrew H. Card Jr. whispered in his ear that a second plane had struck. Bush's sunny countenance went grim.
After Card's whisper, Bush looked distracted and somber but continued to listen to the second-graders read and soon was smiling again. He joked that they read so well, they must be sixth-graders."

Right:Andrew Card speaks to President Bush and tells him of the second World Trade Center crash. [Source: Agence France-Presse]

Be this as it may: This president has certainly profited from 9/11.
It has allowed him to take the world in the direction he wanted: War on terrorism – on us, in fact – his reelection after having won his first election through fraud by means of his brother in Florida!

President Bush is a New World Order puppet (announced 5 times 1990-91 by Pres. Bush Sr.)
His masters are the inner core of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) - including Pres. Bush sr. - who have chosen among its members any candidate for presidency since WWII - except for Goldwater and Reagan and Bush Jr. Their man becomes president no matter who wins the elections. The CFR aims a world governance and is using organisations like The Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Club and the Club of Rome to foster this. Besides, the elite behind these organisations control the most important  – and so all -  media. (long video)

   WTC Twin Tower 9/11, 2001

To obtain world governance you need either loyal or paralyzed citizens - and media (short video in German).
 And you have to control them, so that disloyal elements can be detected and  eliminated.
 9/11 was the best of excuses for just that – under the pseudonym of “war against terror”: In all states ever more Muslim terror is being allowed and ever more of our rights of free expression and and of demonstration is being eliminated – even anticonstitutionally – as in the case of Siad Denmark, who was denied the right (paragraph 79 of the Danish Constitution) of peaceful demonstrations in Muslim occupied zones of Denmark.

Here is a video showing what happens in an implosion.

The WTC was broken at ground level!

And here is another 9/11 implosion.
A third World Trade Center high-rise building also fell that day. WTC Building 7, a 47-story steel-framed skyscraper located one block from the Twin Towers was not hit by any plane, but collapsed at 5:20 that evening, imploding in the exact manner of a professionally engineered demolition. These are but a few of eleven characteristics of Building 7's collapse that are consistent only with controlled demolitions. It normally takes a team of skilled people many weeks to design and implement large demolitions. Astonishingly, there is no mention of WTC Building 7's remarkable collapse in the 571-page 9/11 Commission Report.

The Rockefeller-  newspaper, The New York Times, has this  :
Published: June 28, 2008

WASHINGTON — The United States and the European Union are nearing completion of an agreement allowing law enforcement and security agencies to obtain private informationlike credit card transactions, travel histories and Internet browsing habits — about people on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

On 9/11, 2001 the free fall of democracy began. Here a jump from the WTC - into death.

Negotiators, who have been meeting since February 2007, have largely agreed on draft language for 12 major issues central to a “binding international agreement,” the report said. The pact would make clear that it is lawful for European governments and companies to transfer personal information to the United States, and vice versa.
 The report
, which lays out the progress of the talks and lists the completed draft language, was jointly written by the negotiators from the United States Homeland Security, Justice and State Departments, and by their European Union counterparts. The talks grew out of two conflicts over information-sharing after the September 2001 terrorist attacks.

Several European countries objected, citing violations of their privacy laws. Each dispute frayed diplomatic relations and required difficult negotiations to resolve.

Paul M. Schwartz, a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley, said such a blanket agreement could transform international privacy law by eliminating a problem that has led to negotiations of “staggering” complexity between Europe and the United States.

Mr. Schwartz said: “Most of the negotiations will already be completed. They will just be able to say, ‘Look, we provide adequate protection, so you’re required to turn it over.’

But the prospect that the agreement might lower barriers to sending personal information to the United States government has alarmed some privacy rights advocates in Europe.

The EU signing the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the European Parliament on Dec. 12, 2007.
At the time the illuminist (explanatory statement) EU signed it it knew that it was all a lie, since they were already breakung its article 8!!

Article 8 of the Charter says:
"1. Everyone has the right to the protection of personal data
concerning him or her.

2. Such data must be processed fairly for specified purposes and on the basis of the consent of the person concerned or some other legitimate basis laid down by law. Everyone has the right of access to data which has been collected concerning him or her, and the right to have it rectified.

3. Compliance with these rules shall be subject to control by an independent authority."

For example, the two sides have agreed that information that reveals race, religion, political opinion, health or “sexual life” may not be used by a government “unless domestic law provides appropriate safeguards.” But the accord does not spell out what would be considered an appropriate safeguard.

“I am very worried that once this will be adopted, it will serve as a pretext to freely share our personal data with anyone,” said Sophia in ’t Veld, a member of the
European Parliament from the Netherlands.

The United States has no  independent agency to secure that personal data are lawfully treated! . But in a concession, the Europeans have agreed that the American government’s internal oversight system may be good enough to provide accountability for how Europeans’ data is used.

The two sides are still at odds on several other matters, including whether European citizens should be able to sue the United States government over its handling of their personal data, the report said.
David Sobel, a senior counsel with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to data-privacy rights, said the administration’s depiction of the process of correcting mishandled data through agency procedures sounds “very rosy,” but the reality is that it is often impossible, even for American citizens, to win such a fight.

“This will require compromise,” said Peter Fleischer," as more data move onto the Internet and circles across the global architecture.”

Do you feel flabbergasted? Are you beginning to lose your faith in our highly praised democracies and “fundamental rights”? Are you beginning to see that the EU
is not “conspiration theory” – but conspiration practice?
You are not?

Well. This is just the beginning of the story about Big Brother (George Orwell - "1984") in our societies. In chapter III of this story I shall inform you about his methods used to watch you -as described by Big Brother himself.