Summary: According to the insider, George Hunt, Rothschilds New World Order has been in control of  the environmental movement since its birth in 1972. The idea of CO2-combating was put forward in 1987 by Edmund de Rothschild - “it means money,” he said. Furthermore, he suggested a 2nd Marshall plan: 44 billion. dollars from western taxpayers were paid through his Frankfurt bank to rescue the Soviet rubel! The enormously  rich Rothschild family has taken complete control of world economy and policy. It has bribed politicians to dance to their tune, and his concerns are in control of governments through lobbying. Mussolini defined such a state as fascism.
Rothschild created Israel and has made the Supreme Court building in Jerusalem a Rothschild temple with illuminist symbols of his world state. They have followed Herzl´s tactics to fund anti-Semites in order to chase the Jews to Palestine (Hitler, Auschwitz). The  CO2 madness has now reached the point that individual, personal CO2 budgets are being proposed  - which can only be administered through nano-chip implantation (underway) that can detect and influence individual behavior. Furthermore, Western countries are to buy unused CO2 allowances from underdeveloped countries at Rothschild´s Global Carbon Trading Market.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836): I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

Henry Makow (Jewish): “Society is totally subverted. Government, education, entertainment and the news media, think tanks, foundations, NGO’s, professional associations and major charities are totally in the hands of the central banking cartel.  Intelligence agencies report to the central bankers. They and Masonic secret societies are a central part of the mechanism of control. Society is helpless to address its real problem: the untenable concentration of wealth, power and cultural influence in the hands of Cabala-believing bankers secretly intent on culling or enslaving us. Mankind is being put into a coma based on sex and money. The last thing the bankers want to do is awaken the cattle from their slumber.”

First, I would ask you to listen carefully to this video. George Hunt was a participant at the Wilderness Conferences in 1987 and 1991 – he knows the New World Order elite personally. Here, in 1992, he tells us about his experiences.

He tells that the New World Order created the Environmental Movement back in 1972 in Stockholm by later UNCED president, Maurice Strong - the co-author of the Earth Charter – and has been ruling it ever since (1992). At the 4. World (Wilderness) Conference in 1987 New World Order illuminists like David Rockefeller, Edmund de Rothschild, Maurice Strong, US Secretary of State Baker, Gro Harlem Brundtland and IMF officials participated.
The 4. World (Wilderness) Conference also hints at Rothschild´s 4. World: The one world state and government under Caesar Rothschild – much like imperial Rome. Presidents lick Rothschild´s boots! In this video from 28:55 min. Maurice Strong praises Edmund de Rothschild as the pioneer in associating environmentalism and finance. From 30:50 min. Edmund de Rothschild puts forward some interesting remarks:1. CO2 is the cause of a postulated greenhouse effect. He suggests CO2 to be transformed to dry ice and shipped to the poles to keep the temperature there low!! 2. This means money, he says!! 3. He suggests a second Marshall plan for saving the rubel. The sum was 44 bn dollars, which was delivered to the Soviet Union from the West by Rothschild´s newly openly reopened Bank in Frankfurt. 4. He pleads for stable development (today = sustainability, a communist concept). Without debate the principles of Rothschild´s plan were made part of the UN´s environmental policy.
However, Maurice Strong told George Hunt, that a small group of leaders at the WEF at Davos wanted the rich polluting countries to reduce their CO2–pollution. But they agreed that western governments would not accept that. So, to save the planet, these leaders agreed that it might be their duty to make world economy collapse!!!

Suppose the Rothschilds have a desire to be the world´s  rightful masters, because they were brought up to believe they have Lucifer´s right by birth to and cleverness for that post. However, they consider their fellow humans to be “underlings,” because they were brought up with the book of the Pharisees, and here, the Talmud. A book the hatespeech of which against the goyim was the model for the Koran´s hatespeech against the infidels.
How would they implement their desire? Nathan Mayer knew. Money opens all doors. So the family spread in the world to scratch by all means as much money as they could from the underlings.
How much money does the House of Rothschild  possess now?Yahoo answers” says 300 trillion dollars .
Marcus Angelicus 1997: Between 1,9 trillion US $ and 491,409.0 trillion US $ - dependent on returns on investment - 4 or 8% - on the 6 billion dollars which Rothschild owned in 1850. The current crisis has made them considerably wealthier – for they  and their Wall Street henchmen made and are managing it from the beginning.

