Barroso: The Lisbon Treaty Leads to Illuminism, To Military Power, Glory and World Governance

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Barroso´s speech on European Values. An Excerpt

Abstract: First, Barroso praises Pope John Paul II from Krakow for having launched the New World Order gnostic Interfaith Movement - the beginning of a fictitious global unity religion. Then he mentions "human dignity" several times, a phrase which the EU itself has declared to be "the illuminist ideal". To this end, in an illuminist manner, Barroso wants to develop us inferior humans - just as his illuminist colleagues Hitler, Stalin and Mao would.  Barroso is also highlighting the Lisbon Treaty as the road to EU´s military glory through their efforts to create peace throughout the world. Furthermore, the Lisbon Treaty must ensure that the EU can come to stand for "world governance", ruling the world with like-minded. The worst thing that according to Barroso could happen is that the EU does not speak with the one voice of dictatorship, but decays into ugly nationalism and patriotism. This would reduce (his) EU´s glory, greatness and ability to wage war in the name of peace. And he praises the European values - "Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood" - the slogan of the illuminist French Revolution. Untrue, Barroso claims man is at the centre of the EU, which was made without its citizens, works without its citizens (except its bribed NGOs and lobbyists) and ignores the expressed will of its citizens (The Lisbon Treaty, e.g.).

[1] EU Commission President José Barroso, Cracow, Poland, 6 Sept. 2009: 
[2] “This meeting is special. First, because of its location - here in Cracow, the home of John Paul II, who convened that first, historic gathering for peace in Assisi in 1986.”

[2] [3] Interfaith Pope John Paul receives the praise of another illuminist. To the right, he is kissing the Koran!! In 1986 he gathered all religious leaders for a 2 day prayer session in Assissi for world peace to their “common Great Spirit”.  The left picture is from the 20. papal Interfaith meeting. After the 2. Vatican Concile and the [4] New Catholic Cathechism (art. 841) made Christ superfluous, stating that his worst deniers, the Muslims are also saved, annual Interfaith meetings take place – within the Framework of the New World Order´s  “[5] United Religions´Initiative” , launched by the [6] Rockefeller-supported Aspen Institute,” which stands for New Age Enlightnment, the [7] aim of which is “world Unity”. Here is what Luci(fer)s Trust writes on this enlightenment/illumination):“…..spirituality is not to be confined only to the acceptance and the following of the precepts contained in the world scriptures.” 
 So Interfaith means: good-bye, Bible. Good-bye, Christ.” With papal blessing.  The cleresy of protestant Churches follow widely suit.  Pope Benedict XVI has now officially [8] joined the New World Order policy.

“Poland is where the War began and no other country symbolises more the pain and the sufferings of war and the atrocities it brings….

[9] Barroso-satanistI would like to pay tribute today to the very special part that Poland played in the reunification of Europe. John Paul II, certainly one of the greatest personalities in European
history, played an inspirational role. Indeed, Mikhail Gorbachev said that the collapse of communism would have been impossible without him.

Poland is now a very respected member of the European family, fully participating in decisions on the future of the continent. What should this future be? My own view is clear. The starting point must be our belief in the dignity of the human being. The belief that this dignity is inalienable. This belief stems from our common intellectual, cultural and spiritual heritage. It should unite all Europeans - regardless of their culture, religious faith or philosophical belief.

Right: EU Commissioner José Barroso making a double hand sign of the “[10] divine king”, Rothschild´s man to rule the [11] world state.

It is the source of our common European values:
Freedom: because each individual is responsible for developing his own potential. But hey cannot do this without responsibility. Indeed, without responsibility freedom is an empty

[12] Stenkastende-muslimer-i-london-east-endHuman rights and all the fundamental freedoms that go hand in hand with the rule of law and democracy are now recognised as indispensable values in our Union;

Tolerance – or to put it more strongly – a robust appreciation of the value of pluralism and diversity in our society. This of course ties in strongly with the Spirit of Assisi. John Paul said: "Saying 'Europe' must be equivalent to saying "openness." Tolerance implies that we cannot accept any form of discrimination between human beings.

