Tony Blair Launches “Mission Antichrist” for His Party Friends: the Rothschilds

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[1] The Mail Online March 5, 2007: Shortly before Tony Blair´s resignation as prime Minister Lady [2] Lynn Forrester de Rothschild arranged a party at 10 Downing Street for the incredibly rich elite of London on behalf of Mr. Blair who was in search of a suitable globalist job. Apparently it is usual for the Rothschilds to support political favourites, like US presidency candidate [3] McCain. Immediately after Mr. Blair´s resignation he sold himself to [4] J.P.  Morgan,  Rothschild´s US agent and Rockefeller´s partner/successor in the mighty Chase Bank. Now he is returning the favours of his Masters of the New World Order preparing their world state:[1]
[1] Times Online May 30  and [5] The Australian May 31, 2008:
After having kept his deep "Christian" conviction secret during his decade in 10, Downing Street, Tony Blair has now founded a Faith Foundation - (a [6] New Age movement which will intermingle all religions in a hotchpotch). Although the foundation's headquarters will be in London, the former British prime minister said he wanted its reach to extend across North America, Europe, Asia, the Far East and the Middle East.
This corresponds precisely with the expansion plans of[7] Rockefeller´s Trilateral Commission.

The decision was launched at the headquarters of Time Warner in New York

The organisation, for which he is seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in charitable funds, will focus on developing understanding between faiths. Tony Blair ascribes the  same role to "faith" in the 21. century as the ideologies of the 20. century.

Comment: Tony Blair is right. For the ideologies of the  20. century and Mr. Blair´s community/Interfaith - "religion" are both man-made tools of the New World Order in order to lead mankind like cattle to the slaughter.

Tony Blair  believes "faith" can help unite the World and shape its direction for the better
According to Tony [8] Blair´s  Faith Foundation Home Page, The Foundation will use the power of modern communications to step up efforts to educate, inform and develop understanding about the different faiths

Purposes of the Foundation
To promote respect and understanding  between the major religions

2. tackle global poverty and conflict to make the case for "faith" as a force for good;
to encourage inter-faith initiatives.

[9] Tony Blair´s attitude can be seen from this [10] speech (pp.12-13)/March 2006
I speak with great diffidence and humility as a member of another faith. I am not qualified to make any judgements. The Koran is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and way ahead of its time in attitudes to marriage, women and governance," he said. He added that under the guidance of the Qur’an, the spread of Islam and its dominance over previously Christian or pagan lands was "breathtaking". 

[11] Seduction of school children is essential to any dictatorship
"How might young people help us to reduce fear and tension, and tackle the growing problem of radicalisation and religious intolerance? In short, how might we work together to ensure "faith" is a force for good and for progress in the modern world."

Tony Blair is now attempting to seduce our youth to the harmless, inclusive mass ideology of the New World Order from the religious side, while the [12] Anna Lindh Foundation does the same thing from the political side.

It is amazing that Mr. Blair  after having experienced 20 years of Islamic intolerance in the UK still can believe in the fusion of religions. And he has not grasped that what is good to Muslims is bad to Christians and vice versa. Or has he?

Supporters are according to [8] Tony Blair´s  Faith Foundation Home Page
Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, the President of the World Baptist Alliance, David Coffey, Rev. Nicky Grumbel, Holy Trinity Brompton, Eboo Patel, Interfaith Youth Core, Rabbi David Rosen, President of the American Jewish Committee

                                          Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Church of England

[13] The name of the Gospel is money
The Foundation will work with some of the world's most respected scholars and leaders  to develop a deep understanding of how politics, economics and faith can come together in the 21st century for the good of humanity. In partnership with Yale University, the Foundation will develop a high-quality academic course with curricular materials to be made available for free over the internet.Tony Blair will be the Howland Distinguished Fellow at [14] Yale University during the initial three-year collaboration.

Among the topics to be covered will be what business and political leaders can learn from religion and how religions must adapt to the forces of globalisation. It is expected that partnerships will also be forged over time with other world-class universities.

Coment: This is a clear statement: "There is but one God, Rothschild/Rockefeller´s globalization. And religion is its servant!" 

A Man is known by his company: Who is Tony Blairs´s friend Time Warner?
It is – according to former US presidency candidate, [15] Barry Goldwater a firm under Rockefeller-control,  Rawleigh Warner and several Time personalities being members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The  present [16] CEO of Time Warner is Richard D. Parsons, a [17] member of Rockefeller´s Council on Foreign Relations
According to this “corporate” profile description and an announcement from the  Rockefeller Brothers fund: “Parsons
held various positions in state and federal government, as [18] counsel for Vice- President Nelson A. Rockefeller”[18]

Time Warner has [19] business connections with the Aspen Institute, which stands for the New World Order´s missioning for the United Religion Initiative (URI) in the business world and outside , previously [20] described on this blog. The URI is a hotchpotch of existing religions – made for the world state.

Part of the Interfaith Family

Being a catholic Mr. Blair now promotes the URI/New Age [21] Interfaith Movement launched by Pope John Paul II in 1986. In fact the [22] New Catholic Cathechism´s article 841 promises  salvation to Jews and Muslims, whereby  the  Catholic Church and of course  the Interfaith Movement  are non-Christian by definition. For Christ claims that no one comes to God except through him (John 14:6)!!

This URI Interfaith Movement launched by Mr. Blair is just a continuation of the one launched by Pope Paul II - and just as pagan. Mr. Blair has become the missioner of Anti-Christ, i.e. the New World Order (Rev. 13, John 2. Letter:7).

The Yale University backing Mr. Blair´s missionary efforts to convert the world is the basis of Pres. Bush sr. and jr., who are both members of the[23] [23] Skull and Bones elite club at Yale (video), the Brotherhood of Death and of US the elite. This club was founded by the [24] illuminist, General William H. Russell.

Within the Tomb Temple on the Campus of Yale University are gathered a lot of bones. One skull is said to belong to the Apache-Indian chief Geronimo. Also a nazi-chapel with German inscriptions has been reported in there.

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