”We must not disregard cultural diversities. The human malaise is also a reflection of the present dangerous march towards a schizophrenic world.” (Club of Rome)

I have often wondered where the the EU has its clichés from. For its overt ideology is time and again being put into a few words like: new global society/ new world order, world governance, climate change, environment, shared prosperity, peace and security, common values, energy supply, sustainable development, democracy, human rights, interdependence, NGOs, lifelong learning, live together in diversity, dialogue, illuminist etc.

You have your ideology from the same source as your phraseology.

The following is to show 1. how the EU phrases resemble those of the Club of Rome before the EU was born. 2. Moreover, what heritage the EU has from this source - and so, the nature of the EU in the New World Order.

In fact, through the EU the Club of Rome has realized nearly all of the following ideological/political  programme! Now they are establishing Club of Rome Schools to indoctrinate our children in this programme!

The Club of Rome is the New World Order´s ideological Think Tank and was re-founded in 1968 at David Rockefeller´s Italian vill Serbelloni – but David was a member of this Club already in 1953! 

I have a suspicion that this phraseology is derived from the first public manifestations of the New World order: The "Limits to Growth" by Dennis Meadows (1973) and  The First Global Revolution (p.75) by Alexander King & Bertrand Schneider, Club of Rome, 1991. Alexander king was one of the founders of the Club of Rome. I have not been able to trace this phraseology further back. Gorbachev, Steven Rockefeller and Maurice Strong wrote the “Earth Charter” 1994-2000 – and are using a similar phraseology as the “First Global Revolution”. In fact, the Club of Rome is intimately affiliated to the EU, as shown by this paper from 2001: The Club of Rome arranged a hearing at the EU Parliament under the patronage of the President of the EU Parliament and received" valuable cintributions from the Commission".

Here quotations from This Club of Rome-programme of 165 pages:
I hope the Club of Rome will go on to unsettle the minds of the apathetic” Prince Philip, Duke  of  Edinburgh.
See this impressive list of honorary members of the club

The need is to consider all these (interactive global problems) as essential angles of illumination  (Point3/Introduction)…and  make our vision sustainable and then mobilise the human energy and political will to forge the new global society”.

”We are convinced, that we at the beginning of a new world society
Probability of great distubances and changes in world climate, precarious nature of world food security, doubts on energy availabilty and vast changes in the geopolitical situation.
We are convinced that the magnitude of these changes amount to a major revolution on a worldwide scale.”

"There are positive signs. Young people are good at starting revolutions."

”The human race through its exploitation of nature is racing toward the destruction of the planet, and the possibility of irreversible climatic changes are imminent menaces. A universal political will  is needed. World solidarity must be generated due to the extent of dangers for the future."

"…hopes for reshaping the world society. Time is running out.”

"Population growth is outstripping food supply. Loss of common values like religion and belief  in the political system- including the welfare state which has destroyed responsibility and self-reliance has led to indiscipline, vandalism and violence leading to terrorism. Mafia like organisations strive for money and power. Drug trading is said to to earn more than the oil industry!” A Vacuum has arisen."

Here are the planners of our future. And we did not elect them!

“CO2 is considered to cause greater increase in temperature than any cyclical changes in historical times!!
Oil will become expensive. There will be great energy crisis in a few decades because of  no
alternatives to dwindling oil reserves. Nuclear energy is the only real alternative – but will not be in place due to lack of capital and time.
There is enough food for everyone – only the poor cannot pay for it! Production of eatable cereals takes a lot of oil. Lack of oil reduces food production.”

We must find a solution! Or people will panic!! 

"We need enemies. Our new enemies are water shortage, famine, malnutrition,
illiteracy and unemployment..
However, they are too unknown to produce world cohesion."

In our search for a common enemy we came up with pollution, global warming, famine water shortages and the like would fit the bill!!!
In their totality and interaction these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by every one together. However, these phenomena are only symptoms.
Our real enemy is humanity itself.”

Democracy and human rights
”In its present form democracy is no longer fit for the tasks ahead.
Few politicians in office are really aware of the global nature of problems. If politicians do not go global they might be overthrown by extremists!"

"Is this new world we find ourselves in governable
? With the existing structures and attitudes probably not.”

