Vinter_404430yCopenhagen, Politiken 17. Dec. 2009, Temperature - 4.3 degrees C at 11.20 o´clock. God is laughing at the Luciferian warmists who think they are his equals.

Summary: The elitists behind the UN's Copenhagen Climate Conference know that everything is based on a lie - and become aggressive when you ask them inconvenient questions, for example about the Climategate fraud. Prof. Robert M. Carter sets out 10 myths - which he then refutes. There is no manmade or global warming. Co2 would only play a minimal role, if there had been one. CO2 taxes will be high - and will not lead to cooling. There is no rise in sea level - besides the 1-2 mm per year, which has been going on during the last 150 years. The ice in both Arctic and Antarctica is growing. Putin's climate adviser is calling climate ideology the most intrusive and aggressive ideology since the fall of communism. No wonder: the "sustainability" and Agenda 21 of the climate ideology are staunch communist ideology / dictatorship. Polar bears are well, do not eat their cubs because of hunger, as warmists claim - but to ensure the territory for their own offspring, exclusively. Tony Blair has appeared in Copenhagen, telling that you probably cannot rely on climate science and then that you can, nevertheless - and therefore it is grossly irresponsible not to take action now against CO2. Understood that his company will sell green technology. The new Danish Environment Minister, Lykke Friis, a member of David Rockefeller´s Trilateral Commission, like another Danish minister, says straight out that we now live in the New World Order, as says Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller, too.Vejle-sne

Right: Denmark/Vejle Dec. 16, 2009. The weather forecast predicts more snow and frost for Copenhagen during the coming days.

Many things are being said about "global warming" - mostly by more or less ignorant politicians, backed up by "scientists" whose jobs depend on whether they can delude people into thinking that there is a global warming - not whether there actually is one. Names like Al Gore, here, IPCC, James Hansen (NASA GISS), Phil Jones (CRU) are scaring examples - and now Rothschild agent Tony Blair joins the choir. Here a journalist asks IPCC member Stephen Schneider in Copenhagen inconvenient questions about the Climategate Scandal. And he is being taken away by an aggressive UN guard instead of having an answer. Schneider was one of the IPCC nobel prizewinners in 2007. He willingly provokes and insults climate sceptics – and then  dares not confront them when challenged. Nor does climate guru Al Gore. Al Gore´s gorillas treat those who ask questions in the same way.

Al Gore brazenly invented the climate myths - and is shooting them down in his stupidity.
Al-gore-fire_jpg_495115dFormer US Vice-President, Al Gore, in 2007 issued a film, "An Inconvenient Truth". According to a British court of justice, it contains at least 11 grave errors, ia. that the sea level were about to rise 7 meters! Now Al Gore has tried desperately again - this time debunking the figment of his imagination: The Times 15 Dec. 2009: Mr Gore, speaking at the Copenhagen climate change summit, told the conference: “These figures are fresh. Some of the models suggest to Dr [Wieslav] Maslowski that there is a 75 per cent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years.” It’s unclear to me how this figure was arrived at,” Dr Maslowski said. “I would never try to estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this.”
Mr Gore’s office later admitted that the 75 per cent figure was one used by Dr Maslowksi as a “ballpark figure” several years ago in a conversation with Mr Gore. The embarrassing error cast another shadow over the conference after the controversy over the hacked e-mails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit."
What does a competent scientist without financial bias have to say about it?

Robert M. Carter is Professor at the James Cook University (Queensland) and the University of Adelaide (South Australia). He is a palaeontologist, stratigrapher, marine geologist and environmental scientist with more than thirty years professional experience. Here is his view on “global warming”. And here is a video interview with him. 

