Mail to the EU Parliament on EU Control of the Blogosphere

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In the [1] EU communication on A Motion for a EU Parliamentary Resolution [1] (2007/2253(INI) of June 11, 2008 by Ms Marianne Mikko The parliament asks for a comment. Here is mine:
Ms Mikko expresses dislike of malicious intentions and hidden agendas in the blogosphere!!

In contrast to normal bloggers the EU - as seen from the side of European populations - has both malicious and hidden agendas - whereas normal bloggers do not conceal their opinions.

It is the EU which fills the cyberspace and Europe with spam, malicious and hidden agendas. You keep speaking about democracy - while behaving like dictators:

1. You do not inform us about the contents of the Lisbon Treaty
2. You did not let us vote about it
3. When the French and the Dutch discarded the same treaty - you disregarded them - and reintroduced practically the same treaty!
4. Your are about to introduce a farreaching "Union for the Mediterranean". The public has never heard of that  - nor about the Euromediterrranean Process, which is now nearly 13 years old!
5. You have not informed us about the EU promising its 4 fundamental rights  - among them free immigration - to the citizens of now 11 Muslim Euromediterranean "partner countries" at the 6. Euromediterranean Foreign Minister Conference in Naples on Dec. 2-3, 2003.
Nor about the Euromediterranean common market to start on Jan 1, 2010.
6. You speak of freedom of expression as a human right! Nevertheless, in her speech in Vienna on May 22/23, 2006, Benita Ferrero Waldner threatened legislation against the freedom of expression of the media, unless the latter "introduced and maintained self-censorship in their own professional lines". Besides, on Apr. 19, 2007, the EU-Council introduced the infamous "Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia", threatening any one rightly criticising Islam or Muslims 3 years of imprisonment!!!

7. You go on extorting CO2 taxes from us - although any genuine scientific evidence and honest, unbribed scientist show time and again that the climate change is not man-made. That we are on the way out of a  minor glacial age, which started about 1500 A.D. - after a medieval warming period with temperatures higher than now. In spite of the temperature falling over the latest decade - at the same time as CO2 in the Air increases due to liberation from the oceans. 450 million years ago we had 10 times as much CO2 in the atmosphere - and a glacial age!!!   
8.You are obviously stealing our Christian national and religious identities in favour of pumping more and more Muslims into Europe. 
9. You keep talking of the EU as an example to the rest of the world, while the EU parliamentarians are being revealed as fraudulent time and again - and the budget of the EU has not been acccepted by the Court   of  Auditors because of irregularities for now 13 years in a row!!! 

In my opinion, you are the dangerous people with hidden agendas and malicious intentions: to create your world state through fraud and lies

Anders Bruun Laursen

former Consultant Ophthalmologist 

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