The Daily Mail 22 Oct. 2009:   Britain’s population is rising at a speed unprecedented in history. The Office for National Statistics said that by 2033 there will be ten million more people in the country than now. More than two thirds of the increase, seven million, will be either migrants or the children of migrants.

Summary: The EU's criminal Commissioner for Justice, Jacques Barrot, will transform the EU into a police surveillance state. In the United Kingdom all Muslims are understandably being monitored - but it can be extended. The EU apparently foresees manifest riots in connection with an unrestricted Muslim immigration. EU takes nearly everyone who sets foot on European soil, unaccompanied minors, and will take many more UNHCR refugees (predominantly Muslims), legal immigrants - will fetch 56 million "qualified" Africans + their families to the EU by 2050. That is, the EU is draining LDC countries of their small "skilled" labour force, making them sink even more deeper. Illegals stay because they cannot be returned to "Partner countries" holding EU´s values in contempt (of 650,000 rejected immigrants in 2004, only 164,000 were returned). When they return, it happens on a voluntary basis with a bag of money - as an inducement for other Muslim fortune hunters. Until 2007, Germany had thus repatriated 500,000 at the expense of her poor taxpayers. The EU will give protected immigration and residence permits to a major part of the Muslim world. EU will bring about a union with a common area for refugees and refugee administration before 2012. Why?
José Barroso says he wants the EU to lead world governance with EU's "values", ie the New World Order (NWOs) human rights, without distinction between good and evil, but punishing the Old World Order values. He wants a global consensus = a strong political will to get everyone into a united front to walk (march) in the same direction, says Barroso. He claims that the EU has particular legitimacy (Lisbon Treaty)! An open and inclusive EU can solve international problems! He wants the EU to set out on military peacekeeping missions in the world on the basis of the EU´s  NWO-human values - as his way to his stated empire, the laws of which are to extend beyond the borders of Europe!

“Those who believe, and emigrate and strive with might and main, in Allah's Cause, with their goods and their persons, have the highest rank in the sight of Allah. they are the people who will achieve (salvation)”. Koran sura 9:20.  "Was not the earth of Allah spacious enough for you to move yourselves away" Koran sura 4:97. "And He made you heirs of their lands, their houses, and their goods, and of a land which ye had not frequented (before)." Koran sura 33:27.

EU Commissioner for Justice, Jacques Barrot, who has a suspended sentence to jail for 8 months for embezzlement, is indefatigable. In the following,  we see him in-inducing unlimited surveillance, calling for the EU Framework on Racism and Xenophobia  entitling to 3 years in jail, and involving the SitCen, the Europol and the European Gendarmerie Force.

The Telegraph 1o June 2009: Jacques Barrot, the European justice and security commissioner, yesterday publicly declared that the aim was to "develop a domestic security strategy for Europolthe EU", once regarded as a strictly national "home affairs" area of policy. "National frontiers should no longer restrict our activities," he said. Mark Francois, Conservative spokesman on Europe, has demanded "immediate clarity on where the (British) government stands on this".

Mr Bunyan has suggested that existing and new proposals will create an EU ID card register, internet surveillance systems, satellite surveillance, automated exit-entry border systems operated by machines reading biometrics and risk profiling systems. Under the plans the scope of information available to law enforcement agencies and "public security organisations" would be extended from the sharing of existing DNA and fingerprint databases, kept and stored for new digital generation ID cards, to include CCTV video footage and material gathered from internet surveillance.

The Lisbon Treaty, currently stalled, creates a secretive new Standing Committee for Internal Security, known as COSI, to co-ordinate policy between national forces and EU organisations such as Europol, the Frontex borders agency, the European Gendarmerie Force and the Brussels intelligence sharing Joint Situation Centre or Sitcen. EU officials have told The Daily Telegraph that the radical plans will be controversial and will need powers contained within the Lisbon Treaty.
The British government is surveing  all muslims´political and religious views, information on mental health, sexual activity and associates, and other sensitive information, according to documents seen by the Guardian. This system can easily be extended on us, if our protests grow too loud.

Why is such an Orwellian state necesary for the EU? Does it not trust the efficiency of its own brainwashing and blindfolding of us? The EU clearly foresees riots – and wants to control them. The reason is preparing a flood of Muslims – as shown in my latest post.
Below, the EU Commission spells its immigration plans out in details.

Stenkastende-muslimer-i-london-east-endCOMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL 10 June 2009 (Excerpt)
In 2006 there were 18.5 million non-EU nationals registered in the Union, which is about 3.8% of the total population. Migratory pressures can be expected to grow further. This is due to population growth and poverty in many of the countries of origin, and to the ageing of the population of Europe: between 2008 and 2060 the number of people of working age is expected to fall by 15%, or about 50 million. According to estimates there are about 8 million illegal immigrants living in the Union,

The effective application of the directive on free movement of persons is a priority. Diversity enriches the Union. The Union will make full use of enforcement of the legislation, including the new framework decision on racism and xenophobia, must be strengthened (3 years in prison).

