Abstract: In April of this year suspicion arose that Europeans dumped nuclear waste in and vacuum cleaned the fish stock of the waters off Somalia, leaving the Somalis to starvation and piracy. The EU did nothing to stop this. EU High Representative, Mr. Javier Solana, is now uttering warlike statements, claiming the EU must act on land as at sea in Somalia, the EU leading the NAVFOR Atalanta piracy-fighting marine expedition under UN mandate. Mr. Solana will use all means to pacify Somalia, including humanitarian help and development. But Mr. Solana has big military ambitions to promote the EU in the New World Order. His instrument is the EVSP/EUFOR with an expeditionary crew of 60.000 men – to be used for the EU´s greater glory. The Lisbon Treaty is declared to give a new momentum to make the EU a military superstate. As Solana says: ”Yes, we should be bolder. ESDP is about risks. And we should be ready to take on more -the only way to mature in crisis management.” So, the EVSP being closely interwoven with NATO, a New World Order invasion into a failed Somalia driven to piracy by the New World Order can be expected soon. 

On Apr. 13 of this year, I reported on  Somali piracy and dumping of European nuclear waste off the Somali coast, sickening especially curious children. European governments had done nothing to stop this traffic. At the same time Europe´s fishery fleet had vacuum cleaned the same waters of fish leaving Somalis to starving. Previously European trawlers had vacuum cleaned the waters off West Africa, driving hungry Africans to Europe by the thousands – as wanted by the EU which is asking 56 million Africans with families to come to Europe by the year 2050! 

On Apr. 13, 2009 Bloomberg reported: The U.S. military is considering attacks on pirate bases on land and aid for the Somali people to help stem ship hijackings off Africa’s east coast, defense officials said. The plans will be presented to the Obama administration as it considers a coordinated U.S. government and international response to piracy, the officials said. “There really isn’t a silver-bullet solution other than going into Somalia and rooting out the bases of the pirates,” said James Carafano, senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based group. The Heritage Foundation writes: “We generate solutions consistent with our beliefs and market them to the Congress, the Executive Branch, the news media and others.We believe that ideas have consequences, but that those ideas must be promoted aggressively.” Its patron is Margaret Thatcher. “In The 1993 U.S. Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of the United Nations, Heritage President Edwin J. Feulner was a member.”

Solana has growing ambitions as for EU-militarism and wants to take greater risks
EU, Javier Solana 28 July 2009: “The European Security and Defence Policy has reached an important milestone in its development.
This year marks its tenth anniversary. The EU today plays a crucial role in bringing stability to different parts of the world. Over the past ten years ESDP has contributed to this through 22 missions in four continents. The EU has proved the credibility of its military capability on the ground in Africa, in Congo and Chad. And now is
proving it everyday in the difficult waters off Somalia.

ESDP is  a reality. The EU is a global actor with an important role in the management of global challenges. The world looks to us for this. The demands on us are increasing. Development of ESDP’s crisis management capacity is crucial and security. Our ambitions are growing, not diminishing. However, there is a gap between our ambitions and the reality of our capabilities. This must be addressed. We have demonstrated with three recent missions - EUMM Georgia, EULEX Kosovo and EUNAVFOR what we can achieve when the political will matches our ambitions.
In a world where we must be ready to engage in more complex and risky endeavours, it is essential that we have the personnel and capabilities – both civilian and military, and at the moment they are needed – to back up the political decisions. Striving for greater European defence integration and cooperation is a part of this.

The entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty will give us new momentum in this direction and the potential to do more, and to act more cohesively and with greater flexibility to handle global crises.

We need more capabilities for crisis management - mechanisms for rapid response, flexible
and sufficient financing arrangements; and more sophisticated political analyses. All are within reach.

Finally: Yes, we should be bolder. ESDP is about risks. And we should be ready to take on more. The only way to mature in crisis management.”

