Letter from “One Jerusalem” received on 11 June 2010: “The narrative the world accepts is always that of Israel as the evildoer. Daily, the world continues its relentless campaign to demonize the Jewish State.”

Summary: The bloody Israeli action against the Turkish aid flotilla recently was so amateurish that it does not fit into what we know about Israeli warfare. The commando raiders hardly acted on their own - and the order must ultimately have come from the Defense Minister and former Prime Minister, Ehud Barak. It is alleged that the Israelis started shooting from the helicopter before their descent. Why would Israel - even far out in international waters - have such a bloody episode, the safest way to isolate itself completely, while Iran and Syria/Hezbollah are pressing? It seems as if the Jewish elite definitely wants to lay Israel bare to the world’s hatred. Subsequently, a shockingly perplexed Obama soon supports the Israelis - then abruptly to switgh over to Turkey instead. The Israeli leaders are not just national - but global players in the international elitist clique around Rothschild´s world government efforts. Israel’s presence is the key obstacle to the New World Order integration efforts in the Union for the Mediterranean, which brought Israel on confrontation with the EU after the Gaza War 2008/2009. Rothschild created Israel after biblical prophetic outline and corruption - and his guru Freemason, Albert Pike, has published a scenario for Israel’s destruction - after biblical prophetic outline. Are we going to isolate Israel in order to do away with the country in Hegelian tactics? World over, the Jewish elite’s blatant effort for their own dictatorial New World Order, including the mockery of opposition to mass immigration, their control over the media with the concealment of their and their followers´ dictatorial actions, authors of the current financial crisis and the global warming lie made sure to turn sympathy for this Jewish elite and Israel as its visible symbol into anger and demands for Israel being dismantled. Particularly the American blogosphere is becoming more and more against “the Jews”. It is a pity because this disaffection is again involving the many decent Jews - even though most blogs are trying to differentiate. Some Jews argue that Israel can only survive if threatened on its existence, that it will otherwise fall apart. Should Israel go under because the Rothschilds are now taking over world domination (2009 was the first year of world governance  according to EU Pres. Van Rompuy)  the global Jewish clique will once again have trampled on their own countrymen: They also financed the Holocaust! No doubt that whatever will happen in the Middle East Rothschild architects will be behind. Pres. Obama is behaving totally confused and incompetent. Russians and Chinese are doing everything they can to stay out - so Amedinejad has a free hand to order the players about - until Israel does something desperate.

The forces behind Illuminism, which the EU profess are now endangering the security of an aggressive and desperate Israel. It is about the global Jewish elite behind the hardly incidental Mavi Marmara and a perplexed and irresolute President Obama, who is running an uncanny swaying course, one day supporting Israel  – and then on the following day  all of a sudden twisting the arm of Israel in order to please Turkey and Egypt – in a situation where toothless fresh US sanctions are creating a dangerous Turkey-Iran Alliance making the promotion of the escort with Turkish and Iranian war ships of a fresh Gaza aid flotilla in the days to come more likely. This means either to force the obstinate Jews to humiliate themselves, losing all deterrent credibility – or force them to desperate actions. Remember Amalek.

That Jews have been unpopular in Europe is a 2000–year-old story. The Jewish elite has elaborated plans to take over world domination by means of Rothschild´s money. This corrupt plan has been called the New World order for about 100 years now. What is paradoxical is that Israel is now being totally isolated by the “international Community” of this very same New Jewish elitist World Order. The forces behind it created Israel – and they have planned the demise of israel. The The Telegraph 4 June 2010 had this remark:  “Sometimes you hear Israelis say: “It doesn’t matter what we say. The whole world is against us.” Why? Perhaps because the Jewish elitists don´t care to talk with us stupid Goyim.

