Summary: Through the Barcelona Process for the Euromediterranean, its successor the Union for the Mediterranean, and the European Neighbourhood Policy, immigration of hostile, non-integrable Muslims is disastrously accelerating. In Denmark they have just driven a possibly homosexual vicar out of "their" no go zone for infidels. According to the UN, the Arab population will increase by 25% over the next 5 years, they have given up 60% of their territory to desertification since 1960, practice slave trading on a large scale and ill-treat their women. At the same time the EU opens widely up for immigrating Arabs and will not defend Europe against this occupation - so Europe is doomed to a Muslim future. The Mediterranean Union is an artificial construction progressing slowly towards a free market zone - expected in 2010. EU´s Commissioner for Justice, Jacques Barrot, has a suspended 8 month sentence to jail for embezzlement. Now moral reasons he is the driving force behind unlimited Muslim immigration, wanting to keep as many illegal refugees as possible - even establishing African recruiting offices to bring 56 mio Africans + their fanilies to Europe by 2050. We are paying the Muslim immigrants huge sums in social security benefits and send billions of euros to those who stay back in their misery. Spaniards are fetching Muslims by pro forma marriages - costing 3-6.000 euros. Mr. Barrot brazenly declares the stream of refugees to be decreasing at the same time as EU´s statistics  and our media prove the opposite. In Denmark the run of refugees have increased by 86% over the past 3 years.They go for the best social services - at the cost of needy Danes.The EU has ambitions to govern "Mare Nostrum", the Mediterranean, besides the baltic and the Arctic seas (Greenland/Denmark)- producing mendacious grounds like climate change for it. The Lisbon Treaty is a prerequisite for EU´s enlargement ambitions. Now President Klaus of Czechia has fortunately just declared to The Times that he will not sign it. But a few days later, he changed his mind.    

Immigration of especially Muslims to Europe is a phenomenon which has been stealthily imposed upon us by the EU since 1973. By means of the Euromediterranean Process and the Union for the Mediterranean as well as the European Neighbourhood Policy, the immigration rate is increasing rapidly – as the  EU  at the VI. Euromediterranean Foreign Minister Conference in Naples in 2003 promised the populations of the partner countries EU´s 4 fundamental freedoms, including free mobility in the Euromediterranean zone for economic and democratical progress – a promise which as of 13 Oct. 2008 has been redeemed to Morocco.  
The explosive increase in population of Arab countries (by 25% over the next 5 years) is a bomb, only to be resisted by a “Festung Europa”, which the  EU has explicitly declined.  The UN report describes outrageous conditions for e.g. women as well as slave trade in the Arab world. Besides, the Arabs have given up 60% of their territory to desertification since 1960. In this situation the EU makes its gates wide open to Muslim "refugees" who indefatigably have Islam in their luggage. Therefore,  Europe is doomed.

The ungrateful parallel societies of Muslim immigrants - which can by no means be integrated, but are waiting to integrate us when they have obtained the majority in a population and its parliament - are begetting severe violence in Europe, occupying no go zones of our cities. In Denmark a possibly homosexual protestant vicar has just been driven out of his parish  by Muslims in such a zone. CEPOS 9 Oct.2009: The position of the Danes on the impact of immigration we've already had to Denmark is an underexposed subject. A survey conducted by Statistics Denmark for CEPOS shows that 47 per cent believe that the positive and negative consequences are equally divided, while 32 per cent. think there have been most negative and 18 per cent. believe that there have been most positive consequences. I would say this indicates an incredible tolerance qualifying the Danes for much more well-deserved violence to come. But  as we shall see, European tolerance is so that it guarantees the demise  of European culture. And we gladly pay for it – respectively of course even sell ourselves for a handful of euros to promote that demise.