Størrelseaf-1 tons-co21.     Climate has always changed, and it always will. The assumption that prior to the industrial revolution the Earth had a "stable" climate is simply wrong. The only sensible thing to do about climate change is to prepare for it.
2.    Accurate temperature measurements made from weather balloons and satellites since the late 1950s show no atmospheric warming since 1958.  In contrast, averaged ground-based thermometers record a warming of about 0.40 C over the same time period. Many scientists believe that the thermometer record is biased by the Urban Heat Island effect and other artefacts.
3.    Despite the expenditure of more than US$50 billion dollars looking for it since 1990, no unambiguous anthropogenic (human) signal has been identified in the global temperature pattern.
4.    Without the greenhouse effect, the average surface temperature on Earth would be -18 C rather than the equable +15 C that has nurtured the development of life. Carbon dioxide is a minor greenhouse gas, responsible for ~26% (80 C) of the total greenhouse effect, of which in turn at most 25% (~20C) can be attributed to carbon dioxide contributed by human activity. Water vapour, contributing at least 70% of the effect, is by far the most important atmospheric greenhouse gas.
5.    On both annual (1 year) and geological (up to 100,000 year) time scales, changes in atmospheric temperature PRECEDE changes in CO2. Carbon dioxide therefore cannot be the primary forcing agent for temperature increase (though increasing CO2 does cause a diminishingly mild positive temperature feedback).
6.    The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has acted as the main scaremonger for the global warming lobby that led to the Kyoto Protocol. Fatally, the IPCC is a political, not scientific, body. Hendrik Tennekes, a retired Director of Research at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, says that "the IPCC review process is fatally flawed" and that "the IPCC wilfully ignores the paradigm shift created by the foremost meteorologist of the twentieth century, Edward Lorenz".   
 Stop global-warming-now7.    The Kyoto Protocol will cost many trillions of dollars and exercises a significant impost those countries that signed it, but will deliver no significant cooling (less than .020 C by 2050, assuming that all commitments are met). The Russian Academy of Sciences says that Kyoto has no scientific basis; Andre Illarianov, senior advisor to Russian president Putin, calls Kyoto-ism "one of the most agressive, intrusive, destructive ideologies since the collapse of communism and fascism". If Kyoto was a "first step" then it was in the same wrong direction as the later “Bali roadmap”.
 8.    Climate change is a non-linear (chaotic) process, some parts of which are only dimly or not at all understood. No deterministic computer model will ever be able to make an accurate prediction of climate 100 years into the future.
 9.    Not surprisingly, therefore, experts in computer modelling agree also that no current (or likely near-future) climate model is able to make accurate predictions of regional climate change.
 10.   The biggest untruth about human global warming is the assertion that nearly all scientists agree that it is occurring, and at a dangerous rate. The reality is that almost every aspect of climate science is the subject of vigorous debate. Further, thousands of qualified scientists worldwide have signed declarations which query the evidence for hypothetical human-caused warming and  support a rational scientific (not emotional) approach to its study within the context of known natural climate change.


                      NASAs Global temperatures 1999 – before they were manipulated to show steep global warming in the 1990es. 

Myth 1     Average global temperature (AGT) has increased over the last few years.
Fact 1       Within error bounds, AGT has not increased since 1995 and has declined since 2002, despite an increase in atmospheric CO2 of 8%  since 1995.
Myth 2 During the late 20th Century, AGT increased at a dangerously fast rate and reached an unprecedented magnitude.
Facts 2      The late 20th Century AGT rise was at a rate of 1-2 C/century, which lies well within natural rates of climate change for the last 10,000 yr. AGT has been several degrees warmer than today many times in the recent geological past.
Myth 3     AGT was relatively unchanging in pre-industrial times, has sky-rocketed since 1900, and will increase by several degrees more over the next 100 years (the Mann, Bradley & Hughes "hockey stick" curve and its computer extrapolation).
Facts 3      The Mann et al. curve has been exposed as a statistical contrivance. There is no convincing evidence that past climate was unchanging, nor that 20th century changes in AGT were unusual, nor that dangerous human warming is underway.
Myth 4     Computer models predict that AGT will increase by up to 60 C over the next 100 years.
Facts 4      Deterministic computer models do. Other equally valid (empirical) computer models predict cooling.
Myth 5     Warming of more than 2 C will have catastrophic effects on ecosystems and mankind alike.
Facts 5      A 2 C change would be well within previous natural bounds. Ecosystems have been adapting to such changes since time immemorial. The result is the process that we call evolution. Mankind can and does adapt to all climate extremes.
Myth 6     Further human addition of CO2 to the atmosphere will cause dangerous warming, and is generally harmful.
Facts 6      No human-caused warming can yet be detected that is distinct from natural system variation and noise. Any additional human-caused warming which occurs will probably amount to less than 1 C. Atmospheric CO2 is a beneficial fertilizer for plants, including especially cereal crops, and also aids efficient evapo-transpiration.
Left: Global atmospheric CO2 rises since 1860. The blue line at the bottom represents manmade CO2–emissinon, i.e about 1% of the total.
By Alan Siddons and Joe D’Aleo.D´Aleo has served as member and then chairman of the American Meteorological Society' Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting, and has co-chaired national conferences for both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association. Mr. D’Aleo was recently elected a Councilor for the American Meteorological Society. Both publishing in the “Climate Realists.”

Myth 7     Changes in solar activity cannot explain recent changes in AGT.
Facts 7      The sun's output varies in several ways on many time scales (including the 11-, 22 and 80-year solar cycles), with concomitant effects on Earth's climate. While changes in visible radiation are small, changes in particle flux and magnetic field are known to exercise a strong climatic effect. More than 50% of the 0.80 C rise in AGT observed during the 20th century can be attributed to solar change.
Myth 8     Unprecedented melting of ice is taking place in both the north and south polar regions.
Facts 8      Both the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are growing in thickness and cooling at their summit. Sea ice around Antarctica attained a record area in 2007. Temperatures in the Arctic region are just now achieving the levels of natural warmth experienced during the early 1940s, and the region was warmer still (sea-ice free) during earlier times. 
Myth 9     Human-caused global warming is causing dangerous global sea-level (SL) rise.
Facts 9      SL change differs from time to time and place to place; between 1955 and 1996, for example, SL at Tuvalu fell by 105 mm (2.5 mm/yr). Global average SL is a statistical measure of no value for environmental planning purposes. A global average SL rise of 1-2 mm/yr occurred naturally over the last 150 years, and shows no sign of human-influenced increase.
Polar_bear_eating-cubMyth 10   The late 20th Century increase in AGT caused an increase in the number of severe storms (cyclones), or in storm intensity.
Facts 10    Meteorological experts are agreed that no increase in storms has occurred beyond that associated with natural variation of the climate system.

