How the EU Will Pump Europe Full of Muslims

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EU Commission, Brussels, 17 June 2008
Taking forward the [1] common immigration and asylum policy for Europe.
Today the Commission adopted a Communication on "A Common immigration policy for Europe
The Policy Plan on Asylum provides for the architecture of the second phase of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS)
They should be endorsed by the European Council of 15 October 2008.

Europe needs a common policy vision (José Barroso)

On the Communication on Immigration
Vice-President Jacques Barrot, Commissioner responsible for Freedom, Security and Justice, stated that "Immigration is an opportunity and a challenge for the EU: if properly managed, it's richness for our societies and economies.

[2] The ten common principles[2]
build on the 1999 Tampere European Council's milestones, the 2004 Hague Programme and the Global Approach to Migration, launched in 2005. Each of them is made concrete by a non-exhaustive list of actions to be implemented either at Member States' or EU level:

  • Prosperity and Immigration: 1 – Clear rules and a level playing field; 2 – Matching skills and needs; 3 – Integration is the key to successful immigration.
  • Solidarity and Immigration: 4 – Transparency, trust and cooperation; 5 – Effective and coherent use of available means; 6 – Partnership with third-countries.
  • Security and Immigration: 7 – A visa policy that serves the interests of Europe;
    8 – Integrated border management; 9 – Step up fight against illegal immigration and Zero tolerance for trafficking in human beings; 10 – Sustainable and effective return policies.

The common immigration policy will be delivered in partnership between the Member States and the EU institutions and will be followed up regularly through a new monitoring and evaluation mechanism,

The[2] principles are quite general, and will need to be implemented by both the Member States and the EU.

The determining of the volume of immigrant workers to be admitted will remain under the full responsibility of each Member State.
This planned immigration intends to bring 20 million skilled  “[3] Blue Card” workers and their families to Europe within the next 20 years. The EU hopes to be able thus to brain drain especially China, India and all other non-EU countries, especially Muslim countries,  thereby leaving these countries behind in increasing poverty, which will create enormous flows of  poverty refugees – and stifle the emerging markets the EU foresees.

For who believes in the argument that this labour will return to their homelands and enrich them with their new skills, considering they are offered permanent permission to stay after 5 years - and considering the above EU statement that integration is the key to successful immigration?

This is one way to eliminate national states and create a truly multicultural society in chaos, instability and ultimate poverty: The aim of these [4] illuminist (explanatory statement) New World Order people.

[5] The Asylum  Policy Plan
proposes to improve definition at EU of standards for protection, in order to achieve the ambitious objectives set out in the Hague Programme, by amending the existing legal instruments. At the same time, it acknowledges that legal convergence must be complemented by adequate practical cooperation mechanisms (exchange of information and best practices, common trainings, etc.) .

A European Support Office on Asylum will be established
in order to coordinate practical cooperation activities. The Policy Plan also sets out a number of tools to foster solidarity vis-à-vis those Member States confronted with strong pressures on their asylum systems.

It is to foster solidarity between the Member States and between the EU and third countries: i.a. in "resettlement, in particular, consists of receiving in the EU refugees who are hosted in countries of first asylum but who do not have a perspective for a durable solution there".

Reaching better quality and enhanced harmonisation of standards of international protection by further alignment of Member States' asylum legislation.
Effective and well supported practical cooperation

The provisions of the Geneva Convention on Refugees and the full respect of the Charter of Fundamental Rights will be a constant reference for any measure to be proposed by the Commission.

The European Commission will closely monitor that Member States fully respect their obligations under the existing asylum acquis.

In 2007 approximately [5] 220.000 people applied for asylum in the EU? This historically low figure nevertheless represents an increase by 12% compared to 2006.

When will these proposals take effect?
Most of the legislative proposals described will be made by the European Commission in the second half of 2008 and during 2009, with a few being presented in 2010.

The proposals will be negotiated by qualified majority voting in the Council and co-decision with the European Parliament, which will ensure democratic control.

The normal transposition period (2 years) will be allowed.
However, certain non-legislative measures could be adopted and implemented more quickly, especially those regarding practical cooperation between national asylum administrations, or external aspects of the asylum policy.

Seen from Denmark, this programme is very worrying: Solidarity, alignment of the asylum policy of the memberstates,  improvement and standardization of asylum legislation, a European Support Office on Asylum – to coordinate (command) this mess.
This will scupper the special "Danish hardliner-immigration policy" (which has, however, [6] by no  means stopped the increase in the number of most foreign individuals in Denmark).

To this comes that  the [7] embezzlement-convicted mastermind behind this pumping Muslims into Europe,the EU Commissioner for Justice!!! [8] Mr. Jacques Barrot, recently stated that he would personally see to it that nobody would be returned to his home country who would be safeguarded according to the UN Universal Declarations on Human Rights and the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights. This makes it practically impossible to return any Muslim.

In January 2006, the number of non-EU nationals resident in the EU reached [9] 18.5 millions, accounting for some 3.8 percent of the total EU population. To this, of course, come the very many “naturalized” immigrants.

[10] The EU Commission Writes
"To reduce the number of immigrants who are illegally residing in the EU and ensure that always enough people of working age live in Europe - that´s what EU's new plan on common principles for immigration wants.
Since 2002, the EU has per year received about 1.5 to 2 million immigrants. Most of them have settled in Spain, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Greece.
But even with this influx, the working population in Europe will decrease by 2060 by almost fifty millions, and without immigration the EU countries must calculate with a labour shortage.
This includes efforts to better combat illegal immigration. Other objectives are to improve security through the visa policy, the development of an effective return policy."

My Proposal: Abolish the Union for the Mediterranean as well as the fatal promise of the [11] 6. Euromediterranean Foreign Ministers ´Conference in Naples on Dec. 2-3, 2003, about free immigration to the citizens of the Muslim "partner countries".
Otherwise the talk about combating illegal immigration has no meaning. Of course, the above immigration has not relieved the everlasting cry of the employers for more, more, more money - sorry: labour. For most of these immigrants have not come to work but to realize their master race imaginations to rule and convert us animal-like infidels (Koran sure 2:65, 5:60).
And the EU knows very well - and now finally demands "qualified" labour.


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