What has brought about this reversal of Jewry from being sacrosanct to once more being the whipping boy?
Mavi-Marmara-2The Telegraph 4 June 2010: “The Mavi Marmara affair in international water has effectively mobilised world opinion against Israel, a process starting with the Gaza war in 2008–2009. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is now the main obstacle on the New World Order´s plan the Union for the Mediterranean/the Euromediterraneam Process efficient – i.a. to let all Muslims have free access to the EU. The EU condemns both the Israeli commando raid and the isolation of Gaza. Here a Jewish writer, Gilad Atzmon, writes about “Israeli collective madness”. The Turkish prime Minister, Erdogan, has invited Vladimir Putin to come to Turkey in order to discuss i.a. the Israeli raid.
The blogosphere, especially in the US, has for some time been growing very angry, developing a one-sided attitude towards the Jewish lobby, which is said to govern the US as well as Israel, having the US wage wars for Israel and stealing the US citizens´ money (The Fed,and here – as well as the gigantic bail-outs to the irresponsible Jewish Wall Street bankers). This sentiment is now even completely distorting the picture, seeing the poor Muslims as the innocent – forgetting that the PFLP introduced inernational Hijackings. There is no doubt that Jewish bnkers´ role in the current financial crisis and here – as well as the influence of Jewish Organisations like AIPAC and the Antidefamation League and their Role in the New World Order has aroused a very considerable wrath against this elite. It is not my impression that this wrath is directed against the common Jew. Criticism for Nazi methods by  Michael Friedmann and Stephan Kramer from the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland brought the Prime Minister of Hesse, Roland Koch, an election debacle – although a great victory for him was prognosticated - and resent towards the Jews. Koch took a filmed brutal assault on an old man by Muslim immigrants as a pretext to demand harder punishment for such violence. In Denmark, some of us find it disgusting that Jews have now formed a Jewish Muslim Platform, demanding tolerance and minarets for Muslims and mocking those who protest against the enormous Muslim immigration  – while the same chief rabbi approves Israel´s hard regime towards Muslims there.  By calling it  “Antisemitism”  they have so far been able to make criticism of them ridiculous and unserious – but that mantra does not help them any longer. As will already be seen the reasons for the increasing unpopularity of the Jews is to be found with their elite.Antizionism

According to this picture antizionism cannot be antisemitism

First let us clarify the concepts in the spirit of The New York Times as of 9 June 2010.
Antisemitism Wikipedia: is prejudice  against or hostility towards Jews. Zionism: Wikipedia: Zionism is a nationalist, Jewish political movement that, in its broadest sense, calls… a sovereign, Jewish national homeland.  Comment:
In fact, people must probably primarily direct their anger toward the United Nations, which authorized the state of Israel in 1947. What is happening today could, in fact,  even then be foreseen as inevitable, indeed, edmond james de rothschildit immediatelt triggered a war. The word “ethnic unity” always was the foundation of communities. There are those who think the state of Israel is the Hegelian synthesis of the thesis of communism and the antithesis of  Nazism. According to Albert Pike, Israel is then  to be the new thesis, the Muslim world the new antithesis and through conflict between them World War III is to ensue, leading the synthesis: Rothschild´s world government/world state .

Jewess Avigail Abarbanel 9 Febr. 2010:The reason for the existence of the state of Israel is a direct result of Jewish self-perception as victims of persecution (Hitler). If the Jews are doing well everywhere, then Jewish identity is being put to question, and so is the very reason for the existence of Israel. The very state that was created to save the Jews from persecution, now needs them to be persecuted again.”

Edmond James de Rothschild

Here is another description of the men behind Zionism: Andrew C. Hitchcock and Daryl Bradford Smith: The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, and I produce my evidence for this below in a timeline. The Rothschilds have, with their founding of Zionism, betrayed the principles of the Torah and as you will see in this timeline, the people who have suffered the most at the hands of these Zionists are the Jews.
1895: Edmond James de Rothschild visits Palestine and subsequently supplies the funds to found the first Jewish colonies there. Herzl2
1897: The first Zionist meeting (Basle) is chaired by Theodor Herzl (right), who would state in his diaries, “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews….become worse….this will assist in realization of our plans….I have an excellent idea….I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth….The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.” Formål: At tvinger jøderne til Palæstina.
Herzl is subsequently elected President of the Zionist Organisation which adopts the, “Rothschild Red Hexagram or Sign,” as the Zionist flag which 51 years later will end up as the flag of Israel.
1939–1945: I.G. Farben - largest German producer of steel and chemicals - was controlled by the Rothschilds (and Rockefellers) and would go on to use Jews and other disaffected peoples as slave labour in the concentration camps (Auschwitz). I.G. Farben also created the lethal Zyklon B gas that was used to exterminate the Jews. 1945:  I.G. Farben plants were specifically not targeted in the bombing raids on Germany - they only sustained 15% damage
1948: In the Spring of this year, the Rothschilds with $2,000,000 bribe President Harry S. Truman (33rd President of the United States 1945 – 1953) to recognise Israel (Rothschild owned Zionist not Jewish territory). The Flag of Israel is unveiled. Despite tremendous opposition the emblem on the flag is a blue coloured version of the Rothschild, “Red Hexagram or Sign.”

