"Nothing escapes this tidal wave of the new order that carries all before it" (Club of Rome Declaration)

On February 24, 2008, something extraordinary happened in Zürich, Switzerland: In a referendum the citizens of this very international city declined the request of one of the most globalist and influential societies of the World to establish its headquarters in Zürich.
The list of honoray members of this club comprises  many very prominent names like Michael Gorbachev, Queen Sophia of Spain, Queen Beatrix of Holland, Prince Philippe of Belgium, Jacques Delors, former EU Commission President, the man behind the EU and the Euromediterranean Project, even former Swiss President Kurt Furgler, Prince Hassan, the brother of King Abdullah of Jordan etc. So why is this society not welcome in Zürich? And why a referendum?

The answer will clearly emerge from the following: The Club wanted money from the city! Besides, the Club is revolutionary and the worst enemy of democracy. But the City Council was strongly in favour of the Club!

Michael Gorbachev, former President  of the Soviet Union, is an honoray member of the Club of Rome

The Club of Rome is a widely ramified propaganda/education organisation of the new World Order

1. The Climate Hysteria was the invention of the Club of Rome!!

"In a report titled "The First Global Revolution" ( p. 75, 1991) published by the Club of Rome, a globalist think tank, we find the following statement by co-founder Alexander King: "In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. All these dangers are caused by human intervention… The real enemy, then, is humanity itself." This and the Club´s affiliation to the EU and the Council of Europe was reaffirmed in 2001. E.g. Rademacher (from p.50) advocates an eco-tax (CO2-trading e.g)  for  creating a  socially, culturally, and ecologically sustainable world at the cost of economic growth in the West

2. The new multicultural man created by Club of Rome
"The rapid growth of new technologies is another major element in the global problematic. At least in the short term if not longer, they have an impact on such key sectors as employment and can have adverse effects on human beings, harming rather than helping them.

Humanity is therefore confronted with a pressing need to create and develop a vision of the future, of a new civilization, enriched by the diversity of cultures, wisdom and philosophies derived from the various regions of the world.The Eurmediterranean Declaration of Barcelona (1995) was the contribution of Club of Rome honorary member, Jacques Delors.

3. The New Order will create a globally standardized man!
Yet the greatest impact is undoubtedly on human hearts and minds. This is why our aim must be essentially normative and action-oriented. We must develop common standards.The basis of the new order should be an understanding that human initiatives and institutions exist only to serve human needs.

4. The Task of the Club of Rome: To forge a new interdependent global society
From this standpoint, we shall then be able to visualize the sort of world we would like to live in…  to forge this new global society. Part of our efforts must be devoted to stimulating greater understanding of the nature of interdependence, both among human beings and between the human and natural worlds. …We strongly feel the need for a thorough overhaul of democracy, going far beyond its present organization and functioning, and also to devise a new economic system that avoids the shortcomings of the market economy.

Prince Hassan of Jordan is the brother of King Abdullah. In 2007 the President of the Club of Rome, HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, was among the seven named by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as Champion of the Earth for his effort to save the world's environment - alongside with Al Gore!
Prince Hassan of Jordan has been awarded the Abraham Geiger Prize for 2008 in recognition of his advocacy of ecological sustainability, reconciliation and dialogue between the religions.
"We must revive the principle of Shura (consultation) and bring together the various Islamic schools of law as well as the Sunnis and Shiites. I would wish for such a meeting to take place in Mecca so that it can radiate its message to the growing number of groups being formed in the name of religion"

5. "Concern about mankind"
The population explosion in the South and the ageing of the populations of the North, the risk of major disturbances in world climate, the precarious nature of supplies of food and water in many regions of the world, are all signs of the vast changes taking place….Today more than ever we feel the need to address new global imbalances caused by differing speeds of population and economic growth ".
In 1972 the Club predicted a near apocalypse due to lack of food an resources. So it recommended a stop to population and economic growth. The Club was mistaken

I have previously described, how this Club was re-born at David Rockefeller´s Villa Sebelloni at Belaggio, Italy.


And the Club has really big plans for our planet.
In 1996 the Club gave a remarkable public DECLARATION of The Club of Rome
Brussels, April 25, 1996
Let us see, what more the Club itself has to say about its work for the world state

“The Club itself tends normally to adopt a low profile, and the passionate debate sparked by "The Limits to Growth", updated by the authors under the title "Beyond the Limits", has been the only and unexpected exception to this desire to operate discreetly. We believe that we are sometimes more effective when we work behind the scenes…..The Club of Rome considers it to be its duty to contribute by working out specific proposals that would move the world in the direction of harmonious organic development.

