Summary: Following Israel's incomprehensibly unwise and bloody military assault with about 10 dead in international waters on a flotilla with supplies and bellicose activists coming from Turkey to break Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip. Israel is very isolated in the New World Order Society - and will be very dangerous to the world, according to The Guardian 2003, since "Israel Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother" - Moshe Dayan - and "will assuredly take the world down with  it, before Israel goes under."   - Prof. Martin Creveld. Turkey's Erdogan is incandescent with rage and will punish Israel. There are rumors that he would send another flotilla, accompanied by the Turkish NATO navy and air force - while Israel is pledging to use even more force against future flotillas. This is going on while the situation around Iran's nuclear bomb program is stalled and it is clear to all that future sanctions will be toothless. Israel has only the military option left, unless against all claims it prefers a nuclear Iran, which has repeatedly vowed to destroy Israel. UN experts now say that Iran has got enough uranium for two nuclear bombs. But in addition,  a massive military build-up is being conducted in Lebanon and Syria, led by an Iranian command center in Damascus. 2.000 missiles in Lebanon and Syria are said to be directed at Israeli targets - in addition to the long distance missiles in Iran. The plan seems to be to launch the entire arsenal at short intervals - first from Lebanon - then from Syria and Iran, while Israel's air force is busy destroying the missile bases in Lebanon. Even more scary is that Russia has joined the Iran-Syria-Lebanon-Hezbollah axis and is also training Iranian Revolutionary Guards to use the S-300 missiles that would make it impossible to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. The Israeli army is pushing violently in order to be allowed to deliver a preemptive strike on the northern front and against Iran now. In the U.S., there are powerful forces around the Jewish lobby supporting this position - and Muslim Obama has therefore resumed the delivery of bombs to israel to break deep bunkers. Some believe that only nuclear weapons can destroy the Iranian installations. Whether Obama - after his adviser, John Brennan, has declared Islam and Jihad legal and not America's enemies - will let the U.S. attack a Muslim country is not certain. However, Iran will probably attack the United States on an Israeli attack. Desperate Israeli preemptive military strikes in the near future appear more and more logical.

Israeli-attack-31-mayThe situation in the Middle east is rapidly escalating since my latest post on the Israeli-Iranian Conflict, which is really developing into an armed conflict between Israel, Iran Syria, Hisbollah – now sucking a  strongly islamic–nationalistic, imperialistic Turkey with Neo-Osmannistic ambitions into the malstroem, as well. At the same time Israel is being rapidly isolated due to 1. the US having a Muslim Illuministic president, born in Kenya and grown up in Indonesia. His administration (Advisor John Brennan) has now stated that its enemies are not the Islamists or Jihadists, because Jihad is legal and holy to Islam!!! So, why is the US fighting terrorists in Afghanistan??? Who then was behind the 9/11 attacks?? And due to 2. Israel´s unwise killing of activists and terrorists? in the high seas (sorry – now Muslims are no longer terrorists, according to the White House) of a flotilla to bring supplies to Gaza on 31 may, 2010.

DEBKAfile 31 may 2010 reports from Ankara that the Turkish government is planning to continue pounding the Israeli blockade with more flotillas and have them escorted by Turkish warships and fighter jets. “Far from being a humanitarian mission, the flotilla was sponsored personally by Turkish prime minister Recep Erdogan to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza and permit arms supplies and terrorist to reach the Strip unrestricted. An estimated 10 activists were killed and dozens injured. Ten Israeli soldiers were wounded, two critically. Video. This video is even more dramatic. Flotilla-soldier

Yahoo News 31 may 2010 confirms the attack on the flotilla: The use of lethal force angered Israel's long-time Muslim ally Turkey, which had supported the convoy (it started from Turkey). The United Nations condemned the violence and demanded an explanation from Israel, the European Union demanded an inquiry and France said it was "profoundly shocked."  "It's going to be a big scandal, no doubt about it," Israel's Trade Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer told Reuters.  “Israel will have to suffer the consequences of this behavior," a Turkish Foreign Ministry statement said. The US, too, wants a another Gaza policy.
Comment: So, Israel went blindfolded directly into the trap, attacking in international waters. This will be one nail in Israel´s coffin.