Present status of the Union for the Mediterranean
EU Commissioner Benita Ferrero Waldner, ANSAmed 14 Oct. 2009  (now removed to pay link): “Creating a free Euromediterranean trade market is still important. In July we signed our first agreement with Israel, and we expect to conclude our negotiations on the liberalisation of services and the right to establish a business in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Israel next year (and vice versa). Perhaps the largest regret is that not all the nearby countries on the southern shores - and I am referring to Algeria, Libya and Syria - have taken us up on our offer of closer relations. As concerns the Mediterranean Union, it has felt the effects of the same political issues as those of the Barcelona process” (Middle east conflict). The free trade area was scheduled to start by 2010.

But the EU goes further: It takes nearly everythimg that lands on its shores to exchange Europe´s populations, culture and religion
EU Press Release 8 Sept. 2009, EU commissioner  Jacques Barrot:
The Common European Asylum System was created with the aim of making the European Union a single area of protection for refugees. ….and to arrive at harmonised rules. About 1.5 million Barrot 2people with refugee status now live in the European Union. • The number of new asylum applicants has been falling steadily! over the years, dropping to 220 000 in 2007. This means that for most Member States the burden has become lighter. • guaranteeing genuine equal treatment;• making the asylum system more efficient to grant asylum seekers 100% security. Take concrete action against fraud and abuse, thereby helping to maintain the integrity and credibility of the system as a whole.

Interesting words from criminal Mr. Barrot, who received a suspended jail term of 8 months for embezzlement – but was reprieved by his crony, Pres Chirac, who may now have to stand  trial in France charged with corruption

The EU must also extend its solidarity to outside countries- EU can take more of their refugees . Modify the Directive on reception conditions for asylum-seekers by: simplifying and further harmonising access to the labour market. We must do everything to keep asylum as accessible as we can. Legitimate measures …must not block refugees’ access to protection within the Union. I will propose in 2009 to create a European asylum support office.”

During the latest 3 years the “stream of refugees” to Denmark has increased by  86% as compared to 6% to the other EU countries together. Why? These luxury “refugees” seek to countries with the best social services - and deteriorate these for native Danes already groaning under the heaviest tax burden of the world. 


Mare Nostrum (Our Sea)  Ansamed 30 Sept., 2009:  The first Euro-Mediterranean Conference organized by Meda Finance (an organization supported by the European Commission), opens today in Cairo. Various financial instruments will be presented, available to businesses ready to invest for the development of the area. The amount is USD 22 billion,….aimed at entrepreneurs from the southern shores of the Mediterranean and also those from Europe and other foreign countries, wishing to invest in the South.
Meda is spearheaded by, among others, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Cacic). During today's opening, Philippe de Fontaine Vive of the European Investment Bank will be awarded the 'Mare Nostrum'-prize.

ANSAmed 5 Oct. 2009  The five year period of investment flows from Europe to the Mediterranean area has seen the 4.6 billion euros administered by the MEDA scheme in the period 1995-2000 leap to the 12 billion available for the 2007-2013 period under ENPI (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument). To be added to this commitment by the European Commission to Euro-Mediterranean cooperation are the funds from the European Investment Bank, which have gone from loans of 3.4 billion in the first period to 8.7 billion for the current five-year period. These figures have been on the agenda in Cairo today at the first Euro-Mediterranean Conference & Exibition on Donor Funding, Banking and Novel Financial Instruments for Investment.
There has been a 45% increase in nominal terms and of 32% in real terms, but other resources are to be added to the 12 billion in ''grants'' up to 2013. Beneficiaries are governmental and non-governmental bodies across a total of nine countries on the southern shore: from 2007 to 2010 2.4 billion for bilateral projects. The areas concerned range from the three chapters of the Barcelona Process to political cooperation (justice, security and migration, the Middle East peace process), to sustainable economic development to social and cultural projects. Financial instruments offered by the EIB are to be added to the Commission's contributions: these include the Femip project (Facility for Euro-Mediterranean IntermarriageInvestment and Partnership) which between October 2002 and December 2008 made 8.5 billion euros available. 8.7 billion euros have been ear-marked for the 2007-2013 period with a further two billion for the financing of projects of common interest for the EU and partner countries in the Mediterranean. 

