No to the Nosferatu: A Living Dead EUSSR Treaty of Lisbon - No to Undemocratic “EU-Happy End”

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The brave  Irish Nay-voters are being tricked. We feared just that: The miserable, hypocritical eurocrats – although  depicting the EU as a model of democracy to the world – never intended to respect the Irish nay. In Febr. 2008 the [1] EU Parliament decided with 499 votes to 129 to disregard an upcoming Irish "Nay".

[2] The Telegraph June 14. 2008:[2] Sarkozy and Merkel  as well as Gordon Brown  have agreed to force us forwards on our long democratic death march into the New World Order world state.
One may wonder what they are being paid for selling all decency as well as us off.

                               No, no, Sarko! Not here! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!

These "fine" people alongside with [3] illuminist guru and [4] would-be emperor, Commission President[5] José Barroso, openly declare “the European Commission believes that the remaining ratifications should continue to take their course”, although the populations of those countries have been denied the right of a referendum on their future. 
For, as [6] Nicolas Sarkozy expressed: “A referendum on that treaty would reject it in any European country and endanger Europe.” Meaning: The Europeans are too dangerous for the Europe of the elite!!”

Incorporated into the Treaty would be a series of protocol texts giving paper "opt-outs" on controversial Irish EU issues ([7] The Telegraph June 11, 2008), such as taxation powers or greater military co-operation. . 

Such texts would be similar to Britain's existing protocol opt-outs on the Charter of Fundamental Rights and social issues in the Lisbon Treaty text being ratified in Westminster.

Ireland, like the rest of the Europe, does not hold referendums on EU enlargement treaties and with new protocol opt-outs Dublin may get a new Accession Treaty past the Irish parliament without a popular vote."
It is probably no more difficult than the legal footwork necessary to turn the Constitutional Treaty into [the] Lisbon [Treaty] after the French and Dutch rejected it.
The issue will be timing."

[7] [7] The Telegraph June 11, 2008 : Even Irish officials have held secret talks to implement the Lisbon Treaty regardless of any referendum on the text.
During talks to create an EU diplomatic corps on May 7 and May 13, Irish diplomats presented a position on the composition of the European External Action Service and role of the EU's new "foreign minister".

Secret minutes seen by The Daily Telegraph show that Ireland's EU ambassador, Bobby McDonagh, pleaded with his colleagues to keep the talks and Dublin's position confidential. "[We] have to remain cautious in presenting these issues [referendum]!," the minutes record.

However, The British Think Tank [8] Open Europe [8] (June 13, 2008) has issued this press release
Open Europe today said that it would be electoral suicide for Gordon Brown to ignore the verdict of the Irish voters, and said he must call a referendum in Britain.
Open Europe also today releases a new ICM poll which finds that if a referendum were held in Britain people would vote against the Lisbon Treaty by 51% to 28%.

So, what now?([9] Euractive June 13, 2008)
If the EU fails to find a quick way out of the crisis, it is likely to be weakened internationally.
All this is now put into question with the Irish "no" vote, also with implications for the enlargement process of the EU.
Indeed, the Treaty also sought to address the bloc's capacity to integrate new members. 

Nevertheless, Europe will not suddenly collapse, since it has been governed successfully by the Nice Treaty even after the enlargement to 27 members. 

What is really at stake is whether the European political class will understand the message of citizens, or make the situation even more difficult ahead of European elections mid-2009. 

[10] Times online June 14, 2008: Ireland and the rest of Europe will wake up on Monday with a headache
but not much else. Not a single Eurocrat will lose his job. The bloated 27-strong Commission may even breathe a sigh of relief as a little-noticed clause in the treaty cut its size.

The big losers are Turkey and Croatia. British Tory Eurosceptics hypocritically proclaim their support for Turkish accession, but know that demanding referendums on future treaties means an end to enlargement.

How does the EU now proceed? 
No EU treaty can come into force until all signatory nations ratify it.
The rules are clear.

The prussian way: “Bully them”! [11] (The Independent June 14, 2008)
Legally, the new treaty must be ratified by all 27 member states to come into force. Officials in some capitals, notably Berlin, argue that Ireland, with 4 million people, is too small to be allowed to hold up the plans of governments representing almost 500 million people. Dublin would have to be bullied into accepting some kind of semi-detached European status, like that of Norway.

Officials in Brussels said they doubted whether that could work. In any case, they said, why should Ireland be menaced with de facto expulsion when France and the Netherlands escaped any threat after their popular "no" votes in 2005? Besides, the officials said, it would be dangerous to ride rough-shod over a popular vote.

EU capitals are confronted with a depressing conundrum. The peoples of the European Union – even those who have manifestly benefited from the enterprise such as the French and the Dutch and now the Irish – feel threatened, rather than inspired or protected, by their membership of the enlarged EU.

New-old British firmness ([12] Times Online - June 15, 2008)
But No 10 sources say the prime minister would rather see the entire constitutional treaty collapse than allow individual member states to be left trailing in a two-speed Europe. If Europe presses ahead without Ireland, it would set a precedent for a two-speed club, with Britain likely to be stuck in the second tier.

The collapse of the Lisbon treaty would take the heat off Brown on a referendum. 

A Downing Street source said: “The legal position on this is very clear: the treaty cannot come into force until all 27 countries have ratified it.”

At this week’s Brussels summit, Brown will refuse to agree to anything that could leave the Irish out in the cold, according to aides.

One senior government official said anyone who thought the Irish vote could be ignored was “living in cloud-cuckoo-land”.

[13] CNN News June 15, 2008: Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen tonight said that both the EU and Ireland were facing a painful dilemma.
British Foreign Minister, David Milliband: "There can be no question of bulldozing or bamboozling or ignoring the Irish vote," Miliband told the British Broadcasting Corp. When asked whether he accepted that the treaty was dead because of the Irish vote, Miliband suggested that Cowen wielded the power to kill it.

On our behalf, the Irish have rejected the Treaty of Lisbon - however wanting to remain members of the Europe of equal, sovereign states according to many nay-sayers.

The "[14] EU Referendum" thinks the Irish "Nay" is of little importance and that the Eurocrats will pretty soon find a way to outsmart us - as usual. Maybe, that´s right. But if they do so the popular  pressure on European governments will hopefully grow unbearable for them. 

Or are we the nosferatu: the living dead?

If possible the Europeans should now mobilise a common front for respect of the Irish “Nay” against the Lisbon Treaty and  EU enlargement plans, which in the short run include the [15] Muslim countries in the Middle East and North Africa – in the long run will only stop at the end of the world, i.e. the world state!




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