Today the EU Foreign Ministers will meet in Luxemburg to discuss the situation after the Irish “nay” – and so will the heads of EU government tomorrow. But there are clear indications that the Irish “nay” is not their only problem: The Czech republic seems more than reluctant to ratify The Lisbon Treaty.

Its president, Vaclav Klaus, is an adamant personality, who has  - as the only prominent politician condemned the EU Climate policy in public for what it is: Fraud, hysteria, a bid to control the world and a terrible threat to our freedom and prosperity. President Klaus indirectly compares  climate-crazy EU with the Soviet regime - equally dangerous, equally corrupt. And he sees only one way out of it: To limit its power. It seems that his senate supports him. I do not think he will sign the ratification.

He represents real hope to us

The EU here has to do with something they have heretofore never seen and which they hate, because it is an obstacle to their religious, ruthless march towards the world state of the New World Order :
We know you can blast a Mountain and check a river
but never can a nation perish who resist witout a shiver
Danish Poet valdemar Rørdam 1907

Euractiv 16.06.2008  While the French Presidency is expected to push for a 'business as usual' agenda, the Czechs may prefer to proceed with a slimmed-down agenda, which they had already drafted before the referendum (EurActiv 3/06/08): “The Czech government yesterday (2 June) sent out its programme for the EU presidency starting in January 2009 in two versions in case not all countries ratify the Lisbon Treaty by the end of the year. The Czech Republic wants to be prepared for an EU without the Lisbon Treaty due to the situation in Ireland. "We are also sending a reserve alternative in the event the treaty is not valid," Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Alexandr Vondra told journalists in Prague, according to the Czech agency ČTK.” 

While French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Saturday called on the EU countries to continue ratifying the Lisbon Treaty, his Czech colleague Vaclav Klaus called the Irish referendum result a "victory of freedom and reason" and said "ratification cannot continue". His view was echoed in the Czech senate. 

The Lisbon Treaty ratification process has already been slowed down in the Czech Republic, where at present, the Czech Constitutional Court is analysing the treaty at the request of the Senate.

The eurosceptic, right-wing, neo-liberal ODS of Czech President Vaclav Klaus and Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek seems concerned that the Czech EU Presidency, starting on 1 January 2009, will be overshadowed by the future permanent EU Council President. 

Meanwhile, Sarkozy is flying to Prague today to hold urgent talks with the Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Slovakia and Hungary have ratified the Treaty, while the Polish President Lech Kaczynski said he will fulfill the last step before ratification, despite the referendum results in Poland. In April both chambers of the Polish Parliament ratified the treaty, the last step being the signature by the president.