Ansamed 14 Aug. 2009 - Hundreds of Spaniards are offering white weddings' over the internet to non-European immigrants who want to obtain a residency permit in Spain, reports daily newspaper El Periodico. Marriages in exchange for payment are being offered online at between three and six thousand euros. One Moroccan girl has specific requirements: 'I am looking for a marriage in exchange for money to come to Spain. Do not apply if you are not willing to have an Islamic wedding''.

EU Press Release 25 Sept. 2009  2008 wurden durch EURODAC 219 557 Fingerabdrucksätze von Asylbewerbern, 61 945 Fingerabdrucksätze von Personen, die illegal eine AußengrenzeFingerprints überschritten haben, und 75 919 Fingerabdrucksätze von Personen, die während eines illegalen Aufenthalts im Hoheitsgebiet eines Mitgliedstaats aufgegriffen wurden, verarbeitet. Wie aus dem Bericht für 2008 hervorgeht, ist die Zahl der registrierten Asylanträge um 11,3 % gestiegen, was eine Fortsetzung des im Vorjahr eingesetzten zunehmenden Trends bedeutet. Gleichzeitig ist ein Anstieg der Zahl der registrierten illegalen Einwanderer um 62,3 % zu verzeichnen.

(ANSAmed) 31 Aug. 2009  Participation of countries in the programme must be voluntary; - BRUSSELS - After the tragedy of Eritrean refugees, Europe is trying to awaken from its stupor to bring in concrete measures as concerns refugees fleeing from oppressive regimes, as well as to prevent leaving such as member states as Italy, Malta, Greece and Spain alone -The objective of the European Commission - which on Wednesday will be proposing a plan to distribute immigrants with the right to asylum out among all EU countries - is to bring in true joint action by launching an appeal to all European capitals for greater solidarity. The participation of countries in the programme must be voluntary; There are currently 10 EU countries that regularly take part in a distribution of refugees on an annual basis: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, France, Romania and the Czech Republic. ).

Calais-campAnsamed 17 Aug. 2009 (link removed): Peace, dialogue, cultural exchange, identity: abused words, almost with meaning. For more than forty years I've written on these topics, but having reached this point, I feel a great sense of frustration''. Amin Maalouf, one of the most well known living Lebanese writers, doesn't mince words in describing his disillusionment. ''I see the impossibility of communicating between North and South of 'mare nostrum', and worse still, that the dialogue not only doesn't progress, it gets worse'', the author explained to ANSAmed. If Pres. Obama fails in his role as reformer, warns Maalouf, ''we face a real catastrophe not only for the United States but also for the rest of the world''.  

The Daily Mail 21 Sept. 2009   Europe's Justice Commissioner (Jacques Barrot) will today demand a change in the law to allow the 2.000 “Britain-obsessed' asylum seekers from the “Jungle” squat into the UK at their earliest convenience.
On Sept. 22, 2009, the Jungle was stormed. Officers arrested 278 migrants - half said to be children. Many more asylum seekers hoping to reach Britain are thought to have escaped the camp before nightfall so they can avoid being sent back to the European country they first entered.

Gallia Watch 21 Sept. 2009:  Despite opposition protests from the Left, the French Parliament has passed a law that authorizes the issuing of Islamic bonds, known as "sukuk". The bill, introduced by UMP deputy Chantal Brunel, has as its main goal the facilitation of access to credit for small and medium-sized businesses. The deputies adopted the same text that the Senate had passed on June 9. Thus the wording of the bill has been definitively adopted by the Parliament.