A dynamic immigration policy 5.1.
Logo-Euromediterranien-Euromed-2005.1.1. Consolidating a global approach

Migration issues should be an integral part of EU external policy. Concerted management of migratory flows requires genuine cooperation with non-member countries. The comprehensive approach is an innovative, coherent framework that should be developed. To do this the EU and its Member States should: – actively work to step up dialogue and partnership with countries, regions and continents outside the Union that involves the countries of origin, destination and transit at all stages. Africa and Eastern and South-Eastern Europe remain priorities but this does not exclude dialogue and cooperation with Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia; – envisage the conclusion of new agreements covering the three dimensions of the comprehensive approach: controlling illegal migration (including readmission and support for voluntary return and reintegration), promotion of mobility and legal immigration, and support for development on the lines of the partnerships for mobility; – establish an effective, solidarity-based system to prevent illegal migration, manage legal migration and assist migrants in need of protection and asylum, something which is particularly needed in the Mediterranean;

 – control illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings more effectively by developing information on migration routes, promoting cooperation on surveillance and border controls, and facilitating readmission by promoting support measures for return; – formulate additional initiatives on migration and development: facilitate transfers of remittances and take into account the drop in transfers as a result of the financial crisis, involve migrant communities in the development of their country or region of origin, and allay the brain drain; –

Unemployment 25.1.2. A concerted policy in keeping with labour-market requirements

                                                                                             What about our own unemployed?

Economic migration should be better matched to the needs of the Member States' labour markets. Supply and demand have to match. To do this, we should consider setting up a European platform for dialogue
A country takes many immigration workers in – does not need them any more later on. Then they migrate to the country with the best social security system – and ruin it. 

Immigration5.1.3. A proactive policy based on a European status for legal immigrants
An Immigration Code should be adopted to ensure a uniform level of rights for legal immigrants comparable with that of Community citizens. Improve their Family reunification, which is one of the main reasons for immigration and accounts for a large proportion of legal immigration. The EU should adopt common rules to manage effectively the influx of migrants entering for family reunification. Since there has been little harmonisation of national legislation, a revision of the Directive might be proposed. The potential cultural as well as economic enrichment offered by immigration can be unleashed only by improving integration in the host country. A joint coordination mechanism that would support the efforts of Member States using a common reference framework could be developed along the following lines: –Integration of newcomers, including essential elements such as introductory courses and language classes, a strong commitment by the host community and the active participation of immigrants in all aspects of collective life; –  breaking down the boundaries with other policies such as education, training, culture, employment, youth and multilingualism. The crucial role played by schools, especially those offering educational models that espouse European values should be highlighted;– improved consultation with and involvement of civil society, and here, making use of the European Integration Forum and web portal.

Stop-invasionen5.1.4. Better consultations implementation.
Preventing and reducing illegal immigration and related criminal activities while upholding human rights is an essential counterpart to the development of a common policy on legal immigration. Efforts to combat criminal networks must be stepped up. Illegal employment should be tackled by preventive and enforcement measures, and protection should be given to the migrants who are its victims!!! The implementation of the Directive's provisions on sanctions against employers needs to be supported and monitored. Adequate human and financial resources should be invested in order to step up controls at the workplace in particular, and also to simplify the conditions for issuing residence permits to victims!!!  Zero tolerance of the trafficking in human beings. It will be monitored closely, especially as regards the effective enforcement of expulsion measures, detention, appeal procedures and treatment of vulnerable people.  EU Commissioner Jacques Barrot has stated  he will present a proposal laying down basic common principles that will "guarantee that actions on expulsion will be based on full respect for the rights, freedoms and principles enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU". So, repatriation is largely excluded, the Muslim countries of origin holding these rights in contempt  

Giving priority to voluntary return must be promoted and actively encouraged. Nevertheless, all too often repatriation measures cannot be carried out on account of legal or practical obstacles. Common standards for taking charge of illegal immigrants who cannot be deportedUnaccompanied minors entering the EU territory illegally present another challenge that needs to be studied in depth.

5.2. Asylum: a common area of protection and solidarity
In 2008 nearly 240 000 asylum applications were made in the EU. The EU must continue to build a true common area of protection and solidarity based on respect for human rights, high standards of protection and a general improvement in the quality of national systems, while stepping up efforts to stamp out abuse.

5.2.1. A single area of protection
before 2012
On the operational level, the EU must give the Asylum Support Office the means to do its job. All officials responsible for handling asylum applications in the Member States will have
to follow common training modules. The integration of persons enjoying international protection must also be improved. Solutions have to be found for asylum seekers who do not obtain refugee status or subsidiary protection but cannot be removed for specific reasons. On this basis, by the end of 2014 the EU should formally enshrine the principle of mutual recognition of all individual decisions granting protection status taken by authorities ruling on asylum applications, which will mean that protection can be transferred without the adoption of specific mechanisms at European level.

