Window of China 24 Oct., 2009    The 15th Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit issued a Chairman's Statement Saturday, saying the bloc looked forward to the realization of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA) on January 1, 2010. 

Summary: This article demonstrates the EU's role in Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission´s task: To build a coherent belt across the Earth under New World Order control. Starting with the EU extension takes place to the west (the North American Union with the United States, Mexico and Canada is under construction). Eastward, the EU has expanded through the Mediterranean Union, which includes all countries along the Mediterranean Sea - except Libya. Now Italy's foreign minister, former EU Commissioner, Franco Frattini, states that the Union for the Mediterranean is to be expanded to the Persian Gulf. This means that the EU promise at the 6th Euro-Mediterranean Foreign Minister Conference on the EU's 4 freedoms, including freedom of movement and investment, will include the fanatic Saudi Wahhabi Muslims, backed by the royal house, who are in full swing to build mosques in Europe. Unfortunately, other EU actions suggest that this is EU policy. Farther east, the ASEAN bloc has been established, the EU holds regular ASEM  meetings on world affairs with Chinese and other Southeast Asians. Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, is trying to build an Asian union with Trilateral Commissionists, Japan and China i.a. The illuminists have occupied Afghanistan - and so far, the only delusional, unwilling part of the chain is: Iran. And that does not bode well for peace in the Middle East.

I have previously many times desribed the goal of the New World Order (see videos on right margin of this blogTrilateral commission): The one world state and government described by the Financial Times on 8 Dec. 2008. I have also described the mission of David Rockefeller´s/Brzezinski´s  Trilateral Commission to fuse the North American Union, video, which is in the making, the Euromediterranean Union with the South East Asian Union,  ASEAN, which is also in the making – a wider Asian Union being spearheaded by Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. The East Asian member country of the Trilateral Commission was from the start Japan, later Syd-Korea – but now representatives from China – where the Trilateral Commission met in 2005. Through ASEM, the EU has regular contacts with the Far East New World Order bloc. In between lies central Asia, Brzezinski´s “Grand Chessboard” – according to “Die Welt” the springboard for a planned US-Russian war – but also the connecting link in the chain across the Earth to create the world state. On this video from 4:10 – 4:35 min. you can see this New World Order linking of the world.

The following is the proof of the validity that all this political talk and organisation by the globalist elite – while publicly in their corrupt media calling it conspiracy theory!- really is conspiracy practice. No wonder, for no war, no entering into power in the course of history has taken place without conspiracy. And we are now facing the biggest concentration of power ever seen in a Europe equipped with the selfamending Lisbon Treaty. It is a textbook example of conspiracy over the heads of Europeans.

On 13 July 2008, the Union for the Mediterranean  with far reaching consequences was proclaimed in Paris.  43 leaders from Europe and the Mediterranean countries met (in Paris) with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and EU Commission President Manuel Barroso. In addition, representatives of the World Bank and the European Investment Bank, the Arab League, the Islamic Conference Organization and the Maghreb Union were present - a forum at the highest level. They  accepted to form a union with a Parliament of its own (the EMPA), a secretariat and various committees in order to create a political Unit. It is based on the Euromediterranean Declaration of Barcelona 1995, to open a free trade market in 2010. Increasing political integration is planned – as granted to Morocco on 13 Oct. 2008. Little or nothing was released in the mainstream media about this.
But as I have always suspected, the Union for the Mediterranean will not be limited to Mediterranean countries. Now the Italian Foreign Minister, former EU Commissioner, Franco Frattini, the man behind EU´s Blue Card system to bring 20 mio “qualified” Africans + their families into the EU by 2027, lets the pig out of the bag, giving the following statemenT: The Union for the Mediterranean is to be enlarged to the Persian Gulf, making the whole construction one big Muslim Union. The means, of course, is the Lisbon Treaty for enlargement. Thus, the Union for the Mediterranean will border on the Grand Chessboard, Central Asia, which NATO will have to secure for the UN global government. 
Take a look at this map. Connect the dark blue zones, and you have the belt which the Trilateral Commission wants to unite in a world state. The rest then automatically follows, they think. Note, the Middle East and Iran are still to be conquered. The EU is cooperating with China on this programme through the ASEM, a Luciferian, political fusion of religions.

(ANSAmed) - ROME 20 Oct. 2009
: - From the fight against terrorism to stabilising regional crises, from Iran to peace in the Middle East, and climate change. The countries in the Gulf region represent a strategic group. A ''third shore'' of an enlarged Mediterranean region that can ''stimulate foreign policy in the region''. Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, discussing the revitalisation of the role of the Gulf economically, but also politically. During the presentation of the 'Days of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)' which will be held over the next three days in Rome he seized upon an opportunity to bring the GCC closer to the Mediterranean Union. Initially even as a simple 'observer' while awaiting the creation of a ''broad, enlarged Mediterranean that goes beyond the countries along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. ''The Gulf,'' explained Frattini today, ''is the third shore.''