The essential mission of the Club of Rome

is to act as an international, non-official catalyst of change. This role is prompted by the slowness and inadequacy of governments and their institutions to respond to urgent problems, constrained as they are by structures and policies designed for earlier, simpler times and by relatively short electoral cycles. This, in view of the confrontational nature of much of public and international life, the stifling influence of expanding bureaucracies and the growing complexity of issues, suggests that the voice of independent and concerned people having access to


Jacques Delors, former EU Commission President, now honorary member of the Club of Rome, besides being a member of Gorbachev´s WPF! - has done all these things!!
the corridors of power around the world
, should have a valuable contribution to make towards increasing understanding and, at times, jolting the system into action….In this area, too, we must stimulate people’s minds and thinking about these new experiences, where speed is all-important:… speed in acquiring knowledge and in eroding the social fabric…..There is need for a centre of innovative thinking, especially about social issues.

In the past, the Club has proved its competence in this role; it will do its best to continue to do so in future.”
The Club has already taken a number of initiatives to provide pathways to solutions with an impact on policy.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is a very globalist lady. Her father, Prince Bernhard, was a founder of the Bilderberg Club in 1954 alongside with among others David Rockefeller and Joseph Retinger. The Queen is a Bilderberger herself, e.g. 2006. Besides, she is an honorary member of the Club of Rome

We publish works that will encourage governments,
international agencies, business leaders and non-governmental organizations, youth movements and the positive forces in societies throughout the world

We are vividly aware of the lack of political leadership almost everywhere in the world

and the absence of workable institutions for real international cooperation. 

Conceptual basis
To adopt a global perspective …with the awareness that the increasing interdependence of nations.

- To think holistically 

- To take a longer term perspective in studies than is possible for governments preoccupied with day-to-day problems.

Methodology: How the world is ideologically governed!

The Club of Rome is governed by an Executive Committee of thirteen members who investigate global issues, then set the priorities and decide on the strategies of the Club. Between its meetings, a Bureau of four members, led by the President and Secretary General of the Club, takes care of implementing the decisions and assuring the day-to-day management of the Club.

1. Reports or notes, organizing meetings and symposia to which selected members are invited, frequent contacts with decision-makers in both public and private sectors.

The first report The Club of Rome commissioned and published was "The Limits to Growth", a book which produced a world-wide impact (it sold 12 million copies in 37 languages) Its thesis was interpreted in many different ways. It stressed above all, for the first time, the importance of the environment, and the essential links with population and energy. "

"Short-term concerns will generate the exponential growth that drives the world system toward the limits of the earth and ultimate collapse. With that goal and that commitment, mankind would be ready now to begin a controlled, orderly transition from growth to global equilibrium" (Controlling  the number of children and growth of capital).
Of course, this goes for whites only. They know very well that the others cannot even read their message! Free abortion was introduced in the West in those days!

2. "Meetings. In principle, the Club of Rome holds a Conference every year, always in a different region of the world. Thus the most recent meetings have been held in Kuala Lumpur, Hanover, Buenos Aires and Puerto Rico. In addition to the working sessions reserved for members of the Club, these meetings bring together personalities from the region or the world who are invited to take part in discussions on a particular aspect of the global problematic. These meetings have established fruitful inter-personal relations with leaders and activists in the region.

3. Consultation: The members of the Executive Committee are frequently consulted by decision-makers in international institutions, governments, the business community and civil society.”

Comment: This is pure illuminism - taken over by the EU . The Club of Rome links itself to the NWO organisation, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, alias the Chatham House. These non-elected, influential people really have the guts to express their contempt to democracy. They have the insolence to maintain their influence on our moron  decisionmakers, who are stated to lack the power of leadership, on governments, institutions and business as well as the corrupt civil society!! And they have the arrogance to imagine they,  the "enlightened" (Latin: illuminati/illuminists) as they call themselves, are the ones to devise world governance.
And not only that: They feel as their task to "stimulate the way we think" and to "erode the social fabric", an enriched multicultural society!!! And not least to forge the so far strongest  weapon of their New World Order Climatism. For they think they are the master race – while we are the underlings. And maybe they are right since we allow them to to pull us by the nose into their communist-leninist depopulated society as for whites, without market economy, in which democracy needs a thorough overhaul!!!.
Many have enumerated their methods to bring about this reduction. This is not the place for that.

In a later post I shall report on their subversive action through the school system.