What have they got with that much money?
Had a right arm like the Rockefellers to do the job for them. Bought and here (Repr. Collin Peterson, New York Times 31 May, 2009) national politicians by means of secret clubs like the Bilderberg Club, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, The Club of Rome, constructed regional unions like the EU . Furthermore, they have established their worldwide banks, the IMF, the World Bank, the BIS, the Wall Street, die WTO.They created the US Federal Reserve System and central banks illegally making money out of thin air, harvesting interest rates they fix. They control our economy by people who ignored the insane speculations leading to the current economic crisis – and letting the same controllers go on ignoring the NWO financial crimes. They are controlling EU´s industry by means of the European Round Table of Industrialists, and hide their faces from the public.  They are looting the underlings through the CO2–hoax market of the EU – the ETS or ECX, the European Climate Exchange. Very efficient – but not enough. They had to own the media in order to let their mental hygiene brainwashing machine lull the public worldwide asleep in welfare, sex, sport, drugs, and Rock, blind them so that they see the NWO´s evil deeds – and yet think they are just accidental. Pth! Conspiracy theory – as the Swedish newspaper, Sydsvenskan, recently wrote about Eurabia/the Euromediterranean Process, which the EU has so openly documented.
Senator Barry Goldwater stated that Rockefeller´s Council on Foreign Relations dominates the media and Congress. This video confirms this and this blog states that Rockefeller-Rothschild´s Jews own 96% of the world´s media.

They have governed world policy by financing the Russian Revolution and especially here and Hitler´s nazism. They told Mr. Gorbachev to change the Soviet Union and to join the IMF, the World Bank, the GATT – for else! – through their henchmen in the Trilateral Commission, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Valéry Giscard d´Estaing in 1989, just before the Sovietunion fell. Gorbie knew too well, that the GDR fell, because Rockefeller´s Chase Manhattan had granted no more credits since 1982. They have bought the US government to take their people into the government and made a real world governance at all governmental levels, thereby disabling national governments. So what more can they do? Make more money! Take more power! Reduce the stupid “useless eaters! Make themselves the emperors of a one world government! How?

The Huffington Post 20 Aug. 2009, Larry Flint The American government — which we once called our government — has been taken over by Wall Street (Rothschild´s agents), the mega-corporations and the super-rich. They are the ones who decide our fate.
It is this group of powerful elites, the people President Franklin D. Roosevelt called “economic royalists,” who choose our elected officials — indeed, our very form of government. Both Democrats and Republicans dance to the tune of their corporate masters. In America, corporations are the government.This was never more obvious than with the Wall Street bailout, whereby the very corporations that caused the collapse of our economy were rewarded with taxpayer dollars. Henry Kissinger refers to us as “useless eaters.”

The financial elite had bribed our legislators. President Obama: “A culture of irresponsibility took root, from Wall Street to Washington to Main Street.” Obama cannot stand up to the powerful Wall David_rothschildStreet interests that supplied the bulk of his campaign money for the 2008 election. Nor, for that matter, can Congress, for much the same reason.

David de Rothschild is the current head of both the French and English branch of this apparently even criminal family

Consider what David Rockefeller wrote in his 2002 memoirs: “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States….to build …. one world, if you will. … I stand guilty.”
David Rockefeller in 1994: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.” Our country has been stolen from us.”

Now to be straight forward, the confession of the New World Order is: There is only one god, Mammon, Rothschild is his incarnation and Rockefeller his prophet

Reuters 1 Sept. 2009 Irish government has appointed investment bank Rothschild to advise on the restructuring of the country’s banking sector
Jay-rockefeller-divine-king-1The Irish Times 7 Sept. 2009 The Commission on Taxation has recommended a carbon tax to help cut Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions.
The New York Times 7 Sept. 2009 The French government plans next year to begin making heavy users of household and transport fuels bear more of the tax burden.

Jay Rockefeller is now the head of the Rockefellers – Rothschild´s right arm. Here, he is making an occult sign for the “divine king” , the Rothschild-elected man to govern the one world state

Der Spiegel 4. Sept. 2009: Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the German government’s climate protection adviser is proposing the creation of a CO2 budget for every person on the planet. Each person on earth would only be able to produce about 110 tons of CO2 between 2010 and 2050, regardless whether they live in Berlin or Beijing. An average German emits about 11 tons per year, meaning that his “budget” would be used up within 10 years. “We came up with a scheme whereby industrialized nations can buy emission quotas from countries with lower levels of CO2 output. The money made through this global trade in emissions could then be put towards financing environmentally friendly technology and developments in those countries. The industrialized nations would have to pay Up to €100 billion ($142 billion) annually.”
Comment: Oddly, on 9 Aug. the EU offered exactly this sum – but the underdeveloped countries rejected: They want 700 bn dollars instead!! This is the communist idea presented  by the UN Secretary General recently. It is somehow the 2. Marshall plan proposed by Edmund de RothschildThe plan was relaunched in 1992 by Al Gore.

PR Newswire for Journalists Sydney, Australia - Rothschild Australia and E3 International are set to become key players in the international carbon credit trading market, an emerging commodity market that analysts estimate could be worth up to US$ 150 billion by 2012. George-soros

George Soros is a Rothschild puppet and a former nazi collaborationist, who stole the property of his fellow Jews. His “Open Society” influences the EU.

