" A sound of tumult on the mountains, Like that of many people! A sound of the uproar of kingdoms, Of nations gathered together!   They are coming from a far country, from the farthest horizons .." (Isaiah 13:4-5).

Something strange is taking place in central Asia around Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India. It is a big game under the false name of “War on Terror” – a terror which started on 9/11 of 2001 with what many think was an insider job Day-of-deceitHowever, the intention is to control all mankind – the real enemies of the New World Order.
See this shocking video. This whole 9/11 business seems to be inspired by Pearl Harbour. The "Day of Deceit": “In White House meetings the strong feeling was that America needed a call to action. This is not what the public wanted, though. So, according to Stinnett, Roosevelt provoked Japan to attack us, without warning the fleet in Pearl Harbor, and thus galvanized the country to war.

In chess, you cannot win the game, unless you control the centre. The same is true in the attempt to here introduce world government . The energy and geopolitical centre of the Earth today is Central Asia and the middle East.

The US-NATO-invasion of Afghanistan took place with full support by the EU –  and here – although till this day the EU has sent just 193 policemen to Afghanistan!  On Sept. 23, 2008 The UN submitted to NATO which has now become the New World Order´s tool to gain world domination.

Zbigniew Brzezinski´s, Obamas mentor´s, view on the world : Brzezinski sees Eurasia as the centre of the world – necessary for the USA to dominate, if the US want to rule the world,  keeping any rival away. (As for his  views on regionalisation as the way to the world state – see here)
Brzezinski + bin laden
"Long-term, global policy must become more akin to a supremacy of power in the hands of a single state. Thus, America is not only the first, but also the only true global superpower, and it may probably be the very last" – very ominous!!! (s.209)

Brzezinski: "Between 2 Ages 1970:" 9. Society is controlled by the elite. Democracy and the humanitarian, social values are, unfortunately, mistakes that result in the uneducated´s regime." And, he also argues that the "One-World society" that is the crown and completion of work.

Beginning US-Russian Inconsistency over Central Asia 
Russia is reasserting its role in Central Asia . On Wednesday, Russia announced a financial rescue fund for a group of ex-Soviet allies and won their agreement to form a military rapid reaction force (10.000 men) in the region that it said would match North Atlantic Treaty Organization standards. That came a day after Kyrgyzstan announced, at Russian urging, that it planned to evict the U.S. from the Manas base it has used to ferry large numbers of American troops into Afghanistan. Russia said the base may house part of the planned new force instead. (The eviction within 6 months has been passed by the Kyrghysz Parliament).

Medvedev_dl-verticalThe steps mark Russia's most aggressive push yet to counter a U.S. military presence in the region that it has long resented. They pose a challenge for the administration of President Barack Obama, which sees Afghanistan as its top foreign-policy priority and is preparing to double the size of the American military presence there.

Russia is signaling that it will be a tough defender of its interests, especially in its traditional backyard of the former Soviet Union.  
 Karasin dismissed suggestions that Moscow's strategy was to provide bases for US Afghan operations in exchange for Washington abandoning its anti-ballistic missile shield.”

With Pakistan increasingly tenuous, U.S. officials have had to turn to Russia for help. The U.S. already ships large quantities of fuel through Russia.  

The Putin-Medvedev doctrine  consists of Russia defending the rights of its citizens wherever they are and by whatever means necessary, as in Abkhazia, is causing concern.

Why does this matter?
Pakistani-politiciansThe US National Intelligence Council predicts a total implosion of Pakistan - “a failed nuclear power with myriads of terrorist groups, displeased groups of rebels and a mighty army. This is expected to have serious consequences for global security.

Global Research Febr. 16, 2009
It is the people of South Asia who will pay a steep price as the Pentagon and their corporatist masters seek a "solution" to what Washington insiders have dubbed the "Af-Pak" problem.

A New York Times article also states that the US is continuing to carry out Special Forces operations on the ground inside Pakistan, in addition to its stepped-up missile attacks.

Obama, Gates and the military chiefs have already outlined a policy shift away from any pretense of democratic reform or “nation-building” in favour of a more concentrated focus on counter-insurgency operations aimed at wiping out popular resistance in both Afghanistan and Pakistan to US neo-colonial aims.  There is a growing danger of a military conflagration throughout Central Asia and beyond.

