LATEST. EUObserver 5 Dec. 2011: Northern League lawmaker Massimo Polledri declared: “We salute the Franco-German directorate before it officially takes control of the country. Maybe they’ll let us speak Italian for a bit longer but the decisions are going to be taken elsewhere.” The Greek technocrate government has ministers with links to The Military Junta, which fell in 1974

Summary: After having attacked the West in at least 8 waves (The French Revolution, the central bank system, financing Communism and Nazism and the 1968 revolution, the endless and destructive Muslim mass immigration, the EU technocracy, the impoverishing climate swindle, the “War on Terror” after the false flag operation of 9/11, the worldwide elitist-launched financial/economic crisis) the Talmudists have now launched their 9. attack wave: Rothschild´s technocracy, a globalist ideology meant to maintain Communist sustainability under the NWO society, the Agenda 21, forcing people to live as battery hens. The technocrats used are Rothschild´s Wall Street banksters, first an foremost his Goldman Sachs bank, the best cash-making machine that global capitalism has ever produced – after the FED. Through Goldman Sachs/Federal reserve-paid technocrats like Mario Monti, Lucas Papademos, Mario Draghi to lead technocrat governments in Italy, Greece and the European Central Bank, Goldman Sachs/Rothschild is rapidly scoring more money than they did, when they robbed dishonest Greece, Italy and others of their government revenues. The motto seems to be: Rule of the masses with Communism by Fascist banksters.

Prof. James Petras, Global Res. 28 Nov. 2011: Ten historic transformations dominate the agenda of the technocratic dictatorships and their colonial mentors.
1) Massive shifts in budgetary allocations from welfare to bond and bank payments. 2) Large scale changes in income policies from wages to profits, interest payments and rents. 3) Highly regressive tax policies, increasing consumer (VAT) and wage taxes and lowering taxes on bondholders and investors. 4)  Eliminating employment security (“labor flexibility”), increasing the reserve army of unemployed to lower wages, intensifying the exploitation of employed labor (“higher productivity”). 5) Rewriting labor codes, undermining the balance of power between organized labor and capital. Wages, working conditions and health issues are taken out of the hands of rank and file unionists and put in the hands of technocratic “corporate commissions”. 6) The dismantling of a half century of public enterprises and institutions and privatizing telecommunications, energy, health, education and pension funds.  Trillion dollar privatizations are windfall profits on a world historic scale. 7) The economic axis shifts from production and services for mass consumption in the domestic market, to exports of specialized goods and services to overseas markets. This new dynamic requires lower wages to “compete” internationally but shrinks the domestic market.  The new strategy translates into an increase in hard currency earnings from exports to pay the debt to the bondholders but results in greater misery and unemployment for domestic labor. 8) The technocratic dictatorship by design and policy aims at a ‘bipolar class structure’ in which the bulk of the skilled workers and the middle class is impoverished while enriching a strata of local bondholders and business owners. 9)  Deregulation of capital, privatization and the centrality of financial capital leads to greater colonial (foreign) ownership of land, banks, strategic economic sectors and ‘social’ services.  National sovereignty is replaced by imperial sovereignty in the economy as well as politics.
10)  The unified power of colonial technocrats and imperial bondholders dictating policy concentrates power in a non-elected power elite.  They rule with a narrow social base and no popular legitimacy.  They are politically vulnerable, therefore, constantly dependent on economic threats or physical force.
The lives of technocratic governments will be shortlived, since their austerity measures will make people angry – as is already happening in Italy. Strike and demonstrations, possibly rebellions will ensue.

Technocracy is intimately interwoven with NWO´s and the EU´s Communist ideology of “sustainability”/Agenda 21 and the the CO2–combating swindle on behalf of Gaia, a re-invented pagan religion using fearmongering with a climate which is as it always was – with no other man made climate changes than those due to NWO HAARP-manipulation.


