Adolf Hitler said: "My magnificent young men! What material! With them I can create a new world "
Considering present events can we learn from Hitler and Hitlerjugend?

On Oct. 24,  2007, the EU professed illuminism, en totalitarian ideology, the aim of which is the dictatorial one-world state. And a Euromediterranean  joint strategy for human development was agreed upon at the 9th  Euromediterranean Conference of Foreign Ministers on Nov. 5-6,  2007. Therefore, let us examine, if there are similarities between the approach of the EU to its youth and that of nazism or communism. 

EU: Hitler was right! To create our  illuministic new world order we must change the minds of our youth!


Neuropa is being shaped by the   newropeans, a transeuropean political party of NGOs, who are sceptical to present EU. They want a European Government  and a European Parliament with unlimited legislative powers and no xenophobia.The Newropans awarded their Grand Prix 2005 to the EuroMed Platform, which pleased the EU-leaders at the 10th anniversary of the Euromediterranean Declaration Summit in Barcelona 2005.

Cirius,  Karl Gustavgade 1, Tåstrup, Denmark, is a department of the Danish Ministry of Education - and an access to EU´s and EuroMed´s exchange programmes. "CIRIUS contributes to strengthening Denmark´s position in the global community by fostering internationalization of educations, intercultural understanding, integration and global outlook." 

Euro-med on youth exchange 

Young people, by being brought into contact with other cultures and other realities… can help combat negative prejudices and stereotypes. Moreover, the effect of a youth exchange on the local population can give rise to more positive awareness of other cultures and have an impact not only on the young people themselves and their association activities, but also on the local communities. EU YOUTH

"… concerning the Euro-Med Youth Action Programme, the Ministers stressed its increased importance for combating prejudices and   stereotypes.                                                                                
Ministers for Foreign Affairs (Brussels, November 5 and 6  2001)

"In adopting Euro-Med Youth II, the Commission has made a first step towards encouraging dialogue between our civilisations, in line with the desire expressed by the Ghent European Council". Council of Education and Youth, Mrs Viviane Reding, Member of the European Commission, responsible for Education and Culture (Brussels, 29 November 2001)

"…It was such a great pleasure and experience to be among a huge number of different nationalities… and look for increasing cooperation between our organisations in order to enhance the multilateral activity." Lina, young Jordanian girl who participated in a youth exchange under the Euro-Med Youth Action Programme in Mollina, Malaga (Spain)

"The Ministers underlined the importance of targeting, whenever appropriate the younger generations who are the citizens and decision makers of tomorrow in the activities undertaken in that framework" (Conclusions of the Euro-Mediterranean Mid-Term Meeting of Foreign Ministers: Crete, 26-27 May 2003)

“The promotion of intercultural dialogue among young people through youth exchanges, voluntary service and other non formal education activities should continue” (“Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on the tenth anniversary of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership: A work programme to meet the challenges of the next five years”, April 2005

The following is from EU´s  Youth in Action Programme, which comprises European and European Neighbourhood Policy countries : The YOUTH programme  is the EU’s mobility and non-formal education programme targeting young people aged between 15 and 25 years.
The Programme is open to youth in 31 European countries.
The YOUTH programme offers possibilities to young people in the form of both group exchanges and individual voluntary work, as well as support activities.

Furthermore, the
Euro-Med Youth programme, involving 35 Euro-Mediterranean partner countries, is one of the YOUTH programme’s main activities. National Coordinators  based in the 10 Mediterranean partner countries facilitate the implementation of this Programme.
The Commission has created eight Resource Centres within the YOUTH National Agencies.
The SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres provide training courses, training tools, information on good practices, networks and partnerships development, partner finding etc. They work in close cooperation with the National Agencies and the National Coordinators to reach the users of the YOUTH programme.
to promote young people’s active citizenship in general and their European citizenship in particular; to develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union; to foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries; to contribute to developing the quality of support systems for youth activities and the capabilities of civil society organisations in the youth field;

The Youth Programme also arranges Youth Weeks to mobilize contacts between youths from Europe – and to include members from the Southern and Eastern shores of the Medditerranean: European Youth Week apr.  2007  , European Youth Week 3.-10-juni 2007

And they are succeeding in brainwashing European youth.
We are dealing with handpicked people with the ideologically correct attitude and a will to let themselves be managed by the EU. Take a look for yourself: Youth´s Declaration of Rome:

We call for the European Union to take a leading role on the international level, to commonly create an enhanced sustainable development strategy, fulfilling its current commitments such as the Kyoto Protocol. Our present environment with its ever ongoing climate change needs the European Union… to reduce greenhouse emissions, by decreasing the use of private transport and intracontinental flights, while supporting alternatives like railways and zero emission vehicles ” This is copying  EU´s profitable climate ideology and a socialist view.

