Open Letter to President Václav Klaus on the Lisbon Treaty

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[1] Vaclav-klaus3Dear Mr. President Václav Klaus.

I am writing to you to wish you good luck with your brave resistance against the EU dictatorship under the Lisbon Treaty. You are fighting for me, too.

After the Irish were humiliated by the EU for their No to the Lisbon Treaty in 2008 they were intimidated to vote for the Treaty now in 2009 – on [2] false economic pretexts.

We are many, many Europeans who were not even allowed to vote about the Lisbon Treaty – according to the author of the EU Constitution, Mr. Valéry Giscard d´Estaing [3] virtually the same Treaty as the Constitution which was rejected by the French and Dutch in 2005. Nay, we were not even allowed to know the contents of that Treaty. In 2007 the Danish Parliament threw the media out and [4] closed the doors of Parliament, when it was to debate the Lisbon Treaty – then passed it, and the Prime minister cheated us of a promised referendum.

Now our only hope to avoid the dictatorship of this self-amending Lisbon Treaty lies with you and your brave senators. 

I know that you will come under enormous pressure from the corrupt EU system as well as from your own parliament. You may be let down by your Constitutional Court – like the Germans.
But I also know you to be a man of the highest moral qualities Europe has ever seen. We are many who ask ourselves: Can one man of  a strong conscience and commitment to democracy, a man who grew up with dictatorship and who knows it, when he sees it, resist the drive for dictatorship once again – a drive supported by the entire corrupt European establishment? We hope for you to endure – and some of us  pray for you.

You know what the Lisbon Treaty is all about. Here just a few reminders:

Mr [5] Javier Solana and Mr. [6] José Barroso say they need the Lisbon Treaty in order to be able to wage wars outside Europe – to impose their world order upon people who don´t want it.

[7] Mr. Barroso calls the Lisbon Treaty the  Treaty of enlargement ([8] Turkey, e.g., the [9] Union for the Mediterranean to re-create the Roman Empire) 

The[10] European Economical and Social Committee say they need the Lisbon Treaty to make their policy on unrestricted immigration and “[11] integration” of illegal refugees.

[12] Professor Karl Albert Schachtschneider (German), who was the author of the overruled German protest on the Lisbon Treaty before the German Bundesgerichtshof in Karlsruhe, has demonstrated that the Lisbon Treaty reintroduces death penalty in Europe. [13] Explanations  (German).

According to this [14] video and many other interpretations, the Lisbon Treaty makes criticism of all sexual orientations punishable – now no longer exempting paedophilia. This means a de facto accept of paedophilia in the EU.

You are right on the premises of our old European world order which built today´s world – also outside Europe. We know that the EU – among others represented by the lout [15] Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Mr. Hans-Gert Pöttering – in ideological zeal treats you incredibly rudely – both because you won´t play their immoral Lisbon game – and because you have seen the consequences of their climate lies, their way to EU [6] world governance. Next year the EU will probably impose a totally [16] meaningless CO2 tax upon us, besides the ETS.

Mr. Klaus, no matter what you may be forced to do in the end, you should know that we are many Europeans, maybe still the majority, who admire you and see you as Europe´s last hero.  Only you can save us from the New World Order that both [17] Mr Barroso, Mr. [18] Gordon Brown and Mr. Sarkozy, among others, are calling for – [19] video.

Yours sincerely,

Anders Bruun Laursen
rtd. Consultant Ophthalmologist
Toftevej 3
DK-4140 Borup

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