Abstract Chemtrails are poisonous aircraft emissions to change the climate locally - or to kill vermins. However, there are also poisons to damage two-legged pests by barium, arsene and more complicated poisons. In China silver idodide was used to clear the sky for the Olympic Games in 2008 - in the US they are spraying sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere to cool it.

In the name of geoengineering sulphur dioxide around the Earth is being suggested by e.g. the Council on Foreign Relations as a means to cool the entire Earth from a fictive global warming. Also, they suggest mirrors to circulate around the Earth - or sea water to be injected into the atmosphere to reflect the sunlight and cool the Earth. In the UK fanciful minds suggest to paint all roofs white to reflect the sunlight as well as building artificial trees to absorb the totally harmless CO2. Much more of this scam will come up. Big business for big New World Order corporations at the the cost of the ignorant, freezing, energy consuming citizens of the future world, which will cooperate in global governance to avert these terrible dangers inflicted upon us by “our” deceitful politicians

Officials usually turn any talk about chemtrails down as “conspiracy theory”. Therefore, it is important to notice direct and indirect official statements about chemtails. But I can tell you this: Prepare to pay dearly for having a corporate business made colder climate and to be intoxicated by sulpuric components in the air and sour rain – besides toxic elements. Just due to a climate change lie , and here launched by greedy New World Order criminals.
This phenomenon is called geoengineering.


The Telegraph 25 Aug. 2009: Zhang Qiang, the deputy head of the city's "Weather Modification" office, told state media that anti-rain rockets would be ready for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of communist China. (Airplanes are also being used)
Before the Olympic Games last year, Beijing fired 1,104 anti-rain rockets from 21 sites around the capital to ward off an approaching rain belt. The rockets "seed" clouds with chemicals such as silver iodide in order to disperse them. Ye Qian, the assistant president of the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences said there was no effective way to change the weather. "

Pres. Obama´s science adviser, depopulationist John P. Holdren 2007 before Goldmann Sachs illuminists: "Scrub” greenhouse gases from the atmosphere technologically” and use “Geo-engineering” to create cooling effects offsetting greenhouse heating.” Infowars 21 Aug. 2009: In 1977 John Holdren warmed to the idea of aplanetary regime” to scale back the human population. He also proposed, putting chemicals in the water supply to ensure decline in fertility and chipping people to control their reproductive capabilities.
 Pres. Obama is now considering geo-engineering as an expediency to prevent his mendacious global warming

Here is the KSLA confirming the chemtrail activity  – showing that the outfall from them contain poisonous elements like barium and arsene.
Chemtrails-peter-vereeckeFormer Mayor of Evergem, Belgium, Peter Vereecke: Chemtrails are clouds of chemicals and disease causing germs that are deliberately sprayed on us to manipulate our behaviour. “ I have already filed two complaints with the local police, but they don’t to anything with it”, said Vereecke.
"I’m only saying that the chemtrails have provable effects on our health and that they are being conducted by hidden power structures behind the veil of the official political world. Don’t make any illusions: what we see are merely puppets. Even Barack Obama is a puppet. The real powers are hidden under the lee."

Can you be more specific? Who are the people that are really pulling the strings?

Peter Vereecke: “Those are the so-called Illuminati, the enlightened ones. They are members of secret societies like the Bilderberg group, but are also active in business and global organisations like the United Nations and NATO. It’s not about one certain group but about a type of person with a certain DNA that is common in higher levels of power: people that do not care about the value of human life and are obsessed with power, money and control.

Names, give us a few names.

“Take Al Gore for example. He is member of the illuminati. His message about global warming only has one purpose: money. Because worldwide we will have to pay for the coming measures. That will result in higher taxes and higher food prices and environmental measures in business. That will result in a massive cash-flow. Meanwhile it is confirmed that human activity only accounts for 3% of the global warming.”
GeoengineeringThey certainly play a role in this because the spray planes are being used more intensively the last few years. You can observe the phenomenon in our country at least 10 days per month.”

