EU´s Brain Drain - Civilization Slain. How to Create Misery and Mass Immigration into the EU

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(by Laura De Santi) [1] (ANSAmed) - ALGIERS, JUNE 19 -
Doctors, computer specialists, teachers, pilots: every year hundreds of specialised employees are leaving Algeria. France, Canada and the United Arab Emirates are the main destinations of those thousands people of the ''brain drain'' who dream not only of attractive salaries but that security and freedom which have difficulty establishing themselves in the Maghreb country.
According to the latest statements of Berkat Berkani Mohamed, chairman of the Medical Ethics Council, ''more than 4,000 Algerian doctors have left recently. Three thousand are working in France now'', while according to employers' association FCE there are at least 40,000 researchers who left Algeria between 1996 and 2006 and 7,000 are the doctors working in French hospitals, 2,000 of whom in Paris. There are only partial data of a diaspora difficult to count due to the lack of official data.

The Algerian authorities on one hand have tried to curb the phenomenon in the past year by raising the salaries and allocating a special budget of 100 billion dinars (some one billion euro) for research, on the other they are trying to play down the problem. ''The percentage of brains that leave Algeria is very low,'' Expression daily quoted Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Rachid Harraoubi, as saying recently. There is no need to believe ''that all those who leave have brains and all those who remain don't'' the minister added announcing the launch of a website to stay in touch with Algerian researchers abroad.

If in the 1990s a mass exodus of intellectuals and artists was caused by the massacres among civilians carried out by the armed Islamic groups, what was the reason for 300 university professors to seek their happiness abroad only in 2007?
The lasting terrorism certainly continues to destabilise the country, but ''the low salaries, ridiculous compared not only to the West but to the other Maghreb countries as well, is among the main causes for this phenomenon," the director of the Institute for Human Resources Development, Bahloul, told the national radio. An Algerian university professor earns some 400 euro, while a teacher earns at least twice as much in Mauritania let alone Tunisia and Morocco, he said.

But according to journalist Chawki Amari, cynical leader writer of El Watan, those who leave Algeria do it for other reasons: ''people leave a country without curious neighbours and cafes with rooms reserved for the families. They leave Algeria where putting on shorts for a girl, drinking a beer for a boy, driving a truck for a mother or going on a strike against a hunger pension for a grandfather, are considered a threat to the national values''.
According to a report prepared by the United Nations, every year 70,000 young specialists leave Algeria bound for the West. (ANSAmed).

In this situation [2] the EU is planning a programme to import 1 million "skilled" workers a year over the next 20 years.
his Brain Drain  will further destabilize and impoverish countries like Algeria - and bring increasing waves  of poverty refugees with an ideological agenda.
Through this cultural enrichment we shall soon have a European society like Algeria!

EU-Stupidity - or completed work for the multicultural world state of the New World oder?

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