Irish No Was A Political “Earth Quake” to the EU

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The only thing the EU leaders can agree upon after the Irish No vote is: By no means ask the European peoples. They are [1] too dangerous for the undemocratic elitist European [2] Empire. Democracy is good in speech - bad in practice!

European fishermen protesting

[3] [3] New Europe” June 23, 2008: The European Council acknowledged that there is now no chance new rules coming into force on January 1, as hoped. “

[4] EU June 24,2008 José Barroso: "On the Lisbon Treaty, there was broad consensusNobody challenged the benefits of the Lisbon Treaty. The European Council was able to adjust swiftly to the new realities, and reach a consensus about the way forward.

It was recognised that the decision in the referendum had to be respected and properly understood, and that some time was needed to agree on the way forward."

“We have found a way forward: Doing nothing, changing nothing. Go on with the ratifications!!!”

However there are hooks here:[5] EurActiv June 25, 2008 Polish President Lech KaczyƄski will complete the ratification procedure of the Lisbon Treaty only once there is no doubt that text will indeed enter into force, Polish Permanent Representative to the EU Jan Tombinski told EurActiv in an interview.” Poland will not make use of its influence with the [6] Czechs by pressing them to ratify the treaty.

[7] Bruno Waterfield thinks the Irish are to be presented with a re-referendum in March 2009.

[8] 25 June 2008 (EurActiv
For the first time since the failed referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland, France has hinted at the possibility of reopening the text to address specific concerns that the Irish may have.

[9] EUObserver June 25, 2008:
MEPs in the European Parliament's foreign affairs committee on Tuesday (24 June) approved an enlargement report stressing that the EU's own capacity to absorb new states should be taken into account when considering membership applications in the future.
But the report, which is still to be voted upon in plenary, underlines that the bloc will respect the commitments it has already taken - notably to the western Balkan countries.

[10] EUObserver  27.06.2008: Austria's chancellor, Alfred Gusenbauer, has said that if any changes are made to the Lisbon Treaty following its rejection by Irish voters earlier this month, then it should be put to a referendum in his country….

Hannes Swoboda, vice-president of the Socialists in the EU assembly, told Der Standard newspaper: "It is not possible any other way - it cannot go on like this."
He suggested that revising the treaty and putting it for parliamentary ratification again would "not get through" as the mood among the population is too negative. (In Austria there have been demonstrations against the treaty with over 10.000 demonstrators).
According to Mr Swoboda, similar discussions are being had in Greece and the Netherlands
and the Social Democrats' move would put other member states under pressure to make a such a promise.

This points to the possibility that the European Social Demokraten have had cold feet - and now rightly and too late? fear that they could lose their domestic base. So why not cancel the ratification? Broken promises are a daily part of the political craft, anyway!!!

As for the confusion, anger of some  and contempt of other MEPs, see this [11] video on balder blog.

As for journalists´ (and our) astonishment at our  MEPs  se this tragic-comical [12] video at EU Referendum: Caught redhandend - or The swine at the trough. Here is no respect to us electorates nor any moral principles.

[13] “New Europe” June 23, 2008: Joschka Fischer, former German Foreign Minister and co-founder of the Illuminist [14] European Council on Foreign relations:” Ireland’s “No” vote is the second and probably decisive blow against a united and strong Europe. No matter what desperate rescue efforts will be undertaken, they cannot hide the fact that the European Union has left the world stage as a serious foreign policy player for at least 10 years (if not for much longer).

What will be the consequences of the Irish referendum?
1) A strong European foreign policy, badly needed given the current state of the world, was buried on June 12, for the time being. The nation states will have control over foreign policy once again.

2) The EU will stagnate. The process of enlargement will either be delayed or stopped completely, because the EU can no longer admit new members on the basis of the “Nice constitution.” The price will first be paid in the Balkans, and then by Turkey.

3) The EU’s smaller and mid-sized members, above all, will pay the price for the Irish decision when foreign policy becomes re-nationalised. They will lose influence.

[15] 4) As an alternative to a large and strong EU, the German- French relationship will return to the fore. This will lead to the EU’s internal disintegration and the formation of two camps: the EU of integration and the EU of the Common Market, the old European Economic Community and the old European Free Trade Agreement will de facto emerge anew within the framework of the EU.