Jungle-stormingMaritime governance is one of the key building blocks of the EU's Integrated Maritime Policy, an innovative and comprehensive approach towards maritime affairs. The European Commission has already proposed strategies for the Arctic and the Baltic Sea regions and has now put forward a set of proposals to better address challenges specific to the Mediterranean region. The Mediterranean region is particularly sensitive to climate change , being the area of Europe most at risk from flooding, coastal erosion and land degradation. The situation is all the more worrying when one considers the special vulnerability of Mediterranean island states and small islands to such unpredictable changes.

Illegal immigration from Africa is a major concern and one that brings a heavy toll in lives lost at sea, as well as directly fuelling political tensions across the region. The Mediterranean Sea is also one of the major routes through which illegal drugs are known to enter Europe.
Addressing these challenges calls for a more integrated and concerted approach to maritime affairs which can transform today’s challenges into real opportunities for the maritime economies, the environment, and coastal populations. Conversely, short-sighted and fragmented management of key maritime activities in the Mediterranean basin could result in irreversible damage to the environment, and in turn, severely impede economic growth and undermine employment.
Each coastal state is responsible for the governance of its own maritime affairs in accordance with the applicable rules. Nevertheless, the European Union, through its Integrated Maritime Policy, can help prepare a joint response to the crucial maritime challenges facing the Mediterranean basin. The EU has an increasingly important role to play in the region, particularly in facilitating dialogue and co-operation with the Mediterranean partner countries. The EU can and should help develop integrated and cross-sectoral governance Badflygtningetools which can be shared with its neighbours, and encourage the exchange of best practice.

Projects such as the de-pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, the Horizon 2020 initiative, and the Motorways of the Sea, are at the heart of the agenda of the Union of the Mediterranean.

This is depressing reading. The EU  Commissioner invites nearly the entire failed Muslim world to be maintained in and by the EU - to continue practicing their perception of the EU's fundamental rights. He has even started recruiting offices in Africa to fetch 56 mio Africans + families up here by 2050. Who  does he think he is? Then he tells a lie about the refugee burden being steadily declining - while the EU's own statistics in a press release states exactly the opposite.
EU wallows in the concept of maritime governance of the Mediterranean. Their world governance includes truly not only land - but also the sea, even the Arctic! To achieve it, the EU persists in nonexistent threats:e.g. , climate change floods, sinking islands.  The aim is a Greater-EU to Iraq's border - and soon beyond. The EU calls it the Euromediterranean / Mediterranean Union, and it is massively islamizing Europe. 

Middelhavsunions-flagEach union has its flag. This is the flag of the  Union for the Mediterranean. The Union has its own parliament, Euromediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, EMPA. Naturally, the union citizens from thesouth shore of  "Mare Nostrum" have lawful access to the Union's northern territory - as promised by the EU at the VI. Euromediterranean  Foreign Minister Conference in Naples in 2003. Indeed,, according to EU´s  fraud-convicted Commissioner for Justice, Jacques Barrot,  unlimited immigration is our moral obligation - and President Sarkozy will ensure that arabization is our future.
White symbolizes the sky - blue the sea. As the Indians said: No one owns the ocean, the sky or land (except the illuminists, including the European Union (explanatory statement).  According to the EESC, the EU is now going to have the tool for a common EU refugee policy and integration,which is none – but virtually just brings the immigrants our rights at our cost
However, there is a but: Czechia´s President Klaus (The Times 13. Oct. 2009) says we can take it easy. He will not ratify the Treaty!

We are told that the Arabs since 1960 have given 60% of their land up to desertification - while Israel made the desert land flourish. Why does the EU want such "partners", which cost us much more than they contribute when they arrive here. And in the Mediterranean Union, we also have to pay for those who stay at home in misery, until misery prevails throughout the islamized union. The EU has thus made Europe more dangerous than the Wild West. There is only one explanation: the EU wants to realize Adam Weishaupt ideas to smash nation, Christianity, private property, and all morals for the Communist New World Order world state. And the EU  is, indeed, very successful in this respect.