Now it is being said openly on the CNBC : The Illuminati started the current crisis. How long will the world hush it up?

“The powerful seek to rule without showing their powerfulness. They want to rule secretly, without publicized legitimation. Small circles of men are making decisions which they need to have at least authorized by indifferent or recalcitrant  people over whom they do not exercise explicit authority. So the small circle tries to manipulate these people into  willing acceptance or cheerful support of their decisions or opinions - or at least to the rejection of possible counter-opinions.The standard strategy of manipulation is to make it appear that the people, or at least a large group of them, ‘really made the decision.” (C. Wright Mills 1956).

And so it is! See this video. And I might add: This aim has  been smartly achieved by means of 3 scornful words: “Pth! Conspiration theory!”

Round Tables are cliques of self appointed, secret societies with enormous influence on society. The model, of course, is King Arthur´s Round Table at Camelot.

Lord Walter Rothschild

Modern Round Tables are inspired by, nay originate (Andreas von Rétyi: Bilderberger, Kopp Verlag, 2006) from THE ROUND TABLE organization in England which grew out of the life-long dream of gold and diamond magnate CECIL RHODES for a ‘new world order’. Rhodes bequeathed Lord Walter Rothschild the organisation and all of his wealth.

Gary Allen continues:

It should be noted that the originator of this type of secret society was Adam Weishaupt, the monster who founded the Order of (Bavarian) Illuminati on May 1, 1776, for the purpose of conspiracy to control the world.” The ROUND TABLE worked behind the scenes at the highest levels of British government, influencing foreign policy .
From the ROUND TABLE group emerged as a front the “Royal institute for International Affairs” (RIIA -“Chatham House).” In 1921 the US Council on Foreign relations emanated from the RIIA.

Modern Round Tables
I have previously described the European Round Table of Industrialists, founded by Rockefeller-advisor, former Volvo-CEO Pehr Gyllenhammar.

Who is Pehr Gyllenhammar?
He is of an old Swedish Jewish clan: First chairman of the European Financial Services Round Table, which was founded in March 2001. Vice-chairman of Rothschild Europe, a division of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, since 2003 and chairman of the Rothschild Pension Funds. Also, he became a Senior Advisor to the Rothschild Group worldwide at the same time.

Besides, there is a US Financial Services Round Table, James Dimon being  Chairman and Chief Executive. He is from David Rockefeller´s old bank, now JPMorgan Chase & Co. - both superrich old illuminist pioneers. The other Chairman is Richard Kovacevich, whom I cannot connect to Rockefeller or Rothschild.

On Monday Oct 13 they and their colleagues from the 9 largest US banks were summoned to US Secretary of Treasury, Trilateral Commissionist and former chairman and CEO of the Rothschild daughter, Goldman Sachs, Henry Paulson. They  were told to  sign a paper before they left the room. Thereby, they would  sell shares to  the government. While Dimon accepted immediately, Kovacevich refused furiously, saying his bank was not in trouble  - but he signed in the end!!

What is the programme of the European  Financial Services Round Table?
In 2005 this clique edited an essay: “On the lead supervisor model” , signed by Pehr Gyllenhammar and Jean-Paul Votron - a former Senior Executive Vice-President of Rothschild ABN-AMRO, a Rothschild daughter and  CEO of Citigroup’s Retail Bank for Western Europe, Central Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa. Citigroup is a Rothschild partner, and here.

From the essay: “Reassured by the discussions it had with various (EU) officials on the June 2004 paper, the EFR reiterates its conviction that the lead supervisor concept would be a positive step towards a more efficient and effective prudential supervisory structure in the EU
and transform the co-ordinating supervisor into a fully empowered lead supervisor over all financial operations  EU-wide.

Clear, workable, innovative, and forward-looking structures in the EU will strengthen Europe’s position … in the future on the evolution of the global system of financial supervision.

To some extent, the negotiations underway in the Basel Committee’s AIG (Accord Implementation Group - housed in The Rothschild Central Bank of Rothschild Central Banks, the BIS) might be regarded as a precursor to this. Its objective is to enhance understanding of key supervisory issues and improve the quality of banking supervision worldwide.