Solidarity - Solidarity between human beings who do not exist merely as individuals; they are part of a community. But solidarity also between the member states of our European Union, and with other parts of the world; because no country in the world alone can cope with the global challenges of the 21st century. For a Europe built on values, the moral challenge of global poverty must remain one of our most compelling goals. We must not allow economic crisis in the developed world to dilute our mission to bring help to those facing the challenge of survival in so many parts of the world.I am determined to continue to make the case that Europe must build on our pioneering work, with Africa in particular, and act as a champion of the developing world.Our focus must remain on achieving the [13] Millennium Development Goals.

I would add a special concern for the environment, because, in addition to the obligations we have to our fellow human beings, we are also increasingly aware of the obligations we have to our planet and future generations.

 [14] Eufor2But Europe should do more for peace. That is why I hope that the Lisbon Treaty will soon be ratified and signed by all Member States because it will reinforce our capacity to act globally. We have been actively promoting human rights, never hesitating to condemn their violation. But we must better use our potential as a civilian power for peace, by linking security and development to help rescue and rehabilitate failed states. We can and must do more to play our role in conflict resolution and peace-keeping and peacebuilding. Non-proliferation will be a major challenge in the coming years.

We must put human dignity at the heart of our endeavours.

I believe that neither the market nor the state is an end in itself. They are simply a means to an end. That end is human development. In other words, they are our servants, not our
masters. They must create the conditions which favour the fullest possible development of each and every one of us.

So, to consider the market for a moment, this crisis has taught us that we need effective regulation to make sure that it works for people. But that is not enough. Because even
the smartest and the most effective regulation does not replace the need for businesses to behave responsibly.

Because in the end, the crisis was not primarily a crisis of regulation or supervision. It was above all a crisis of values, and I insist on the word values. It resulted, in part at least,
from a failure by some to understand their wider ethical responsibilities, from the preponderance of a paradigm which was not sustainable. In future, markets must be
directed towards the pursuit of the common good.

I also believe that our unique European experience is crucially relevant internationally. The crisis has shown that the world needs values and new models to inspire new ideas. The post-crisis economy will be different to the pre-crisis economy. There will be a much greater emphasis on all kinds of sustainability –financial, social, environmental. It is our model, the European model of Society which is best equipped to meet this challenge.
The crisis proved beyond any doubt that  global interdependence is irreversible. Yet the global community has yet to find a common set of values or rules or even the correct fora
within which we should work on those rules and values. With over 50 years of transnational rule making and the management of interdependence, Europe is the natural advocate of the global [15] Babel-tower-europe-many-tongues-one-voice-150governance which the world now needs. It is in this way that Europe wants to help shape this global governance with its positive values.

This, then, could be Europe's moment. A continent where terrible atrocities were committed in the last century has the vocation to become a leading force for progress in this one.

Europe now faces a stark choice. A choice which can no longer be delayed. If Europe acts as a single entity and speaks with a single voice, it can become a co-leader in the world, working in partnership with the others. But if it fails to act as a single entity – if it falls prey to 'fragmented power syndrome', to short-termism, to ugly nationalism and chauvinism, - it will be consigned to the sidelines. Europe must choose the first of these options. Not so that it can seek power for its own sake– but so that it can become a champion
of the values of peace, freedom and solidarity and to give our positive contribution.

This is the kind of Europe I believe in. A Europe that puts people at the heart of its project. A Europe which promotes human
development in the fullest possible sense. A Europe which promotes the development of "the whole man and of all men."”

Mr. Barroso is not speaking the truth. The EU does not put people at the heart of its project. The EU has no relationship with its citzen. The EU was made and works without and far above the Europeans.
This is apparently a nice speech based on the [16] The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. However, The Lisbon Treaty is clearly stated to be necessary for the EU´s militay ambitions everywhere in the world in the name of peace making and peace keeping. A “noble” purpose – as we see it in Afghanistan and Iraq – and where next? This is totally in consistency with the[17] aspirations of Javier Solana, who is also slobbering for the Lisbon Treaty like children for sweets in order to conquer the world for the New World order – in Somalia, e.g.