Gaza-marmara-shipLeft: Last Leg  flotilla cruiser, Mavi Marmara, with i.a. 40 IHH Islamic terrorist supporters.   Right: Soldier in flotilla action

MJ Rosenberg, The Huffington Post 19 May 2010: It's happening again.
The same forces — with a few new additions and minus a few smart defectors — who pushed the United States into a needless and deadly war with Iraq are now organizing for the next war. This time the target is Iran, which, just like Iraq, is said to be on the verge of creating weapons of mass destruction. Also, just like Iraq, its president is a supposed madman determined to destroy Israel.  Press TV 15 May 2010: British Foreign Secretary William Hague vows to work with the US against Iran, considering military action against Tehran.

War preparations in the persian Gulf
Times 30 May 2010: Three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline.  The decision has now been taken to ensure a permanent presence of at least one of the vessels. The flotilla’s commander: “We are an underwater assault force.  The deployment is designed to act as a deterrent, gather intelligence and potentially to land Mossad agents. “The 1,500km range of the submarines’ cruise missiles can reach any target in Iran.”

SCUD-DDEBKAfile 27. maj 2010: A colossal Iran-funded and directed armament program has enabled Syria to field 1,000 ballistic missiles and Hizballah 1,000 rockets - all pointed at specific Israeli military and civilian locations, including the densely populated conurbation around Tel Aviv, Debkafile's military sources reveal. According to Western military sources, a command center for coordinating a missile offensive against military and civilian targets in Israel has been operating at Syrian general staff headquarters in Damascus since early March with the help of Iranian, Syrian, Hizballah and Hamas liaison officers. The command center is operating under direct Iranian command. 
As a bridging device, western intelligence sources believe the joint command in Damascus plans to attack Israel with synchronized missile fire from Iran and Syria during the time Israeli warplanes are hammering, say, Hizballah batteries in Lebanon. The thinking in Tehran and Damascus is that the Israeli Air Force will find it hard to tackle three or four fronts simultaneously.

Libanon-voldDEBKAfile 15 May 2010Hizballah and Syria are building a massive fortified wall, running from Rashaya Al-Wadi on the western, Lebanese slopes of Mt. Hermon (85 kilometers southeast of Beirut) in the south, to the Lebanese Beqaa Valley town of Aita el-Foukhar, in the north, Debkafile's military sources reveal.  
The structure in parallel to the Lebanese-Syrian border promises to be one of the biggest fortified structures in the Middle East. It is designed as an obstacle against any Israeli tank forces heading through Lebanon toward the Syrian capital, Damascus - 14 kilometers wide and 22 kilometers long,  placed  under Hizballah-Syrian military control.  2 Hizballah brigades on the Syrian side of the border are training in Scud missiles. Damascus will be placing a hand on one of Israel's primary water sources.   

The Washington Times 24 may 2010: The reasons are clear: Israel is now in a position to send scores of F-16Is and F-15Is on the 1,000-mile penetration of Iranian airspace to try to disable the regime's far-flung network of nuclear research and uranium-enrichment facilities. But a U.S. air-war planner in the Persian Gulf War tells The Washington Times he does not think Israel's relatively small air force — compared with the United States huge bomber and cruise-missile fleet — has the firepower to properly hit all the necessary Iranian targets. That Israel is now ready to make war with Iran was announced earlier this month.  Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon: "This capability can be used for a war on terror in Gaza, for a war in the face of rockets from Lebanon, for war on the conventional Syrian army, and also for war on a peripheral state like Iran".
Israel now has in orbit a fleet of super-spy satellites, such as the Ofek-7 launched in 2007, that can regularly capture images of Iran's nuclear and defense sites for the air force's target list.