No one takes action…

“Because our thinking processes are being conditioned. Look at the eyes of the people in the street, they are medicated and walk around like zombies. A dull look without "joie de vivre" and without an outlook on life. Hence my crusade: people wake up, open you eyes, act before it is too late…”

Chemtrail-confirmation-germany3In Germany it has been proved that the airforce creates 350 km long artificial clouds containing unknown metal components. Video in German. Link now deleted! Here is a long list of where chemtrails have been observed.

Chemtrails have been maintained to be used for changing the weather locally. On September 9th, 2007 several planes hired by the State of California Food and Agricultural Department (CDFA) flying at an altitude of approximately 500ft sprayed the untested biochemical, CheckMate®OLR-F, on over 30,000 citizens in Monterey and other surrounding cities in California. This occurred without the permission of the citizens. The spraying continued for three nights from approximately 8pm to 5am. About 1,500 pounds of biochemical were dumped on the cities. Many citizens did not even know what was happening when the planes were buzzing overhead.
An 11 month old child nearly died from breathing difficulties. A six year old child developed asthma as a result of the aerial spraying. Over one hundred people signed affidavits stating that they got sick from the spraying. Hundreds of people had symptoms like; shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, burning lungs, nausea, and muscle aches.

The excuse for aerial spraying is not a deadly disease carrying mosquito, but a moth whose larva may eat some leaves of some plants; called the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM). The CDFA considers the moth an invasive species since it is from Australia. Yet, evidence suggests that the moth has been in California for many years, living peacefully. The state of emergency is a false declaration because the CDFA cannot produce any meaningful evidence that the LBAM can or would destroy crops.

Chemtrails4Governor Schwarzenegger is a strong supporter of the declared emergency and the need to spray untested biochemicals on humans to stop the LBAM from destroying crops.
This aerial spraying violates several state, federal and international laws.

                                 Chemtrail cloud over Great Britain

The EPA brags that these “inert” ingredients are mostly ionized water. However, they forget to tell you that there are also two known dangerous toxic substances in the inerts - tricaprylyl methyl ammonium chloride (TMAC) and polymethylene polyphenyl isocyanate (PPI).

Another concern is the Checkmate OLR-F and LBAM-F warning label from the manufacturer:Keep Out of Reach of Children"
"Caution: Harmful if absorbed through the skin. Causes moderate eye irritation. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Harmful if inhaled. Avoid breathing vapor or spray mist.”

Normal condensation trail which disappears before the plane is out of view. It has been reported that the "chemtrails" contain ethylene dibromide — a substance that has been an additive to gasoline and airplane fuels as well as a banned pesticide. Ethylene dibromide has been linked to kidney and liver damage and is an immunosuppressive and a lung irritant. Here is a video showing the difference between a normal contrail and a chemtrail.
Here in 2008 Las Vegas is under Chemtrail attack.

Interesting article by David Rockefeller/Bilderberger client, Time Magazine 18. Aug. 2009:  Geo-engineering to stop global warming.
As we pump billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, we're doing more than warming the planet and scrambling the climate. We're also conducting what (bribed) climatologist  James Hansen (the disclosed double climate liar) has called a "vast uncontrolled experiment."

One way to turn down the thermostat would be to 1. spread sulfur particles into the atmosphere, either through artillery or with airplanes, thickening the air enough so that it would bounce some sunlight back. We know that process does reduce global temperatures: when Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted in 1991, it threw millions of tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, causing global temperatures over the following months to Geo-engineering-vandkanonerdrop by nearly 1°F. Geoengineering would work much the same way — only it would need to be done continuously, to keep up with the intensifying greenhouse effect. Other methods include 2. spraying seawater mist from ships toward low-lying clouds, which would then reflect more sunlight. Another more extreme but oft-discussed option would involve 3. putting mirrors into the earth's orbit. According to the new paper by Lane and J. Eric Bickel of the University of Texas, Chemtrail-gear2the seawater-mist method could counteract a century's worth of warming for $9 billion.

