Summary:  More and more reports are appearing that the EU has a democratic deficiency and lack of legitimacy - also due to the unedifying mannner in which the Lisbon Treaty was passed. But secrecy about MEPs, who were forced to pay back €3.4 million in "wrongly claimed" expenses, contributes, too.” To this now come power grap attempts by Commission President, Barroso, and Council President, van Rompuy - stating that economoc governance is a European - not a national matter, Greece being their excuse, as any crisis is now an excuse for them to expand their undemocratic New World Order. It is becoming evident that Greece will lose its economic souvereignty to the EU. Its calamities are by some Greeks perceived as intended  economicdestruction and gigantic illegal mass immigration which is then being legalized. Goldman Sachs, the Rothschild partner, is involved in illegal Greek economic manipulations. Also Spain´s Prime Minister hints at speculation by international bankers against Spain and the Euro, the Spanish National Intelligence now investigating into this matter. As stated in the European Parliament by Nigel Farage, the EU Commission now has no less than 11 out of 27 commissioners being former??? communists - headed by maoist Barroso! A list of these communists is given here. Former Thatcher adviser, Christopher Story, describes the EU as a strategic deception, a New Soviet Union - in the words of Michael Gorbachev. British Brian Gerrish describes Fabian Marxist soviet police state conditions in the UK, where CCTV cameras and 20.000 snooper officials are watching every one. Drones are being used to spy on - later probably to hit dissidents. People can be sectioned for thought crimes. Gerrish states this communism to be a realization of the abolishment of Christianity, the family and the national state (Adam Weishaupt´s programme), even Glasnost being preached by the BBC, the purpose being regionalisation as part of the one-world government. Indeed, both the EU, communism, fascism etc. are Rothschild´s/Weishaupt´s offsprings for his one-world government, which is now coming true, thanks to his task forces like Rockefeller, Soros, freemasons, the "founding fathers" of the EU and all of our Fabian Socialist politicians and media. The media obey Rothschild, being owned by his agents, especially JP. Morgan and Rockfeller. Jewish Sharman Kadish has by means of quotations ascribed this world revolution to - Jewish capitalists - and Winston Churchill saw all revolutions since 1776 as Adam Weishaupt´s work - in his day perpetrated by Jewish revolutionaries.  


Something is rotten in the state of Europe. The following quotes are just from Open Europe´s 16 Febr. mail service: New Europe:  “The European Parliament is refusing to disclose the identities of MEPs who were forced to pay back €3.4 million in "wrongly claimed" expenses.”
Financial Times: “Eurozone crisis illustrates the democratic deficit inherent in European project. “It looks very much as if Greece's fiscal sovereignty will be…temporarily suspended.” “The EU suffers from a lack of popular legitimacy. The manner in which the Lisbon treaty was passed was unedifying, giving the impression that the EU is a stitch-up by a small elite”
ORF reports that unmanned airplanes, or so-called "drones", are a key part of the European Commission's INDECT project. The system will potentially be used to detect "abnormal behaviour" in crowded areas.

This EU is grasping for more and more power, not only the Union for the Mediterranean: The new President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, is using the financial crisis sweeping the eurozone to launch an audacious grab for power over national budgets, leaked documents reveal. 'Europe' is making a power-grab for the purse-strings of the member states that fund it. The problem, as ever, is one of "the transfer of sovereignty" from national capitals to Brussels, Belgium's Finance Minister Didier Reynders said on Friday.
Open Europe: The recent crisis (Greece) has already prompted calls for greater EU powers over economic policy. Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said, "Economic policy isn't a national, but a Athens_682951aEuropean matter." EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy added, "Recent developments in the euro area highlight the urgent need to strengthen our economic governance". Predictions that the euro project… is not viable, are becoming truer by the minute.

And now this from Greece on 16 Febr.:  To give the final push, Papandreou wants to legalize all Asian and African Muslim hordes that have invaded our country with the financing of the Turkish mafia and extremist Saudis. "Progressives" refer to them as war refugees.I believe Papandreou is on a mission to destroy Europe along with Greece. He will achieve that firstly by economic means. This man has given bad publicity to the Euro, has managed to sink the Greek economy and also create problems for the Eurozone. Also with his Soros, Rockerfeller funded NGO-driven policy on immigration, he is preparing troubles for Europe as well. The Times 17 Febr.: Greece on the verge of revolution. Rothschild partner Goldman Sachs involved.  El Pais 14 Febr.  The Spanish National Intelligence Center (CNI) is investigating speculations against Spain – Prime Minister Zapatero hint at speculation against the euro.

What is wrong? Just listen to Nigel Farage in the EU Parliament: An Iron Fist has come down on Europe – as the successor of the Iron Curtain, and the communists are taking over the EU Commission!

Eu-hagekorsflagAt the end of this article follows a list of communists in the EU Commission.

But it would be too simplified to say, the EU is just communist. The EU is deeply under the influence of Rothschild´s financial (de)regulation and of the Rothschild-governed corporative interest-group, the European Round Table of Industrialists. As Mussolini stated: Government and corporations governing in common is the definition of fascism.