The Times 30 Aug. 2009 A radical plan to raise £100 billion by privatising the motorway network has been presented to the three main political parties by NM Rothschild.
Bankers told leading politicians that the sale of the roads overseen by the Highways Agency — all motorways and most big trunk roads — could help revive battered public finances.  Jp-morganThe bank was behind many of the key privatisations of the 1980s and 1990s, including British Steel, British Gas and British Coal.

J.P. Morgan – Rothschild´s trusty, fleecing agent

Rothschild, Israel and the Bible
Israelsk-flag1895: Edmond James de Rothschild supplied the funds to found the first Jewish colonies in Palestine.
1897: The Rothschilds found the Zionist Congress. The meeting is chaired by Theodor Herzl, who would state in his diaries, “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews….become worse….this will assist in realization of our plans….I have an excellent idea….I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth….The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.” (To drive the Jews to Palestine!)
1913: The Rothschilds set up the Anti Defamation League (ADL) in the United States, designed to brand as, “anti-Semitic,” anyone who questions or challenges the Global Elite.
(1917: Rothschild behind the Balfour Declaration about a Jewish state in Palestine)
1948: The Rothschilds bribe President Harry S. Truman to recognise Israel (Rothschild owned Zionist not Jewish territory) as a sovereign state with $2,000,000. They then declare Israel to be a sovereign Jewish state in Palestine. The Flag of Israel is unveiled. It is a blue coloured version of Rothschild´s red Hexagram.

Rothschild did this in accordance with biblical prophecy (e.g. Ezech. 35-37) - not in God´s honour - but to deify himself . So, no wonder that Edmund James´son, James A. de Rothschild, paid for the Knesset and his wife, Dorothy, donated the Israeli Supreme Court building as a Rothschild temple full of  illuminist symbols (e.g. the illuminati pyramid on the roof) for Rothschild´s - not God´s - world state.

Without Hitler there would have been no state of Israel. Israel is the synthesis (Hegel) of WWII. Was Hitler a Rothschild?
Was this the reason why Rockefeller and Rothschild financed Hitler and Auschwitz – in accordance with Herzl´s plan?  Hitlers grandmother, Matild (elsewhre called Maria Anna) Schuecklgruber, became pregnant in the Mansion of Rothschild in Vienna (Baron Salomon Mayer was the only Rothschild in Vienna in 1837 – and a lecherous goat – when Hitler´s father was born). This appears from investigations by Austrian Chancellor, Dolfuss, whom Hitler had killed for that knowledge. This appears from the book by Gestapo-officer and confidant of Heydrich and von Papen,  Hansjürgen Koehler: “Inside the Gestapo” from 1941”. Koehler read a copy at Heydrich´s office in the presence of a terrified Heydrich and was entrusted to steal Chancellor Schuschniggs original document. The story is also described in Walter Langer´s Book “The Mind of Hitler,” (Wikipedia) which also has it from Thyssen. Just rumours – or what?

Financing the Holocaust Rothschild cannot have acted out of love for his fellow Jews when he founded Israel – as little as Theodor Herzl.
For 200 years the world has been groaning and mourning under the yoke of Rothschild.
Nathan_RothschildNathan Mayer Rothschild.
Rothschild makes more and more attempts to take over, rule and dictate world economy – as they started to do after Nathan Rothschild cheated the London Stock Exchange after Napoleon´s defeat in 1815: Rothschild´s speedy messenger reported to Rothschild that Napoleon had been defeated. Everybody else believed he had won. Rothschild then sold all his stock at the Stock Exchange - and everybody else did the same, the prices nosediving to nearly nothing. Thereupon, Rothschild´s agents began to secretly rebuying. This trick put the  Rothschild family in control of British economy - and of the Bank of England, even the British Empire!

A similar trick is now being performed in Ireland, forcing that country (and France?) to introduce Rothschild´s beloved CO2 tax – harmonious with Rothschild´s European Climate Exchange/ETS. Now Rothschild even audaciously tries to pinch the UK once again buying the motorways, the arteries of that nation, which is badly indebted after the Rothschild-made current economical crisis.

But what the adviser of the German Government proposes would mean the end of our freedom: Big Brother will watch your use of car, train, bus, aircraft, ships, electricity, petrol/gasoline, in its extreme consequence even your every movement: do you walk, do you run, do you bike ? – your CO2 production being dependent on it, your food (vegetables or meat) etc. Actually, this can only be done by implanting a sender/receiver nanochip in your brain – without which chip you are doomed to be an absolute loser! See this shocking video on US corporate and government engineered transhumanism, i.e. the survival of the fittest, in which also Aldous Huxley speaks about his “Brave New World”. Besides, this is Orwellian, it is the ultimate robbery of our personal belongings, spiritual and material.