Germany calling for paedophilia.
Der Spiegel 31. Juli 2009:The German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs has removed the brochure "Body, Love, Doctor games" from its repertoire. The  public prosecutor of Cologne had previously received a complaint. Meanwhile, two volumes of the catalogue are sold out. Throughout Germany a total of 650,000 booklets were distributed, they went to nursery schools, family education centers, pediatricians - and there are probably still lying about today. In addition, the guide  was downloaded countless times from the BZgA Web site.
Comment: This is another example of how far Adam Weishaupt´s 6-point plan (here point 5) of the Satanist New World Order (see videos on right margin of this blog) has spread. The following is derived from the points 1 and 4. This  Luciferianism wants to turn good into evil, the opposite of the commandments of Christ - to change man into an animal.

The following is the first light being shed on an incomprehensible phenomenon: Why our politicians go on pumping more and more Muslims into our countries, although they have had 40 years to observe the disastrous social incoherence and violence, the drain of our treasuries and lack of needed skilled labour from their ranks. “Our” politicians” even plan to extend the Union for the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf to give even more Muslims the 4 freedoms of the EU – including free mobility in the Euromediterranean zone (VI. Euromediterranean Foreign Ministers´Conference, Naples 2003).
Now the whole thing turns out to have been carefully planned by “our” politicians who have blatantly abused our trust in an ongoing high treason – the biggest in history. Their purpose is to dismantle the old world order and to set up the 4. Reich of Rothschild´s and the Nazis.

Vendsyssel Tidende 19-1-1975: Former editor, former assistant press and cultural attaché in Paris and the Danish representative in UNESCO, J. Stenberg-Rasmussen:

Some time ago I was sitting at Parliament conversing with a parliamentarian (Johan Nielsen, Soc.dem., Faroe Islands). We talked about the general state of the country and it has indeed not been enjoyable entertainment for a long time, but it turned especially disturbing as in the course of the conversation he said:

"There is a line from efforts to reduce the Danish birth rate as much as possible using pills, abortions, etc., and from the attempt to destroy the Danish youth with drugs and further to call for tens of thousands of Asians and other completely strange people to an insidious halfway secretive work here in Parliament to make it easier to obtain Danish citizenship. The purpose is to provide a basis for a complete overthrow of the Danish society and to pull its roots in the historical past out."

Vi-kryber-for-islamWhat the parliamentarian said, is close to and confirmed in no small degree by what has long been foreshadowed in Copenhagen. It is no more a clearly Danish, Scandinavian or even European city, but presents an almost half-Asian image of people, and it is known that the foreigners, despite unemployment are not returned, but on the contrary become more, while unemployed Danes by the hundreds have to search for work abroad.

How many strangers there are here, no one actually knows. The authorities have long acknowledged that they are no longer in control of them, and it is immediately striking that the in itself huge number around 60,000, which is the last official statement, is indeed very far below the reality. (today 700.000 - 800.000, majority in Denmark between 2035 and 2047 at present immigration rate)

To this comes that Parliament is making it a habit to grant to foreigners by the thousands naturalization every six months without public debate – after only five-six years of stay in the country, and efforts are being made to give those who have not yet acquired Danish citizenship, municipal voting rights on the basis of their mere presence.

All this really indicates that we are, almost without anyone just tens of kilometers from Copenhagen having  any idea about it, facing the biggest popular and national threat we have known in our history, a challenge so threatening that the Schleswig-problem in comparison has never been anything more than a little discord in the family. Twice we have declined to having Schleswig back on the ground that we did not want (German) minority problems in the country. During the Second World War this position came to cost several Danish-minded lives, but today Denmark's political leadership is openly willing to let in a gigantic  minority of historically, culturally, religiously and racially completely strange people, of whom, incidentally, only a small proportion has anything to do with "labour" , and let it settle in the country. Does that take place, a national disaster will befall us which will in all experience be irreparable.

Therefore, the Danish people expect from its politicians to be made carefully aware of what is going on here, and it must be irresistibly clear that each of us has the right and duty to exert direct influence on the decision on whether Denmark also in the future should be a popular unity, or whether we and our descendants must then contend for the right of our native country with a minority of several hundred thousand people who are so remote to us that they will never able slip unnoticable into the Danish society.

The Daily Mail 24 Oct. 2009: Huge increases in immigration over the past decade were a deliberate attempt to engineer a more multicultural Britain, a former Government adviser said yesterday.
Tony-blair-pengemaskineAndrew Neather, a speechwriter who worked in Downing Street for Tony Blair and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett, said Labour's relaxation of controls was a plan to 'open up the UK to mass migration'.

As well as bringing in hundreds of thousands to plug labour market gaps, there was also a 'driving political purpose' behind immigration policy, he claimed. Ministers hoped to change the country radically and 'rub the Right's nose in diversity'. But Mr Neather said senior Labour figures were reluctant to discuss the policy, fearing it would alienate its 'core working-class vote'.