Canadian Free Press 14 Febr. 2010 Walter Lippmann  (another Jewish elitist), opining in 1932.  “In the name of progress, men who call themselves communists, socialists, fascists…progressives, and even liberals, are unanimous in holding that government with its instruments of coercion, must by commanding the people how they shall live, direct the course of civilization"….. Social engineering!”
Before the advent of WW II, it was accepted wisdom among the left-wing intelligentsia that fascism was one of “their” doctrines.  Hitler and Mussolini were lionized by the Left.

Eu-tyrantsThe European Union is a strategic deception operation. The EU is a political collective – the new Soviet Union according to Michael Gorbachev. All decisions are taken collectively, in consensus,  all politicians are selected for appointment, and all parties have basically the same political program: Loyalty to the (communist – according to the Club of Rome) New World Order government in Brussels.
Peter Mandelson, former EU Trade Commissioner and now UK First Secretary of State:  “We all need China to succeed and to start leading”. So says George Soros

Here is an excerpt from a post from 1 Febr. 2010 brought by the British Centurean2 Blog by Brian Gerrish, the British naval officer, who exposed the communist “Common Purpose” infiltrataing the UK and the EU.  
By Brian Gerrish
Marxists have penetrated the EU and Westminster, and they are building a dictatorship in Britain and Europe. The EU is itself a creation of Fabian Marxism. A slow creeping ideological cancer that has now spread within the western world including the UK. We ignore this spread of cancer at our peril.

Eussr flagSecret police, hidden gulag prison camps, arrests, spies, mistrust amongst neighbours, propaganda and a life of serving the State. Have you noticed the proliforation of police state regulations now blighting Britain. Not to mention the CCTV cameras, 20,000 public official snoopers, politically correct speech, Vexatious Threat Asssessment Centres where the police and psychiatrists can section people for thinking about crime, and courts with no juries. Under Fabian Blair, supported by Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dem MPs, the UK was happy to launch illegal wars, assist in torture and run a BBC propaganda programme to cover up the truth. Are these all coincidences?

The face of communism changed but behind the scenes the cruel communist dream ofone-world government, the abolition (Adam Weishaupt/Rothschild) of the nation state and their replacement by regions, was to be accompanied by the destruction of the family and the crushing of Christianity. Let’s also not forget that environmental issues were also to be more important than man.”There were massive media campaign for Glasnost spewed out by the BBC and mainstream media.

To understand how our own media betrayed us, we need to look behind the scenes at who controls and pays  for them. Deeper research will show it is the same bankers who have funded the rise of communism since the Bolsheviks. Unpalatable but not untrue.

ECHR-StrassbourgJohn Laughland Mail on Sunday wrote in Feb 2000 “Why activists and communists will soon run British justice.” He stated: But it is the court in Strasburg which will sit atop this new judicial pyramid …  there now sits in Strasburg a man who worked for the Communist government of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, a woman who enforced communist law in Bulgaria under Todor Zhivkov and a man whose career began during the rule of Albania’s Enver Hoxha, the most hideous Stalinist dictatorship Europe has even seen.”

The European Court of Human Rights Strasbourg. List of its 46 Judges here.

Strasburg and the European Court of Human Rights are of course supported by everybody from Jack Straw (forner’ communist) to that pinnacle of truth Cherie Blair (husband Chair of the Fabian Socialist movement). Peter Mandelson (former EU Commissioner) is of course a great friend of the Rothschild banking empire that so praised the Chinese communist experiment that murdered 60 million people.

Even Melony Phillips from the Daily Mail on Nov 9 2009 wrote.”The far Left is back and attacking us from within. The republic of Euroland refused to commit itself in its constitution to uphold Christianity, the foundation of western morality … Instead it committed to moral and cultural relativism, which sets group against group and guarantees supreme and anti-democratic power to the beaurocrats setting the rules on ‘diversity’ and outlawing all dissent from pemitted attitudes.” 

Follow the trail and you will end up with the Rothschilds whether your trail is power, money, religion, climate or ideology. Names like Lionel and Victor de Rothschild are intimately associated with communism. And according to Engels, Marx was commissioned by the League of the Just which had its roots in French Revolution illuminism, i.e. from Adam Weishaupt´s 6 point programme which he wrought for Mayer Anschel Rothschild and presented to him back on May 1, 1776. Hence the origin of the International May Day is assumed. Jewish Sharman Kadish  in “Bolsheviks and British Jews” quotes on p.10:Weishaupt2“The red shield of Rothschild and the red flag of communism are not only the same colour, but are one essence, and the colour is the colour of blood. How can it profit the Jewish capitalists to have revolution? The fact remains that it does.” and on pp. 33–34 she quotes:..”there has been for centuries a hidden conspiracy, chiefly Jewish, whose objects are to produce revolution, Communism, Anarchy by means of which they hope to arrive at the hegemony of the world by establishing some sort of despotic rule.” Of course these quotations are by goyim – but they seem correct to me in the sense that they are true of the Rothschild-Rockefeller elitsts, who financed both the Russian and Hitler´s Revolutions – and profited thereby at the cost of their Jewish fellow tribesmen: “From the days of Spartacus Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx (Moses Mordecai Levy) and down to Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein- Russia), Bela Kuhn (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.” (Winston Churchill 1920). All of these were Jews.