S-300The New York Times 24 May 2010: The top American commander in the Middle East has ordered a broad expansion of clandestine military activity in an effort to disrupt militant groups or counter threats in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and other countries in the region. It could pave the way for possible military strikes in Iran.

Russian S-300 Rockets for Iran
DEBKAfile 19 May 2010: While backing the US on watered-down UN Security Council sanctions for Iran, Debkafile's military sources report Iranian Revolutionary Guards crews are surreptitiously training at Russian bases for operating advanced S-300 interceptor-missile systems, which are capable of fending off a potential attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.
Reuters 21 May 2010: The head of a parliamentary foreign affairs committee was quoted on Friday as saying that sanctions on Iran being discussed by world powers would not stop Russia from delivering S-300 surface to air missiles to Tehran.

Where is Russia?
Reuters Thursday, May 13, 2010:  – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the United States and other Western nations on Thursday against imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.
AFP 14 May 2010: Russia is supplying Syria with warplanes, armoured vehicles and air defence systems under existing contracts.

Medvedev-assad11.5.10DEBKAfile 11 May 2010: Before Israel's president Shimon Peres had time to unpack his bags from his Moscow visit, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was closeted with the Palestinian terrorist leader, Hamas' Khaled Meshaal in Damascus, Tuesday, May 11. Present, too, were Syrian president Bashar Assad and leaders of the extremist Palestinian organization in Syria and Lebanon.

It was also an opportunity for Moscow to dramatize its polar differences on Iran with Washington by gestures of support for the extremist Tehran-Damascus-Hizballah-Hamas alignment in the Middle East at the expense of the pro-Western moderate bloc led by Egypt and Saudi ArabiaMedvedev's surprise meeting with the Hamas leadership Monday was perceived as yet another slap in the face to both Washington and Jerusalem. President Peres, hurried dispatched to Moscow for Sunday's events marking the 65th anniversary of the allied victory against the Nazis, found Kremlin leaders deaf when he maintained that Iran and Syria were a danger to Middle East as promoters of terrorist activity. 

Iran-raketterSanctions useless
Deutsche Welle 20 May 2010:  Dr. Mehrdad Khonsari, a senior research consultant to the London-based Centre for Arab and Iranian Studies: "Iran moved to get the Brazil-Turkey deal completed as to delay the sanctions as much as possible. These sanctions are weak". Dr. Sami Alfaraj, president of the Kuwait Centre for Strategic Studies believes that the sanctions will have little effect on Iran's stance. the longer this pattern continues without any resolution, the longer the door remains open to some form of military action which would be the worst case scenario."
Ahmedinejad-obamaThe New York Times 18 May 2010  The Obama administration announced an agreement on Tuesday with other major powers, including Russia and China, to impose a fourth set of sanctions on Iran  over its nuclear program.  Along with the Russians, the Chinese blocked any measure that would stop the flow of oil from Iranian ports or gasoline into the country.
It could not resolve the final points with Russia over conventional, nonnuclear arms sales to Iran, and with China over its energy investments there. Several officials said that the vote would not come until next month, at the earliest. Administration officials concede that they are unlikely to alter Iran’s behavior.  Iran is continuing efforts to enrich uranium

 Ahmedinejad´s game of chess backs the Us into a corner
The Wall Street Journal 18 May 2010:  The deal with Turkey and Brazil is a political coup for Tehran and possibly delivers the coup de grace to the West's half-hearted efforts to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb. The Chinese or Russians will now be less likely to agree even to weak sanctions.  If the West accepts this deal, Iran would be allowed to keep enriching uranium in contravention of previous U.N. resolutions. The deal will make it nearly impossible to Iran-turkey-brazil-gleedisrupt Iran's nuclear program short of military action. The U.N. is certainly a dead end. Israel will have to seriously consider its military options. Such a confrontation is far more likely thanks to the diplomatic double-cross of Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Brazil's Lula, and especially to a U.S. President whose diplomacy has succeeded mainly in persuading the world's rogues that he lacks the determination to stop their destructive ambitions.