Here is another mythThe Times 9 Dec. 2009 A male polar bear dragged the grisly remains of a cub that it caught and killed in the Hudson Bay area, Canada, after separating it from its mother — one of a growing number of instances of cannibalism on record, according to climate change campaigners.
The bears may be forced into eating their own kind when the slower formation of Arctic ice leaves them with a shrinking platform from which to hunt seals, according to a study by American and Canadian scientists in 2006. The World Meteorological Association reported yesterday at the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen that this decade is on track to become the warmest since records began in 1850, and 2009 could rank among the top five warmest years.
Tony-blair-pengemaskineHowever, a local Inuit leader dismissed the idea of any link between cannibalism and climate change. Jose Kusugak, the president of the Kivalliq Inuit Association, told reporters: “A male polar bear eating a cub becomes a big story and they try to marry it with climate change and so on. It becomes absurd, when it is a normal, normal occurrence.”
Comment: This phenomenon is also known from e.g. lions. When a male mates a female with cubs  he kills the cubs to fill the territory with his own offspring. The report from the World Meteorology Association was based on the tampered figures from the CRU.

Why the global warming myth was made in the first place: Greed and lies.
The New York Times 2 Nov. 2009: Al Gore is about to become the world´s first CO2-billionaire!

The Telegraph 13 Dec. 2009: Following the ‘climategate scandal’, Mr Blair said the science may not be “as certain as its proponents allege”.
But then: The Mail Online 14 Dec. 2009: In a speech - which the former Prime Minister insists he did for free - Tony Blair said in Copenhagen that it would be 'grossly irresponsible' not to sign a deal curbing global emissions of greenhouse gases. But his appearance will raise suspicions that he is planning to cash in on global warming. It comes just weeks after he registered the internet name 'Low Carbon Capital Fund' - thought to be a way of making money out of the demand for green technology. In his speech, Mr Blair said there was a 'huge amount of scientific support' for the idea of man-made global warming. The group - which works with more than 50 international companies, including BP, Coca-Cola and Nestle - supports the idea of issuing bonds to green-minded investors. Earlier this month, it emerged that Mr Blair had been paid thousands of pounds to endorse a fossil fuel power plant owned by an Azerbaijan oligarch. He has lucrative consultancies with JP Morgan and Zurich Financial.

The Wall Street Journal 2 Dec. 2009:  Supply, as we know, creates its own demand. So for every additional billion in government-funded grants (or the tens of millions supplied by foundations like the Pew Charitable Trusts), universities, research institutes, advocacy groups and their various spin-offs and dependents have emerged from the woodwork to receive them.Today these groups form a kind of ecosystem of their own. They depend on an inherently corrupting premise, namely that the hypothesis on which their livelihood depends has in fact been proved. Absent that proof, everything they represent—including the thousands of jobs they provide—vanishes. This is what’s known as a vested interest, and vested interests are an enemy of sound science.
In one of the more telling disclosures from last week, a computer programmer writes of the CRU’s temperature database:“I am very sorry to report that the rest of the databases seems to be in nearly as poor a state as Australia was (ie. a terrible mess). . . . Aarrggghhh! There truly is no end in sight. . . . We can have a proper result, but only by including a load of garbage!” As Professor Carter says: There is no manmade climate crisis – although there is local pollution, which is bad enough.

Myths in the history of mankind were religious attempts to explain the inexplicable: Creation. As science developed myths became fewer and fewer, because more and more natural phenomena could be explained – although not the central question:what force started it all? wich intelligence created and shaped life? Now scientists are going back to creating climate myths, which are in fact a simple lie: the globe is warming due to man´s activities, they say, because they know this lie is a necessity for them to keep their jobs. This is particularly sad because politicians are grasping their climate lie to promote the one world state of their Lykke-friismasters, Rothschild´s international cartel of bankers – and fill their own wallets. This has bizarre effects: The Australian Senate has just rejected meaningless climate legislation.  But now, in Copenhagen, Australia is embarking upon paying huge sums to China to abate its her CO2–production. Australia does not have the money, but must borrow it – in China!!! The peoples of the world are being made the laughing stock by Rothschild – the inventor of the CO2 cock-and-bull story - and his well-paid ilk.

For, as Denmark´s new Climate/Energy minister, Lykke Friis, Trilateral Commissionist and so  David Rockefeller´s little girl, happened to let the cat out of the bag:“ The new thing in the New World Order is that everybody is to be included in the agrement”. Another Danish minister, Lene Espersen, is also a Trialateral Commissionist. The Danish Foreign Minister, Per Stig Møller, is now speaking openly about a New economical World Order.” They are now openly announcing Rothschild´s /Rockefeller´s New World Oder, because they know we have been lulled to sleep in wealth.