Man Plays God V. Brain-engineering. Thus The Devil Cheats God of Your Soul - Giving Him a Computer Instead

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This may be the uncanniest thing you ever read!
Summary: The “Body Snatchers” now call themselves trans-human and have been draining our souls out of us with the Rockefeller-funded mental health brainwashing. Now they are planning to fill our vacuum with a chip, so we become posthuman. Everybody is said to have such a chip in the brain by 2030. This provides an artificial intelligence and enables to learn a new language within a few seconds. Who will not be chipped, but wants to remain human, will definitely be a loser. These post-human hybrids between human and computer can be remote-controlled and monitored - and are just as amoral as the New World Order. The scientific journal, “The Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare and Ethics,” sees this as very likely and it sees amazing opportunities to transform humanity. Others see this as the end of humanity. Now implantation of chips under the skin is being carried out, and Obama’s Health Care Bill expresses the implantation of the chip as a condition for coverage in case of sickness. Nicholas Rockefeller wants everybody to be brain-chipped, so the bank emperors can control them. Our descendants are said to no longer be human beings - and their souls will be completely gone - replaced by computers.

[1] I have previously written about the spread of the “[2] body snatchers”. As [3] Takuan Seyo said, these body snatchers have depleted our bodies of our minds and souls, already.
But it comes much worse: They are filling the empty space with remote controlled chips to make us robots. This is good-bye to humanity.

The Extropy Institute is the author of the below. It is part of the UN-associated [4] NGO “Friends of the UN”

[5] What is transhumanism and the transhuman?
A transhuman is a human in transition. We are transhuman to the extent that we seek to become posthuman and take action to prepare for a posthuman future. This involves learning about and making use of new technologies that can increase our capacities and life expectancy, questioning common assumptions, and transforming ourselves ready for the future, rising above outmoded human beliefs and behaviors.

Julian Huxley’s book written in 1956, New Bottles For New Wine, contains the essay “TRANSHUMANISM” which sets out to explain how humans must establish a better environment for themselves. He also alludes to a new species that the human might eventually become.  Dr. Max More first published the term “transhumanism” as a philosophy in 1990. The difference in Huxley’s transhumanism and More’s transhumanism is that Huxley states “man remaining man but transcending himself.” Transhumanism as defined by More explains the overcoming of human limits and the transformation from being human to becoming posthuman.

[6] Hitler[7] Julian-huxley[8] Julian Huxley and Hitler had principally the same thoughts about eugenics: The weak must disappear - or the race decays. Hitler killed millions - Huxley´s thoughts are killing mankind.  Hitler died in disgrace, Huxley was knighted and became UNESCO´s Director General..

Dr. Max More (in Extropy The Journal of Transhumanist Thought #6, 1990) “Transhumanism is a class of philosophies that seek to guide us towards a posthuman condition. Transhumanism shares many elements of humanism, including a respect for reason and science ([9] [10] basis of Luciferianism). “Our descendants will in many ways no longer be ‘human’ (Dr. Robin Hanson).”

What is a posthuman? “Posthuman” is a term used by transhumanists to refer to what humans could become if we succeed in using technology to remove the limitations of the human condition. No one can be certain exactly what posthumans would be like (there may be many differing types, and they may continuing changing) but we can understand the term by contrasting it with “human”: Posthumans would be those who have overcome the biological, neurological, and psychological constraints built into humans by the evolutionary process. Posthumans would have a far greater ability to reconfigure and sculpt their physical form and function; they would have an expanded range of refined emotional responses, and would possess intellectual and perceptual abilities enhanced beyond the purely human range. Posthumans would not be subject to biological ageing or degeneration. It would be unrealistic to expect posthumans to be “perfect” by our standards. What we can reasonably say is that posthumans would have greater potential for good or bad, just as humans have greater potential than other primate species.

Many transhumanists find it highly plausible that posthumans would be partly or wholly postbiological – the personalities of biological humans having been transferred “into” (or gradually replaced by) more durable, modifiable, faster, and more powerful bodies and thinking hardware. Some of the disciplines that transhumanists currently expect to play a role in allowing us to become posthuman include genetic engineering, neural-computer integration, biomedicine and nanobiotechnology, regenerative medicine, and the cognitive sciences.

Next see this gruesome [11] video on the New World Order´s  trans/posthumanism
This terrible videofilm by Aaron Franz lasts 58:33 Minutes. I shall give you a short excerpt
“On 3 Dec., 2001 the NSF (National Space Forum) Held a Conference with participation of the US DOD and the elite of Us technology, like NASA, MIT, Stanford University, Hewlett Packard and many more.
Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, made a speech and introduced the phrase “Age of Transition“. The US government wanted to change human nature! It wanted to enhance the  performance of the human brain by implantation of brain chips! This opens up for artificial intelligence and to learning a new language within seconds - as well to let a human brain live on for ever in a virtual computer scenario! Of course it also opens up for manipulations of the individual´s behaviour and desires. One purpose is to eliminate the sexual urge - and thus to reduce the number of the lower class. This cybernetic enhancement of brain performance is inevitable. Virtually everyone will have some kind of artificial intelleigence by 2030! The losers will be those who prefer to remain humans - not posthumans. The US government spent 604 mio dollars for the purpose. Through techno-progress, it will be possible to improve the human race.Transhumanism has its origin in eugenics.