[18] Benita-Ferrero-Waldner-EuromediterraneanLet us have a look at these values: Freedom. Who is free in Europe? The media were commanded to observe selfregulation if it wanted to avoid legislation against the freedom of speech ([19] Benita Ferrero Waldner, Vienna 22 May, 2006) – repeated by [20] Euromed and the Media. If Europeans should feel inclined to express their dissatisfaction with the Muslims and quote Koran verses they may be condemned to 3 years of imprisonment for xenophobia and racism  ([21] European Framework Decision). Gert Wilders just had a narrow escape. Only 3 out of 27 EU statetes were allowed to vote on the Constitution/Lisbon Treaty. They said no – and the EU doesn´t care.  

[16] The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights contains a lot of fine words about e.g. freedom of speech. But it only seems to apply to minorities, like homosexuals, Muslim immgrants etc. Article 11, Freedom of expression and information says: …2. The freedom and pluralism of the media shall be respected. (Which the EU doesn´t do! ) The [22] Euromediterranean Process is systemtically passed by –  [23] even being called conspiracy theory – although EU´s dokuments show conspiracy practice instead..
Article 21:  Non-discrimination. Any discrimination based on any ground such as sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation shall be prohibited. Later it is stated: Enjoyment of these rights entails responsibilities and duties with regard to other persons, to the human community and to future generations. So what is left for criticism? Only your local football team! Fine to say you have freedom of speech – but it is forbidden to speak of what is really altering our societies! 

Article 41
Right to good administration: 2. This right includes: the right of every person to be heard, before any individual measure which would affect him or her adversely is taken. So why does the EU and its government henchmen not hear me, or allow me and all other Europeans  to vote on their Lisbon Treaty?

[24] Illuminatpyramide-illuminerer-klodenSolidarity: encompasses the entire world – in particular Africa. This job is already being practised in the [22] Euromediterranean Process, now the [25] Union for the Mediterranean. Or is it? Before 2050 the EU will have wheedled [26] 56 mio skilled African workers and their families to the EU, leaving the Africans in increasing backwardness and poverty. Then. Mr. Barroso says: “We must not allow the economic crisis in the developed world to dilute our mission to bring help to those facing the challenge of survival in so many parts of the world”. Nearly touchingly idealistic. But the truth is that his New World order partners, the Rothschild agents, [27] the Fed and Wall Street, [28] started the crisis. Then [29] Barroso´s economic watchdogs saw all the subprime bubbles and scam. They said nothing. And [30] now Mr Barroso hires the same Rothschild gang to control EU and world economy again!!! Is he showing us solidarity, accepting the [31] Codex Alimentarius and exposing us to GM-food without labeling?  Art. 20 is about equality.

Environment: This shows better than anything else the nature of Mr. Barroso and the [32] EU climate scam: One big lie apt to loot us underlings and promote the [11] world state. There is no climate crisis – and there is no CO2–damage to the climate
Human development and human dignity: This is the most scaring since it is a clear New World Order aim.  In [33] the explanatory statement of this EU bill it is stated: “It (The EU) is progressing towards its aim of establishing a political community pursuing the [34] illuminist ideal of the sublime dignity of man.” I suspect that in stead of developing we are in a painful process of dismantling humanity into a [35] posthuman phase. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and their consorts also followed [36] Adam Weishaupt´s/Rothschild´s illuminist ideal about the development of man and the sublime dignity of the master race.

The sublime dignity of man has been declared an illuminist aim by the EU - and Barroso here professes his illuminist credo!!

Look at the words freedom, equality, solidarity. Compare them with “Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood” – a [37] slogan of the French   Revolution, which was initiated and directed by the illuminists. [38] The Marquis de Luchet, a friend of Mirabeau, in January, 1789, wrote in his Essay on the Sect of the Illuminati/illuminists: "Deluded people. You must understand that there exists a conspiracy in favor of despotism, and against liberty, of incapacity against talent, of vice against virtue, or ignorance against light! … Every species of error which afflicts the earth, every half-baked idea, every invention serves to fit the [36] doctrines of the illuminati … The aim is universal domination." 

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