This angers many Jews who realise this Hexagram was used in the ancient mystery religions as the symbol of “Moloch” ( also interestingly the name of the stone owl the elite worship at Bohemian Grove right below), and Astaroth (described as the Lord Treasurer of Hell). The Hexagram was also used to represent Saturn, which has been identified as the esoteric name for, “Satan.”
1957: James de Rothschild dies and bequeaths a large sum of money to the state of Israel to pay for the construction of their parliament building, the Knesset.
Bohemian grove
What kind of a Jew is Rothschild and his henchmen, i.e. the elite which de facto govern the world?
According to Manfred R. Lehmann in 1994, Rothschild was a pious Jew, sticking to the Talmud. “The elder Rothschild (Meyer Amschel)   had amassed great Talmudic knowledge when he attended the famous yeshiva in Fuerth as a young man. Wilhelm Carl Rothschild (1828-1901) was exceptional in that he walked in his grandfather’s footsteps and was steeped in Jewish learning and piety. He spent a few hours every day studying the Talmud
But he had also found another great rabbi with whom he allied himself. Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch (1808-1888).  The Baron was of exactly the same opinion as Rabbi Hirsch, and so they formed a powerful alliance that assured the survival of authentic Judaism, not only in Frankfurt, but in Germany and the world in general.  We must be grateful to old Meyer son of Amschel Rothschild, who, through his erudition in the Talmud and his religious piety, instilled lasting values in his sons and descendants. May his memory be blessed!” 

Meyer Amschel Bauer changed the name of his dynasty to Rothschild by his red hexagram – and was a “devout” student of the hateful Talmud

The Talmud is Jewish tradition starting in the Babylonian captivity 586 BC – and written down as the Mishnah (ca 200 AD) and the Gemara (ca 500 AD) as the Babylonian and the Jerusalem  Talmud. Its authors were the Pharisees
Here is what Elizabeth Dilling has to say

The missing link in Christian understanding on the subject of “Pharisees” is best supplied by the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1943): The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees.

Concerning the Pharisees, the 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia says: With the destruction of the Temple (70 A.D.) the Sadducees disappeared altogether, leaving the regulation of all Jewish affairs in the hands of the Pharisees. Henceforth, Jewish life was regulated by the Pharisees; Pharisaism shaped the character of Judaism and the life and thought of the Jew for all the future. (See Exhibit 264 herein.)  The word “Pharisee” comes from the word “separated.” In his two-volume work “The Pharisees.” Rabbi Finklestein writes: TalmudPharasaism became Talmudism … But the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.
The Talmud: Heart’s Blood of the Jewish Faith,” was the heading of a November, 1959, installment of a bestselling book by the Jewish author, Herman Wouk, which ran serially in the  New York Herald-Tribune. ..”whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists — we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.”

Here quotations from the Talmud It considers the goyim (Christians) to be animals, it is allowed to cheat and no sin to kill them, take ususry from Christians. Christ is being smeared,  slapping a Jew is like slapping God etc. This is really the ancient religion of the master race.  Christ fought the Pharisees and was put to death at their request. The New World Order is the invention of that master race – through Adam Weihaupt on behalf of Meyer Amschel Rothschild. Their Illuminism has infiltrated freemasonry and here since the Wilhelmbad Conference in 1781 and here. In some respects, the Koran reflects what Muhammad learned from Jews in Medina about the Talmud.

Left: The Rothschild Coats of arms. Note the hexagram between the horns above left.