5) Within the wider EU, solidarity threatens to decline. Solidarity is not a one-way street. Ireland, one of the countries that benefited the most in material terms from the idea of European unification, has rejected this idea. Thus, negotiations on European financial transfers, the core of European solidarity, will be much tougher in the future than they were in the past.

Now, according to the [16] die Welt Online the latest EU Eurobarometer poll this is now being accompanied by rapidly falling EU polularity among the Europeans, just 52% finding the EU is a good thing. The most EU-content Europeans are - lo and behold! - the Irish!!!

So, you see the bitterness is great. Now, in stead of looking first and foremost into their own defaults and democratic deficit the europhiliacs start blaming the “stupid” Irish, including the Irish government.

The Eurocrats can or will  obviously not grasp that it is not the concept of a closer  cooperation of the European states that we are displeased with - but their way of running Europe: We don´t want their multicultural New World Order  whims introduced here with us!!!

According to der [17] Spiegel Online The latest whim is this: "Europe has powerful enemies on the other side of the Atlantic, gifted with considerable financial means." The speaker was France's Europe Minister Jean-Pierre Jouyet, addressing a pro-European rally in Lyon at the weekend.
He was putting the blame for the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty on some surprising shoulders: neoconservatives in the United States. "The role of the American neocons was very important in the victory of the 'no,' " he said.”  

Wheras the ruling Fianna Fail party was estimated to have spent around €700,000 on its "yes" campaign the No campaign spent 1.3 million euros.

Oddly enough, we here hear a Leading eurocrat talking about conspiration - although they always mock our thoughts about them obviously conspiring against us and democracy  - sneering: "conspiration theory!!!"

The [18] BBC interview with the head of EU Communication, Margot Wallström

And here is [19] my comment on her blog on June 24, 2008

The worst thing about the EU is its lack of transparency – for the purpose of acting undemocratically in the name of democracy. The eurocrats and “our” politicians are like persons in the closed ward: They are dangerous to themselves (if the talk!) and to others (because they don´t talk!).

Wallström is the Prügelmädchen - because she is forced to say something, being the EU´s head of communication.

So, she has 2 options:
1. Talking all the time, so the interviewer can ask as few unpleasant questions as possible.
2. Giving stereotypic preformed answers.
Both methods are necessary to try to reduce the damage: The revelation that the EU actually is the EUSSR.

Doing so, she inadvertently says on the video that the EU is not the project of the EU citizens– but the project of the eurocratic elite (who have spent so much time and energy in constructing their dictatorial Lisbon Treaty scheme – totally disregarding us stupid electorates!! And after all those undemocratic efforts the project cannot be given up!!

On 19.05. 2006 at the University of Copenhagen I asked Ms. Wallström about the Euromediterranean Project and why the EU and our media kept it totally secret from us. She simply crimsoned and muttered something incomprehensible. The only thing I understood was that she did not understand why I minded the Euromediterranean, which was after all, just to help our poor neighbours.

When I replied that I minded the Euromediterranean Project, because on Dec. 2-3, 2003 in Naples at the [20] VI. Euromediterranean Foreign Minister Conference the EU had promised the citzens of 9 Muslim North African and Middle Eastern countries the 4 fundamental rights of the EU – including free immigration into the EU and a common market from 2010without she or our media asking or informing us Europeans, Ms. Wallström did not even mutter any longer.

Now that the EU has agreed upon a “Union for the Mediterranean to be launched in Paris on July 13-14 I should like to repeat that question!!

Before that Ms. Wallström had promised us that the EU had gone – not to plan B after the French and Dutch No´s – but to plan D for Democracy, Debate and Dialogue!
So, I wonder what Ms. Wallström thinks about the 3 D´s this after the Irish No?

Or does Ms. Wallström think [1] like Mr Sarkozy that the EU would lose any referendum anywhere in Europe –and that the Europeans are too dangerous to their elitist Europe” ?

The Eurocrats obviously can or will not grasp that it is not the idea of closer cooperation between the European states we are displeased with. It is their way of running Europe: We don´t want their multicultural New World Order gimmick!! 



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