Swine Flu: EU Stops Counting Pandemic Which According to WHO Was Planned Months Before Its Declaration

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Swine flu vaccine updates [1] here.
[2] EUbusiness 1 Sept, 2009  "The number of confirmed swine flu cases in Europe stands at over 46,000 and the European Union will no longer publish weekly figures on the numbers infected", a health chief said Tuesday. And she warned that over the coming months up to 30 percent of the population could be affected, putting pressure on health services.

Ms. Jakab added that clinical trials of a vaccine, being conducted on healthy adults, would be completed at the earliest by the end of September or early October, with licensing not scheduled until late October.

No clinical trials were yet planned for at risk groups such as children and pregnant women, she said.

Also, the [3] WHO stopped counting already in July! to cover the much too small numbers up.

Above, we the EU tells that children have not been tested. [4]
The Daily Mail on 9 Aug.
reports: " The swine flu vaccine which will be offered to 12 million children in the UK may not have been tested on infants by the time the first batches arrive. Pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the jabs do not have any paediatric safety data for the drugs, which could be distributed to children in the autumn.

However, the European Medicines Agency (EMEA), which will license the vaccines, said approval could be granted before the results of these trials are known.
This exposes even babies to  [5] 1 million times more squalene, than caused/is causing the Gulf War syndrome. Furthermore, the vaccine contains  thimerosal, which according to[6] Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been scientifically shown to evoke autism in children - as well as to severely [7] damage nervous tissue in fetuses and adults.  And what about the [8] Guillan-Barré syndrome?

Do the EU and the WHO state the same figures?
[9] The WHO 4. Sept, 2009:The EU coordinates the methods for diagnosing swine flu. (odd, since the WHO ordered governments to stop counting 1 1/2 months ago!). During the pandemic period from 19 April (week 17) to 1 August 2009 (week 31), 35 585 (58.7% specimens from 73 countries,  regions and areas tested positive for pandemic H1N1 2009.The pandemic H1N1 2009 virus is the predominant influenza virus circulating in many countries. All viruses tested to date are antigenically similar to the A/California/7/2009vaccine virus, pandemic H1N1 (does this indicate the origin of this virus?) sensitive to Tamiflu and  Relenza.
Comment: Here the WHO tells us that they count the pandemic already from 19 April, i.e. knew they would declare the pandemic - although it was only declared on [10] 11 June!!! This means that the WHO had planned its pandemic declaration already 2 months earlier - they wanted it whatever might happen!! So, the pandemic has no medical background.
[11] Andy-burnham
On July 3 [12] The Telegraph   reported: "A specially convened meeting of Cobra, the Government's emergencies committee, has warned that cases could reach 100,000 a day by late August. Although he insisted that this was merely a "projection" if the virus continues to spread at its current rate,
Health Secretary Andy Burnham added: "The pressure on the system is such that it is the right time to take this step (letting sick people stay at home, stop to preventive antiviral drugs)". The projection raises the possibility that millions of people will have had the virus even before the start of the traditional flu season." [13] The Guardian"  told the same story, as did the [14] Independent, too.

On[15] 20 Aug. 2009 the Independent reported the weekly incidence of swine flu?? cases to be just 11.000 in the UK - tendency falling.

According to [16] The Mercury News 4 Sept., 2009, 2000 students at the Washington State University just had swine flu with discomfort for 3-5 days. Look, how rapidly this flu spreads, so say the alarmists! I wonder if they all tested positive or just had other illnesses, colds, A flu - or hangovers after class start? For the WHO has orderd stopsof countings! In Denmark there have been only about 500 cases - which strongly proves that swine flu is very little contagious and contradicts the the contention that all of a sudden 2000 are infected in Washington State.

This is the swine flu fraud in a nutshell: Only 46.000 verified? cases in the EU. 2 months ago they promised us 100.000 cases a day - and millions of cases by now!! So, what to do when the lies become too obvious? Stop counting!! "But we warn you there will be 30% of the population affected by swine flu this [17] Pinocchiofall!!"

This means any figures given on swine flu will be entirely fictitious, including seasonal flu, colds, ordinary pneumonias and a good deal of added lies. The lies are already thick.

                                 Pinocchio lying

[18] On 25 July, the AFP reported: "A city council said Saturday it was considering using underground burial chambers, currently a tourist attraction, to store the corpses of swine flu victims if the pandemic worsens. Exeter City Council said the empty 19th-century catacombs could become an emergency mortuary."

They are trying to scare the wits out of us to take their dangerous vaccines. Not even on helpless infants do take pity - pumping their vaccine into them without knowing the outcome![19] In the US 1000 dollars fines a day, quarantines and 30 days in prison await people who refuse vaccination. What are these greedy quacks, politicians and officials,  being paid for their blatant lies, their scaremongering and for disabling many people? The only thing which can make this harmless swine flu epidemic dangerous is[20] mass vaccination!
The question now arises: Why is it so unreasonably important for the US New World Order rulers to have people vaccinated against the most harmless flu in man´s memory? This is uncanny.

A [21] medical conference in Canada states people who die of swine flu pneumonia to have lungs very much looking like those of avian flu.
Now alarm arises over[22] cotransmission and co-infection with swine flu virus and H5N1 bird flu - seen in  3 patients in Egypt. Did some of[23] Baxter´s bird flu virus come to Egypt?

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