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Summary of the messages of the euro med.dk
My topic is the New World Order. At the time of the beginning of this blog, it was an almost unknown phenomenon. Now  EU and U.S. politicians are vying to use the term (videos in right margin of this blog) - however,  they tend to use the phrase “international community”  instead as the NWO has  become too suspicious to people. Also, the climate-lie of man made CO2- global warming, the poisonous chemtrails (now even acknowledged by the  AR5 of the IPCC - SPM 21) and the HAARP (weather) and here (earthquakes) and here (global mind control) were largely unknown. I was seen as Denmark’s biggest conspiracy theorist when I started to confront these problems.  Today these issues are addressed by politicians and the blogosphere - but rarely by the mass media.

The reason why I launched the Euro-med.dk  was the Muslim mass immigration with its catastrophic cultural and economic consequences. I found it is a direct consequence of the largely unknown dictatorial, so-called Barcelona aka the Euro-Mediterranean Process, later named the Union for the Mediterranean - between the EU and the North African and Middle Eastern countries to create a “partnership” for democracy, shared prosperity and a common political/cultural area .

In fact, all EU countries are in a union with all Mediterranean  Muslim countries - with the exception of Libya, but with Jordan and Israel. EU politicians have even expressed their plan to enclose Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Republics in this union.

EU Council President Van Rompuy announces the existence of the one-world government since 2009.

I found that this is the Rockefeller/ Brzezinkski  Trilateral Commission´s plan, the EU being the actual model for the elite´s one-world government, which is Agenda 21, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2013. Its terrible urbanization was praised by EU Council President, the Jesuit and Bilderberger Hermann van Rompuy. The EU project incl. the euro was launched and initially paid for by the Rothschild/Rockefeller  Council on Foreign Relations in collaboration with Nazis, as a corporative EU Ltd. with the Nazi- IG Farben as its model.  For many years, the EU was financed with recovered Nazi money and was planned  in 1944  by the Gestapo as the 4. Reich: A German financial superpower under supranational umbrella (The Trilateral Commission´s men from Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs) for Europe´s New Order.

The One-World-State is to be a merger of the North American Free Trade Association - the NAFTA (developing into  the North American Union) , the EU and the  ASEAN + 3 for a start. States which are opposed to this transglobal  belt, i.e. Middle Eastern and  Central Asian countries,  are being conquered militarily for the NWO.

The Arabs never took an interest in the Euro-Mediterranean Process - apart from taking the money that the EU so generously offers for projects. This money is  widely not implemented on the agreed projects - it was invested by the European Investment Bank so that it largely disappeared into tax havens and the pockets of “partner” dictator friends. Now the EU offers “partner countries” an “advanced status” - already bestowed upon Morocco, which is known for the genocide of Western Saharan Africans and terrible persecutions of Christians. This country and Tunisia (next “advanced partner”) are governed by the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has a detailed plan for the Islamization of Europe - apparently with the blessing of the EU. Also, Jordan has an “advanced status“.
This means the four freedoms of the EU, including - in time - free immigration into the EU  for such “partners”!

The EU continues pumping big money into the “Euro-Mediterranean partner countries”, and the residents of these LDCs are cordially invited by the EU to come into the EU. The EU welcomed and here the Arab Spring causing riots and sending many Muslim refugees to Europe. The EU supports the Al-Qaeda Rebels in Syria (practically the only military opposition) and calls these foreign jihadists “legitimate representatives of the Syrian people” - even if NATO finds that only 10% of Syrians are for the Jihadists! - and 70% for Assad.
The EU supports the “democratic” Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which so cruelly persecutes Christians - as do the Syrian rebels, too.  EU countries, including Denmark, are obsessed with going to war and to create as much chaos and as many refugees as possible - even after they have triggered the chaos themselves in the first place  (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Mali).
After the EU has so strongly contributed to the chaos in North Africa and the Middle East, the EU welcomes the refugees from these areas - the more, the better.

Immigrants-mahgrebNow the European Commission wants to press the EU Council to simply offer asylum and safe passage to the EU to all the millions of real Muslim war zone refugees as well as to those who are poverty refugees from an infinitely growing Muslim population - since distinction is impossible.  The asylum is to be granted locally - and will be issued prior to departure!

Parisriots1Why is  the EU doing that? High-ranking politicians and former EU Commissioners declare openly : to radically transform our societies by  abolishing nation states and our ancient culture - and to obtain Arab support for the EU as a super-power.

I’m frustrated that this aspect of the New World Order has gained so little attention in public. Because this process is fast and leads to the suicide of Europe, led by Satanist- Illuminati and their mercenaries in politics and the media - which they own - a success for their 237-year-old effort. Within the next 50 Years, Europe will no longer be white.

Behind this is the circle of banksters of the House of Rothschild. The full horror began on 1 Mai 1776 when  the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, and Mayer Rothschild,  the Talmudist and Sabbataean - Frankist, (i.e. a strong form of Satanism), set  their Illuminati at large in the world. Since then they have incited endless wars,  revolutions, financial crises and breakdowns by their central banks and here as well as their investment banks. For they control the money of the world - the Rothschilds are said to own 500 trillion dollars. As Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs boss says: “I’m doing God’s work”, whereby the god is Mammon - and his prophet is Rothschild (Heinrich Heine) .

With the ongoing super secret and undemocratic negotiations on the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership ( TTIP ) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP ), the banksters and their corporations are now granted sovereign legislation that pushes all national and local laws aside. The banksters are thus granted autocracy over the world

This is not just a criminal syndicate at large and with control over humanity, which it is rapidly enslaving.
This is the prelude to the apocalyptic end game as described in the Bible (Matthew 25, Jeremiah 25,  etc.) and as written by the Masonic guru, Albert Pike. The forces that control this are Jewish and Protestant fundamentalists with a very large influence on Netanyahu, the White House and the Pentagon - Wolfgang Eggert.

This is the Devil´s fight  against you and me. He has one task: To test our loyalty to Christ to the utmost (Book of Job). He already  lost the fight against God at Calvary.