''A strategic shore for economic and political relations'' also considering the great ''challenges that unite us''. From terrorism threats ''that have recently even occurred in Italy,'' said the minister referring to the attack in Milan, to the peace process where ''we work together'' and for which the Arab initiative remains ''the essential route''. But also for the stabilisation of Afghanistan or the nuclear situation in Iran, where ''the worries are shared''. It is important that the Iran issue, according to the secretary general of the GCC, Qatari Energy Minister, Abdulrahaman bin Hamad Al-Attyah, not become an instance of politics according to ''double standards'', hoping for verifications also of Israeli nuclear sites to be requested. Frattini, speaking later about economic cooperation with a economic-political-social dialogue with the GCC (which includes the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait), stressed that ''it is the beginning of a new season of relations between Italy and the GCC. It is the moment to make step up,'' said the minister, pointing out that the peninsula is their top European trading partner. A position that ''we wish to confirm'' and relaunch in non-traditional sectors, like the green economy, advanced technology, and training human capital. The head of Italian diplomacy then hoped for a recovery and a ''strong surge from Europe to resume negotiations for free trade agreements: residual uncertainties must be overcome.'' Al-Attyha spoke along the same lines: ''We are aiming to reach an agreement as soon as possible''. (ANSAmed).


Now, is this just a spontaneous remark from Mr. Frattini? Hardly. The EU has set its eyes on the Gulf region: GO-Euromed Working package 10 31 Dec. 2007: The Arab League’s JDEC is the only effort to include members from the Persian Gulf and the Levant. Neither NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue nor the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership extend to the Gulf, although both NATO and the European Union have expressed a desire to institutionalise security cooperation with the GCC and its members. It is unlikely that the Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Peace and Stability will develop into a regional security regime unless it broadens its focus to include the broader MENA region.

However, the EMP’s ‘comprehensive’ approach to security, which links military, political, socio-cultural, economic and environmental aspects of security, does not address the ‘hard security’ issues that are faced by most Mediterranean partner governments. A set of rules that forms the basis for cooperation on these issues needs to be agreed by nearly all of the actors who will be affected by them – this includes Iran, the Persian Gulf monarchies, and the United States.
 Deep differences among the MENA region’s governments create a demand for an external actor to underwrite a rules based security regime. The EU is the most appropriate external actor to perform this task, as it is seen as a relatively honest broker by most MENA governments. However the EU does not have the power to make this happen on its own. EU officials need to work more closely with the United States.

EmpaEuropean Parliament 19 Febr. 2009: Opening up the 'Barcelona Process for awider Euromediterranean Union:
The report also welcomes the decision of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Union for the Mediterranean to include the League of Arab States as a participant at all meetings at all levels, considering its positive contribution to the goals of peace, prosperity and stability in the Mediterranean region.The report stresses that participation in the Union for the Mediterranean does not constitute an alternative to enlargement of the EU.

The geopolitical aspect of the Union for the Mediterranean is touched upon by ANSAmed 21 Oct. 2009: The Mediterranean cities meet for the first time in Reggio di Calabria. The cities of the Mediterranean are to be considered as the cultural entities which are present in the territories, from the universities to the associations. And as treasuries on which a future marked by peace, respect for diversity and solidarity, and hence prosperity, can be built. The cities have approved a Declaration' to this end, whose first signatories are the Mayor of Calabria, Giuseppe Scopelliti, and the Mayor of Rabat, Fathallah Oualalou.”'A common approach towards urban development'' said representatives of the cities ''could re-establish the strategic and geo-political role of the Mediterranean” – within the frames of the Union for the Mediterranean.

EMPA-logoBenita Ferrero-Waldner, EUs Commissioner for Neighbourhood policy, called on Egypt Friday for measures to make the vision of an Euromediterranean-Gulf Green Energy Market a reality. "This is, after all, a unique forum, bringing together the EU with the Mediterranean and Gulf states to discuss an extremely important topic, not only for ourselves but for the future of the planet, ­ renewable energy," she told the conferees attending the EU-Mediterranean-Gulf, renewable energy conference." "One of the most obviously beneficial ventures in top of our agenda today is developing an integrated and interconnected Green Energy Market.

Comment: The development of the Union for the Mediterranean into the Union for the Persian Gulf is just a matter of time, because this is the plan of David Rockefeller´s Trilateral Commission. And it is no doubt rewarding to work for Rothschilds world state. At the Persian Gulf will then be the last obstacle to the New World Order´s march towards the East: Iran, as Afghanistan is occupied. This bodes ill for future peace in the Gulf region. Now, I do hope that Frattini´s remarks were his own wishful dream: a ''broad, enlarged Mediterranean that goes beyond the countries along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The Gulf is the third shore.” May that wishful dream never come true.

Just consider: We are in a union with Saudi Arabia, whose  Wahhabis/Salafists, supported by the Saudi royal family, are already committed to the islamization of Europe - and is very active with proselytizing and building mosques. Keep in mind the population explosion of the Arab world by 25% within the next 5 years. Then you can imagine the consequences of this golf club: Much larger immigration of Muslims than today, and of the worst fundamentalists existing.

For then the Saudis and the citizens of the emirates will also be comprised by the promise from the EU foreign ministers´to the "partner" countries at their 6.  Euromediterranean Conference on the allocation of the 4 fundamental freedoms, including freedom of movement in the Euromediterranean area. And we continue to sleep.