Israeli army wants war
DEBKAfile 12 May 2010: High officers leading this week's big war game in northern Israel confronted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi with harsh criticism over the lack of a clear government strategy for dealing with the rising Hizballah threat of aggression and the uninterrupted flow of advanced weaponry from Syria to Hizballah. This kept Israel's military machine waiting in passive mode for Hizballah to go to war when it was fully armed and ready.

DEBKAfile 9 May 2010: The United States recently renewed supplies to the Israeli Air Force of GBU-28 Hard Target Penetrators and GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs, as well as Attack Munitions (LDJAM) for more accurate targeting of bombs, Debkafile's military sources report. Debkafile's Washington sources report that the Obama administration decided to release this data to dispel rumors of a US  arms embargo against Israel, especially of items that would enable Israel  to attack Iran's nuclear installations. The GBU-28 "Deep Throat" has that capability and is one of those items. 

Netanyahu-speakingMr. Netanyahu said the blockade of the Palestinian territory is necessary to prevent missile attacks against Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The consequences of the Israeli attack on the high seas are not yet to be seen. Everybody seems to condemn it – although the flotilla according to a transcript of Al-Jazeera was a planned provocation by Muslim fanatics (and their useful idiots), if one can believe Israeli “Palestinian Media Watch”.  Now there are rumors that Turkey is preparing to send another flotilla – escorted by the Turkish navy!!! This sounds very dangerous to me. And then: The Jerusalem Post 1 June 2010: Israel will use more aggressive force in the future to prevent ships from breaking the sea blockade on the Gaza Strip, a top Navy commander told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.
The upcoming total isolation of Israel will be a mortal danger to "the international community", i.e. the New World Order: Brookings 2 June 2010: "It pains Arab leaders to hear Arab demonstrators from Lebanon to Yemen chant the praises of Turkey and its prime minister. This produces a difficult environment, which is already dismissive of peace efforts. The net result is that the global strategy of … seeking international support for … imposing sanctions on Iran, are jeopardized. The status quo remains untenable, which means that in the absence of diplomatic success, unanticipated crises will inevitably intrude."

Another dangerous factor is this: The New York Times 31 May 2010: In their last report before the United Nations Security Council votes on sanctions against Iran, UN international nuclear inspectors declared Monday that Iran has now produced a stockpile of nuclear fuel that experts say would be enough, with further enrichment, to make two nuclear weapons.

Here is a prophetic piece from  The Guardian 21 Sept. 2003: "Iran can never be threatened in its very existence. Israel can.  Martin van Creveld, professor of military history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem: The anti-terror forces lose, because they don't win, and the rebels (Intifada) win by not losing. I regard a total Israeli defeat as unavoidable. That will mean the collapse of the Israeli state and society. We'll destroy ourselves.' Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: "Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother." I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are  rather the second or third strongest in the world. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under."

 This is the hour of truth for Israel and the world. Some Western officials fear that if Israel feels isolated and cornered, it may be more likely to turn to unilateral force to confront threats from enemy states such as Iran. How will the New World Order react?

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  1. Trevor Saylors says:

    It’s time. The board has been played.”Checkmate”.
    I’m scared but also Blessed to be alive to witness the pass, present, and future. It will come to pass and I’m thankful for this moment to profess my love, loyalty, and faith for the greater good of mankind. News flash to the world, “We were never in control”. My God has the whole world in his hands. These events will come to pass when God makes his final move. It will not be with a King but with a Pawn. John: 3-16 I’m not worried,I’m Blessed.

  2. Anders says:

    Hello, Trevor Saylors

    Thank you for your comment.

    I agree.

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