The Pentagon is attempting to persuade U.S. President Barack Obama to approve a vast nation-building plan for Afghanistan that would involve deploying 100,000 troops in that country for as long as a decade alongside with civilian measures. It would cost "around $2 billion per month beyond the roughly $20 billion we already spend.

I: U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee,  revealed that CIA Predator drones are flown from an airbase in Pakistan. Feinstein's remarks are certain to enflame tensions against Pakistan's civilian government. And that may be intended!!
Comment: And it is true – according to the Times Online.

Global Research 23 Febr, 2009: 3 Pakistani military commanders are now joining forces against the government for this reason. 
This will destabilize President Asif Ali Zardari´s civilian government of Pakistan.
The Zardari government is in full crisis mode. With a reputation as a grifter the Yankee overlords made it clear they had no confidence in Zadari´s administration and would prefer another compliant military "Big Man" to rule the roost.

II: Besides, Pakistan sees a home-grown Islamist insurgency.
President Zardari: "We are aware of the fact (the Taliban are) trying to take over the state of Pakistan. So, we're fighting for the survival of Pakistan." However, the government has responded by capitulating to the Taleban´s demands in …the Swat Valley.
Taliban have virtually cut NATO's supply lines into Afghanistan through the Khyber Pass and now threaten Peshawar, the NWFP's capital, a sprawling city of three million people.

Taliban7It appears that the government's strategy for "winning" entails a complete capitulation to the Taleban´s demands, including the imposition of draconian Sharia to be "administered" by the Taliban themselves!

Pakistani critics believe that the organization …launches new operations aimed at the centers of power. Many Pakistani Army and intelligence officers … oppose using force against fellow Muslims, and some have ties to militant groups.

III: Ab Ordine Chaos – Chaos out of Order: The masters of the New World Order at play with incalculable risks for the planet.
The Americans play double games, e.g. equipping select Taliban groups with sophisticated technologies that are effectively used against their attempts to restrain the activities of the Taliban.
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Muhammad ElBaradei has said Pakistan's nuclear weapons can fall into the hands of terrorists due to the prevailing instability in the South Asian country.
Instability, I might add, that the United States and their NATO partners seem hell-bent on spreading far and wide.

The US Defence Department  is preparing to intervene, “if a nuclear state becomes instable and nuclear weapons could be used against rivalling groups – or the US)
American officials may also be prompted by growing concern that the militant attacks are increasingly putting the civilian government of Pakistan, a nation with nuclear weapons, at risk.” But the USA already has remapped the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia on the desk.

If Pakistan were pushed by internal and external forces to fly-apart, it would set the stage for the military occupation of the country by the U.S. and their partners under the guise of "peacekeeping" and "stability operations."
Government opposition is staging riots against Zardari´s government.The illuminist Atlantic Council:  Pakistan faces dire economic and security threats that threaten both the existence of Pakistan as a democratic and stable state and the region as a whole. We are running out of time - ultimate failure threatens. Zardari to the Atlantic Council: “We – [the United States, Pakistan, NATO and the world at large] – are losing the battle” to keep Pakistan stable, at peace. A senior Pakistani military officer told us: “If Pakistan fails, the world fails.” Comment: NATO intervention seems imminent.

IV: New World Order out of chaos
Now where is the direct voice from the New World Order? Here is a voice from Tavistock´s Brookings Institution , which is telling the US Government how to run its affairs and the Chatham House, the daughter of Cecil Rhodes´Rothschild Club, The Round Table and the sister of Rockefeller´s Council on Foreign Relations:“

Bruce Jones, Director, Center on International Cooperation, New York University : “Let’s look backwards on Afghanistan briefly. We would be in a significantly stronger shape here if over the past eight or more years we had invested serious effort in building up the capacity of the UN and NATO to do the statebuilding work of governments.

FeudalOrdo ab chaoSpiegel: As it is now the troops are getting exhausted. Therefore 17.000 US troops extra have been deployed in Helmand – but the US expects much more troops from Europe – especially from Germany, Italy and France) Apparently the EU is not willing to play the game of the New World Order when it comes to blood shedding in a remote country better being left alone, in case we closed our borders to people from that part of the world..
A conflict between China and the USA is unlikely, China being the creditor of the US and the US China´s best market. .
However it is not impossible

Obama and Saudi Arabia make a secret pact for the Persian Gulf while Moscow supports Teheran.