The European Union needs a better strategy on gender equality, the fight against all kinds of discrimination and the protection of environment, which can be achieved through educational and awareness campaigns.Sustainable Development is a key issue.” This is the explicit UN and EU ideology. ”

"The EU must guarantee an increased budget for funding NGOs as the primary providers of non-formal education and the promoters of civic participation, human rights and democracy. The Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) bridge the gap between where the policies are made and where they are implemented. Funding for NGOs is important in enabling them to work efficiently and to create spaces for dialogue which are accessible to young people. Like the EU this bribed NGO sees unelected NGOs, “civil society”, as the “peoples´ representatives.

Where to take their money from: “ This system can only be achieved through the development of high social protection levels, wealth redistribution measures.”
They have learned from
the New World Order as well: Abolish private property, the right to inherit, family, Christianity, patriotism and national government.

And from the Youth Event in Portugal on Sept. 15-17 arranged by the Portuguese EU presidency  :
Mobility makes a significant contribution to the European construction, because it allows for a greater synergy of cultures and people and in turn fosters an environment of respect and understanding, through intercultural learning and dialogue. Mobility allows a greater opportunity to exchange ideas, and increase interaction between the many peoples of Europe .
Existing exchange programmes should be further promoted and encouraged and to help create a greater awareness of different cultures and value systems, and create a more tolerant understanding of Europe for all young people. Mass-media need to be non-discriminative.

So, the EU is indoctrinating and unifying the minds of its youth - as in the 3 Reich, but as yet on  a lower scale. But only apparently. For if we consider the constant influence of educationalists and the media in the direction of the New World Order´s 6 points we must recognize how they imbue our every-day life. We are just as hypnotized by them as they were in the 3. Reich and the Soviet Union. And just as obedient. Therefore, the term EUSSR is justified.

 So the EU has a massive youth propaganda apparatus:
Euromediterranean Youth Parliament
The Anna Lindh Foundation

The Youth in Action Programme                                                                               
The EuroMed Youth III Programme
The SALTO Ressource Programme ,    
The Youth Platform for networking 

The Euromediterranean School Forum (Global citizenship)

Numerous bought unelected NGOs presented as civil society, the basis of EU “ democracy”,
Cooperating EU and Council of Europe on supporting this development of intertwining the Europeans among themselves as well as with the Muslims of Europe and in North Africa and the Middle East.                                            
The Danish Center for Cultural Development 

Is the EU successful?
Now this attempt to bridge the gap between European peoples through their youth would not seem to be an unsurmountable task . The difficulties appear, when we come to the abyss between Europeans and Muslims. The EU spends many millions of euros on their Euromediterranean Youth projects –and do not learn from what happens again and again in France and all European countries: Young Muslims do not want to integrate themselves but huddle together in their conquered ghettos and raid the despicable, infidel hosting European societies unpunished from there. Why do the EU not start here? How can the EU imagine to  better win the Muslim populations outside Europe?

As for training and seminars, Traugott Schoefthaler of the Anna Lindh Foundation had to ascertain after the Muhammed Cartoons, that future “dialogue” was to take place between organizations/NGOs, because if you put ordinary Europeans and Muslims together they will end up quarrelling or fighting! “Cultural diversity between as well as within countries is as essential for humankind as biodiversity is for nature,” Schoefhtaler says, quoting UNESCOs Culture Convention 2005. And he added, quoting former UN Secretary General de Cuellar: “Culturally sensitive language needs to avoid schematic concepts such as the popular distinction between "Us" and "Them". They even warn against further using the term of "The Other”
Schoefthaler had a pessimistic look on the future of the Euro-Med dialogue due to religious and cultural differences. He resigned 2 years after the start of the Anna Lindh Foundation

 There is clear  evidence that the exchange programmes for youth do not work very well  . Security problems for exchanged youths to the muslim countries are even being indicated, whereas on an NGO level SALTO seems to have quite some work .
On Jan. 1 , 2005, 20.000 had participated
in EuroMed Youth programmes and 800 projects since 1999.