Are the Rothschild´s Luciferians?
Fritz Springmeyer Illuminati Bloodlines: “According to eye-witnesses, who were prominent enough to visit one of the British Rothschild homes, the Rothschilds worship yet another god too, Satan. They set a place for him at their table. The Rothschilds have been Satanists for many generations. The Rothschilds are an important part of the history of the Seal of Solomon (also known as hexagram, Magen David, six-pointed star, Star of David.) The Seal of Solomon, the hexagram, was not considered a Jewish symbol before the Rothschilds began using it. . According the Luciferian Alice Bailey, the “financial group” is the latest group directed by the HierarchyBeing godless it fills that void, by pretending its men are gods. This brings us right back to the Gnostic religions and Satan. God Saturn is associated with the Star but both Saturn and Astarte also been identified with a number of other names. Saturn also relates to Lucifer.” For writing such things, Springmeyer is now in prison - unprovenly accused of bank robbery.

I have previously written about the fate which befell people like Fritz Spingmeyer, John Todd and William Cooper for writing about the Satanism of the Illuminati.
The truth is in my opinion that Islam and the Zionist elite are to be seen as equally adamant and two sides of the same matter, Talmud Zionism being the Goyim-scorning, brain of  Rothschild´s New World Order behind the invasion of their conspicuous tool (and that of its paid minions) the Muslims in order to destroy us - their usual Hegelian tactics. There are many Jews who are just ordinary people  – and they are not being decried in the blogosphere. But by and by people are seeing that the Jewish elite is Globalism/the New Lykke-friisWorld Order, who have bougt “our” politicians, even own the US Congress.

Danish Climate Minister, Lykke Friis, here stating on 30 May 2010 that this “Climate Conference” was ”The New World Order visiting Denmark”!!! And she will know, being a member of Rockefeller´s Trilateral Commission

Some say the Ashkenazy Jews are Turks, Khazars, who converted to Judaism, but that is dubious.
The jewish elite is not limited to Israel. It is global. When Israel is now isolating itself this happens according to their will. Ehud Barak did not make the Mavi Marmara-error just like that. This previous Prime Minister is too experienced for that. The US Council on Foreign Relations, the invisible government of the US, where Hillary Clinton admits to take her orders for US foreign policy, only admits US citizens or permanent residents who have applied for citizenship. Nevertheless, there are 2 exceptions: the 2 Israeli Prime Ministers, Ehud Olmert and Binyamin Netanyahu, this further showing the influence of the Jewish elite on US government. The Chief of Staff of the White House is a Jew, Rahm Emanuel, whom Netanyahu is getting along with again – although there are permanent frictions. The Chief strategist of Obama´s election campaign was the Jew David Axelrod, today senior adviser to Obama.

This elite is now making its favourite project, Israel, ready to be taken by storm. These forces created Israel. They plan to destroy Israel again (Albert Pike letter) to achieve their final goal: their fascist/communist Rothschild world government/world state - reducing the world´s population to 500 mio. Jews or not: As demonstrated at Auschwitz they don´t care. They are mankind´s - including the Jews´ in particular - worst enemies.

This is a chaotic picture. In that situation, I find it reassuring to think of the key: What may be going to happen soon was foretold 2.600 years ago in e.g Ezekiel 35-39. The Illuminists seem to be following that recipe slavishly. They are not the architects of these events - nor of the Universe.  The jews have also produced the best of mankind - in fact its only ennobling factor: Jesus Christ and his disciples, who fought the Pharisees/Illuminists.

Micah 1: “Hear, all ye people; hearken, O earth, and all that therein is: and let the Lord GOD be witness against you, the Lord from his holy temple.  For, behold, the LORD cometh forth out of his place, and will come down, and tread upon the high places of the earth.    And the mountains shall be molten under him, and the valleys shall be cleft, as wax before the fire, and as the waters that are poured down a steep place. For the transgression of Jacob is all this, and for the sins of the house of Israel.”Micah 2: “Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand.And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take them away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage.  Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; neither shall ye go haughtily:… Even of late my people is risen up as an enemy: ye (the super-rich) pull off the robe with the garment from them that pass by securely as men averse from war.