The traitor and warmonger Tony Blair, Rothschild´s man, the British prime minister who has waged most aggressive wars was the favourite for the post as the first permanent EU Council president as a reward - but suddenly no one wants him!.
Tony Blair is Lord and Lady Rothschilds obedient favourite – as Obama is Rockefeller´s tool. Here is something about Mr. Blair´s antichristian activities and here.

And Tony Blair is probably satisfied, as such a Job would mean an abrupt end to his activities as an immense money machine, especially with his Arab friends, incl. Gaddhafi,  mixing private and public finances to his own advantage. Now he writes his own speeches, scoring 100.000 pound a piece! And his wife is buying luxury real estate with the money!
On Question Time, Mr Straw was repeatedly quizzed about whether Labour's immigration policies had left the door open for the BNP. Writing in the Evening Standard, Mr Neather revealed the 'major shift' in immigration policy came after the publication of a policy paper from the Performance and Innovation Unit, a Downing Street think tank based in the Cabinet Office.

The published version promoted the labour-market case for immigration but Mr Neather said unpublished versions contained additional reasons. 'Earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural. The 'deliberate policy', from late 2000 until 'at least February last year', when the new points-based system was introduced, was to open up the UK to mass migration, he said. Mr Neather defended the policy, saying mass immigration has 'enriched' Britain and made London a more attractive and cosmopolitan place.

Muslim-ballade-Germany 1Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migrationwatch think tank, said: 'Now at least the truth is out, and it's dynamite. Many have long suspected that mass immigration under Labour was not just a cock-up but a conspiracy. They were right.'This Government has admitted three million immigrants for cynical political reasons concealed by dodgy economic camouflage.'
The chairmen of the cross-party Group for Balanced Migration, MPs Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, said: 'We welcome this statement which the whole country knows to be true. It is the first beam of truth that has officially been shone on the immigration issue in Britain.'

Finally we see what some of us have been postulating on logical reasons for many years to be true: The phrase: “Pth! Conspiracy theory!” is the New World Order´s camouflage for the high treason, which is its intention: To destroy the old world order, i.e. national states and Christianity. This is a matter of conspiracy practice. It is becoming clear now that these criminals are certain that their plans have progressed to a point where nobody can stop them. That will be the only reason, Andrew Neather discloses his and his accomplices´unscrupulous wrongdoings – to make us lose courage.

When I see what Stenberg-Rasmussen wrote in 1975, I get warm-hearted. When I think of the attitude of our diplomats and politicians then and today I become cold-hearted. 34 years have changed nothing about people´s attitude, indeed Stenberg-Rasmussen was already behind his time. His  pessimistic premonitions are even worse now. The worst thing is that nobody reacts, very few fight the way Stenberg-Rasmussen expected. For there was something Stenberg-Rasmussen was not aware of: At the same time, Hell set mental hygiene free, and it deprived people of their souls through the media. This camouflaged  "our" politicians´ collective historically greatest treason ever.

Satanist_clintonObama-fingers_thumb[2]These villains have now for  nearly 40 years - since the Copenhagen meeting in 1973 where EC prime ministers submitted to the Arabs  and even fawned on them – and in the years tereafter, been doing all they could to mock European and glorify Arab culture and religion, in particular via the European Universities and the European Arab Dialogue (Bat Ye´or, Eurabia 2005), developing into the Euromediterranean Barcelona Process, as seen here.

One just cannot help asking why the Europeans have been so blind? I shall later enter upon the diabolical nature of the red revolution – and its satanic cunning as it grew green instead.
But there is one single factor which brought about the islamic flood – for multicultural in practice is Islam. This factor is mental hygiene, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Mental hygiene fused with the 68– Revolution from the Frankfurt school. If we take one more step back, we come to the inescapable, deplorable fact: The New world order was founded by 2 elitist Talmudic Jews, i.e. successors of the Pharisees: Mayer Amschel Rothschild who asked Adam Weishaupt to make an organisation for Rothschild to govern the world with. Weishaupts organisation called its members the enlightened ones (illuminati, today illuminists). As for Rothschild and the Talmud, see here.  This is the illuminati programme: 1) Abolition of Monarchy and all ordered government. 2) Abolition of private property. 3) Abolition of inheritance. 4) Abolition of patriotism. 5) Abolition of family, through the abolition of marriage, all morality, and the institution of communal education for children. 6) Abolition of all religion. 

Bush-ahmedinejadSo far they have succeeded about items 1), 4), 5), and in the West 6). They are still trying through their CO2– and other taxes to abolish 2) and 4). This is the socialist programme which was also Tony Blair´s programme. To promote this programme he and before him the Danish social Democrats – and now every politician in the world are using Muslim immigration to crush the national states and Christian religion. Being Luciferians, and here, it is most important for them to abolish the teachings of Christ. For they do seem to have adopted the plan of the Bible as their own working scheme in the service of Lucifer instead of Christ – whereas the Koran does not seem to have their interest.
Such sinister forces are behind the EU´s  Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia forbidding us to speak unfavourably about their uncanny plans to substitute the Europeans for immigrant Muslims.