Blodig-ulvWe will be erased from the earth's surface, and everything that made us what we are will be trampled on, destroyed or hurled into oblivion. Our statues will be disfigured, our monuments razed, our books burnt; Time will erase even the memory of our existence, for others will have rebuilt and prospered on the ruins of our temples, our dwellings and our libraries.
And if by chance there is one historian who defends us or who becomes fascinated with the works of our forbears, there will be a million, a billion souls who will remind him that we were the evil ones, that we deserved to die.

We do not rejoice at the idea that a probable war will see the blood of our children and of theirs together in the mud.” In English on Galliawatch.


The history of Muslim immigration to Europe after illuminist/Henry Kissinger induced the “oil crisis” in 1973 (“Bilderberg” Andreas von Rétyi, Kopp Verlag 2006) is an appalling story of European political high treason which can only have 2 explanations: 1. Bribery/threats to career 2. A strong and wealthy overall ideology. The incredible story is well documented by Bat Ye´or in “Eurabia” 2005. This series of events without any logical basis seems diabolical – and I think that is what it is.

EU's immigration policy
The purpose was clearly revealed by Nicolas Sarcozy: Mixing of dark and whites !is a holy duty  to be enforced by the government – in accordance with EU saint, Coudenhove Khalergi´s  vision.
EESC_logo_svg.png 2EU Rapid Press Release 26 Febr, 2009: On 25 February 2009 the EESC plenary session held a debate on a common EU asylum and immigration policy with Jacques Barrot , Vice-President of the European Commission.

EESC President Mario Sepi assured Commissioner Barrot of EESC support for the Commission's efforts to harmonise legislation on asylum and immigration policy . He also stressed "the importance of respecting fundamental rights in our immigration and asylum policies, particularly in the context of a deepening economic crisis: Immigrants must not become the scapegoat of the crisis".


Commissioner Barrot emphasized the positive impact of immigration on the EU market in an era of demographic ageing; he also highlighted the EU blue card scheme, here!, designed to attract highly skilled workers, while underlining that it constitutes a first pillar of a more comprehensive legal immigration policy. Mr Barrot reiterated the Commission's determination to combat illegal immigration. "There will be no fortress Europe, our immigration policy will not impede free movements of persons", said Commissioner.


The EESC adopted opinions on "A common immigration policy for Europe", and "Policy plan on asylum". Mr Castaños emphasized that the Lisbon Treaty is a fundamental step towards a common policy on immigration.

The EU Parliament 17.03.2009: Up to 8 million people across the EU are working illegally. MEPs recently backed EU-wide laws that would ensure employers who exploit illegal workers face tough legal and financial sanctions
The question of how to return immigrants to their country of origin is a delicate one. Many fear persecution if they return and destroy what documents they have when they arrive to make it impossible for the authorities to detect the country they originally came from.
 At present a person has 7-30 days to voluntarily return or face legal action to expel them.

Blue-cardThe return policy of the EU is virtually cancelled by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.
The EESC is a terrible organisation – involving the EU and civil society – totally blind to the dangers of immigration. It simply cannot get enough immigration soon enough  
“The "Lisbon Treaty …. gives  the European Union  for the first time a legal base (Article 63 a4, the new Article 79.4) on which …to integrate third-country nationals. For the first time, so it is said, a legal basis for EU integration is at hand: The Lisbon Treaty!”

Comment: This is to say that anything the EU has so far done and is doing in this field has been illegal, criminal, punishable!! Good to finally see it confirmed by the EU itself!

On 13 March 2009 EU Commissioner Mr. Barrot visited Lampedusa to see the poor illegal refugees who are fleeing their poor Muslim African countries to spread their cultural enrichment to us. In stead of reurning them immediately, they are to be evenly distributes among us – until a potent islamic rule here shows neither them nor us any mercy.

The Union for the Mediterranean  !and here! was proclaimed by the heads of government from 27 EU countries and the Mediterranean states - except Libya. on July 13, 2008, based on the Barcelona Process. What is happening to it? It has its own parliament, the Euromediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, the EMPA.
The Middle East Times 20 Febr. 2009 :The European Union has started preparations for the launch in Prague on May 7 of its ‘Eastern Partnership,’ a new diplomatic venture designed to institutionalize its links with six former Soviet states: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. However, this plan is inacceptable to Russia.

The idea of the Eastern Partnership was hatched as a balance, as a counter, to the Mediterranean Union scheme launched last July by French President Nicolas Sarkozy with great fanfare.


Middelhavsunion-2Middelhavsunion 1Sarkozy proposed to breathe new life into the Barcelona Process. This was supposed to build a special relationship with the EU’s neighbors across the Mediterranean Sea through trade and development, common ventures like environmental programs and regular political contacts.

