As often shown on this blog, immigration, the current financial crisis, and the climate change hoax, and here were created by the New World Order´s globalists. But how is it about the 4. weapon, the “War on terror”, to convince us of the necessity of a world government to “solve (their home-grown) global problems by global means”?  

“The War on terror” has lost its name: According to US Secr. of State, Hillary Clinton, recently this name is no longer used in Washington.

Many have been wondering how amateur Muslims could fly such complicated Boeing aircraft so precisely, since they had never been trained to.  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and another 4  alleged Al-Qaeda-terrorists have apparently confessed anything under torture – including masterminding 9/11. They are to be convicted by a US court-martial. Whether the insolent Zacarias Moussaoui , who was convicted to life time prison by a civil court of justice, had anything to do with 9/11 is dubious – and his case may be resumed.
Further trials  -e.g. against sloppy  air-port personnel – do not seem to have taken place.

President George Bush receiving the message of the WTC bombings: VideoHe is totally cool and goes on in the school class. Is this a natural reaction in that situation? I don´t think so – unless he was prepared for the news.

The Justification for the War on Terror
Here is a video  postulating that the 9/11 highjackers are still alive and well. The video shows why Afghanistan is so important. On this CNN video  Muslim leader, Faroque Khan, is repeatedly quoted as saying Mohammad Atta (appointed 9/11 "chief terrorist") and 2 more "terrorists" are alive.
9/23 the BBC   reported that  Saudi Arabian pilot Waleed Al Shehri and 2 others designed by the FBI as 9/11 "highjackers" were alive. "FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledged on Thursday that the identity of several of the suicide hijackers is in doubt." Also on 9/23, 2001, the London Telegraph interviewed another 3 of the “highjackers”
According to this
video  Robert Mueller has admitted the FBI does not know who the "highjackers" were. 
Its and the CIA´s proof that bin Laden was the guilty one is more than dubious.  In a  Dutch TV broadcast on 9. April, 2009, a jury and the public acquitted bin Laden!!
Former Pakistani spy chief Hameed Gul has claimed 9/11 to be an inside job – an excuse to attack Central Asia.

Global Research has this to say:“A week prior to the 9/11 attacks, the head of Pakistan’s ISI met in Washington, D.C., with  Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage; Senator Joseph Biden, who is now Obama’s Vice President; and with his counterparts in the CIA and Pentagon. However, the very same Chief of the ISI also happened to have previously approved of wiring $100,000 to the lead 9/11 hijacker, Mohammed Atta, which was also confirmed by the FBI. Thus, the ISI suddenly became a financier of the 9/11 attacks. Yet, no action was taken against the ISI or Pakistan, apart from the ISI Chief being fired upon this revelation making it into the media.”

To this come technical data which stir up suspicion about the murders on 9/11 being partly an inside job - as Pearl Harbour seems to be have been, a pretext for war. I have previously written about 9/11 on this blog.

I. Now the “damning piece of evidence” has been found: Dust from around the WTC North, South and Building 7 contains plenty of unexploded nano-thermite, a strong explosive, which develops very high temperatures. 10–100 tons were applied. Researcher Niels Harrit is a member of a team of researchers who have launched a very detailed report on the nano-thermite finds. Here is a video from Danish TV2 from April 10, 2009 (English text).

II. This video shows the attack on the Pentagon:  The circumstances are more than mysterious. A footage released by the US Defence Department confirms that no aircraft was involved in the attack on the Pentagon. So does another footage few minutes after the initial explosion. Later apparently there was a plane much bigger than the hole in the wall

World-trade-centreIII. Then there was WTC Building 7, which was not hit by any aircraft: It imploded , and here as in a planned explosion (
video ) – 7 hours after the 2 aircraft hammered into WTC North and WTC South.
Here is a CBS video af Building 7´s implosion
More Videos of the implosion of Building 7

IV. Here the biggest TV stations in the USA testfy that explosive devices were found here planted and exploded in the WTC South. This tower imploded as seen above. More Videos about the South Tower implosion here Here the  Northern Tower implodes. More Videos of the North Tower implosion here .Here are more Eyewitness videos.