The following review of the EU´s missions is from Wikipedia.
 Overseas deployments of the EUFOR (EU Force)
Main article: Overseas interventions of the European Union: The first deployment of European troops under the ESDP, following the 1999 declaration of intent, was in March of 2003 in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. "EUFOR Concordia" used NATO assets and was considered a success and replaced by a smaller police mission, EUPOL Proxima, later that year. Since then there have been other small police, justice and monitoring missions. As well as Macedonia, the EU deployed peacekeepers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the EUFOR Althea mission, which is still deployed as of November 2007.
Comment: Recently, in 2008, the EU deployed 1800 policemen in Kosovo in favour of the Muslim Albanians, the EU dividing a free country, Serbia, at will. This was unfounded according to international law – as was the Kosovo war.

Between May and September 2003, "Operation Artemis" began in the Democratic Republic of the Congo framework nation" system to be used in future deployments. The EU returned to the DRC in 2006 with EUFOR RD Congo which supported the UN mission there during the country's elections. The mission ended in 2006.
Geographically, EU missions outside the Balkans and the DRC have taken place in Georgia, Indonesia, Sudan, Palestine, and Ukraine-Moldova. There is also a judicial mission in Iraq (EUJUST Lex). There is to be a deployment in Chad and the Central African Republic together with the UN in 2008.
So the EUs role as leader in the New World Order/globalisation is at stake

SolanaAfter the bellicose statements from the EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, my suspicion arouses that Mr. Javier Solana´s words are not just meant as peaceful activities on land – and what peaceful activities can be implemented in Somalia without a massive military campaign? The EU is building a rapid deployment task force of 60.000 men, a project which is now stalling and which might need an excuse to be beefed up. Maybe, the New World Order destabilised the Somalis by depriving them of their livelihood and provocated them by making their children radiation-sick – in order to have an excuse to invade and rule the country by means of its weak EU-favourite government? After all Javier Solana said on 18 Febr. 2009: “Let me conclude by saying that 2009 will be critical for the Middle East. We are possibly at a threshold. We can choose to pursue the same policies in the same manner, knowing that they will lead to the same results – the results that we know today. On the other hand, we can try to work with energy, with determination, to adjust our policies, to adjust the way we set about achieving results.” Maybe, he means the greater region is at a threshold?

“Mobilise now to stabilise Somalia”
The Guardian, Javier Solana Wednesday 12 August 2009: “The task is huge, but there is still hope for Somalia. We must work on land and on sea to tackle poverty and lawlessness Despite the renewed fighting in Somalia and the continuing fragility of its institutions, there is hope that the situation can change. There is a political process under way and the Transitional Federal Government, led by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, has held since it was set up at the beginning of the year. This has provided a window of opportunity for the international community to tackle the lawlessness and violence plaguing Somalia and start stabilising the country. to contributing effectively to international peace Atalanta (DRC) under UN Security Council Resolution 1484. This laid out the "

Atalanta-flagThe European Union has led the way with its anti-piracy naval taskforce, EU Navfor, which was launched at the end of 2008 and has led to a reduction in successful pirate attacks. Now we are seeking to build on the success of Atalanta and act on land as well as at sea to eradicate piracy and help Somalia develop into a stable, functioning state that can offer a future for its people. Atalanta

The task is huge and some would say it is almost impossible. But we must act and quickly. As long as Somalia remains fractured, violent, ungovernable and open to external interference, we are faced with growing regional instability, continuing piracy and an increasing risk of terrorism. We cannot act alone but we are willing to take the initiative and to work on all fronts, as part of the international community's effort. The EU is already the world's biggest donor of humanitarian relief for the desperate victims of the conflict (€40m so far this year) and Operation Atalanta is ensuring that one and a half million mouths are fed each day by escorting World Food Programme ships safely along the coast of Somalia. On the economic and development front, the EU will also be supporting projects that build local capacities and create jobs and prospects for the people.
Since Atalanta was launched last December, there has been a tenfold fall in the probability of a successful pirate attack. Dozens of pirates have been captured and will stand trial in the region.