Nothing escapes this tidal wave of the new order that carries all before it” (Club of Rome Declaration)


Having attacked the West acc. to Adam Weishaupts 6–point program at least 8 times before (the French Revolution; the central bank system; financing Communism and Nazism and the 1968 revolution; the endless and destructive Muslim mass immigration; the EU technocracy; the impoverishing climate swindle; the “War on Terror” after the false flag operation of 9/11; the worldwide elitist-launched financial/economic crisis), the Talmudists, here, here, launched their 9. attack wave to “solve” the economic crisis they created themselves by Rothschild technocrats like Mario Monti (new PM in Italy), who is international adviser to Goldman Sachs and multiple Bilderberger as well as president of the European Trilateral Commission,  and his technocratic, unelected government; moreover,  the Bilderberger and former Goldman Sachs Vice Chairman Mario Draghi (New chief of the European Central Bank), as well as the new Greek PM, former FED Boston chief, multiple Bilderberger and Trilateral Commissioner, Lucas Papademos and his technocratic, unelected government. Besides, Goldman Sachs has more dirty businesses: It is the main player in the speculation in food prices, driving millions in LDC countries into an early grave. The goal is an EU-Fiscal-Union, where national Sovereignty no longer exists.Henry-Paulson-300x225

Former US Secretary of the Treasury and Goldman Sachs CEO (1999–2006), Henry Paulson, is a typical example of a Rothschild-bought puppet politician
Reuters 29 Nov. 2011 documents how former Goldman Sachs CEO, Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, met with the Wall Street Banksters, in particular those of Goldman Sachs, even the entire Goldman Sachs board in Moscow at a dinner in honour of of the Arch-leninist, Michael Gorbachev, to give them insider information, in order that they could get the most out of e.g. the crashes of the Lehman Brothers and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Goldman Sachs, by Texe Marr: Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankfein: “I am doing God´s work“,
referring to Heine´s statement: Money (Mammon) is the God of our times, and Rothschild is his prophet.
The official records of ownership (of Goldman Sachs) show that the chief owner is Lord Jacob Rothschild, and he and other Rothschild family members dominate the consortium which reigns over the planet’s most gigantic and powerful force, that of the Money Power. Goldman Sachs is its nucleus and tornadic eye and center. Goldman Sachs is “the site of the best cash-making machine that global capitalism has ever produced (after the FED). The New York Times 13 Febr. 2011: Greece engaged in a decade-long effort to skirt European debt limits. One deal created by Goldman Sachs helped obscure billions in debt from the budget overseers in Brussels  in 2001. This helped Athens to meet Europe’s deficit rules while continuing to spend beyond its means. Instruments developed by Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and a wide range of other banks enabled politicians to mask additional borrowing in Greece, Italy and possibly elsewhere. In return for government payments in the future, with those liabilities then left off the books, Greece, for example, traded away the rights to airport fees and lottery proceeds in years to come.


EUObserver 5 Dec. 2011: Italy’s new technocrat-led cabinet has approved a fresh emergency austerity package a day earlier than expected. The cabinet member responsible for the pension changes, social affairs minister Elas Fornero, was so overwhelmed by her own announcement that she broke down and could not continue.

“god´s work” is done by means of technocrats, technocracy being a secret ideology.

Prof. James Petras, Global Res. 28 Nov. 2011: Decaying democracy evolves into an ‘oligarchical democracy’ as executive officials rule by fiat;
overriding democratic rules and ignoring the interests of the majority.
Van-rompuy-obama-barrosoAn executive junta, of elected and non-elected officials, resolves questions of war and peace, allocate billions of dollars or euros to a financial oligarchy, and reduce living standards of millions of citizens via class biased “austerity packages”.

The EU, the model of the corporate NWO one world government, is the prototype of a technocracy: EU Council Pres. and EU Commission President – the EU´s “prime minister” representing the EU at top level are unelected, being appointed by the European Council. Both are Bilderbergers and here, i.e. accepted by the one world ruling elite, who own the corporations. van Rompuy has declared the Talmudist´s corporate one world government to have come into existence at the G20 meeting in London 2–4 Apr. 2009.