V. The official explanation that the collapses of WTC 1,2, and Building 7 were due to fire is dismissed by this remarkable report
”A steel beam that had been found in the debris had undergone sulphidation.  The metal had been thinned to the extent that holes appeared. Depending on the proportion of elemental sulphur available this would have required a temperature between the eutectic temperature, about 1000o C, and the melting point of steel, about 1500o C, far hotter than can be achieved in a fire of office materials and diesel fuel. This is an astounding piece of evidence, appearing to contradict the official story”.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) could not explain the collapses.

The steel columns which provide support are interconnected such that a group of columns would have to lose well over half their strength before being at risk of collapse. As no reports have come to light of any steel framed buildings collapsing due to fire, Peking-skyskraberand as all steel framed buildings which had collapsed had done so due to explosive demolition, the logical way to have started the investigation of this surprising event would have been to question whether explosives had been used.

Here is a video showing a real skyscraper fire in Pekin . As is seen here the building did not collapse – but remained standing

In the case of WTC 7 the use of explosives is not merely the most logical explanation for thecollapse, it is also the most obvious when once examined: the collapse looks exactly like a controlled demolition in every respect.  Video with steel constructor architect Richard Gage speaking  at the Manitoba University saying that the demolition was announced before it took place. It contained FBI and CIA material against Wall Street. The duplicity of the three official investigations in avoiding consideration of explosives indicates that a cover-up is in place. This view is reenforced by the rapid and secretive removal of crime scene evidence and persistent withholding of information. The existence of a cover-up is prima facie evidence for the complicity of some part of the administration of the USA in the criminal events of 9/11.  It is reasonable to believe that 9/11 was orchestrated to manipulate the public into supporting their pre-existing goal: invasion of Afghanistan.

ThermiteThermite-explosionThis is an  apparently irrefutable mixture of evidence we can all see (implosions) and which many witnesses have heard (explosions on the ground) as well as technical evidence of an unthinkable first degree murder of 3000 innocent people in order to have a motive for the ”war om terror” - which has now lost its name in the US - being just "war". The consequence is that the new World Order is trying to march East to conquer the part of the world which Obama´s mentor, Zbigniew Brzezinski,  designs as decisive to control the world: Central Asia.
Was Al-Quaida ever in the US? Is this primitive organization anything but a practical New World order invention/pretext?

Redrawing-the-middle-eastNow we are being told by the Council on Foreign Relations´ “Foreign Affairs
“Given the Taliban’s limited interest in issues outside the “AfPak” region, if it came to power again now, it would be highly unlikely to host provocative terrorist groups whose actions could lead to another outside intervention. The very notion that al Qaeda needs a secure geographic base to carry out its terrorist operations, moreover, is questionable. After all, the operational base for 9/11 was in Hamburg, Germany.

In 2006, the Armed Force Journal (AFJ) published an article by retired Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters,  redrawing of the borders of the Middle East.
He even made up a helpful little list of “losers” and “winners” in this new great game: as in, who gains territory, and who loses territory. Among the losers are Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the West Bank and Pakistan. This might be the purpose of the "war on terror"

At present, al Qaeda consists of a few hundred people running around in Pakistan, seeking to avoid detection and helping the Taliban when possible. It also has a disjointed network of fellow travelers around the globe. Over the last decade, the group has almost completely discredited itself in the Muslim world terrorism, much of it directed against Muslims. Outside of war zones, the violence perpetrated by al Qaeda affiliates has resulted in the deaths of some 200 to 300 people per year, and may be declining since 2002,

Bin laden ikonAfter years of well funded sleuthing, the FBI and other investigative agencies have been unable to uncover a single true al Qaeda sleeper cell or operative within the country.

The lack of attacks inside the United States combined with the inability of the FBI to find any potential attackers suggests that the terrorists are either not trying very hard or are far less clever and capable than usually depicted.”

So, the fairy-tale of al-Quaeda and 9/11 seems to be fading away to nothing in the Council on Foreign Relations which has for a long time been opposed to the Iraqi war.Video on US´ruling class, the CFR.  Al-Quaeda and their Taleban friends are just pretexts for the US to conquer Central Asia with its natural riches in a bid for the US to be the leader of the New World Order. Nevertheless, the CFR puppet, Pres. Obama, is about to send another 17.000 combat troops to Afghanistan – in order to fight al-Qaeda!!!
The "War on Terror", too, seems created by the New World Order as an argument for their world government - just like  the climate hoax, immigration, and the current economical crisis.
Let us remember President Eisenhower´s strong warning against the US military complex.