Sarkozy proposed to reform it by strengthening it, by giving the North Africans a sense of ownership by naming Egypt as the first co-chairman along with France, and by giving it a much higher political profile. He also thought that the term ‘union’ would carry a strong hint of eventual membership for its members.


This was cynical, because one key element of Sarkozy’s complex web of motives was that the Mediterranean Union could be an acceptable way to solve the Turkish problem, by parking Turkey into the Union as a halfway house. British and American officials say that Sarkozy understands the strategic and cultural importance of bringing Turkey into the European system, but believes French and German public opinion will not stand for it.


The Arab response has been mixed. Morocco and Egypt showed more than polite interest. The Saudis did not bother to attend the launch. The Palestinians feared it could undermine Arab solidarity against Israel. Libya's President Gadhafy said it would “divide the Arab and African nations. "


Germany and the Scandinavian and central European members of the EU eyed Sarkozy’s plan with both skepticism and alarm, as a ploy to bolster France's leadership of the EU and to pave the way for the eventual membership of more French-speaking countries. Rather than provoke an open row by opposing it, they emasculated it by denying it EU funds and by demanding the ‘Eastern Partnership’ that is now being prepared.

So the Mediterranean Union has a grandiose new headquarters in a Barcelona palace, and an agenda of summit meetings and lots of projects including solar power parks in the Sahara, but neither the money nor EU political will to implement them. It has been a lost opportunity.


Euromed_logo_2Seen from the EU Parliament on 19 Febr. 2009 the wishful, utopian imperialistic dreams live on: “Opening up the 'Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean' to countries not involved in the partnership "increases the likelihood of establishing parity in relations between the EU and the Mediterranean partner countries ". So says the European Parliament in a report adopted with 521 votes in favour, 44 against and 13 abstentions.

The Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean'…. contributes towards peace and prosperity and constitutes "a step towards economic and regional integration as well as ecological and climatic co-operation .
The report also welcomes the decision of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Union for the Mediterranean to include the League of Arab States as a participant at all meetings at all levels.

The report points out that the projects financed within the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean should be supported by funding from the Community, from partner states and from private financing. It calls on the Council and Commission to specify the role and strengthen the initiatives of the Facility for Euro Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (FEMIP) .  Since 1995 the EU has contributed more than 16bn  euro to the Mediterranean “partners.”

Now, the illuminist Commissioner, Benita Ferrero Waldner is very pleased to be able to reward Syria for following the line of the New World Order by giving it an association agreement – and a lot of our money

Ethnomasochismeeh8Here is an interesting post from Galliawatch.
“(It is) the masochistic tendency to regard with a sense of guilt and a sense of worthlessness one's own ethnic group, one's own people.
Ethnomasochism is similar to shame of oneself and self-hatred. It is a collective psychopathology, triggered by a long propaganda effort to foster a presumed fundamental sense of guilt felt by Europeans vis-à-vis other peoples, of whom they are assumed to be the "oppressors".

I have no idea why ethnomasochism is also the basis of anti-natalistic policies that surreptitiously aim to limit the reproduction of European populations. Implicitly then, it can be likened to a type of "self-racism". The European man can be said to have been struck down by an original sin, an intrinsic racial stain: he is guilty of being what he is.

Ethnomasochism provokes the systematic defense of cross-breeding ("métissage) and cosmopolitanism. Curiously, it denies to Europeans the idea of ethnic identity, but grants it to others.
Europeans are duty-bound to dilute themselves, but other peoples, Africans for example, are not. Ethnomasochism is  related to ethno-suicide.

The European elite are afflicted with this collective illness. And this illness explains the laxness towards the colonization by migrants and the idea that we have both a duty and a need to welcome the new occupiers.

FremmedtilstrømningenWhile the political value of the Union for the Mediterranean is virtually nill it remains an essential part of the EU New World order agenda.

Immigration of non-westeners to Denmark

So, when the EU cannot come politically to Africa and the Middle East it is allowing a gigantic flow of citizens from those countries to come to the EU. And once arrived there, the risk for them to be returned is slender
: Despite 650 000 returns decisions in 2004, only 164 000 were actually returned to their home countries, leaving nearly 500 000 non-nationals in a de facto illegal situation
In Denmark the rate of immigration from the Muslim world is explosive
- due to the EU´s promise to the "partner" countries of the EU´s 4 freedoms - including free motility. Nevertheless, we are being told that a restrictive immigration policy is being maintained – now being forbidden by the EU!! 

Considering the terrible liquidations of innocent people and drug dealer rivals in Denmark amounting to anarchy by gangs of Muslim immigrants it is a question when the UN R2P will be applied here – actually the UN is obliged to protect us from crimes against humanity – but of course this resolution will only be applied  if we dare protest against the enrichment of Muslim immigration.
For they hardly consider us indigenous Europeans human.