The citizenry is assigned the role of passive spectators – even as anger, disgust and hostility spreads and deepens (see Pat Condell in above video). Isolated voices of dissenting representatives are drowned out by the cacophony of mass media contracted prestigious “experts” and academics shilling for the financial oligarchy.  To fortify their absolute power the oligarchies emasculate the constitutions, citing economic catastrophes and all pervasive ‘terrorist’ threats.  A vast police state apparatus, with unlimited powers, enforces constraints on civic and political opposition and freedoms via ‘bureaucratic restrictions’.  The purpose is to minimize the critical minority from mobilizing a sympathetic majority.  As the economic crises worsen the oligarchy extends and deepens their austerity measures.  The well paid skilled workers and middle class employees and professionals begin to feel the acute erosion of wages, salaries, pensions, working conditions and future career prospects.

Over time oligarchical democracy is no longer useful as to the financial elite. Its democratic pretensions no longer can deceive the masses.  Prolonged elite factional warfare erodes its willingness to impose the financial oligarchy’s full agenda.  At this point oligarchical democracy as a political formula has run its course. The financial elite are ready and willing to discard all pretenses of ruling via democratic oligarchs. They are seen as willing but too weak; too subject to domestic pressure from factional rivals and not willing to proceed to savage cuts in social budgets, even greater reductions in living standards and working conditions. The international bankers discard the ‘native junta’ and impose non-elected bankers to ruledubbing their private bankers as technocrats.


Reuters 17 Nov. 2011 - Hundreds of students protested in Italy’s financial capital Milan against what they called the “bankers’ government”  - also protests in Turin, Rome, Palermo and Bari.
Zero Hedge 17 Nov. 2011 In Turin, clashes broke out between police and thousands of demonstrators Monti’s cabinet is made up of a mix of academic specialists and experienced administrators and includes Corrado Passera, the chief executive of Italy’s biggest retail bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, as industry minister.

The Transition to a Colonial ‘Technocratic’ Dictatorship
The naked rule by foreign bankers is disguised by an ideology which describes it as rule by technocrats who are experts, apolitical and above private interests.  The reality behind the technocratic rhetoric is that the officials appointed have a career of working with and for big financial private and international interestsLucas Papademos, the appointed Greek Prime Minister, worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston , vice-Chairman of Goldman Sachs) and as head of the Greek Central Bank. He was responsible for cooking the books covering up the fraudulent budgetary accounts leading Greece to financial disasterMario Monti, the appointed Prime Minister of Italy was employed by the European Union and Goldman Sachs. These appointments by the banks are based on their total loyalty and unstinting commitments to impose the harshest regressive policies on the working populations of Greece and Italy.
They are free of all political commitments … except one, to secure the payment of the debt to foreign bondholders – especially the loans owed to major European and North American financial institutions. Papademos-monti

Right: Technocrats Papademos, Greek PM  + Monti, Italian PM

The social institutions and political processes associated with a democratic-capitalist welfare state are threatened with total demolition by the emerging colonial technocratic dictatorships. Public enterprises are sold to foreign and domestic capitalist oligarchs with services curtailed.  Employers shred collective bargaining agreements.  Vacations, severance pay, starting salaries and overtime pay are drastically reduced.
The current “technocratic” dictatorship is handed power by the political elites of the oligarchical democracy.  The current technocrats first launch their vicious all-out assault on living and working conditions, with parliamentary assent and then proceed to escalate police state repression by degree.


Technocratic farm. To minimise our foot print on the Earth: This vertical type of construction allows more people per surface area and less impact on nature. Residential, work and leisure areas would all lie close within easy reach  of each other minimising the need for transport.”

Policies of the Technocratic Dictatorships
1. Technocratic Rule:  Stage One
The technocrats take advantage of the downfall of the despised and discredited politicians of the past electoral regimes. They project a clean government image, efficient and competent, capable of decisive action.  They promise to put an end to deteriorating living conditions to appear as “saviours”. From the beginning, even under the cloak of emergency powers, the technocrats face a core of mass opposition.

2. Stage Two:  Technocrats’ Shock Policies
The technocrats launch a 100 days of the most egregious class warfare .  In the name of the Free Markets, the Bondholder and the Unholy Alliance of political oligarchs and bankers dictate  edicts and laws are passed, immediately firing tens of thousands of public employees. Job security is abolished and firing without cause becomes the law of the land.  Regressive taxes are decreed and households are impoverished. The technocrats widen inequalities and deepen immiseration.

Technoctrat-city verticalLeft: Vertical technocracy urbanate.