“The problem is to invent instruments of governance without violence!!! – so as to secure peace, justice , security and fulfilling growth . We must find better means of governance at national and international level. And we must decide on the characteristics of governing.

In our vocabulary global governance does not mean government but rather institutions set up for cooperation, coordination and common action between sovereign states!!! Many international functions can be carried out through nongovernmental arrangements. In many fields national governments have realized that the effective deployment of their
requires it to be pooled with sovereignty of other states.

The increasing complexity of the world makes it absolutely necessary to have a complete grasp on the tremendous amount of information before coming to a conclusion.”

"The different power centres must learn to cooperate. In the emerging world decision making can no longer be the monopoly of national governments."

"Symptoms of the global malaise: Drugs, violence, sex exhibitionism, terrorism, mafias. The youth has no guides any longer!! Children learn to be persons without freedom or individual choices. Unless a young person has lots of courage he cannot act on his own. Parents and teachers are no longer accepted."
As a solution a Koran verse is offered: "Indeed man is in stress – except for those who believe and do good deeds!!"
The Club of Rome, The Frankfurt School and the 68s all appeared in 1968

"The human malaise is a normal stage in this great transition. Rebirth cannot take place without pain!!
Prevention of global warming
is one of the greatest challenges which humanity has faced.
CO2 emission must be reduced. Worldwide campaign for energy conservation."

“A UN initiative, an Environmental Security Council is called for as well as regular meetings between industrial leaders, bankers and policy officials on environment. The UN is to convene an intergovernmental conference to plan an alternative energy world project. It is essential to use the best brains and equipment, because the matter is so important. The public must be informed through educational programmes to understand the consequences of inaction!!! This will include energy saving, the importance of preservation of cultural values, environmental protection etc. We therefore call on UNESCO to make this task!!”

“Support small enterprises and NGOs.
One important task for the Club of Rome is to convince policy makers that it is possible for the North and the South to work together.
The North should give aid-to-development and foster the development of tecnichs and research in the South.”

“Don´t think of the globe as an atlas of national states. Think of it as a weather map with weather systems swirling independently of national borders: This is interdependence!!!”

"The revival of cultural identities and enormous regional units are compatible.The apparent conflict arises from the difficulty to reconcile them within the frames of the national state which cannot be adapted to the present situation and needs to be replaced by a world commmunity!!!"

”We cannot want  the emerging global society without having it founded on the acceptance of living together in differences.”

For global problems we need a global forum… .
National democratic governments only plan ad hoc – not farsighted. And they cannot manage global problems. They do not innovate – but react to pressure from the people!!!”
“Our future task is with incredible speed to adapt to an incessant chain of new developments – not having firm attitudes!!! At his help man has the mass media, the contributions of science and the learning challenge of education.We have to learn to absorb and master the cultural factors necessary for intelligent participation in society and for the acceptance of responsibility.”

”You have to learn lifelong how to adapt to change. Enable each person to acquire a global view of the world. Children and adolescents should be taught “Introduction to the Great World Problems”

It will take much research and work to rethink the noble task of education so as to enable edducators to discover the immensity and nobility of their task: “To lead the way to an evolution of the mind and behaviour and thus give birth to the new civilization.”

Can we speak of univeral  values common to all inhabitants of the planet?
Amongst the values hopefully agreed upon we suggest: freedom, tolerance, human rights, peace.”

A  strictly tribal connotation may be openly discredited.”

Dialogue and communication make coexistence possiblebecause cultural values only differ apparently.” 

Think globally – act locally. Many local NGOs are helping people in various situations.”

We have to construct stabilty. This can only be done by worldwide cultivation of  enlightened (illuminated) interest in the survival of the race. This can only be made possible through universal understandig of the human predicament, its dangers and its promises.

Comment: I think this is the school of the eurocrats  - and that they have learned to become good enlightened, illuminist – as the say themselves – servants of the real rulers of the world: The heads of the New World Order.

They admit they invented artificial enemies like man- made climate change to scare us conscience stricken together and into their world state programme. We are paying dearly for this  lie.

Note: when these fellows say "we", they mean we - not you and me!

And notice: They have no new wish: Just to make you another Peer Gynt, a turncoat person without attitude or soul - an empty shell - just like the robots with cubic heads on the EU poster! Have we not already come that far?