Atalanta-piratAtalanta-maskingeværHowever, we cannot eradicate piracy if we do not attack its root causes, on land as well as at sea. This means attacking the dire poverty that deprives the people of alternative livelihoods and allows piracy to flourish. It also means building up the country's police and legal systems and its law courts and prison service so that the state can deal with the pirates, as well as the organised criminal networks and the terrorists that remain at large. We will work in co-ordination with the UN and the African Union. A crucial strand of our efforts will be to help Somalia develop a professional, well-equipped and trained national coastguard, an army and a policeforce. We should also look at ways of choking off the flow of income to pirates, for example by seizing the proceeds of acts of piracy or armed robbery at sea, or prohibiting the payment of ransoms.
Comment: Incredibly amoral that this still is only in consideratin!

The task of rescuing Somalia is huge but we cannot afford to fail. We have made an impact with Operation Atalanta and we are now ready to move forward with a broader effort. We must mobilise now, while we have an opportunity.”

Here we are told the main purpose of the Lisbon Treaty:  The EU needs it to become a military great power to subdue peoples who are unwilling to submit  to the New World Order for its own greater glory!

In a world where we must be ready to engage in more complex and risky endeavours…” the EU does plan to become a leading force in the New World Order. This presupposes a strong army to use as a taskforce in troubled areas of the world. Mr. Solana´s intention may be to launch an attack on Somalia in the name of “the international community = the New World Order” then demanding more men and equipment for his ESDP. As mentioned by Mr. Solana, the Atalanta mission against the pirates is being lead by the EU under a British admiral (under UN mandate) –with Chinese and Indian participation.  No wonder: Pres. Barroso, time and again professing the New World Order, sees the EU´s mission as an empire, the laws of which are to extend beyond the borders of Europe.  No empire without a potent army.

Mr. Solana reminds me of a little boy im a toyshop, wishing to have toy weapons in order to feel being a big boy. The above is – as he says – ambition to rule in the world state, not to a subordinate player with little influence. This is an inferiority complex. Is Somalia to be another attempt to expand the Euromediterranean “Union for the Mediterranean”  more deeply into Africa?  His language above is very trigger-happy. Of course the EU wants to excel in Lucifer´s playground. And it knows that an equally ambitious NATO wants to go alongside with them – now in the name of the UN, which NATO highjacked on Sept. 23, 2008. In fact:

In 2007, a purely EU military force became operational, the European Union Battle-groups (EUBG).Both the EUBGs and the EU NAVFOR are efforts to create independent EU forces, there is still not a clear distinction from NATO forces. This is because the EU must depend upon member state military contributions for the mission, and many EU member states also contribute to NATO´s Rapid Reaction Force (in many cases the same units are assigned to both because these are the most easily deployed units).Thus, when NATO transferred command to the EU in peacekeeping operations in Bosnia, the same soldiers remained in Kosovo, and simply changed their insignia and the authority to which they report. A similar situation exists with Opera-tion Atalanta, both Operation Atalanta and the NATO task force have operation headquarters at the same naval base in the United Kingdom. Member states providing naval resources to both a NATO and an EU force Atalanta-eu-piracy-routeoperating in the same region.

The next question is: Why must the ESDP act soon? This has been going on for quite a while. Is this a New World Order strategy in a wider perspective – including a major show-down in the Middle East region beteen Iran and her supporters (Hizbollah, Syria, Hamas) on one side and Israel? The pirat route map right indicates that this international armada is very close to the Persian Gulf! 
Or does the EU fear increasing Chinese influence in this part of Africa? Or does the EU simply want to gain more Muslim friends? For the thought that this could be due to a desire to return the many aggressive, consuming, unproductive Somalis from Europe is an ugly xenophobic utopia!

Everything Solana says about ambitions and living up to engage us in a more complex and risky world, is completely unnecessary silly talk, which has only one motivation: to submit unwilling peoples under the New World Order yoke by force, the "Big Task", "The Big Game," as it is known in those circles. 
You know–  1. thesis 2. antithesis 3. synthesis – as we saw after home-made 9/11 .
The Order creates the problem of hunger in a failed Muslim country (thesis). Consequently piracy turns up in desperation (antithesis). This allows for the New World Order´s de facto occupation of the country by means of puppets (synthesis). This is the holy aim of the EU. Congratulations, Mr. Hegel - you're brilliant!