Left: Chemtrail gear. Right: Planned seawater spraying into low lying clouds for money´s and world governance´s sake 

If we geoengineered the earth into a mess with our uncontrolled appetite for fossil fuels, maybe we have to geoengineer our way out of it — in effect, directly cooling the planet via a controlled experiment to counteract our uncontrolled one — geoengineering might not only be a good way to bring rising temperatures under short-term control while we wait for the longer-term fix of cutting carbon emissions to take hold, it might be the only way.

The Times Aug. 30, 2009: THE Royal Society is backing research into simulated volcanic eruptions, spraying  1.5-5m tons of sulphate particles into the air annually , in an attempt to stave off climate change. These climatists are scaring us with a global warming of up to 5 centigrades by 2100!! This is the "plan B", as it seems the plans for reduction of CO2 in Copenhagen will fail. The Guardian 1 Sept 2009 discusses the bizarre proposals for geo-engineering. The madness becomes even more evident, as U.K.'s Institution of Mechanical Engineers suggests artificial trees to absorb the absolutely harmless CO2 – and painting all roofs white so as to reflect the sunlight!!  What a lot of money they can extract from us!

Council on Foreign Relations 15 Apr. 2008: Despite uncertain and very negative potential consequences, geoengineering might be needed to avert or reverse some dramatic change in the climate system, such as several meters of sea level rise (refuted by NASA and unaltered North Pole ice) that could impose disaster on hundreds of millions of people.
Unlike the control of greenhouse gas emissions, which must be undertaken by all major emitting nations to be effective and is likely to be costly, geoengineering could be undertaken quickly and unilaterally by a single party, at relatively low cost. The standard response to an international regulatory challenge is a treaty.
The standard problem in international environmental law is collective action — getting many parties, often with diverging interests, to agree to a common effort that usually involves spending more resources than each would have devoted to individual participation. There is one treaty that is plausibly focused on exactly the problem of geoengineering— the Environmental Modification Convention (Enmod) of the 1970s.

geo-engineering methodsDangers to human health
Infowars 8 Apr. 2009: U.S. government scientists are already bombarding the skies with the acid-rain causing pollutant sulphur dioxide in an attempt to fight global warming by “geo-engineering” the planet.

US Environmental Protection Agency: Pollutants that cause acid rain—sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx)do damage human health.  Many scientific studies have identified a relationship between elevated levels of fine particles and increased illness and premature death from heart and lung disorders, such as asthma and bronchitis.

The madness is becoming complete. Not only do these Luciferian, miserable illuminists want to play God, but they call us geoengineers, because we send vital, totally harmles CO2 into the atmosphere – although it is essentially derived from the oceans – man´s contribution being negligible. First came warming and centuries later the CO2–increase  due to cyclical, natural warming. 
And as Mr. Peter Vereecke says: “…our thinking processes are being conditioned. Look at the eyes of the people in the street, they are medicated and walk around like zombies. A dull look without "joie de vivre" and without an outlook on life. Hence my crusade: people wake up, open you eyes, act before it is too late…”. So we allow this to take place – also because we are not told – and if so we would not believe it: “Pth! Conspiracy theory.”

Climate lies, and here, and here, and here are being used for a New World Order dictatorship, as are the swine flu pandemic, the Wall Street and Federal Reserve-made financial crisis , immigration, war on terror. Now these insane persons are going to destroy a pleasant, totally normal, unchanging climate into another “little ice age” for the sake of making more 1. money on energy 2. world governance.
However, there is one thing I do not understand: Why do they chemtrail over cities – instead of using their spraying over crop fields? And why do they use poisons like barium and arsene? Are they trying to kill something bigger than moths? Are they working for Rockefeller´s depopulation? Have they started to implement what Gordon Brown´s adviser, Jonathan Porritt, demanded in The Times on. 22. marts, 2009: A reduction of the UK´s population from 61 mio. to 30 mio.?? 

Who do you think will have to pay for the climate scam, the cap and trade fraud – and the geoengineering robbery?  And who do you think are going to have our money?