This eugeneticist Darwinism has become a religion to the elite, who consider themselves superior to the masses.
They will remove man´s free will and change the human spirit into a new kind of creature with a clown-goblin appearance, so as to make themselves appear nobler in comparison! These creatures will be part machine, part human. They will live in a virtual world with virtual friends etc.

[12] Borg-obamaThe British DoD is said to have made a prognosis up to 2035. People will be in a state of shock. Brain chip implantation will increase tremendously. Should the connection to the chip be disconnected, it would be considered suspicious - and the criminal would be taken to a camp. Eutanasia will be widely applied to reduce the burden of the elder.

Then Aldous Huxley speaks of the ultimate revolution, and a victim of mind control tells about her sufferings. The media has already created a virtual reality for us. Whereupon
Posthumanism is the end of the human race. Only people who think they are gods can do such things.”

Nonsense? Here is what the scientific periodical, [13] The Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics has to say: “Becoming Borg (cybernetic organism) to Become Immortal”. Brain chips are a very likely future technology. The encyclopedic recall of a computer-enhanced mind is combined with the ability to share information at a distance. The potential of brain chips for transforming humanity are astounding.

The chip is reality
[14] Chip[15] BBC 29 Sept. 2004 The exclusive VIP-Night Baja Beach Club in Barcelona offers its VIP-customers an Injection of a glass capsule 1,3 mm x 1mm unter the skin Haut - for a settlement of accounts.  It rests unter the skin Haut, sending in a very low frequency radio range.
[16] The Obama Health care bill under Class II (Paragraph 1, Section B) specifically includes ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable.” Approved by the FDA, [16] a class II implantable device is a “implantable radio frequency transponder system for patient identification and health information and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary.”

[17] Chip-implantationThis sort of device would be implanted in the majority of people who opt to become covered by the public health care option.   Eventually everyone will be implanted with a chip.
[18] This is confirmed on Ron Paul´s blog Liberty Forest.

This is truly the world elite’s ultimate execution of their missions [10] Luciferian dreams: transform man because in its current form he does not fit into their sick imaginations. They hate God - and love themselves! God created man in his image – which they hate. Now they will remake man in their, Luciferian, sick and evil image. The posthuman man has no morals - does obediently as commanded by the elite in any way. The Devil will not get human souls to Hell in future – just see robot computerized programmes in an eternal virtual world, and what a Hell that will be! Will he be pleased with so little? Anyhow, he can laugh at the fact that God will be unable to collect any souls in the future! I think God will crush the computer makers and their robots, before they mock him that much
[19] Aaron-Russo-with-Nick-Rockefeller[20] On this video Nicholas Rockefeller is quoted as saying to his friend, film maker Aaron Russo, the aim is to supply every one with a (brain) “chip” in order to have the bankers lead them. So, much does indicate that man is going to be transformed into a posthuman robot.

We are facing the greatest change in humanity, since homo sapiens appeared on this planet. It is called the end of humanity – and the beginning of the age of remote controlled robots –everybody being brain-nano-chipped and remote-controlled. No personality, no soul, just obedient, neutered mind controlled robots, playtoys of the deified global elite, who will decide who is allowed to breed and who not – and in what shape. Terrible brave new world isn´t it?

But then again: Is it better today?  How many simply will not hear about the opponent of the Luciferian New [21] Lennon_satanWorld Order, The teachings of Jesus Christ, the basis of the Old World Order´s perception of good and evil – although he did prove his divinity through the [22] Shroud of Turin? On the other hand they believe and practice any negation of Christ´s teachings, making good bad and vice versa. No wonder that the [23] bishop of Rochester – with a Muslim name – on 13 sept. 2009 points out that the rejection of Christian values are damaging to the UK. Our media and officials have brainwashed us - but were they successful? In Europe yes but not in the US, only [24] 29% believing them.

The Beatles worked for Rothschild´s Satanic “
[25] divine king” and were the idols of many – leading to an empty life in a drug culture.

[26] Djaevelen-grinerThe fact is that Global mind control through the [27] Mental Hygiene movement is an old story. Man has already for a long time been living the “Age of Transition”. He is in the transhuman phase – many already in a state of regulated posthumanist, robot stage.
Who profits? The name Rockefeller appears again and again in connection with mind control and eugenics, since in 1919 the Rockefeller Foundation began supporting [28] Clifford Beers “International Committee for Mental Hygiene” – which in in 1948 was replaced by the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH). It would “enjoy consultative relationship with several UN agencies and… national groups.” The Founding document sees world citizenship and one world as prerequisites for mental health.

In this manner , you liquidate the Old World Order.

Indeed, our souls will inevitably end up as radio-controlled robots in [29] Rothschilds even[10] Luciferian pockets. Only a change of attitudes or the return of Christ can prevent it.

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