The initial euphoria greeting  technocratic rule is replaced by bitter reproaches.  The lower middle class recognize “another political swindle”.
The technocrats rely on constant police mobilization and de facto militarization of civil society.

3. Mission Accomplished:  Civil War or the Return of Oligarchical Democracy?
Technocracy will unify almost all important social classes (except the top 5%) against them against colonial submission and unelected rulers – at the same time in favor of democracy.  The measures approved by the technocrats face the unlikely prospect of full implementation, especially by civil servants and public employees facing firings, pay cuts and reduced pensions. It is possible that breaks and fissures will take place in the military and police apparatus, especially if they provoke popular uprisings which turn violent.  Strikes and protests will probably scare off predator buyers of public firms. The big squeeze will undermine local business, production will decline the recession will deepen.    Technocratic-city-pyramid

Technocratic rule is by its nature transitory and short lived . The best they can accomplish is to dictate and implement policies, and then under threat of a mass revolt the new rulers will flee to their overseas financial sanctuaries.   

Right: Technocrat pyramid building to show technocracy as part of the NWO

The technocratic dictatorship will make every effort to hand power back to the oligarchical democratic politicians with the proviso that they retain the regressive changes in place to bring back what Marx called “the old crap of the previous order”.

Dollar-billIn order to impose policies that result in massive transfers of wealth, power and legal rights from labor and households to capital, especially foreign capital, an authoritarian regime is essential, especially in anticipation of sustained Bell-pyramid-200resistance.  Hence the last resort for the bankers in the EU and USA is to directly appoint one of their own to impose a sequence of comprehensive large scale, long-term regressive changes (completed Illuminati pyramid right). The mission of the technocrats is to impose an enduring institutional framework which will guarantee long-term, high interest payments based on decades of impoverishment and popular exclusion. The decision process is closed and limited to the coterie of bankers and technocrats without the least transparency.  Above all,  under  colonial rules the technocrats must ignore the protestors if possible or, if necessary break heads.

To preclude political opposition the technocrats demand backing of the decadent electoral parties and their leaders and their total submission to the colonial bankers’ demands. The technocrats call on the present generation to sacrifice, to commit virtual suicide, to save future generations.

Acc. to The Earth Organisation for SustainabilityEOS (= NWO Agenda 21 clumping people together like battery hens) with an EU e-mail address, the world is to be divided into self-governing technates and urbanates – no nation state being mentioned.  As for sustainabilitysee here.
The EOS calls itself an ideology: The subjects under technocracy are not human beings, but the continental infrastructure, and under it, the resources of the area in question.
The role of the human being in the technate would be that of an enlightened creator, with full access to a share of production capacity exceeding his/her own individual ability to create.  The technate could not impose any laws, taxes or bills.
As for how technocracy is really working: see Summary

Comment: Who believes this autocratic Communist ideology of technology will not end up the way the Soviet Union did?
I do not like the Idea of the EU being governed by technocracy, which declares to be an ideology – even leaning on the Communist sustainability ideology based on The Communist Club of Rome´s wrong prophecies of environmental aopcalypse by the year 2000 in the “Limits to Growth”  (video above) and  Steven Rockefeller, Michael Gorbachev and Maurice Strong´s Earth Charta as well as on the James Lovelock´s preposterous imagination of Mother Earth/Gaia as a breathing, living organism. This has led to a pagan  anti-christian Gaia religion (praising Buddhism and Hinduism) – promoted by the UN´s Environmental program to “compete with religion”which it does. Notable members of the Club of Rome are Al Gore, Bill Gates, Jimmy Carter as well as Michael Gorbachev and former EU Commission and technocrat, Jacques Delors. The Pagan, antichristian nature of technocracy is that the sustainability supporters are also to be found in the World Commission onGlobal Consciousness and Spirituality – a very Buddhist organisation led by the Dalai Lama.

Technocracy and its “sustainability”/Agenda 21 ideology is at the EU´s core, which is the antichristian, Communist globalisation.This is probably the reason for the unremitting efforts of the EU to be a model of CO2–combating, like Don Quixote´s  combat against windmills, although the remainder of the world has had enough – as we shall see once again at the Durban COP17 which began on 28 Nov. 2011.