Refugees5.2.2. Sharing of responsibilities and solidarity between the Member States
There should be a true sharing of the responsibility for hosting and integrating refugees. A mechanism for internal resettlement among the Member States of persons enjoying international protection that is voluntary and coordinated should be considered.  Partnership with the UNHCR.

5.2.3. Solidarity with non-member countries
Solidarity with non-member countries
confronted with large flows of refugees or hosting large numbers of refugees and displaced persons is essential. Access to protection and adherence to the principle of non refoulement must be assured. The EU will also support the building of greater capacity in non-member countries.  Procedures for protected entry and the issuing of humanitarian visas should be facilitated, including calling on the aid of diplomatic representations or any other structure set up within the framework of a global mobility management strategy. The Union will step up its resettlement efforts in order to provide permanent solutions for refugees – (ie. for a very large part of the muslim world). 
London-bomberThe EU concepts are totally confused. Illegal immigrants as victims!? Their employers as criminals – while the EU is picking any willing Muslim outside Europe up!? 
EU speaks about legal immigration of skilled labour from Africa - while talking about allaying the consequences of the brain drain from the poorest countries!!! Barroso speaks about peace being all important – and by all means wants
the EU on peace-making military missions to create his kind of grave yard peace! – which he will be just as unable to achieve as in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here the EU announces the “global village”, a hypocritical dictatorship leaving the rule to an aggressive, dictatorial ideology – at the cost of the original inhabitants and with their money: “global mobility management strategy! EU collects nearly all Muslims willing to enter the EU : 1  With its blue card system  and the import of 56 mio. Africans + families by 2050, the EU has launched a hunt for the very modest "qualified" labor force of the LDCs - because we lack the youth that has been scratched off as free abortions. 2. Then there is family reunification, the largest immigrant group ever. Directive  2003/86/EC  provides third-country nationals who have a residence permit for at least a year, or refugees, the right to be reunited with their families through the family reunification procedure. Those who are eligible under this procedure are: the applicant's spouse, legitimate, natural and adopted children of the couple. Member States may allow the reunification of an unmarried partner, or adult with dependent children, as well as ascendandant relatives. This Directive does not apply in the United Kingdom, Ireland or Denmark. 3. The EU is doing virtually nothing to prevent a huge influx of illegal immigrants - picks them up from the sea and saves them. If the illegals get a job they are the victims, the employer the culprit! Once arrived they take a long free stay while their cases are processed. As a rule, it turns out that you cannot send them back to the Euro-Mediterranean partner countries - and not to countries outside them because human rights are held in contempt there. Often, migrants will not state their country of origin. According to the EESC, "Despite 650 000 expulsions only 164 000 returned to their home countries in 2004 from the EU, while 500 000 non-citizens were left in a de facto illegal situation." The EU will resettle them "resettled" in the EU. 4. Then there are unaccompanied minors. No one knows whence they come - so they are allowed to stay. 5. The EU has anbitions to absorb many more refugees from the UNHCR - mainly coming from the Muslim world. 6. Protected entry procedures and the issue of humanitarian residence permits should be fostered.  In order to silence disgruntled European natives, the EU will strengthen the enforcement of the infamous Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia, which provides 3 years in prison for telling the truth about Islam. The EU has agreements with the Muslim "partner countries" on return - but "though each State is obligated under international law to take its own citizens back – they create considerable difficulties."  7. Optional repatriation: The German Federal Ministry of the Interior 2007: "So far, more than 500,000 people from around 100 countries received  financial or organizational assistance when they returned to their home countries or a third country that was ready to receive them.” We are dealing here with orderly extortion: A Muslim who can come illegally into the EU is certain to have a bag of money with him back! How many try again when the money is spent? I wonder if their relatives will also try their good luck?

What a torrent of words from people who have learned nothing from the past 40 years: An endless stream of unqualified labour – costing our societies much more than the immigrants contribute or ever will contribute. The Eurocrats still talk of integration – although any one should be able to see that Muslim immigrants do not integrate – because the Koran forbids it. So what the EU is doing is creating dangerous parallel societies just waiting to explode – in fact doing it every day. The above shows the EU even walks around and picks up any Muslim who is interested in being maintained by us in the EU. This is evil, it is the illuminist (explanatory statement) New World Order which wants by any infamous means to dismantle  the old Christian and national order.

Barroso-satanistThe EU is doing missionary work. José Barroso EU Press Release 14 Oct. 2009: "I believe that our values have an important contribution to make to the global governance that is currently taking shape.To address the major global challenges facing us today, we need a strong political will and a united front in Europe. And the global consensus must be as broad as possible if we are all to move forward in the same direction.Yes, global governance needs Europe. Because as the ideal testing ground for globalisation, with its supranational rules and institutions, Europe has a unique political experience and a particular legitimacy??? An open and supportive Europe is key to managing the crisis. Not to mention the increased powers to act and address world challenges, particularly on the international stage that will, I trust, very soon be conferred on us by the Lisbon Treaty." Barroso calls the EU an Empire, the laws of which are to extend beyond the borders of Europe"
Somehow I feel that I have heard this kind of speech before!