The Marquis de Luchet, a friend of illuminist de Mirabeau, in January, 1789, wrote in his Essay on the Sect of the Illuminati/illuminists: "Deluded people. You must understand that there exists a conspiracy in favor of despotism, and against liberty, of incapacity against talent, of vice against virtue, or ignorance against light! … Every species of error which afflicts the earth, every half-baked idea, every invention serves to fit the doctrines of the illuminati … The aim is universal domination."


The pattern is familiar from both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, thus representing communist-fascism. In fact, the EU, communism, fascism etc. are Rothschild's ruthless endeavours for power and enrichment - now succeeding through Rothschild´s tools Rockefeller´s, Joseph Retinger´s  and Coudenhove Kalergi´s, efforts that began with the European Coal and Steel Union, the European Movement and the Bilderberg Club. But the brains behind the ideology of the many names is Adam Weishaupt. 

We now have an EU which was created by these forces of darkness and which is working for the the “big task” of these forces in cooperation with their always revolutionary breed – call them communists or fascists, they are the same scumbags of mankind – and the oh so nice freemasonic elitists, who guide society in the field from their leader posts towards the multicultural New World Order chaos.
Remember the Illuminists are using Hegelian strategy: 1. thesis 2. antithesis 3. synthesis. And the EU professes Adam Weishaupt/Rothschild´s illuminism (explanatory statement). This leaves one with a worrisome feeling. The motto of the illuminists is “Order out of Chaos” – but first create chaos!

Here are the stated  communists of the EU Commission, (Brian Gerrish – quoting Gerard Batten, MEP, with contacts to well informed  Russian dissidents with access to Kremlin and KGB records).
Barrosso-rødestjerner1)Mr Barroso himself was a member of an underground revolutionary Maoist party (see him on this video), at the time when such parties were directed from Beijing in the same way as the Communist Parties were controlled by Moscow. He reportedly left it only in 1977, after China abandoned its worldwide subversive network. The Maoist brand of communism was the foulest of all and the Chinese Communist Party is estimated to have been responsible for the deaths of at least eighty million of their own people. 
2) Another candidate, Maria Damanaki, is the former Greek Communist Party MP.
3) Baroness Ashton, designated as the EU’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, …was allegedly a communist sympathiser. I recently supplied Mr Barosso with information indicating that during her time as Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Treasurer unidentified donations may have included money channelled from the Soviet bloc. Baroness Ashton has so far failed to give a full and clear answer to these accusations. If they are true it shows that she was prepared to accept money from Britain’s enemies to undermine the foreign and security policy of her own country and that of NATO.
4) Joaquín Almunia belongs to the Marxist wing of the Socialist Workers’ Party in Spain. He was a minister in the SWP Government in 1986-1991, under Felipe Gonzalez. This Government was fanatically pro-Kremlin and enthusiastically supported the Soviet project of the creation of a ‘common European home’, it also opposed the independence of the Baltic states. As SWP leader in 2000, Almunia was personally responsible for its infamous electoral coalition with the communist-dominated ‘Izquierda Unida’ block.
5) The candidature of László Andor is strongly objected to by many Hungarians, and others, on the grounds of his allegedly Marxist views and former closeness to the Hungarian Communist Party.
_Prodi-putinSome of you may recall that in April 2006 I asked for a Parliamentary enquiry into the allegations of my constituent Alexander Litvinenko, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Russian FSB, that a

former President of the EU Commission,
6) Romano Prodi, had been an agent of some kind of the KGB
. This enquiry never happened and Mr Litvinenko was murdered before I could bring him to the Parliament to openly discuss his allegations. Left: Just one or 2 KGB spies?  

 7) Siim Kallas. Member of Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) 1972-1990, apparatchik in Soviet Estonia’s Finance Ministry 1975-1979; Director of the ESSR’s Central Board of the (state owned) Savings Bank 1979-1986; Deputy Editor-in.Chief of the Estonian Communist Party’s daily newpaper, Rahva Haal, 1986-1989; Chairman of the ESSR’s Central Association of Trade Unions, 1989-1991.
8) Maroš Šefcovic. Former member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, student at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), known to be a “KGB incubator”.
9) Štefan Füle. Member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia 1982-1989; a graduate of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). Worked for the Foreign Ministry of communist Czechoslovakia since 1987.
10) Andris Piebalgs. Communist Party of the Soviet Union member during the late 1980s, and an official at Soviet Latvia’s Ministry of Education in 1988-1990.
11) Janez Potocnik. Formerly a mid-ranking apparatchik (Assistant Director of Institute of Economic Analysis and Development in Ljubljana) in communist Yugoslavia.