A European FSA,  and here or EFSA, would be the final authority on interpretation and implementation of EU financial market rules. Small and domesticallyoriented institutions would continue to be supervised by national authorities, acting on the basis of common rules and subject to the final say of EFSA.

A European Central Bank-type European System of Financial Supervision (ESFS) would give, in cases of conflicts between regulators, the final authority on interpretation and implementation of EU financial market rules to the central institution, EFSA.

EFRs members comprise a lot of Rothschild daughters and partners.

European Central Banks´ (ECBs) board
consists of the  chiefs of the central banks of the euro zone  + the 6 of the Board of Directors.
President Jean-Claude Trichet (right): 1995 Vice-president of the IMF (until 2003), bilderberger 200-2005 and 2007, 2008. Reuters: President Jean-Claude Trichet attends a closed-door meeting of the Trilateral Commission.
Vicepresident of the ECB is Lucas D. Papademos: 1980- 1984 Chief Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Member of the Trilateral Commission.
Lorenzo Bini Smaghi: 1982 Practioner IMF , Washington D.C.
Jos´Manuel  Gonzales-Páramo: Consultancies and Research for the World Bank (CFR-led) 1984, 1989, 2000-2002.

Here is the “General Council
Guy Quaden, Belgium on the Board of the Rothschild bank BIS
Nout Wellink , bilderberger 2006, member of the Rothschild BIS board.
Axel Weber. Member of the Rothschild BIS bank .

Now, do the EU and the EFR´s suggestions on a lead supervisor (ECB) coincide?
Yes they do. Le Monde 22 Oct., 2008: Sarkozy intends to remain the supervisor of the eurozone for the next 2 years since he mistrusts the Czechs and the Swedes: Nicolas Sarkozy wants to profit from the  financial crisis in order to  impose his economical vision on Europe and continue to preside over the EU  at the level of the euro zone, at least for one year more. The French president has cajoled with this offensive before the European Parliament on  21 October. The Georgian and financial crises have shown that Europe needed a strong president in order to survive!
“I will not allow to return to a “voluntaristic” Europe”, he insisted before the press.

Yahoo news Oct. 21, 2008: “A Europe-wide system of market supervision is a desirable goal but is complicated to achieve, European Central Bank governing council member and Bank of Italy Governor Mario Draghi said. According to Thomson´s Financial News, oct. 21, he does not think this is an ECB-task.

So, the plan for the “new financial world order” would be something else than the Rothschild- dominated ECB: a European – and then a world FSA , the Rothschild dominated BIS?– as stated by Gyllenhammar –and this means Rothschild world governance, since he dominates the FSA and the BIS as well as all central banks.
And the EFR, too – lead by Rothschild employee Pehr Gyllenhammar – who also started the European Round Table of Industrialists – so full of Bilderbergers and trilateral commissionists.

The EFR comprises 100 chairmen and CEOs of the biggest financial service firms in Europe.

They are being heard by EUs CEBS. No wonder for this is one big brotherhood of politicians and bankers who all want to rule the world and thereby make enormous profits at our cost.

Picture by David Dees

But, as we have seen with FSA in London, which made the financial crisis global by ignoring the AIG fraud: A regulator can be used for deregulation!!
And the most prominent regulator, the Fed, totally failed, Alan Greenspan even admitting in Congress, he doesn´t know how it could happen!! So, no wonder that in this same article (CNN)  José Barroso  states:” It’s very simple. We swim together or we sink together. We need world governance.” My guess: That´s the point. This is why we have this crisis!
And why do I think so?
The Telegraph, Oct. 22, 2008:
Sir Howard Davies, the former head of the Financial Services Authority was also deputy governor of the Bank of England: He contradicted the notion that the breakdown in financial markets had come as a surprise, saying economists and others had been drawing attention to the imbalances in the world economy for years. But he said regulators and politicians were too slow to react.The European Central Bank first brought the extent of the crisis to public attention by pouring in liquidity into the system in August last year. But it took 16 months for politicians to react!!

Now it is being said explicitly on the CNBC that the current crisis was launched by the Illuminati.

Both Gordon Brown and Barroso have called for a new financial world order
because of the current, planned international bankers´financial crisis. As Barroso says in the video above: During the crisis people´s minds are open to the new order.

David Rockefeller, Sept. 23, 1994: “This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long - We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”