On 5 Febr. 2012, Pres. Obama declared National State of Emergency over the US due to “the Threat from Iran”. To implement it Pres. Obama  signed the National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA) into US law on 31 Dec. 2011- authorizing the military to detain any “terror suspect” indefinitely in FEMA Camps or Psychiatric hospitals- without trial.

The declaration of National State of Emergency with NDAA police state authority at hand has 3 possible implications:
1. Imminent war with Iran. Many expect another false flag operation against the US.
2. It enables Pres. Obama to postpone/cancel presidential election. However, this option appears to be too, early.
3. It could be done in anticipation of a coming collapse of US economy.

Former member of the Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff, Leonid Ivashov: An attack on Syria or Iran is an attack on Russia (below)